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Chapter 28
A Wolf's Cry

The next few hours were silent on Aniela's part. Her mind was rushing with so many thoughts and feelings that she was in a muddled daze of sorts. She didn't really bay attention when Sam brought the pack and the Cullens over so Andrew could show them the safe shed on the property. Aniela followed them across her back yard and into the surrounding trees.

The walk took a little over 10 minutes to reach the small shack like building, Aniela and Andrew were panting slightly by the time they made it. Obviously the supernatural beings around them had forgotten that her and her brother couldn't move as quickly, effortlessly or easily as they were able.

The safe house resembled little more than a shack at first glance, but when the group entered they were surprised to see the outer wooden wall reinforced by metal on the inside. There were two rooms to the building, a large open entry room and a smaller room connected to it. The main room held a few dust covered wood chairs along with a wood table. The door had a large steel lock, one that would stop most offending attacker, but vampires, as Jasper pointed out, would be able to break through with very little problem. When they moved into the smaller back room they found it seemed to be more protected than the main room. The room held an old cot that was built into the wall; it was equally as dusty as the furniture in the other room. But the door separating the small room from the main one had not just one lock, but ten.

"Who was your grandma expecting to rob her?" Seth mumbled in awe as he looked at the multiple locks.

"She wasn't expecting robbers. She knew what was really out there." Aniela said, looking around the room.

"These locks are completely titanium." Jacob murmured as he inspected the door further before looking toward Edward. "How well do you think they'll hold up?"

"Longer than the first lock, but not by much. Maybe and extra second or two, but that's at the most."

Aniela felt her heart skip a beat. She already knew of the strength that vampires possessed, but a few seconds didn't feel like enough. She was certain that if they wanted her as much as it seemed that there was next to nothing that would stop the Volturi from getting to her.

They spent a few more minutes looking over the safe house. Sam was talking quietly with Edward and Jasper while Jacob watched Aniela. She was sitting on the small cot staring unseeingly at her hands. He took his time as he watched her, his eyes desperately absorbing everything about her, everything he may have missed all the other times. He couldn't imagine why anyone would ever want to cause someone so sweet pain. Why someone as gentle and caring as her deserved such heartbreak. It didn't seem fair.

She should be living the life of a normal teenager, going to school, not fearing for her life from the same monsters that took her mother from her. But if it there was one thing that she had on her side, it was the pack of protective werewolves and family of humanitarian vampires all- or at least most- willing to do whatever it takes to protect her.

In the short two and a half months that Aniela had been part of their lives she created a permanent spot in the pack member's lives and in their hearts; a wing shaped spot.

Maybe once this was over in the next few days, Jacob thought, he could talk Aniela and Andrew into moving onto the reservation where he could keep a better eye on her.

Just as the thought crossed his mind Jacob felt a small, delicate hand on his arm. Instantly the familiar scent of Aniela's body was and her natural fragrance surrounded Jacob and invaded his mind. Looking down and to his left Jacob smiled softly at Aniela.

"They're done, we can go now." She said motioning to the small group of people exiting the shack. Nodding he took her hand in his own and followed Andrew out of the room.

The rain had started again, turning the surrounding woods around them misty and cool, but Aniela wasn't bothered by it. She was quite content to walk back to the house, at a much slower pace, between her brother and Jacob. As they neared the house Aniela felt a strange urge to spend some time with those closest to her rise in her heart.

Walking around the side of the house Aniela stood with Andrew, Jacob, Quil and Embry near the front door as the pack and the Cullens went their separate ways. Turning back and heading into the house the small group was quiet, a heavy air surrounding them.

Sighing softly Aniela felt the same urge from before rise once again and she turned to look at the four men beside her. They were the closest to her in Washington, all of them willing to do whatever they could to protect her, all four wanting to ensure her safety. It made her smile. She may have lost her mother, the one woman- the only person- who shared and gave up anything for Aniela's wellbeing, but now she was surrounded by people who loved her. At that an idea struck Aniela.

"You guys sit down on the couch and wait there for a moment, I'll be right back." She instructed the four guys as she went to the stairs.

Looking at each other Jacob, Embry, Quil and Andrew did as Aniela bid and took a seat on the couch. They watched as she hurried up the stairs for a few moments before returning with her large sketch book and a charcoal stick. Seeing what she intended to do Andrew groaned softly and stood.

"Oh Ani, you shouldn't be drawing, we don't have time and you need rest for the upcoming days." He said, a brotherly tone coloring his words.

Aniela looked at her brother with pleading eyes. "Please Andy? I just want to be able to savor a few moments of my family and I don't have any sketches with the four men in Washington closest to my heart together. Please just let me do this."

Looking intently at his sister's saddened face Andrew could see the tears behind her glass iris' that wanted to fall. He didn't want to accept that this may very well be that last time he could be able to watch his baby sister sketch. But he could see how much this meant to her, how she wanted this one last image of them captured by her hand and, though he knew they should be preparing for the next couple of days, he couldn't find it in his heart to deny her this chance.

Nodding he reclaimed his seat next to Jacob on the shorter end of the couch, leaning back to settle in the motionless minutes they were going to have to sit though for his sister.

Aniela smiled happily at the med as she saw them recline into a more relaxed position so she could sit and get a good view of the four of them. Sitting near the hall leading to the laundry room Aniela was able to capture the relaxed scene of Jacob, Andrew, Embry and Quil sitting on the couch. Their distinguishing features became frozen on her stiff white paper with the thick lines and discrete, dark smudges of the charcoal stick that quickly stroked across the page.

Aniela worked swiftly, but methodically on the sketch. She knew that the best way to capture a live scene was to keep her eyes on the people she was sketching and to let the lines place themselves on the page. And that's what she did. She spent about an hour letting her hands dance around the page, her eyes taking the briefest of downward glances at the picture unfolding before her. When she was finished she smiled softly, signing her name at the bottom.

It was one of her best works and she hurriedly marched up to her art cabinet to get the sticky spray that would prevent the thick black lines she had created from smudging in places it wasn't supposed to. When she turned back to the door she was greeted by four interested pairs of eyes trying to get a peak at the finished sketch. Aniela smiled at them; handing the over sized sketch pad to Embry.

They had sat almost motionless, the only one moving every so often had been Quil, but it hadn't mattered; the sketch still came out great. Jacob could hardly believe his eyes; he was still shocked at Aniela's skill. He left the others to admire the picture and walked over to Aniela. Wrapping his arms around her lithe form he pulled her to him. He buried his face in her hair and she returned the favor with his shirt.

"Do you like it?" She questioned a moment later when they pulled apart slightly. Smiling down at her Jacob dropped a soft kiss on her lips.

"It's amazing." He said quietly, earning a smile from her in return. Andrew broke the silence, looking at the three younger boys.

"You boys should call your families. Let them know that you'll be staying here tonight. Oh and you'll probably want to let Sam know, too." He said with a small smile and nod as he walked out of the room. Aniela laughed softly, already having an idea of what her brother was doing, and pulled out her cell phone.

"Here you guys go. I'm gonna go help my brother set up some beds." She said handing her phone to Jacob and walking out of the room. She went to her room and, after letting out the puppies, she grabbed her bedding.

Heading back down stairs she smiled seeing her brother's bedding along with several other blankets and a mound of pillows spread out over the floor in front of the couch. Adding her pile of sleeping stuff to the floor Aniela turned her attention to the noises coming from the kitchen. Wandering in Aniela noticed her brother standing at the microwave.

Andrew was making a bag of popcorn, leaning against the counter as it popped. Walking over to him Aniela smiled, wrapping her arms around him in a loving fashion. He returned the hug, holding his younger sister to him until the beeper went off on the microwave. Turning he pulled out the bag and poured it into a bowl and handed it to Aniela.

"Why thank you dear brother, but you're gonna need to pop about six more boys. Those three tend to eat more than imaginable." She said with a giggle at the look on her brother's face.

He chuckled, too, and kissed the top of his sister's head. "Ok, you go pick some movies and I'll handle the snacks."

Smiling with a nod Aniela went to go get a few movies, but stopped at the entry and turned back to her brother. "Thank you Andrew for making this night better." She said seriously before leaving the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later the five occupants of the house, plus two puppies, were laid out in front of the TV on the floor- changed into sleeping clothes and snuggled under various blankets and comforters. Aniela's bed was set in-between Jacob and Andrew and Quil and Embry ere on the other side of Jacob. The lights were off and the room was illuminated by the movie playing on the TV.

The first move Aniela had chosen a romantic comedy, not wanting to add anymore horror to the atmosphere than was already present. The second movie was some kind of action flick Andrew chose and by the end of it Aniela was dozing beneath the comforter she was sharing with Jacob. She had barely registered it when Quil got up to change the movie and by the time the opening scenes began she was asleep against the familiar and comforting heat beside her.


Aniela could sense movement and activity around where she was sleeping. Slowly she surfaced from her hazy dream world and flicked her eyes open. She sat up, her eyes still groggy, and looked at the multiple large bodies that were stuffed into her living room. Jacob, Andrew, Quil and Embry were still there, but in addition to those four Seth, Leah and Emily were also present in the living room.

Rubbing her eyes Aniela tried to clear her sleepy mind and jumped a little when a large, hot hand lightly caressed her shoulder. The light peck on the cheek that followed made her smile.

"Morning." She mumbled.

"You mean afternoon; it's nearly two." Jacob corrected the ruffled girl as she untangled herself from her blankets. Aniela scrubbed her face with her hands over face before fully waking up.

"Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" She asked self-consciously pulling down the night shirt, that just so happened to be one of Jacob's, that she was wearing.

"You needed your sleep Ani." Andrew said from his seat on the couch.

"Besides you looked so cute curled up in the blankets." Emily said, smiling at the teen as she walked into the kitchen. Blushing slightly it took a moment before Aniela became aware of more voices coming from her kitchen. Furrowing her brow a little she turned towards her kitchen to investigate who else was in her house.

Walking in Aniela smiled a little. Billy, Ol' Quil, Sue and Sam sat at the table, seeming to have just finished a discussion before she had entered. Aniela entered completely, catching the attention of the four at the table.

"Hello Niela. I see you have finally woken up." Billy said smiling at the young girl from his chair. He had taken to calling her by her nickname while she had been staying with them.

She returned the smile, but her attention was captured by the smell of eggs and bacon coming from her left. Looking Aniela came face to face with a big plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast all being offered to her by Emily's smiling face.

"Here you go Niela. Since you were sleeping I made breakfast, and I even managed to save some for you." Emily said happily as she led Aniela over to the table to eat.

"Thanks Emily, but I think this is going to be too much. I can't eat this much." Aniela said looking at the mound of food on the plate.

"I know, but eat what you can. You need to keep your strength up." She replied with another smile before walking away.

Aniela picked over the plate, her stomach not wanting to accept much of the greasy bacon. When she had put a small dent in the pile of food she stopped and pushed the plate away. Billy, Sue and Ol' Quil were talking to each other quietly while she ate, and once they saw her push the food away Sue and Ol' Quil stood up.

"Well we better get going." Billy said as he wheeled his chair away from the table. "We've got to help keep an eye on the reservation; gotta protect our friends and family."

Nodding in understanding Aniela stood as well and bent to give Billy a hug.

"Good, stay safe, please." She whispered to the older Black and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He patted her back reassuringly and wheeled himself out after Sue and Ol' Quil.

Aniela took the time to clean her dish before wandering back out into the living room. It seemed that Emily, Sam, Seth and Leah left with Billy, Sue and Ol' Quil because only the three boys who had stayed over the night were there. Quil, Embry and Jacob were on the couch and Andrew was leaning against the wall near the stairs.

"Emily and Seth said goodbye, but Sam wanted them back on the reservation." Jacob said getting up. Aniela nodded in understanding.

"Ok, well I'm going to go call work and make sure everything is running smoothly. Without me they'd be lost." Andrew said. Aniela rolled her eyes a little.

"Yeah, I'm sure. It must have been really hard on them when you were in a coma." Aniela ribbed half heartedly. Andrew stuck out his tongue at his sister as he made his way up the stairs.

Aniela turned back to the three teenage boys in front of her. "So what are we doing today? Do we need to go set anything up?" Aniela asked.

"Nope, you don't have to do anything except staying here where it's relatively safe. We," Jacob said motioning to himself, Quil and Embry, "are going to run the borders around here and around the reserve for a few hours. We'll be back around twilight."

As he spoke Jacob, Quil and Embry all stood and moved towards the door. Aniela felt her heart beat increase as she thought of being without Jacob.
"Wait, you're leaving?" She asked, panic creeping into her voice. Jacob, reading the panic in her eyes, was at her side in two long strides, cupping her face between large, gentle hands.

"Baby, we have to make sure everyone is safe. You'll be fine, I promise. It won't take too long; we'll be back before you know it." He murmured quietly, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs.

"You need to try to calm down and relax. Go take a hot bath and stay with Andrew and your pups. I'll be back in three hours at the most. Ok?" Jacob pressed a small loving kiss to Aniela's lips, embracing her.

Aniela nodded her head, knowing Jacob was right. Panicking wasn't helping her at all.

"Alright, I'll be fine." Aniela answered against his lips.

With one last kiss Jacob, Quil and Embry left, the soft click of the front door signaling their exit. Sighing disheartened Aniela gave herself a moment to pull it all together. Jacob was right, she needed to calm down. She wouldn't be able to think clearly when she was so wound up.

Looking around at the mess left from the previous night Aniela allowed her mind to go into auto pilot as she began tidying up. Her movements were almost robotic as she worked. Once she was finished the living room looked more like a living room than a nest of blankets. Aniela looked to the clock on the DVD player, sighing when saw she only killed a half an hour. Deciding a bath was the next best way to let her mind turn itself off Aniela headed for the stairs.

While she got ready to take her bath Andrew was still in his room with his phone to his ear. He had called the hospital already, letting the director know he was doing better and –with a laugh- promising to take it easy while he recuperated. After hanging up with the director Andrew made sure that he couldn't hear Aniela coming anywhere near his room and sat back at his desk. He then proceeded to call each of his brothers to let them know most of what was going on with their baby sister. He left out a few details like the fact that Aniela had a boyfriend and that said boyfriend happen to be her soul mate. He also edited out the time frame that they were expecting the Volturi to arrive; bringing even more of his family into danger was not what he wanted.

Ayden and Austin took the news better than Andre, who was closer to Aniela because of the age difference between the other two and their sister. They had all given him little snippets of advice and a few suggestions of ways to try and keep the offending vampires at bay that they'd heard of. Andrew was thankful for the advice, but in his mind he was comparing the tips to what he had gathered from being around the Cullens. Ayden's suggestion of keeping a cross close by wouldn't work. Andrew had noticed that none of the Cullens had reacted violently near him and he constantly wore a pure platinum cross around his neck.

But having informed his family- at least the people in it he was willing to talk to- Andrew felt a small weight leave his heavy heart. It left as soon as he had hung up with Andre, after the hour and a half long conversation they had.

Unfortunately it returned swiftly and with an extreme as Andrew exited his room and made his way down the stairs. The front door was forced open, its hinges barely staying intact with the strength behind the shove.


Aniela groaned softly with the heat of the water. It bore into her tense body, soothing the stressed muscles and allowing her frantic mind to slow down. The lilac bath oil she added to the water only increased the calming atmosphere Aniela had created. The puppies were happily munching on the rawhide treats she had given them.

As she let the slightly scalding water eat away a little of her stress, it was almost like Aniela could fake herself into believing that there really was no life threatening danger after he and her family and friends. It was almost like she was simply letting the water ease everyday stress and not imminent death. She could almost forget about the Volturi. Almost.

Her faux calm was rudely ripped away from her as the door was flung open. Screaming in both shock Aniela swiftly yanked the towel from the rung it hung on and pressed it to herself. Before she even had a chance to say anything Aniela was swept out of the bathtub and carried out of the room. Struggling to look around at her captor Aniela grunted.

"Jacob?" She asked both confused and a little relieved.

"What are you doing? Jacob, I'm naked!" Aniela cried in shock as she spotted Quil standing at the end of the hall.

"They're here. We caught their scent near the Washington and Oregon state line, but we're not sure how close they are." Jacob said, his words spilling out in a rush. He strode purposefully into Aniela's room and, without setting her down, grabbed the clothes she had set out to change into after her bath.

"They're here?" Aniela asked in disbelief.

Reality tumbled back into her muscles, her body shaking with fear as the danger became even more real than before. They were here, the Volturi were in Forks looking for her, hunting her. They were here to take her and everyone she loved was in trouble.

So caught up in her thoughts Aniela didn't notice at first as the cool, damp air from outside sent shivers racing though her body, but as goose bumps bloomed across her skin she was pulled from her worries. Jacob was running with her across her back yard, Quil, Embry and Andrew following close behind.

She was still only swathed in the damp towel from her bathroom and the small cloth did nothing to protect her skin from the bite of the cold air. Jacob must have felt her shiver because he shifted her from the being draped over his shoulder to being cradled next to his warm, bare chest.

It took the group only a little over three minute to reach the safe house. Jacob, Quil and Embry weren't even winded, but Andrew had to lean against the dusty wall to heave a few deep breaths. Jacob quickly walked through the large room of the shack into the smaller room, knocking the door closed behind him. He carefully set Aniela down onto the wood floor. She shivered missing the heat from Jacob's body and pulled the towel closer around her.

"Here, put there on quickly." Jacob said handing Aniela the clothes he had grabbed before fleeing the house.

Nodding Aniela dropped the damp towel and pulled on the sweats and tank top. Seeing she was dressed Jacob took Aniela's hand and led her out into the main room where the other three guys stood; tense and on edge. Quil and Embry turned to Jacob as they joined them; looking for some sort of direction.

"Embry go outside and phase; let Sam and the others know what's going on." Jacob instructed looking at Embry before turning his attention to Quil. "Quil, call the blood suckers and inform them of the situation. Ask if one of them would be willing to come patrol these wood, too."

Both teens nodded at their friend's commands and turned to do his bidding.

Aniela sighed shakily as she leaned against the nearest wall. She watched as Quil and Embry slipped out of the house and Jacob turned to Andrew. She could see his lips moving as he addressed her brother, but the words were lost to her as panic bubbled up in her chest. She was only vaguely aware of two warm tongues trailed over her hand and Aniela noticed her puppies had been brought with them when Jacob had carried her out of the house. Sliding to the floor Aniela cuddled the pups to her chest, reveling in the small relief having them with her brought.

Her mind spun as the minutes flew past, body freezing in the crouched position. The was so much going through her head that Aniela wasn't even sure what she was thinking. But as she thought of her family front and center flashed her mother's face. Not how she was the day of the accident, but how she was every other day of her life; eccentric, friendly and a never ending live for those in her life.

Aniela hoped that, even if she didn't make it through the night, she would be remembered the same way. She didn't want to be remembered for bringing this terror upon the town, she wanted her memory to be a good one. One that left a lasting smile.

She could feel Andrew's presence near her, his arms coming around her as he pulled her to him. He laid a loving kiss to the top of her raven haired head, murmuring words of false security. Everything seemed to happen in double speed. Edward arrived only a few short minutes after Quil had called, followed soon by Sam, who stopped by to update Jacob on what was going on. Aniela watched as Jacob talked quietly to Embry, who had quickly phased back to full Jacob in on something- something important by the Jacob's face hardened. Jacob uttered a few more low words before Embry left again and Jacob turned to where she stood. Her heart tried it's hardest to break free from the ribs around it.

Bad news, she knew that's what Embry had bared. Bad news; it was all that she seemed to hear lately and she knew she was going to get more from the look on Jacob's face. As he approached Aniela broke out of her brother's hold, meeting Jacob half way.

"What? What is it? What's going on Jacob?" She asked, her voice trembling slightly. Jacob looked at her, his smooth, chocolate eyes boring into hers. He looked like a man facing his worst nightmares.

"It's not good." He said finally. "There are some of the blood suckers who met the pack and the others in the meadow, but Carlisle said there are two missing; two younger looking leeches. Edward and Emmett are outside trying to see if they can track them, but, so far, we haven't heard anything."

Shivers of fear riddled Aniela, her body swaying slightly at the news. Jacob tugged Aniela to him, squeezing her shaking body in a gentle hug. Wrapped in his arms Aniela could feel that Jacob, too, was trembling, could hear his heart racing as fast as hers.

They stayed like that a moment, just savoring the sense of safety- no matter how false- they brought each other, until the door opened again and Quil walked in. He was holding Aniela's cell phone to his ear, his face somber and drawn. He nodded, saying a quick word to the person on the other line before hanging up.

"That was Edward." Quil said glancing from Jacob to Aniela.

"What'd he say?" Jacob asked drawing away from Aniela to take his "in charge" position again.

"They've caught a trail and are following it. So far, from what he can tell, it's leading back here. He said he and Emmett are on their way here. They're going to try and make it before the other two do."

The news seemed to set off a rapid sequence of events. Jacob opened his mouth to say something, but a long, terrified and helpless howl from outside made the words stick on his tongue. The pained howl from a werewolf. From Embry.

The air in the cabin turned remarkably cold with the feeling of despair and soul chilling terror that washed trough it like the icy wind of the stormy sky outside. Frenziedly Jacob grabbed Aniela, Quil getting the puppies, and raced into the smaller room. Andrew, who was already waiting by the door, slammed it behind them and hurriedly secured all the locks.

Jacob set Aniela down on the cot and turned to the door, as did Quil. His body froze, his ears straining to let his enhanced senses take in every little sound that came from beyond the door. Andrew moved to his sister's side, wrapping his arms around her. She was shaking to a violent degree. Her face had lost all color and she clung to him. He could feel her heart racing frantically, her breathing matching the pace. The two kept their eyes trained on the two werewolves standing at the door listening.

Aniela's brain, which had once been whirling, had stopped, frozen in absolute horror since the very second Embry's howl had cut through the night. Embry. Aniela's ears kept replaying the terrified sound over and over. Embry was hurt and now the four of them- Jacob, Quil, Andrew and herself- were all sitting ducks.

Just as the thought crossed her mind Jacob and Quil tenses at the door; their bodies going absolutely rigid. They backed away from the door and towards the cot the siblings were huddled on. They took a defensive stance in front of the two, Jacob in front of Aniela and Quil in front of her brother.

It was silent from what Aniela could tell, but from the protective postures of Jacob and Quil Aniela was sure that someone had come into the cabin. She was assured that her assumption was correct a few seconds later when a white, fog-like haze drifted under the door. It crept slowly over the dusty wood floors, sweeping closer to the four occupants of the room, its presence causing more fear to swell within them.

As the moving mist reached the group Aniela felt Jacob's hand capture hers and she say as the two boys standing in front of her shake a little. The haze enveloped them and Aniela had to blink rapidly as her body began to feel almost pleasantly numb. It wasn't over an overbearing numbness, but she felt as though her muscles were tired, they relaxed under their own accord.

Jacob and Quil ere felling a little of it as well, their knees shook slightly with an effort to keep their large bodies upright. But it didn't appear to affect them as much as it was Aniela and Andrew.

The haze had stopped moving from under the door and Aniela was sure it was because whoever had let the gas go knew that there was enough to make them sluggish, their muscles seeming almost fatigued.

"Wha-?" Even Aniela's tongue was slow as she tried to catch Jacob's attention. He looked back at her, his eyes belying the small ersatz reassuring smile he tried to give her. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, one last kiss.

As he did the locked door of the room rattled fiercely as something strong struck it. Aniela felt her heart stop at the noise, her body stilling completely. The door had held once, but the next blow made the door explode into the room.

Debris flew in several directions, on large titanium lock soaring through the air and striking Andrew's arm. Aniela's fearful cry pierced the air, sounding over the noise of splintering wood. Everything was a chaotic, frantic mess. Two blurred figures swept into the room, their forms stopping in the doorway. They were short, covered in the same dark cloaks Aniela remembered from her mother's death. Their eye; red, blood-lusting, demonic eyes, again, exactly like the ones who had taken her mother's life.

The two stood at the destroyed door, their hands clasped together and they slowly, tauntingly, approached the four opposite them. Jacob and Quil stood to their full heights, fists clenched and muscles taught. They were ready for a fight.

Quil was the first to charge. His body shook and then blurred before a loud series of rips and pops followed. In his place stood a large chocolate brown wolf, teeth bared as he lunged at the vampire duo. He made it about a foot away from the two before he stopped suddenly and fell to the floor. A whimper was ripped from him, a pain filled sound that tore at Aniela's heart. Quil's wolf body twitched and convulsed with wave after wave of pain.

The two vampires looked upon his body almost dispassionately; their ruby eyes laughing sadistically.

Anger and hatred burned through Jacob's body at seeing his fallen pack member. His body trembled and blurred as Quil's had when he changed and an even bigger russet wolf stood in his place. This time the vampires didn't let him lunge. As soon as Jacob crouched he let out an agonized howl as he collapsed on the floor, withering as Quil was.

Aniela screamed in dismay as she watched Jacob fall. She couldn't breathe, her lungs were heaving too fast to take in adequate air. Scrambling to the side of the bed she tried to stand, but her legs collapsed from under her, sending her sprawling behind Jacob's pain wracked form.

Andrew moved to grab his sister. He didn't make it to the edge of the cot before woeful cry was tore from his chest. He fell to the side, his body twisting and turning as though he was trying to escape the pain. His struggles were for nothing, the pain was so intense that the black haze began to could his vision.

Crying in anger, fear and sorrow Aniela clawed her way to Jacob's wolf body. Her hand touched his hind flank and the first slam of pain hit her full force. She yelled. Her body rang with pain, her nerves shrieking at her. It was as though she was going through one of her transformations, but she continued to drag herself.

Her nails cracked and broke; her finger tips bleeding from the splinters of the wooden floor. Aniela's hand reached Jacob's front paw and a second wall of pain fell over her. More intense than before Aniela screamed, tears sprinting from her eyes at the agony that spread through her body. Still she inched until she had reached the great muzzle of Jacob.

His brown eyes were open and looking at her in terror, anguish and love. Aniela pushed herself up onto her elbows and leaned in to press her lips to Jacob's soft face. She inhaled deep, taking in his natural woodsy smell and committing it to memory. She stroked his fur with a shaking hand, bringing her face to his ear.

"I love you." She whispered brokenly before throwing herself back with a tortured, heart stilling screech. The third and final stint of pain coursed her body, sending Aniela's body into spasms. Her eyes felt as though they were going to explode, her brain throbbed and her heart stuttered. Aniela was only vaguely aware of her own ear splitting cries as the two vampires hovered over her.

Their burning crimson eyes glowed down at her in pleasure. They were enjoying toying with her. The one to the left, a girl, had a devious, devilish smile on her as her eyes narrowed. More pain cleaved through Aniela's agonized body.

Her body seared with whit hot misery. Her body's convulsions increasing, foam spilling from her parted lips as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Ice cold marble hands picked Aniela's seizing body off the floor, cradled her to a small chest and fled on a strong breeze.

As the two cloaked vampires escaped with their prize a russet wolf let out a helpless, anguished, heartbroken howl that echoed throughout all of Forks. A cry of a wolf who had just lost his angel.

The End.

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