Just Business

For years now, her business has been wonderful. Even being in such a remote place on the planet, but that's where her father wanted to be when he started his family. Being the youngest and the last of the children, Ellipsis didn't do what her fellow siblings do best, hunt. Her three older sisters are mates of great Elites, her only brother was a great hunter till the accident that left him unusable to hunt. Her father a Great Elder soon moved to this remote area to 'unwind' and to grow older with his wonderful mate for life.

Ellipsis rarely hunts, she runs her own business that is well suited with everyone, selling animals of all kinds as pets or hunting beasts, and human's sell good as well and is the hardest to raise and care for. When she sells humans as pets or slaves she fixes them so their new masters won't breed them with themselves or other humans, but if they are sold as mates or selected warriors, she teaches them to be great! Not only did she sell animals and humans, but food, trinkets, robes, weapons, clean trophies and make wind chimes from bones of the hunter's kill. She is a trader, raiser and breeder.

She is still young, in human years she is only twenty-one. Her dark green skin was marked with brown and black stripes, her bright green and gold eyes loved to watch things. She stood at five feet ten inches and still growing. She rarely lets her dread locks flow freely like everyone else, she keeps her dread locks pulled back into a ponytail and she wears whatever she wants.

'Many needs, the humans or should I say Oomans? It doesn't matter what I call them, they are still what they are. So many needs yet this helps me learn more and more of their behavior. I was just a mere pup when father brought me home a human pet, two of them in fact. Male and female, Jason and Angel. I've taken great care of them and they me. I taught them things of my people and they taught me theirs, we have so much in common. How we hunt, honor, games, language. Well, we don't speak the same tongue but we do have the same slang and it's cool!' Thought Ellipsis as she mixed white rice with chicken broth.

'Five little ones, all grown up but the youngest. There is: Jason II, Emily, Nick, Amy and Samantha. Each as cute and wonderful. Now my business is booming even more since a shipment of humans from Earth arrived yesterday but they are being taken cared of at Y'ols. They got sick and should be coming back in a few days. Plus I've heard that some Elders are coming to find some new pets, slaves and possible mates! Boy oh boy!' Ellipsis continued to think as she added turkey to the rice.

Ellipsis smiled and continued her work, soon her brother entered the kitchen. Tall, dark skinned and handsome yet a pain in the arse. He walked with slight pain on his face, being a few years older than Ellipsis, he is still able to defend himself but not much, one single wrong move and he'll be paralyzed. His back was injured in an explosion a few years back left him and three others injured. He and the other three were lucky, if they were closer to the explosion they would have died. Since their father didn't have any other sons, Ellipsis took the test. The Right of Passage, being a female and the youngest, she is well respected on the planet.

'Oh great, Orgrim. What is he going to do now, bother me to death with his constant ranting or is he going to help me feed my dear pets? Or maybe he wants to polish my armor. No matter what he does, he'll still get angry at me. Sure, over the years of his rudeness he is trying to make amends with me, I don't know what to do. Yuck, he smells of human liquor. Oh no.' Ellipsis thought.

"What smells good?" Orgrim asked.

"Human food. What do you want Orgrim?"

Orgrim slowly sat down on a chair and leaned back on it, he sighed and chuckled at Ellipsis.

"I was wondering if there was anything I can help you with? Hic."

Ellipsis laughed silently as she added hot peppers to the meal and then scooped the meal onto seven plates. She then poured out seven glasses of water and placed them all on a moving cart.

"You can stir the animal bucket. The food must be well blended so they all get the same amount. Feed the grain and other plants to the herbivore. Also don't let Kelly out of the house okay?"

"Yeah, I know. That Earth cat you brought home after the R.o.P.."

"At least I passed."

"I would have if I didn't get hurt! Hic."

Orgrim stood up and walked out of the kitchen.

'This is my house yet he comes in anyway. Damn brother.' Ellipsis thought as she pushed the cart through the doorway into the next room and soon outside.

The semi cool air told that Spring was near and that Winter was over. The one place on the planet that has the four seasons and her family happened to move there. The only road there was a trade route and sometimes it can be busy, even Yautja on a pilgrimage would pass by. Ellipsis' shop is the only one on the road that not only sold things but also rented beds.

Ellipsis walked over to one of the many sheds that she kept her pets in, this one was more in the shape of a small house instead of a shed, a massive fence dome kept those inside the house from running away when they come outside to play, farm, doing things humans do. Ellipsis opens the lock and enters the house, inside two old humans greet her, their smile made Ellipsis feel great.

"Is it dinner time all ready, my dear?" Asked Angel, her aged face showed no wrinkles of sadness or anger but happiness of her golden years. Her soft blue eyes sparkle with joy at just seeing Ellipsis.

"Yes it is."

Angel walked over to the table and Jason helped her sit down in the chair. He kissed her gently and took his seat as Ellipsis placed the food on the table. His faced as aged and almost the same as Angel's, his brown eyes of chocolate were sweet with sugar. Angel fiddles with the collar on her neck and Ellipsis notices, she soon removes Angel and Jason's collar.

"So where are the kids?"

"They should be coming." Jason answered.

Ellipsis sits down at the table and sighs.

"You know, I got some possible people that might take interest in your kids."

Angel looks at her and smiles.

"Does this mean we're going to have grand kids?"

"A possibility. I'm not sure yet, all I know is that they are coming and I need to get your kids ready for any possible bids."

"This is like slavery back on Earth, but somehow a bit different here. It's almost like it isn't and at the same time is." Jason said.

"I know, but if it's like that it'll be the same thing to the other animals as well." Ellipsis said.

"Is that Ellipsis I hear?" Said a young voice from the stairs.

At the stairs seventeen-year-old Samantha in her best clothes came running over toward Ellipsis and tackles her out of the chair. Her long brown hair and brown eyes held love and joy for Ellipsis.

"I was wondering when you'll come back and teach me more!" Samantha yelled hugging Ellipsis tight around the neck.

Ellipsis laughs as the other kids came down as well, all grown up but Samantha. Ellipsis picks Samantha off her and sat her down, she sat up and noogies Samantha.

"Ellipsis! Ah! No! My hair!" Giggled Samantha.

Ellipsis soon fixed Samantha's hair and placed her in her chair. As they said grace Ellipsis left the house to check on her other pets. From horses to lions, from tigers to malpas. Malpas is a strange animal, the body of a cheetah but its tail protrudes out the back of the head, on the rear is a tail stub. The color of the malpas is dull grey and black, they are excellent hunters at night. It's almost hard to tell male from female but Ellipsis took into account that the males tail is longer. She even had drakes to sell as pets, she had them caught in the Tri Star System. These drakes are not the size many know them as, these were miniature drakes, the size of an Earth cat or a medium size dog and sometimes the size of a large dog. After checking on all her pets of many kinds, Ellipsis returned to her home to prepare for the next day. As she closed and locks the door and she looked at the massive screen to see if everything was good, when it was all good she shut the screen off and went to her room.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

A small bell sounded as a turtle shell color cat leaps onto the bed meowing in joy. Her green and yellow eyes showed adventure and mystery. The small worn red collar held on it a small bell to give clues to where she is. Ellipsis walks over to her and they nudge heads, like they always do.

"Mmmm, hmmm." Kelly would say. "Meow, prrr, rrrt."

"Mmm, hmm." Ellipsis would say back.

Sometimes Kelly would go into a meow and the 'm' or 'r' spree. Ellipsis walked over to Kelly's food dish and filled it with cat food and filled the water bowl as well.

"He didn't feed you I see."

"Hremmm." Said Kelly.

Ellipsis giggles as Kelly came running over to investigate what Ellipsis was doing. Soon she took her napping position on the bed and watched as Ellipsis got onto her computer, she plays some music, not of this planet but Earths.

'Human's call it VG music or Video game music. I love this music.'

The music was a variety of Earth video games but a few songs could be recognized from the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear series. As she typed what her inventory was, the sun had already set and the night had come. Ellipsis soon shut off her VG music she turned on Kenny G. His soft music helped Ellipsis sleep at night.

'Gotta love special orders from Earth!'

Ellipsis got onto her bed, she said her prayers and covered herself up as Kelly purred. They both soon fall asleep to the soft music of Kenny G.