Beginnings of a New Ninja

Ora and her Komodo dragon walked for miles with those hidden ninja's following close behind, Naruto's been asleep most of the walk, he will soon wake up and do what he does best, be annoying.

But to Ora, Naruto is no longer a babe as she was told, he was more of a two-year old toddler, and her thoughts were right. She wonders just how long he was there.

Did that man leave Naruto there for two years? Or did he take him there a few days ago? Damn, this might be a little more interesting than I thought, might even teach him a trick or two to use in the future.

Naruto began to whine, Ora knew he was hungry, she's been around babies and toddlers. The one village had tons of them, their different cries were memorized in Ora's memory. She gives Naruto some food the villagers gave her, he ate and started playing with the dragon.

"Don't bite him Zak."

"I won't." Zak said letting Naruto on him. "He better not bite me."

Ora smiles and walks with Zak and Naruto by her side.

"I'm still hungry!" Naruto yelled.

"Hell, I didn't know you can talk."

"I can, not little."

Ora giggles at Naruto's little error. She knew he meant to say 'not much'. Naruto looks up at Ora and laughs as Ora hands him some dried meat.

"So Naruto, do you know the man that left you there?"

"Nope. Who are you anyway?"

"I'm your guardian."

"My gwardian? What's that?"

Ora rubs her eight-headed serpent tattoo, one of the heads slowly moved to her left shoulder.

"Well, I protect you till I can get you to safety, I'm taking you home so you don't get hurt."

"That place was boring anyway. How far is home?"

Ora didn't really know, she was at the village in the desert when she got word that they needed her to get him, she was watching a young kid named Gaara when she left, she gave him a great gift before leaving. Ora didn't really know the Hidden Leaf Village that well, she only knew that is where she has to take Naruto.

"About few days."

"Why can't we just do our ninja stuff? Jumping from tree to tree!"

"Takes a lot of energy, I have to save my energy for battle."

"Come on, it sounds like fun. Let's run like lightin'!"

Ora halts in her tracks as did Zak, he tastes the air with his forked tongue and Ora looked around.

"We're being followed." Zak said

"Five or six?"


Naruto looks around as well, he was starting to get scared. It was to quiet for him, only the light sounds of someone jumping from tree to tree.

"I'm scwared."

Ora picks Naruto up and strapped him to her back, he hugs her neck as the first bomb exploded near by. Zak quickly disappears in the underbrush while Ora adjusts her goggles.

"Hang on Naruto."

The ninjas following her jumped at her, she drops to the ground quickly and kicks out the attackers feet knocking them to the ground, she quickly leaped to a tree, some of the attackers got their legs broken from Ora's kick. Naruto enjoyed this but feared it as well, Ora jumped into a nearby tree.

"Where is she?!" One of the ninja's yelled.


Ora looks back at them and quickly runs on the trees branches, getting away from the as fast as she could.

"Damn, its Orochimaru's men." Ora said to herself.


"A bastard."

Ora reaches an open field and leaps outward, as she lands she quickly spun around to see if anyone was close by. No one was near, she looks around again. She turns around to see him, Orochimaru.

"Well, well, well. Orachi. It's been awhile." said the handsome and young Orochimaru.

Ora spits at the ground in disgust.

"You use his name like it was yours. You're a corrupt bastard Orochimaru." Ora said with mist coming out her mouth.

He slowly walks toward her but kept a good distance from her at the same time.

"Give me the child."

"Over my dead body."

Orachimaru smiles and turns his back to her, he laughs a few times and Ora crosses her arms, waiting for him to get his speech over with.

"I was hoping you would say that, my boys here will take care of you." Orochimaru said with a snap of his fingers.

Five ninjas of different ages and heights surround Ora, she looks at each one of them and shook her head, the same men from before. Two of them limped from their broken leg.

"Did they sign their wills?" Ora asked.

"Wills? Why would they need wills for?"

Ora prepares herself, Naruto clings on for dear life.

"Now." Orochimaru ordered.

Just before the ninjas attacked, multiple clones of Ora appeared. Orochimaru looks and is a bit shocked.

Shadow Clone Jutsu! Thought Orochimaru.

Ora and her clones attack, Orochimaru knew he better leave unless he wants to be dog piled! As he fled his ninja followers fell dead before Ora and her clones. They soon disappear and Ora left one alive, he struggles to flee as Ora grabs him by the neck. She held him off the ground with her left hand, she uses her right hand to rip open his chest, ripping out his still beating heart.

"Scum." Was his last words.

Ora tosses him aside and holds the heart, she licks it and rubs it with her left hand.

"You killed them? Isn't that bad?" Naruto asked.

"Not unless they want to kill you."

"What was that jutsu?"

"You'll learn it someday, let's leave it at that."

Ora soon eats the heart and walks out of the field into the next forest, she looked around for the road and soon finds it. She wipes her blood hands on her shirt and pants, Naruto felt sick for he watched her eat the heart raw.

"Did you enjoy yourself Naruto?"

"Uh, yeah. Can we do that agains? But don't eat someone's heart, okays?"

Ora laughed and bounces Naruto, she looks around and finds Zak waiting for her.

"Why didn't you join in?" Ora asked.

"I used a lot of energy when we were at the village in the desert."

Ora smiles and nods as they continued on down the road. She was happy and annoyed at the same time. She hated Orochimaru, he stole Orochi's name to use as his own. One of the eight heads of the serpent tattoo on the back of Ora's neck moved further across her body adding more tattoos to cover her. More strange markings...