dead rising zimbie atack

it has been 10 years sense the outbreak at wilamet and frank west was sitting in his house but then his phone rigned and it was his friend! "There are zombies in another town frank!" said his frien who was adam white and he was tall and knew karate. so frank and adam called the pilot with the red hair and so he drove them to the town in his helicopter and the town was called greenfield.

when they got there there were military guys and thewy said "stop you cannot come here! turn around!" and the pilot dsaid "No!" and so the army guys fried roxckets at them so the pilot di d a 360 and then the heat seekedrs got confused and so threy hit each other. after they got past the army they went to the mall and adam saisd "it's time to kill some evil zombies!" and so he pulled out his katana that was made of gold and he cut the zombies up and they said "WE WILL BITE YOU AND THEN YOU WILL ALSO WILL BE ZOMBIES" and adam said "NO YOU WONT ILL KILL YOU FIRST" and so he killed them and then more came and he cut one in half and then he did a back spin kick and then he ripped ones head offf

the zombies were scared of the man so they ran away fast to get other bigger zombiews. frank said "good job!" and then they went to the mall lobby and there was a man there killing some zombies. frank thought he was a survivor and went to help but NO HE WAS A PSYCHOPATH AND HE PULLED OUT A SHOTGUN AND SHOT FRANK IN THE FACE adam was very upset so he went to the gun shop and got a sniper and he shot the psychopaths face off,. he went to where frank fell and there were zombies biting him and he said "DIE!" and he cut up the zombies then he took frank to the farmacy and healed his wounds "you're a good friend" he said

they realized that the y couldnt kill all the zombies themselves so they made blueprints to a bomb and went to get things for it. adam went to the home and garden dstore to get propane and wire for a fuse but frank wentr to get crates to hold the stuffs. adam was killing the zombies and SUDDENLY HIS COMMUNICATER RANG "HELP ADAM IM BEING KILLD BY ZOMBIES" SADI FRANK

so adam got on a motorcycle and gdid a whelie and drove through the mall to the storage room but it was empty then SUDDENLY THE DOOR CLOSED BEHIND HIM "HAHA I HAVE TRAPPED YOU ADAM WHITE AND NOW YOU WILL DIE" said a psychopath "where is frank?" said adam "I KILLED HIM AND USED HIS COMUNICATER AND LURED YOU HERE! AND NOW YOU DIE!!" so adam cut his head off and he said "You may have killed me adam but soon ill be a zombie and then I WILL REVENGE YOU!!"

adam found a frank dead on the floor but he did cpr so frank was okay but asleep. adam brought him to the securtiy room which was alot like the one in wilimet and frank slept on the coach because he had been hurt.

adam finished the bomb and he and frank and the pilot flew away and then blewed up the mall. "it looks like everythings going to be all right said frank and they laughed

the end