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-x-x- Chapter 1 -x-x-

3 and half weeks

3 and half weeks. That's how long Jacob Black had been gone, just short of a month of running and thinking. Running from his pain, his troubles and himself, while he tried not to think about Bella he couldn't help but to. He ended up thinking about it constantly, but it also helped him reach a conclusion. No matter who got Bella, weather it be him or that blood sucker, who ever it was would only get a piece of Bella's heart and deep down he knew that the part of Bella's heart that belonged to Edward was bigger then the piece reserved for him. He wouldn't deny that coming to this conclusion hurt, but it also made him stop running and go back to where he belonged, La Push Washington; back to the pack.

Forks Washington, it wasn't a very well known place, but she has been dying to move here for years. The sky was dark, which made sense seeing as how it's around 4:30 in the morning. Early for most, but the perfect time for her, the sun not yet arisen and the moon slowly making it's decent behind the darkening clouds.

Aniela drove down the road in her new Ford Explorer, the moving company truck following behind her. She continued with her peaceful drive, the only sound around her coming from the soft music drifting from the car speakers and the light panting of her Siberian Husky, Coal, and her Corgi, Biggie. They were both in the back of the Explorer looking out the windows at the scenery around them, which to be honest wasn't all that interesting seeing as how it only consisted of trees, bushes, grass and some of the houses they passed.

After another few minutes of driving she turned down a dirt road that led up a ways to a large two story house. It looked forgotten; the once white siding of the house was now darkened by layers of dirt, the two big windows in front of had a few mud clots on them and their deep red curtains drawn closed. Looking at the old house made her think a little about the last people who lived in it; Aniela's great grandmother and great grandfather. They had lived there a little over 80 years ago, before they moved to England where they had Aniela's grandmother and where both Aniela and her mother were born. It's also the place where the three of them died and a place Aniela refuses to die. Her great grandmother left this house to her nana and her nana then left it to Aniela's mother who left it to Aniela herself. The second the lawyer mentioned it during the reading of her mother's will, she packed up and left England for Forks within the week.

Pulling her truck up in front of the two car garage that sat to the side of the house Aniela shut off the engine and hoped out of the forest green Explorer, slamming the door closed behind her. She could hear her puppies barking from the back of the truck, wanting to explore their new surrounding. She shivered slightly as the cold air bit at her cheeks, turning her dark skin a soft shade of pink. Her long raven and purple hair was pulled up into a tight pony tail and blew wildly in the small breeze that danced through the trees as she waited for the moving van to park. After what seemed like forever the moving truck came into sight and parked in front of the house. Aniela took the keys out of her pocket and hopped up the stairs to the front door of her new house, opening the door with a little difficulty.

The inside of the house wasn't much better then the outside, at least two layers of dust had settled on the floor and shelves. As she gazed around the empty house she could faintly hear the movers getting ready to unload the stuff in the back of the truck. Aniela turned her attention back towards the moving van waiting for her instructions. Flashing them one of her sweetest smiles she made her way over to the four movers.

"I know it's really early, but all my boxes are labeled so it should be really easy to find where everything goes."

Three of the movers nodded while the fourth just kind of raised his eyebrows in understanding and they all moved to the back of the van.

She stepped out of the way as the four of them began to take boxes out of the van and into the house.

Watching them for a few minutes Aniela let her eyes wander, taking in the fresh vegetation around her. The sun had finally started to show its face, although it was slightly blocked by grey clouds.

"Hmm, looks like it might rain later on." She thought aloud. She could smell the water in the air waiting for its chance to break loose and clean the earth below it. With a small sigh Aniela turned back to her truck where she could see her two puppies looking out the back window. Popping open the back window Aniela couldn't help but laugh at the two struggling pups. They were tripping over themselves as they tried in vein to get out of the truck. They were too small to even reach the top of the tailgate, but that didn't stop them from trying.

Jacob was still laying on his bed, his feet hanging over the edge. His train of thought was broken when his dad, Billy, knocked on the door.

"Jack, Embry's here. He's sitting in the living room." Jake heard Billy call through the door. With a great sigh Jacob heaved himself off his bed, making it squeak slightly under his mass and walked out of his room.

His dark skin hardly registered the warmth of the rising sun that shone through the window. He entered the living room to see Embry sprawled out on the couch even though he was much too tall to fit on it properly.

"Hey Jakey Boy, how are ya?" Embry asked cheekily. Raising an eyebrow at his hyper friend Jacob shrugged a little.

"What are you doing here so early?" He asked back, ignoring Embry's question. Standing up Embry looked at the clock then back to Jacob with a smile.

"Sam called telling us to meet at his house. He says he has some news for all of us." Interest peaked Jacob nodded his consent and called into the kitchen to his dad.

"Embry and I are going to Sam's." After getting a grunt in response Jacob turned his attention back to his friend.

"Do you know why Sam wants us to meet him?" He asked as he headed out the front door.

"Don't know, he didn't say." Embry replied as he and Jake got to the end of the drive way. Nodding slightly Jacob tied a pair of folded pants to his calf and looked toward Embry who smirked a little.

"Race ya?"

"You're on." And with that the two teenage pack members were off, leaving a few sheds of clothing material in their wake.

By now the sun was shining big and bright in the sky. The movers had just finished with the last few boxes and Aniela was fishing through her wallet to tip the four men. Finding a few tens she handed them to one of the men with a thankful smile.

"Thank you so much. You guys were a huge help." The guy shook her hand with a smile on his face as well.

"It was no problem." Aniela walked over to her truck, opening the back. With small yips her puppies licked at her hands as she picked them up. Leaving the back of her truck open she walked to her new box filled home, gracefully hopping up the steps.

The house now had a large a large chocolate brown two sectional sofa, mahogany coffee table and a decent sized TV. Aniela walked through the living room and into the kitchen. The small glass breakfast table sat in the far corner of the kitchen. The counters were a soft marble and a light wood. The cabinets above matched. Near the back door was a small towel with three bowls. Two of the bowls were filled with puppy kibble and the third held water. Aniela set the two rambunctious dogs down near the bowls. Biggie sniffed around the area a little while Coal went straight for his food. Walking back to the entry way of the kitchen Aniela picked up a baby gate from the wall it was leaning against. After fighting with it for a minute or so she was able to get the gate up and blocking the dogs off from the living room. Form there she started to unpack a few of the boxes in the room.

About half an hour later there were still boxes stacked in the living room and kitchen, but now they were empty. Walking down the short hall way near the kitchen she opened a door to reveal a laundry room. It was barely big enough to hold the washer and dryer. Above the two machines were a few cupboards. She opened on of the boxes sitting on the washer and began to fill the cupboards with dryer sheets, fabric softener, laundry soap and other things along those lines.

After she had finished with the laundry room she moved onto the spare room and then her room, cleaning as she went. By the time she was almost done her room the sun was beginning to reach a high point in the sky. At least from what she could see of it she had guessed it was.

Everyone was there; the whole pack was currently sitting in Sam's living room. Jacob, Embry and Quil were standing in the back leaning against the wall. Seth and Leah were sitting on the couch. Seth was looking at the ceiling bored and Leah was looking at everything but Sam and Emily, who were sitting together. Paul, Jared, Collin and Brady were various other places around the room. All of them had been sitting in Sam and Emily's room for about ten minutes now, doing nothing. Finally Quill got impatient and groaned rather loudly.

"Can we get to doing whatever it is you called us here for?" He asked impatiently. Leah looked over her shoulder with a playful smile.

"Was that even proper English?" Being the mature young man he is Quil politely retaliated with sticking his tongue out at her. With a small snort from both Embry and Seth, Leah turned around with a roll of her eyes. Sam sighed slightly before speaking to the group in front of him.
"Ok so as I think all of you know, tomorrow is Emily's birthday. But seeing as Emily and I planned on going to Port Angeles Emily still wanted to have a picnic here to celebrate with you." At this Emily smiled brightly at everyone sitting in her house, her smile looking a little lop sided due to the three scars running through the corner of her lips.

Seth looked around at everybody around him before slowly raising his hand. Sighing Sam rolled his eyes and nodded in Seth's direction.


"But if the picnic is today what do we do about gifts?" Emily smiled at the younger boy and chuckled a little.

"That's very sweet but I'm turning 20. I don't need any gifts."

"When are we going?" It was Jacob who asked this time.

"We were thinking that everyone could meet down at first beach in about a half hour or so. Does that work for everyone?" Sam was answered with a combination of nods and mumbled 'yeas'.

"Ok well I guess Emily and I will see you guys down there in a little bit. Oh and don't worry, Emily is making enough food to feed everyone and then some." Sam spoke as the nine people in front of him started to stand.

"This is so stupid they didn't give us any warning. And then he just expects us to drop what we're doing to go to some picnic at first beach? Who does he think he is?" Leah ranted as she stepped out of the small house.

"Shut up! God Leah, everyone knows you're jealous and hurt. But he couldn't help that he imprinted on Emily and not you, so pull the bone out of your ass and get over it. No one wants to hear it anymore." Everyone went quiet as Quil finished chewing the only female pack member out, the boys around her smirking slightly with amusement. Leah stood for a moment opening and closing her mouth, looking much like a fish, trying to think of a come back, until finally with a huff she glared at Quil and stomped her way to her car. After a few moments the silence was broken by Embry, who turned to Jacob with his hand held out.

"You owe me ten bucks slow poke." Jacob rolled his eyes but put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a crumpled bill.

"You guys' wanna head over early?" Paul asked walking down the drive way.

"I can't I have to go get Kim, she'll want to be there." Jared replied heading towards his beat up truck. Jacob shrugged and headed in the direction of his house as the rest of the pack followed Paul towards his pick-up truck.
"Where are you headed Jake?" Quil asked.

"I'm gonna go pick up the rabbit." He called over his shoulder with a wave of his hand, "I'll meet you there."

Aniela had just finished vacuuming her living room and was currently sitting on the couch watching Biggie and Coal wrestle on the floor in front of her. She was now wearing a pair of white washed jeans, a black sweater that had a slight v-neck to it and a pair of older tennis shoes. Now she just needed something to do, having showered she felt extremely refreshed. She wasn't used to being in such a mellow environment. Back in England she and her mother lived in a flat in the city, so there was always some type of noise. But here in Forks it was quiet enough to hear the leaves rustle outside her window. It was driving her mad; she needed to do something before she died of boredom. Sighing Aniela stood up walking over to the front door where two leashes hung from a little hook. As she picked them up the ends gently clinked together causing Biggie and Coal to stop playing and run over to her, tripping over themselves as they did so. Smiling down at her boys Aniela quickly attached the leashes to the rambunctious pups and was out the door, locking it behind her. Inhaling deeply she set off at a fast pace down the long drive way of her house and down the road towards La Push. As she walked she started to hum a song her mother used to sing to her, letting herself get lost in her thoughts and the beautiful vegetation around her. She didn't know exactly where she was going, but she didn't really care at the moment. She was amazed at the beauty around her. The ancient and tall trees around her were over taken with different shrubs, vines and moss. Her silence was interrupted by the sound of gentle waves lapping at rocks. She was violently snapped out of her peaceful thoughts as a rebellious fallen tree jumped in front of her feet, sending her to the ground. Throwing her hands out in front of her out of reflex, the leashes in her hand fell free as Aniela hit the rocks and dirt with an unattractive grunt. Biggie and Coal took this opportunity to look at their owner for a moment before running after a squirrel that caught their attention.

Jacob, Embry, Quil and Seth sat at a picnic tabled watching as Emily and Sam unpacked one of four coolers of food. Leah was standing a few feet away talking on her new cell phone like she had been ever since they got there. Jared and Kim were sitting on a log near the water making goo goo eyes at each other. While Paul and Brady were betting on who could skip rocks the farthest. Seth pulled out a deck of cards smiling at the three older boys around him.

"Anyone up for some poker?" He asked holding the deck up. Quil raised an eyebrow with a snort.

"Since when do you know how to play poker?" Scowling at him Seth began to shuffle the cards like a pro.

"Since last summer when we took a trip to Vegas." He replied triumphantly.

"So do you guys want to play or not?" The younger boy asked again looking at the others. Embry shrugged and nodded his head.


Jacob nodded his head as well followed by Collin who had just approached the table. Finally Quil grumbled under his breath and joined the game.

"You're going down."

They five teens played a few hands of poker until Emily announced it was time to eat, then the game was quickly ended as everyone was more focused on filling their plates then playing. There was a variety of different foods. There was chicken, steak, potato salad, breads and a few different kinds of pie. The enormous amount of food was depleted greatly as everyone hurried to fill their empty plates. Emily and Kim stood back and watched as the nine large boys in front of them huddled around the picnic table. Leah was standing to the side as well, not wanting to get trampled by any of the others. After everyone had a mountain of food on their plate everyone sat down, either around the table or on a log near by. Conversation started as everyone ate.

"Did you guys see the moving truck this morning?" Emily asked casually.

"No, when was this?" Kim looked up interested.

"This morning around seven. I was headed towards the Quickie Mart and I saw a moving truck from a company in Port Angeles. It was leaving that old house that's not too far from here."

"Who in their right mind would be awake at seven in the morning?" Collin asked looking at Emily like she was crazy while Brady and Seth nodded in agreement. Leah rolled her eyes at her brother and flicked a little of her potato salad at him. Looking at the small blob of yellow food on his cheek Seth glared at the others around him as the started laughing at him. He picked up his fork and took a scoop of pie preparing to get his revenge when barking caused him to look to the side along with everyone else. The whole table stopped talking and looked towards a small patch of bushes where the barking was coming from.

"Aw, look how cute they are!" Emily gushed as she got up to pet the two puppies that just tumbled out of the bushes, interrupting their picnic.

"Emily, don't touch them. You don't know where they came from or what they might have." Sam said as he too stood.

"Duh, they came from the bushes." Quil said with a stupid face.

Aniela slowly pushed herself off the ground, wincing and groaning slightly as she did so. Looking down at herself she bit her lip. The knees of her once clean jeans were cut open with dirt on them. Her knees had several scrapes with a few pebbles sticking to the drops of blood that were trying to run down her leg. Her palms weren't even better; they were red and stung from the dirt that was in the bleeding cuts. She could feel the small pieces of gravel rub against her skin as she brushed herself off. Looking at the demon log that tried to kill her she kicked it, doing nothing more then causing a spike of pain to travel from her toes through out her whole foot.

"Bloody tree, I hope someone makes you their camp fire. Not even the good kind that people warm up by and roast marshmallows with." She continued to mumble under her breath as she walked towards were her dogs ran off.

"Biggie, Coal! Boys!" As she walked she continued to call for her M.I.A puppies, hopping they weren't too far off and would hear her. The minutes passed and she started to panic, her steps became quicker and her voice began to squeak slightly. The fear of not finding her two boys made her eyes begin to water as she started to assume the worst. That was until she heard voices and the distinct yappy bark of Biggie.

"Yes." She sighed in relief, speeding up to a slow jog. The voices started to get louder as she walked out of a small mass of bushes.

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