I sit here, staring at the blank parchment, not knowing what words to pen

I sit here, staring at the blank parchment, not knowing what words to pen. The library's chair is a piece of hard wood underneath my arse. There are shelves upon shelves of books that I have already read from cover to bloody cover. My homework is done for up to a month in advance. I have no interest in Quidditch; Hogsmeade gets old after fourth year. Honestly, there was nothing fun and exciting for me to do on this dreary Saturday afternoon. And by after noon I mean the time is 12:01 p.m. Sighing heavily, I stand abruptly from the hard oak chair and stalk down the aisles. I try looking for a book I might have overlooked on my six years scouring these damn shelves, but it didn't work. I stomp my feet in agitation before walking back to the table I just vacated, slinging my bag over my shoulder, and walking from the library.

The hallway was hot. Unbearably hot; people were shedding clothing left and right. I was one of those people. My wool robe came off first, then my jumper, and some buttons from my white oxford. I forewent the shorts that I normally wore under my skirt and opted for black flip flops over the stuffy Mary Jane's we normally wore. I stopped at the nearest window and looked out at the bleak weather. It made absolutely no sense to me that it should be raining outside the building; but it was almost one hundred and ten degrees inside the castle walls. I decided to venture outside. The gum I was chewing was melted and while chewing it stuck to my teeth. I was aggravated to say the least. Slipping my bag off of my shoulder and depositing it by the entrance hall doors; I hexed it against theft and walked out into the streaming water.

The droplets beat heavily down onto my shoulders, and without second thought I reached up and pulled the oxford over my head before pulling the hot pink elastic out of the mop I called hair. I began running forward, heading towards the edge of the lake. My hair was plastered to my face, my white tank top showing off the black bra underneath and my stomach, my skirt clung to my thighs and my flip flops had been kicked off during the run. I stopped near one of the trees, slightly out of breath and leaned into the base tilting my head up toward the sky. The rain continued to fall onto my face, I was sure that my mascara had left marks down my cheeks. My knees gave way to the pressure leaving my shoulders, and I dropped to the ground. My eyes slowly closed.

It was the times when I was most vulnerable that I would remember the way he used to touch me last year. The way his long slender fingers would start at my knee and slowly inch their way up my thigh, leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. The way his pale hair would tickle my cheeks as he held himself on top of me before sliding into me. He would come deep inside me, and it would feel as if I was coming home. My lips would be constantly bruised, and his fingers would always be indented into the side of my hips. He would make me moan his surname, and scream his proper name as I came. There was never a dull moment when you allowed Draco Malfoy to shag you four ways till Sunday. Yes, I missed the sex. But mainly, and I won't say this again, I missed him.

The rain mixed with my tears now, as I roughly grabbed at my hair with my tiny hands, hands that used to roam his body. Tracing each muscle before landing on his cock with such perfection that it seemed none of it was real. The acrylic was never chipped, and I never missed an important meeting, date, or class. My friends never suspected that I was conversing with the enemy, never mind spreading my virginal legs for him. But, I was and I did. I let Malfoy have the most innocent part of me, and if he were in school this year, I would continue to do so. He was my drug and baby, I was addicted. I banged my tiny fists on the ground in frustration before standing up and spinning in a circle with my arms spread wide. I took off running again, this time towards the Forbidden Forest. It was then that I saw the flash of blonde near the gates; I turned my head and saw the object of my frustration. I stood still, with my back rigid and looked right into those pale eyes. He beckoned me forward and my legs began to move on their own accord.

"I couldn't stay away from you, Hermione." I nodded my head and stuck my hand through the wrought iron fence and cupped his cheek in my hand. I ran my fingers through his hair and gripped the back of his neck, bringing his face towards the gate. My lips found his through the gap between the iron bars, and I sighed contentedly. I was home once again. His hand came through the iron and pulled my face closer to his and I hissed in pain as my skull hit the iron on the left side. Looking apologetic he pulled back and placed a kiss gingerly to my forehead.

"Merlin, Draco, I've missed you." Okay, so I'll admit it twice. He nodded the affirmative. We were a couple of very little words. He leaned forward to place another chaste kiss to my lips.

"Hermione, I need to be inside you." I pulled his hand towards the hem of my skirt allowing his fingers to trace the pre determined path to my vagina. I could already tell that I was wet with want from him, and when his fingers found the knickers there, I opened my legs and threw my head back slightly as he slipped his fingers into me. I moaned loudly knowing that the thunder would cover any and all sounds that I made.

"I can't make love to you through this fence." He growled. I nodded my head, and moaned once again.

"How adverse are you to climbing said fence Mr. Malfoy?" his smirk widened as an idea came to his mind.

"I'd rather you climb the fence Mrs. Malfoy."

"Touché," I muttered trailing my hand over his arm, before dipping my fingers down to his and joining him in pleasuring myself. He hissed his approval before ripping his fingers from me. I saw his Italian shoes begin to climb the fence, his robe clinging to his lean form, I smiled up at him. Once he landed I threw myself into his embrace and felt his desire on the lower part of my stomach. I smiled before kissing him with such ardor. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and pressed my pelvic area against his before reaching between us and de belting him. He pushed me silently towards the wet earth and opening my legs. He hiked my skirt up around my waist before diving down into my wet recesses. I gripped his hair as he licked my clit, adding a finger for each moan I gave him. He kissed up my abdomen and when he reached my lips his hair tickled my cheek. I knew it wasn't long before I was rolling into an abyss of orgasms.

"I love you." He whispered before rolling his hips, grinding his penis into my sopping hole. I yelled out in pleasure as he pumped into me harder and faster each time. The pleasure that was pooling between my thighs caused him to groan at the contact. I could feel my juices flowing down my thigh as I pushed my hips up to meet his thrust, arching my back at the same time. The rain continued to beat down on our sweating bodies, adding to the moisture that out skin was already collecting. I growled when he removed himself from my body only to have him chuckle before he slammed himself into me once again. I screamed out and clutched his shirt in my hands as he continued this brutal assault to my battered pussy.

"Fuck Malfoy." I hissed into his ear as he continued his sporadic thrusts into my waiting cavern, he rolled his hips once more before I felt his shoulder stiffen. I felt the warm semen coat the inside of my walls. I moaned as he pumped himself inside of me for another moment before I came as well, my walls coaxing him to keep his erection.

"You fucking vixen." He whispered before biting my neck and turning me over onto my knees. I dug my acrylic nails into the mud and gripped it for all it was worth as he roughly pushed himself into my cunt and pulled himself out only to thrust back into me harshly. Was it my come or the rain that I could feel traveling slowly towards my knees? Reaching below towards my clit I began to rub it softly, before the need for release built up in my vagina. I began to work my clit quicker as his thrusts became faster, harder, and deeper. I came with a scream as I felt him stiffen again as he came into my pussy once more. He pulled himself out of me, just as we heard the carriages making their way up the hill from Hogsmeade village. I covered his cock with my mouth for a moment, palming his balls, urging him to hurry and come in my mouth before the carriages made their way to the front gates. I growled before slamming my mouth onto his dick, shoving his cock deep into my throat before humming. His hips jerked upward as he came. I didn't think twice before swallowing his seed.

We hid behind a dense growing of trees as the carriages arrived and the students pooled out onto the grass where I had just got the best fucking of my life. We waited ten minutes after the entrance hall doors closes, while the rain calmed down to a slow drizzle. I kissed his lips, each of us tasting the other when we approached the gates once again. I couldn't stop the tears from falling as he scaled the fence. When he was safely on the other side he reached back in and wiped the moisture from under my eyes. He pulled our foreheads together through the fence.

"I'm doing this for us Hermione. Us and that baby." I nodded my understanding before kissing him one last time. For it would be a long time since I could see him again.

"I love you Draco Abaraxs Malfoy."

"And, I love you Hermione Anne Granger-Malfoy." He bent at the waist and spoke to her stomach. "And I love you Gavin. I love you both so much." I blinked my eyes and then he was gone. Just as I did an hour ago, I ran from the spot to the edge of the lake, where it all happened. Where he purposed, where we were married, where we decided to name the child we hoped to have.

"I love my husband." I said into the drizzle. "But I hate the cause."

A/N: How does one wake up with a hangover and they didn't drink the night before? Oh, right it's called a virus and I have one. So while I was sitting in my bed, watching Jane Eyre, I decided to write a little smut with a tiny plot line. Tell me what you think.