Beginnings of a New Ninja

Full Summary:

Twelve years ago when Naruto was born, a young ninja was assigned to see that he grew into a fine ninja. Though there was no record of her doing that, Naruto never stopped hearing rumors about her and wonders who she was. They tell stories about her watching Naruto.

They say that she had no name, no home, no clan, no family. She had a few friends, her wits, her dragon, her sword. A rogue, a wanderer, an outcast. She has no true home, her family is unknown, her life is a mystery, only words of her deeds gave her reputation. She is known as a killer, a murderer and a peacemaker. Nothing of her history, nothing about her parents, nothing about her life but only that what is heard, nothing... She had only her mission, she had only Naruto.

This is what happened . . .

A dirt road, marked with pebbles and fresh dew. Spider webs strung out in the dips and rocks, a few dead leaves blew down the path as the sun shined from above giving it of midday yet dew was still fresh on the ground hidden under the tree's thick branches covered in many leaves. The trees of summer blew gently in the southern breeze.

Walking feet on the path, boots that matched the path marked by signs of constant use, walked up the path that lead to the village. The gentle sound of pebbles being crushed, the brushing of the camouflage pants between the legs. The sunlight reflected on the Yin Yang metal plate on the pants, the white shirt stained with blood absorbed some of the heat the sun gave out freely warming the feminine body to the soul. Her vicious black spiked collar tight on her neck, her hands swayed at her sides. A black eight-headed serpentine tattoo was marked on the back of her neck facing the eight directions, North, North East, North West, South, South East, South West, West, and East. She would run it over with her left hand now and then, if it hurt her.

Water rippled and the birds chirped as a gentle light fog rolled in for the cold streams from the mountains. The insects chirped and the caws of a hawk on the hunt.

The mid-length sword on the back of her hip taunted those who saw it and the notches on the sheath with the two dragon serpents battling it out over an orb, her right hand hidden in a black claw glove would touch the sheath and blood stained white rope around the handle, touching the power of the great sword of her ancestry. Her hunting knife, in sheath, hanged from the black belt looped around the pants.

She looked up at the sky, the light reflected off her black goggles that she wore to hide her eyes. She smiled at how nice a day it was showing her fangs, upper and lower, she soon looked back at the road. She ran her left hand over her spiked blonde hair and fiddled with the braid on the end.

She soon halted and looked around, she knew that they were watching her. She stood tall as the first throwing shurikin was launched, she grabbed it and threw it back hitting a male ninja in the neck. He fell out of the tree crying in pain as blood seeped from his neck wound. She cracked her neck and grabbed a small smoke bomb, the bomb explodes making anyone near the smoke to cough. This gave her clear signs of where they were, she struck quickly. She soon exits the cloud and continues to walk toward the village. As the smoke cleared the bodies of six men littered the ground, they were barely alive.

A village was just a village to her, she didn't care about the name or who lived there or its history. As she entered the villagers looked at her scornfully and frighten, they knew her reputation well. She stood there and looked around, waiting, waiting for the man that was to lead her to the baby.

A ninja appeared behind her, he reached for her only to be held up from behind by her. Her mirror image fades away and he struggles to get loose from her tight grip.

"Let me go." He demanded as his arm slowly cracked.

"Where is the child?" She asked coldly, mist lightly came from her mouth.

"Put him down, Ora." Said the Kage.

Ora slowly let's the man go and sheaths her knife quickly as the wounded ninja bowed to the Kage, Ora didn't bow, she just glared at him behind her goggles. She hated being here in the first place but it was giving her practice and the thrill of killing again.

"Hurry up old man, give me the kid so I can take him to his home village. How the hell did he get here in the first place?"

An old woman walked over to them, her face wrinkled by age yet she showed little of being old. She was a Jonin from Ora's perspective.

"He was found here, we didn't know he belonged to - -"

Ora tilts her head at the old woman and gives off a small snort.

"I know what village, just give me him so I can go. Got better things to do." Ora said rubbing her hands.

"My guess is that the man that was taking care of him left him here for a reason." Said the old man.

"It's a simple answer, to die." Ora answered.

After waiting ten minutes at the entrance of the village the child was brought out to her. The small child yawned and soon fell back to sleep. His short spiked hair and whisker like tattoos on his cheeks made him look cute. Ora knew what was inside him, he is the container of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, she could feel him deep inside the child. Ora strapped the child to her back, they handed her food for the child they knew how far it was to the village of the child. Ora soon leaves the village, the people wave goodbye to the sweet child and return to their business. Ora hated this job but it was hers to bear, caring for the young child, to make sure he arrives at his home village.

The sun rays danced gently through the leaves, Ora walked past the moaning men that she just fought. She smiles and continues to walk as Naruto slept soundly on her back as she crossed a small wooden bridge. She whistled and out of the bushes a half-grown Komodo dragon came romping out to greet her. Ora reached into her small pouch, pulled out some dried meat and tosses it to the dragon. His eyes of pure gold shined as the sun, he hisses and soon eats the meat, Ora pats him on the head.

"Good boy."

Lil Naruto stirred and opened his eyes to see the dragon, he smiles and giggles. The dragon looks up at him and licks him with his tongue. Ora stood up and pulled Naruto to her chest, she studied him and smiles.

"Don't be a pain in the ass little one, this trip shouldn't take long."

Lil Naruto laughs and soon falls asleep to Ora's humming. He was pretty big and Ora is starting to think this kid wasn't a babe anymore, but a toddler. She and the dragon continue their walk to Naruto's village, the Hidden Leaf Village. But as she walked others watched her, they too wanted the child for their own desires, they wanted the Demon Fox or was there something else?