Ambition by blackdragonflower

Summary: Ambition, a powerful trait. Mello's leaving Wammy's with only himself and his ambition to be number one and there is nothing I can do to stop him.

Characters belong to Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

A/N: Near's POV

"I will never work with Near Matt!"

"Mello! Why do you have to leave?!" The redhead was frantic trying to get his friend to stay. "Why is beating Near so important?!"

The second best, the one who stepped down as successor, put his bag down and glared. "I am nothing with Near in the way. I will alwaysbe number two and I refuse! I will be number one Matt!"

The game obsessed boy tackled the chocolate lover. Tears welled in Matt's eyes. "Mihael please don't leave!"

Mello growled annoyed. "Don't use my real name Mail!"

So that was their real names...

Matt hugged Mello tight. "Please don't leave... I don't want to be alone..."

And Mello was tempted to stay. It was plain to see on his face. "I can't Matt I'm sorry." Mello sighed and patted Matt's head. "Let go Matt."

"Can't you at least wait till morning?" Matt pouted. "It's raining pretty hard..."

"You're not changing my mind Matt. Let go." Matt reluctantly let his grip loosen. I wasn't afraid of being caught by Mello, but my rival would be furious if he'd learned I'd eavesdropped. "I have to do this my way... I have to leave now. Goodbye Matt."

The blonde shouldered his bag and I stepped away from the crack in the door. Mello flung it open his eyes narrowed in tiny slits seeing me. He slipped into the hall softly closing the door to bar Matt's view, leaving him alone. The blonde shouldered past me, almost sending me to the floor.

"Move Near." he hissed.

"Goodbye Mello... I will personally make sure Matt will be alright since you are leaving and will no longer be here."

He turned and grabbed me by the collar. I looked at him unthreatened, which only served the purpose of angering him even more. "Screw you Near! You always have to have the last word! Never have to work as hard staying up all night just to study! I'm glad I backed down and I'm glad I'm leaving because then I'll never have to see your stupid face again!"

He seemed much more confident in himself having said the words aloud. I'm sure he would have left without this push over the edge but now if he didn't go he would make himself a liar. "I'm sorry you feel that way Mello."

"..." Mello raised a fist ready to punch me, but lowered it slowly. "Go screw yourself Near. I'll be number one and I'll die if I must!" He pushed me away and took the opportunity to storm off.

Matt opened the door staring down the hall where the blonde had disappeared. "...Mello..." The redhead shut the door again closing himself off from the world, from reality.

I ran.

I ran to Mello's favorite spot. It was high in one of Wammy's towers. I knelt beside the circular stained glass. I stumbled to get the latch unlocked and pushed the peephole open. Mello was walking through the pouring rain with just his small bag and the clothes on his back. Then at the gate, he stopped and turned. One last fleeting look to the cross-adorned at the highest point of Wammy's, right above his hideaway where I watched him leave. He slipped past the front gates and was gone.

I wonder if we'll ever see Mello again, his ambition so strong and powerful, one of his greatest qualities when its not his greatest fault.

Mihael or Mello, the name does not matter, he has earned my respect and I wish him all the illogical luck the world has to offer.