Stepping back in to my room, I crossed it quickly and flung myself on my bed. As soon as my body touched the bed, I crawled beneath the covers. Finding solace in the cocoon of warm blankets, I began to cry freely.

I felt the mattress of my bed sink, signaling to me that someone had sat down on the side of my bed. My tears halted as I listened intently to discover who it was. There was a pat on my blanket covered head and a soothing, familiar voice.

"Ino, I told you it wasn't a good idea."

That one sentence told me many things. First off, it told me, by the voice, that it was Shikamaru. Second off, it told me that he was alone in the room. He would never dare call me Ino in presence of someone else. Also, by the sound of his voice, he felt sorry for me, and he wasn't gloating that he was right.

I pulled the blanket down to my nose, and peered at him. He was right, I should have listened to him. Now I felt committed. Now I felt the pain of the truth. Now I felt…unworthy of my title.

"Shikamaru, how come I didn't know that was going on?" I asked, quietly. I watched as his face changed, from pity and concern, to a look I couldn't discern.

"Your Father was only shielding you," He answered, keeping his voice low as well. It wouldn't do neither of us good to have someone walk in at the present moment. Shikamaru was sitting by me on my bed, I was crying. It was quite compromising in my Father's eyes. Not to mention, if my Father were to find out what I had seen today, he wouldn't be happy.

"Speaking of my Father, it wouldn't do us any good for somebody to find us…like this," I said, gesturing at our bodies, both on the bed's mattress. Shikamaru nodded, and quickly maneuvered off the bed.

"Why would my Father want to shield me? Don't I need to know these things?" I asked Shikamaru. I looked out the window that I had just climbed through, before glancing back at him.

"Your Father sees you as a delicate thing, he probably thought it'd be too much for you to handle, troublesome as it is," Shikamaru said. I wiped my eyes, which were still damp from crying, and sniffed.

"I'm not delicate, and it didn't do much good, I still found out," I said, defending myself from my Father's accusations. Shikamaru smiled weakly.

"Of course you're not delicate, that's just what he believes," Shikamaru said, aiding my defenses

"Oh, Shikamaru, it was horrible," I said, knowing that what I had just seen would haunt my dreams. He nodded and I knew that he had seen that, he might have even endured it before he came here to work for my Father.

"Ino, you should change back into your normal clothes," He said, pointing down at my currant apparel. He was right, if anyone saw me in these clothes, it would cause them to ask unneeded questions that would rise problems. I nodded, and he quickly stepped out of the room to give me my needed privacy.

I stood up, and walked over to the large mirror in my room. It was strange how clothes could change what I looked like entirely. I sighed and changed into my normal clothes. Glancing back into the mirror, and turning a few times, I found that I looked the same as before. But I felt different.

"Lady Ino? It's time to dine," I turned to nod at the maid.

"I'll be right along," I said, looking back in the mirror one last time, checking to make sure that nothing had changed. That there was no sign of what I had witnessed. Finding none, I turned away from the mirror and walked out the door. Would I be able to hide my new found knowledge when I faced my Father at this now impending meal? I wasn't so confident that I would succeed.