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I stared at myself in the mirror, my eyes lingering on my stomach far longer than they should have. It pained me to think that just seventy-two hours ago there was a small life form growing inside of me. I ghosted my hand over my stomach as the tears fell down my face yet again. I didn't tell anybody that I had been pregnant, I didn't need to add losing my best friends on top of all this pain. I dressed in a simple pair of black dress robes and made my way to the common room. From there Harry, Ron, and I held hands and walked down to the grounds for the proper burial of Professor Dumbledore. Today was going to be a long day.

It was hot, to say the least, but with the large cooling charm Professor Slughorn had placed, we all sat comfortably. I was crying, yet again, but this time for a different reason. My head had fallen onto Ronald's shoulder and I was holding Harry's hand. Our mentor, lay before us in the white casket. Closing my eyes, I remembered all that had ever transpired between Professor Dumbledore and myself, and I came up with one thing, happiness.

He was a wise man. One who was probably nearing the end of his time anyway, however, the way he perished from this world was not ideal. A coward, my fiance if I could even call him that any longer, had played a hand in his death. I wish I had been successful in talking Draco out of letting the Death Eaters into the castle, but alas I was not. I stared at the white slab of granite in front of me, and the only word that came to mind was Beautiful.

I wish I could say that I didn't marry Draco, because I did. We met over the summer when Hogwarts was deserted. Blaise married us at the lake shore, it was small and simple, and legally binding. I kissed him with such ardor, because even though he helped murder one of the men that meant the most to me, he was still the man that meant the most to me. We consummated our marriage right there on the shore, and that is where I conceived Gavin. I still didn't tell anybody of my marriage to the vile piece of shite, and yes, I charmed my rings to be invisible. And yes, even while he wasn't at school I flirted shamelessly with every guy who would pay a damn bit of attention to me. I felt as if I owed him nothing.

He came to the Order begging for forgiveness, they gave him none. However they employed Draco to work as a spy for them. I didn't speak to him while we were in the same house, during the daylight, where there were witnesses. To say that our relationship has always been shrouded in secrecy would be an understatement. He proved himself useful when he came to us with a Horcrux. Laid it on the table, looked me in the eyes and said "Gavin" and walked out of the room. Nobody questioned it, why would they, I'm Hermione Granger. And to me, the name was beautiful.

The summer ended rather quickly for my liking and I was sent off to school, with only McGonnagall knowing about my condition. Studies. Duties. Dances. Food. It all jumbled together. I felt useless and if I had only kept my legs closed I could be out there helping in the search for something that was going to ultimately save my life. However, I was horny and jumped on the first guy with a huge dick. What could I say, I liked my men well endowed. Blaise also returned to school, big surprise there. I knew he was watching me through Blaise so I kept my flirting to a minimum around him.

I sit and think a lot, and thus this is how my story began, in the library on a hot raining day. I do think I gave you the gist of everything. I watched him climb back over the wrought iron fence and called out to him. He turned back to me, his eyes darting down the road to where the carriages were turning the bend.

"I think we need to date." I yelled. He stared at me.

"Date? Really Granger, we just fucked on the front lawn and you want to date?" I nodded. "We're married!" I nodded again.

"I don't know anything about you!" I said to him walking closer. He took my hand through the fence.

"All you need to know, Hermione, is that our love is beautiful." and then he was gone.


So I guess what this story was about was not love, or acceptance, or betrayal. It was of beauty. Because it doesn't matter that he's not perfect. Or I'm not perfect. Just that we are perfect for each other. I turned around and walked back to the castle, picking up my flip flops as I went. I grabbed my bag from the front hall and cast a drying spell so that I wouldn't drip everywhere. I took the charm off of my rings and the concealment charm off of my stomach, letting Gavin show for the first time. I walked into the Gryffindor Common Room with my head held high. Harry and Ron looked up at me and we're astonished.

"My name is Hermione Granger-Malfoy, and my mistakes are beautiful."

-The End-