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Honeymoon Interlude: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 4/4

The next morning, Padme was awake first and spent several long moments, watching her beloved husband sleep peacefully. The memories of last night were still very vivid in her mind and she almost blushed, despite herself, thinking about their intimate activities that had played out in a most passionate display. To say that her husband was an incredible lover was a gross understatement. The satisfied soreness between her legs was the evidence, as were several marks of love she sported on areas of her body. Anakin always made it quite clear how much he loved her body and how much he desired her. Of course, she was never one to be out done and made sure he knew how much she desired him and every inch of his exquisite, muscular physique. She wondered if he really had a clue how much he turned her on. How every inch of his ripped, tone form made her burn hotly with an unquenchable sexual desire. They weren't all about physical love either, for their love for each other ran so deeply in their entwined souls that it was indescribable. Their love burned like a constant, never ending flame and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she could never live without him. Not that she ever worried about that possibility, for she knew whatever they were forced to face, they would get through it together. She kissed his cheek with that last thought and pulled on her robe. She would let him sleep in and order breakfast to have it brought to their room. It would be a few hours still until they reached Bespin and she wanted nothing more than to spend that time in bed with her husband.

Anakin woke up to the wonderful sensation of his wife's lips on his neck, slowly nibbling sensually along his jugular. He moaned sleepily and stretched his arms, before wrapping them around her slender body.

"Good morning handsome," she purred in his ear.

"Good morning angel," he replied, yawning deeply. She kissed his lips tenderly, as she reached around and ran her fingers through the hair at the back of his neck. As usual, it made him purr like a wild Nexu. He pulled her close and his lips claimed her neck, passionately nipping at the soft, sweet flesh.

"What a way to wake up," he said, as their lips met again. It was then that the door chimed out in the living area. He groaned in protest.

"That's breakfast," Padme said, as she got up and tightened the cord on her robe.

"You ordered breakfast in bed?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm..." she purred, as she kissed him again. He got up and looked for his robe, as he started for the fresher.

"I'll be right back with breakfast. But do me a favor, baby?" she requested.

"Anything for you," he replied, as he found his robe.

"Lose the robe when you come back. You won't be needing it," she replied seductively, as she sauntered out. Anakin smirked and tossed the robe away, as he went to the fresher.

When he returned, he climbed back into bed, as he watched Padme pour the fresh caf in two mugs. She set them on the tray and wheeled it beside the bed, swinging the mobile tray in front of them, as she climbed back into bed. She dipped a piece of Shuura fruit in the whipped cream and guided it into her husband's mouth.

"Mmm...I could get used to this," he said, as he laid back against the pillow that was propping him up. He picked up a piece of fruit and scooped some whipped cream onto it. He returned the favor and guided the piece of fruit into her mouth. Padme playfully licked the whipped bream off his finger, giggling at the glazed look on his face, as she did. He smiled at her, as they turned to the rest of their food. Padme had ordered his favorites. Cloudberry pancakes, with fresh cloudberry syrup, scrambled Gondark eggs, and Shaak sausages. They ate heartily, having worked up quite an appetite and enjoyed their caf together, as they flipped through the Bespin Holonet channels, since they were nearing there. They purposely avoided the news or gossip broadcasts and went for the corny space operas and silly talk shows, laughing and making fun of them. Bespin was known for being eccentric to the extreme and their Holonet broadcasts were as crazy as any. After a good laugh, they switched the holo off, as Padme pushed the breakfast tray away.

"I don't know where they come up with that stuff. I mean, honestly, did that woman really think the Wookie could have been the father of her human baby?" Padme giggled, referring to one of the crazy talk shows.

"You know people will do anything to get on the Holonet. Besides, those aren't nearly as fun as those corny space operas. Our lives are way crazier than that," Anakin joked. Padme giggled.

"It has been for sure, at times. But it's all worth it, just be to be with you," she replied, as she plopped back down on the bed.

"So, I've never been to Bespin. What's it like?" she asked. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her hair.

"Well, it's loud and flashy, and a bit unlawful. Gambling is pretty much the lifeblood of Bespin. You'll see Casino after Casino on the main tourist walks. But there's great shopping and you can find just about anything you want in the marketplace. It's chalk full of scoundrels and unfortunately, quite a few brothels. But we'll steer toward the upper part of Cloud City where you don't get the normal riffraff," he said.

"It doesn't sound like you're crazy about taking me there," he said.

"I have to say, Bespin is not a choice place I would take you. But it can be fun. There's a lot of places that cater to the upper class and they're much safer than the usual. You know me...I get a little overprotective," he said. She kissed his cheek.

"Well, I happen to like you that way, my handsome protector. Besides, it's not like I'll be leaving your side for any reason anyway," she replied. He smirked and kissed her lips.

"It sounds interesting. It also sounds like a good place to get into a bit of trouble," she said, in a seductive manner.

"The best. Despite its faults, there's nothing quite as exhilarating as the Bespin nightlife," he replied.

"Well...we have a few hours still. Why don't we get a head start on the...exhilarating parts," she said, as she snaked her arms around his neck.

"You read my mind. Are you sure you're not a Jedi?" he teased.

"I'm sure, but I happen to be married to one and I happen to know what makes him happy," she replied.

"Yes...you do," he rasped huskily. She giggled, as he threw the covers over their heads.

Anakin and Padme began their day on Bespin with a tour. Anakin rented an air tour speeder and they listened intently to the guide, as they were shown all the highlights in Cloud City. Then they took to the markets and carnivals that filled the tourist district. That evening, loaded with souvenirs, they returned to the ship. They put their stuff away in their room and readied for dinner. Anakin was taking her to an exclusive, high end dinner club. The place was a five-star restaurant, dance club, and casino all in one. Padme had never been one for partying all night, but she absolutely couldn't wait to experience the Bespin nightlife with her beloved husband.

She slipped on the dress she had chosen for the evening, wondering if it was too revealing, though she was sure Anakin would think it was fantastic. It was a glittering royal blue and she liked it, because the color reminded her of Anakin's eyes. It had a wide v neck that plunged all the way to the space between her breasts. It concealed her cleavage, but left enough in view to entice the man she loved. The straps were an inch thick and rested on her shoulders, as the back plunged down in an even deeper v shape than the front. The slim design hugged her curves through the bodice, as the skirt rested just above her knees with daring slits up each side that would tempt her husband like nothing else. She sat at her vanity and brought the sides of her hair up, clipping it at the back of her head with a beautiful, decorative barrette that matched the dress, letting the rest of her curls cascade down her back.

"Wow..." Anakin said in awe, as he came out of the fresher in a towel. She smiled, eyeing him up and down.

"Wow yourself," she replied, as she sauntered to him

"I take it you approve of my evening attire, my love" she asked.

"You look good enough to eat. I'm going to have to Force choke every guy in that place, because they won't be able to take their eyes off you," he replied.

"Well, that doesn't matter, because your eyes are the only ones I care about. Now get dressed, because I'm starving," she ordered.

"Bossing me around again, I see," he replied, as he dropped his towel. Her eyes locked on him and she smirked devilishly.

"Just wait until tonight," Padme replied. Anakin smirked, as he pulled on his underneath shorts, followed by his black pants, first concealing his light saber to a leg band on his caf. It was likely he would not need it, but he never went anywhere without it. He put on the button down dress shirt Padme had selected for him and tucked it in. It was also black with royal blue trim. After fastening his belt and running a comb through his hair, they left for dinner, arm in arm.

Anakin and Padme entered the upscale establishment and were escorted promptly to a table by the host. Anakin ordered a bottle of red wine while they looked at the menu. They ordered and their food was brought promptly, where they proceeded to enjoy the Bespin dishes they had selected. Once they finished, they shared a dance on the ballroom floor.

"So...are you up for the Sabaac tables?" he asked.

"Well...I have to admit that I'm a little curious, even though I don't usually like gambling. But who knows? We might have fun," she replied.

"We just might. In order to experience the Bespin nightlife properly, you almost have to hit the tables," he said, as they walked arm in arm toward the casino. They picked a table and joined the other patrons.

"Deal us in," Anakin said, laying some credit chips down. The droid dealer did as he was asked. At their table, there were two other wealthy human couples they recognized from the ship, a shady looking man, probably a smuggler by profession, a Dug, and a Falleen male, whose attention was immediately captured by Padme. Prince Xizor was well known for his appetite for beautiful women and notorious for his ability to charm them into his bed. And she was exquisite. He absolutely had to have her, though the man next to her was in the way. But Xizor's pheromones would charm her right away from him...and straight into his bed.

"And the lady wins again," the lively, four armed alien dealer announced, as he pushed the credits to Padme. The couple next to Padme cashed out, leaving the seats vacant. Xizor took the opportunity and slipped into the one beside her. Anakin laughed, as she scooped up the credit chips.

"Who would have thought you'd be so good at the tables. Ben will never let me live it down when I tell him you beat me five hands in a row," he said. She smirked.

"I've beat everyone five hands in a row, love," she reminded.

"Beginner's luck," he answered to that.

"Probably, because I really have no idea what I'm doing," she replied, as they were dealt another hand.

"Or maybe it's just because you're good luck all the way around. You've always brought me nothing but love and happiness," he told her, as he kissed her lips tenderly. She smiled, snuggling against his side, as they played another hand. The hand progressed and again, Padme was declared the winner. The Dug and the human smuggler angrily threw their cards down and stormed off. Padme winced.

"I think I just made them angry," she said.

"Nah, they're just sore losers," he replied, as a few other patrons joined the table.

"You are very skilled at this game. I'm most impressed," Xizor said smoothly.

"Oh, not really," Padme replied.

"To find modesty in such a beautiful woman is refreshing. May I buy you a drink...?" he said, pausing for her name

"My name is Padme and no thank you. My husband will take care of buying my drinks," Padme replied politely. Xizor was impressed by her resilience to his pheromones so far and decided she would not be an easy one. But he loved a challenge. He let his eyes travel all over her body lustfully. His lust only increased the potency of his otherwise subtle chemicals. And that's when Anakin picked up on it immediately. His piercing gaze locked on the Falleen next to her.

"My name is Xizor...Prince Xizor," he boasted, knowing he would have her now. Women couldn't resist him once they found out about his royal blood.

"It's nice to meet you," Padme said, curtly, as she concentrated on the game. She didn't want to be rude, but this man carried an awful stench. It was nauseating. Padme suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable, as the Falleen placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Milady...would you care to dance with me?" he asked, positive that she was ready to dump her husband for him. Padme shrugged his hand off.

"No thank you," she said, a little more forcefully. Xizor was baffled. Never had he met a woman able to resist him so completely. This only made him more determined to have her, for she possessed an alluring beauty that fascinated him. He raised his hand to touch her again, hoping to have better luck this time.

"If you want to keep that arm, sleamo, than you best keep it off my wife," Anakin said sternly.

"Pardon..." Xizor stammered. It was rare that anyone called him out on anything and he quickly tried to cover his tracks.

"You heard me. The whole table can smell your pheromones. Fortunately, my wife isn't effected by your chemical charm, quite the opposite in fact, because they're only nauseating her. Now, I suggest you move on, before I decide to stop being nice," Anakin snapped, as he cashed them out with the dealer. He stood up face to face with the shocked alien. Xizor quickly sobered, however.

"If you think I'm afraid of you, then you are sadly mistaken," Xizor said. Anakin smirked, as he watched four of the Prince's bodyguards approach.

"You don't know who you're dealing with. I'm Prince Xizor of Falleen and I always get what I want," he said, as his eyes rested on Padme. Suddenly, the four body guards all fell unconscious to the floor.

"Apparently, you don't know who I am either. I'm Anakin Skywalker and I don't take kindly to threats, especially toward my wife. You so much as look at her again and you'll be visiting the nearest morgue in a nice little body bag," Anakin growled, as he took his wife's hand and led her away. Xizor glared at his retreating form. He hated Jedi, especially when he was humiliated by one.

"You haven't heard the last from me, Jedi," he whispered to himself, as he made a quick getaway.

Ugh...what a creep!" Padme cried.

"That disgusting Prince has been a thorn in the Republic's side for years. Falleen was a strong supporter of the Separatists, even though they claim to be neutral," Anakin replied.

"I still don't understand what he was doing though. What was that awful smell?" she wondered. He smiled at her innocence.

"Falleen males use their pheromones to seduce women. Normally, they are very effective on human females and they often submit, even though normally they wouldn't, thus why it's considered rape most of the time. But we both know you're not an ordinary woman and thus why you weren't affected," he replied. She smiled at his compliment.

"Well, in my eyes, you're the only man for me. No other could ever seduce me away from you, no matter what he tried," she replied.

"How about I buy you that drink?" he asked, as he pointed to the bar. She kissed his cheek.

"I thought you'd never ask. You, my love, can seduce me anytime," she purred. He laughed, as he led her there...

Padme squealed lightly, as he tickled her sides yet again, as they entered the ship. It was morning on Bespin, but the patrons of their ship had been up all night, experiencing the Bespin nightlife. It would be a twenty-four hour trip, before they arrived in Dantooine space and they would retire to their rooms for some much needed sleep.

"Good morning, Master Skywalker. I trust you and Milady Skywalker enjoyed yourselves," Tyler said, with amusement, as he watched Padme playfully smack Anakin's hand.

"Stop," she giggled.

"Yeah, it was definitely a night to remember. Do me a favor, kid?" Anakin asked.

"Consider it done, sir," he replied. Padme squealed again, as her husband swept her into his arms and stuffed a lofty tip into Tyler's hand.

"Check us in with that annoying little grease glob behind the counter. I have more important things to tend to," Anakin said, as he carried his wife off toward the lift. Tyler chuckled in amusement, as he went behind the desk.

"Check in Anakin and Padme Skywalker," he told the droid.

"One moment..." the droid whirred.

"Anikan and Padame Starkiller. All checked in sir," the droid replied. Tyler smacked the droid on his domed head.

"It's Skywalker. You better watch it or Master Skywalker's gonna take his light saber to you," Tyler warmed. The droid blew an electronic raspberry, as Tyler walked off.

"Humans...so rude," it complained.

Leonia Tavira shivered almost involuntarily, as the Masters frightening yellow eyes stared out at her from the cowl that concealed their head and face.

"I grow tired of waiting, Tavira. Why is the warp hole still unstable?" the Master questioned.

"I have stressed the absolute priority that this task requires time and again. Commander Calmek has made empty promises that they are working as hard as they can," Tavira reported. The Master's attention turned to the deformed Xalryn Commander beside her.

"Then you will answer my question, Commander. Why is my warp hole still unstable?" the Master questioned. Calmek knelt before the hologram.

"I beg for your forgiveness, my Master. I have my top technicians working on it as we speak. They believe they may have a breakthrough as early as today. My former top technician has been removed from the project. I believe that it was Doctor Sal's negative view on the project that hindered it for so long. He is...being disciplined, Calmek reported.

"Bring him before me," the Master ordered. The door slid open and a deformed, shackled man was pushed inside. He cried out, as he fell flat on his face, convulsing from the torture he had been receiving. Welts and lacerations from the disciplinary measures covered his body. Calmek grabbed the man by the back of his tattered shirt and dragged him before the Master's hologram.

"Kneel before your Master, you filthy scum," Leonia snapped, as she clubbed him on the back. He cried out and cowered in a kneeling position.

"I find your lack of faith in my project...disturbing," the Master hissed.

"I...I just fear that the warp will never be stable. Ripping a hole in space can have catastrophic effects. It could even eventually cause the galaxy to implode!" he ranted frantically.

"Do not listen to this putrid piece of trash. He has always been a fanatic. Others have assured me that they can stabilize and control the warp. We plan to test this afternoon and we expect success," Calmek assured.

"They say those things, because their greed and thirst for power has consumed them, just as it has you and our evil King!" Sal cried.

"You putrid slime...how dare you disgrace our great King!" Calmek snarled, as he began kicking and beating the poor, helpless man.

"See that the defiance in your ranks remains under control," the Master ordered.

"Of course, My Master. What is thy bidding?" he asked.

"Make an example out of this Rebel. Show your people what happens if you cross me. Perform a public execution where the accused will hang by his neck until dead. Then, leave his rotting corpse on display for three days to make sure your ranks are reminded of who they serve and what price they will pay for crossing me," the Master ordered.

"It will be done, my Master," he replied.

"Oh and one more thing," the Master said. They turned back if today's test is unsuccessful then you, Tavira, will see that Commander Calmek hangs beside Doctor Sal as an example of my zero tolerance for incompetence and failure!" the Master roared. Leonia smirked evilly at the Commander.

"Your bidding will be carried out if necessary, my Master," Tavira said, as the hologram faded.

"I hope for your sake, Commander, that your people are successful, though it would give me great pleasure to watch you die," she sneered.

"But for now, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with watching this deformed mongrel die a slow, agonizing death. Commence with his public execution...immediately," she ordered.

"Yes my Lady," Calmek replied, as he dragged the screaming and pleading doctor away.

Twelve hours since departing from Bespin...

Steph watched the Skywalkers from their table, as he pushed her into her seat. The Senator looked as beautiful as ever in a little black evening dress with her hair down, curls spilling around her shoulders.

"I'm not having any part of this plan of yours!" Ethan spat.

"Relax Ethan. I'm just going to ask her a question. Hopefully, I'll catch her off guard and I'll learn a bit more," Steph said, as she watched Anakin walk to the bar. She got up and headed toward Padme's table. Ethan sighed and followed her.

"Good evening, Senator," Steph greeted.

"Oh hello Steph, Ethan," Padme nodded to them.

"Senator, we were hoping you could clarify something for us," Steph began.

"I'll try if I can," Padme replied.

"Well, there's all kind of rumors on the Holonet, swirling about a possible connection between you and a Mister Riley Zander," Steph said. Padme paled slightly.

"I'm sorry...I'm not familiar with him," Padme answered.

"Well, your mother certainly is. She's been see all over Coruscant with him lately. And he's been seen with your children as well. Are you saying you don't even know the man who your children have been with?" Steph asked.

"That's enough Steph, let's go. I apologize, Senator," Ethan said.

"I'm not going anywhere until little Miss Perfect here answers my questions. Why are you so nervous? Could it be because everyone is questioning why such an esteemed person of importance has clear ties to a former scoundrel and criminal?" Steph sniped.

"You're reporters," Padme deduced.

"Answer my questions, Senator," Steph demanded.

"She doesn't have to answer anything for you," Anakin snapped, as he returned with their drinks.

"The public has a right to know just who is representing them and what misdeals they may be involved in," Steph argued.

"Padme is involved in no misdeals and our personal lives are none of your business. Nor is it any of your business whom Padme's mother chooses to date," Anakin replied sternly.

"There's something gong on here that you're not telling us and I will find out all there is to know," Steph promised.

"Stay away from my wife," Anakin growled. Steph smirked. She had definitely struck a chord.

"Have a good evening, Senator, Master Jedi," Steph said, as she walked off.

"I apologize for my partner's behavior," Ethan said, as he slunk away.

"Angel, are you okay?" he asked. She nodded.

"Yes, I guess I just wasn't expecting that," she said, as their food was served to them.

"Damn Holonet vultures," Anakin grumbled.

"Let's not let this ruin our evening. They can think what they want about us," Padme said, as she laid her hand on his. He smiled and he kissed her tenderly, before they began eating.

After evening meal, in an attempt to get her to forget about Steph and Ethan, the undercover reporters, Anakin romanced his beautiful wife on the dance floor. She wore the crystal star pendant necklace he had gotten her for their anniversary. She laughed, as he dipped her and then swept her back into his arms, spinning her around.

"Thank you," Padme said tenderly.

"For what?" he asked.

"For making me feel better. You always know exactly what I need," she replied.

"I'm not going to let a couple of dirt digging reporters ruin our honeymoon," he said.

"Me either. I just wonder how long it will be before the media discovers the truth...that he's my real father. The last thing I would ever want to do it disappoint my people," she said.

"Angel, your parentage is something that's beyond your control. And, as much as those reporters think our personal lives are their business, they're not. If they know what's good for them, then they'll stay away from you. They can write whatever stories they want, because we know the truth and that is ultimately what matters," he replied. She smiled.

"You're right. I don't know what I'd do without you," she said wistfully.

"And you'll never have to find out," he replied, as he leaned down and placed a tender kiss on her lips.

"Real smooth Steph. You just blew this one really good," Ethan spat.

"Oh please, did you see her face when I mentioned Zander? There's something big going on here," Steph said. Ethan snorted.

"It doesn't matter. Skywalker won't let us anywhere near her now," Ethan replied.

"I don't need her. My informant is getting me a complete work up on Zander, as we speak," Steph replied.

Calmek stood on the deck, before the massive view window.

"Commander, we are ready," one technician reported. He glanced at Tavira beside him.

"Proceed Doctor," he said.

"I'll stress that should any of you fail, then you'll join Doctor Sal in his fate," Tavira reminded. The four technicians glanced behind her. Doctor Sal hung dead from the rafters by his neck. They had been forced to watch his excruciating execution, as he suffered for almost twenty agonizing minutes, before he finally died. The four Xalryn scholars turned away and began initiating the necessary sequences. The entire compound shook violently, as the warp was opened.

"Stabilize!" Calmek shouted. Two of the technicians were electrocuted and thrown from the high platform, to their deaths, as the consoles sparked violently. Ignoring the two deaths, the other two men's fingers flew over the console's controls, initiating the stabilizing sequence. The compound ceased to shake and the swirling warp hole was present before their eyes.

"We have done it, Commander. The warp hole is stable!" one shouted in victory.

"Excellent. Send the test shuttle through," Calmek replied.

"Initiating test sequence," the other technician said. They watched the shuttle successfully enter the warp and disappear.

"The shuttle is sending us a transmission. It has made it to the outer rim with no damage," the technician reported.

"Well done. I will inform the Master that they may make preparations to come here. For now, keep the warp hope and perform a few more tests. We must be sure it is completely safe and stable. Then close it for now when finished," Tavira ordered, as she left for the nearest conference room to contact the Master.

The beautiful, sleek luxury cruiser blazed through hyperspace as smoothly as ever, as the crew tended to their posts on the restricted, employee only bridge. Captain Rex Thomas had never experienced anything but smooth sailing on one of their recreational voyages. A former Republic Naval officer, he retired from the Navy after the Clone Wars and took this job, because he loved traveling and piloting. Never could he have anticipated the trouble that was ahead. The ship shuddered slightly. At first, no one saw it as anything more than ordinary spacial turbulence...until the ship suddenly dropped out of hyperspace without warning.

"What the hell happened?" Thomas roared.

"A disturbance has disrupted our course, Captain and for unknown reasons, we've been knocked out of hyperspace," his lieutenant reported. There was confusion on the Captain's weathered face.

"In all my years of travel, I've never been knocked out of hyperspace. Find out what happened," he ordered.

"Yes sir,"

"I'll see that the passengers don't begin to panic," Co-Captain Aaron Brand, a much younger man said, as he left the bridge.

"Captain, you need to look at this!" the Lieutenant cried. The Captain stood and gazed out the large view window. Off to the right, he saw something quite unnatural.

"What in Sith hell is that?" he asked, in frightened awe, as he stared at the swirling blue hole that was lit with that looked like crackling blue plasma energy. In the Captain's thirty plus years of flying, he'd never see anything like it.

"Get us as far away from that thing as you can, Lt. Wesley, and then re-plot our course," the Captain ordered.

"I'm sorry sir, but the controls are not responding. We're caught in its gravitational pull," the young Lieutenant cried, as the ship was slowly pulled toward the spacial hurricane. As they neared, the controls sparked violently. The Captain pulled the young Lieutenant from his seat, before he could be electrocuted.

"Sir, what should we do?" Wesley asked. But the Captain didn't have an answer for him.

The crystal chandeliers above them shuddered slightly. Those around them didn't notice that anything was amiss, but being an experienced pilot and Force sensitive, Anakin sensed it immediately.

"Ani...what's wrong?" Padme asked, noticing the sudden pensive look on his face.

"We just dropped out of hyperspace," he whispered. Her brow furrowed in confusion.

"But we're still half a day from Dantooine," she replied.

"I know. Something's not right," he answered, as he held her close. At that moment, they saw the Co-Captain enter and motion for the band to stop playing, as he took to the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" the Captain called. The room quieted, as all attention turned to him.

"We've had to drop out of hyperspace momentarily, due to a little spacial distortion. But I assure you, we will be back on course shortly," he said.

"Spacial distortion?" Padme whispered to Anakin, confused by what he meant.

"Any spacial distortion big enough to knock a ship this size out of hyperspace isn't nothing," he replied quietly. Suddenly, the ship began to shake, as it veered sideways. People began to scream and panic when suddenly the ship lurched hard to the right. Padme cried out and Anakin held her tightly in his arms, as they, along with many others, were thrown to the floor. Screams of terror rang out through the dining hall, as mass chaos broke out.

The Captain and crew watched in amazement, as they were pulled violently through the crackling, spiraling tunnel. It was a rough ride and they were thrown all over the bridge.

Tables, chairs, silverware, and dishes flew everywhere. Anakin deflected what large or dangerous objects that he could with the Force, as he held onto a large support pillar. Padme clung to him with her face buried in his chest, as the rough ride threw people all about. With a final lurch, Anakin and Padme were thrown into a wall, as the ship finally stopped. People began looking around and starting to get up, all curious as to what exactly had just happened. Anakin helped his wife to her feet and they quickly started helping other people up, seeing if anyone was injured.

The crew on the bridge pulled themselves from the floor and looked out the view window. There was a brown colored planet before them, like nothing they had ever seen.

"What planet is that?" Captain Thomas questioned.

"It's not in the databank, sir. It must be unknown," Lt. Wesley replied.

"What are our coordinates?" Thomas asked. The Lieutenant's fingers flew nimbly over the console. His brow furrowed in confusion, as the results came back. He quickly ran the scan again.

"What's wrong?" the Captain asked.

"This...it's impossible," Wesley replied in disbelief.

"What is?" Thomas asked.

"Sir, according the ship's computer, we're approximately...three hundred and sixty four days away from Dantooine," Wesley said in disbelief.

"That's impossible! The controls must be malfunctioning," Thomas roared.

"I don't think so, Sir," Wesley replied.

"That makes no sense," the Captain fretted.

"Sir, if I may make a suggestion," Wesley said.

"Anything, if you think it will help us figure out this conundrum," the Captain replied.

"There is someone aboard the ship that has the skills and leadership necessary to deal with situations like these. I believe we should bring him here to see this," Wesley replied.

"Who do you speak of? A passenger?" Thomas asked.

"Yes sir, but no ordinary passenger. The Chosen One is aboard the ship with his wife," Wesley reported.

"Anakin Skywalker?" the Captain asked.

"Yes sir. Shall I bring him here?" Wesley asked.

"No...I will go myself, thank you Lieutenant. Continue to monitor our situation until I return," Captain Thomas replied, as he slowly exited the bridge.

"Yes sir," Lt. Wesley replied.

"Ani...what do you think happened?" Padme asked her husband, as they anxiously awaited word from the crew. Anakin saw the ship's Captain enter the dining hall and his eyes stopped searching, once they rested upon Anakin.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out," Anakin said, as he took her hand and led her toward the Captain, who waited for them. He had a very bad feeling about this...

That concludes Honeymoon Interlude, but this story will pick up right after this moment in the next vignette, titled "Planet of Terror", coming very soon! :)