Just Business

Ki'oli walked till he finally reached Ellipsis' house three days later, he buried her in her flower garden. He took her necklace, the only bit of her left, her blood was still on the necklace and he swore to never take it off. Jason, Angel and the other humans cried for Ellipsis, they tried to comfort Ki'oli but he knew that he must follow her. He told them to watch the place and that if Ly's or Huli come here Ellipsis wanted them to run the business.

Ki'oli entered the city that was eighty miles away from Ellipsis' home. He was lost, his mind was lost in confusion and despair, he didn't know what was wrong. He walked around till a massive Yautja threatened him with a Plasma Cannon.

"Kill me you pauk!" Ki'oli yelled at him.

The massive Yautja aims the cannon but it wouldn't fire, he tried three times but it wouldn't fire so he punched Ki'oli back and forth till Ki'oli dropped to the ground making the massive Yautja to leave. Ki'oli staggered to his feet and wondered around even more looking for someone to try and kill him, he knew killing himself was dishonorable without a self-detonator. Ki'oli would look down the alleyways he passed and stopped at one, there in the alleyway Ellipsis stood looking at him.

'Ki'oli, remember our promise.'

She turns her back to him and he quickly follows till she faded away, here he found more Yautja that beat the shit out of him but still they didn't kill him. He figured he will let the wildlife kill him, as he entered deep into the jungle two killer animals the size of grizzle bears approached him, they smell and growl at him. Ki'oli was ready for them to kill him but they slowly walked away as if he was nothing. Ki'oli growls and hisses at them taunting them to kill him, he gives up and watches on in hopelessness.

'I'm starting to feel I've been cursed. The curse of invincibility.'

Ki'oli roars loudly and thrashes everything around him, he wants to die but death would not come. He didn't eat or drink for days and he wondered around hoping that this curse would ware off in time but it didn't.

He collapses to the ground. He has lost everything important to him.

'Let me die already, why must you torture me?'

Approaching footsteps didn't bother him, he waited till they stop and try to kill him. Something pokes him on the side, he looks up to see a familiar face but not of a friend, but of a Bad Blood General.

"I see that you are still alive, my friend." Said Huyt smiling.

Ki'oli lays his head back down as Morrow bends down and looks at him.

"Why are you giving up hope?"

"Leave me alone." Ki'oli said covering his face. "Or try and kill me."

"You can't die, can you?" Asked Morrow standing up.

"If you haven't noticed all the scars over me then no."

"Friend, you have been cursed." Said Huyt.

"I already figured that out when starvation didn't kill me."

"Come with us, we might be able to help break the curse." Said Morrow patting Ki'oli on the shoulder.

Ki'oli slowly sat up and looks at the two.

"Let us three swear an oath. An oath of brotherhood." Huyt said raising his spear.

Ki'oli stood on his feet, he grabs Dark Knight's Bane and rubs Ellipsis' necklace.

"To die on the same day, the same month and the same year. To help our younger brother Ki'oli find a cure to this curse." Morrow said extending his wrist blades, he places them against Huyt's spear.

"To never let anyone do this mad ritual again. We three brothers will become great leaders one day with a great ally. We will find Outsider and have her join us on our quests, we will join others to our cause, to untie them under one banner. We three brothers, swear this oath on the soul of my lover Ellipsis. May she wait for me a little longer." Ki'oli swore touching Morrow and Huyt's weapons.

Upon swearing this oath Ki'oli felt relieved, Hyut pats Ki'oli on the back.

"Brother, come with us. Our men are waiting for us."

Ki'oli follows Huyt and Morrow, Ki'oli looks back at the deep jungle he swore he saw Ellipsis smiling at him. But there was still one thing he needed to do...

A Yautja washing his hands in cool water, trophies marked the walls of his shop and home, a chime sounded. His name displayed on the wall, Holje


Holje then washes his face as the chime on his counter sounded.

"Yes?" He asked coming out.

There at the counter stood a hybrid, his sleek black armor and skin shined in the light, his one eye looked Holje over. Holje looks at the hybrid oddly, he remembers seeing one like this.

"I came for a head." The hybrid said with a soft smile.

Holje looks at the hybrid more before looking at the counter, one the counter was a drawing of his face and beside the drawing was a Yautja finger, Holje picks the finger up and looks at it, he knew instantly who's finger it belonged to Gutas. He looks at the hybrid smiling evilly, Holje tried to grab a weapon. Outside Huyt and Morrow stood waiting, the quick sound of slicing flesh and a body thumping to the ground. Ki'oli walks outside, his cape following his move as he, Morrow and Huyt walk away, inside the headless body of Holje laid on the floor, luminescent blood forming a massive puddle...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The End.

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