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Part one

You know, when girls talk about the Marauders and which of the famous four they have a crush on (and everyone girl likes at least one, no matter what the say) Remus Lupin's name comes up surprisingly little. I mean, I know its usually James or Sirius that gets the girls attention, and even Peter has a little fan base of Hufflepuffs, but not Remus.

It was explained to me that a lot of girls did like Remus, but very few considered pursuing it. Why do you ask? Easy, because in the six years we've been at Hogwarts, Remus has only dated one girl- even though many have asked him. Girls claim its just a complete waste of time.

It's really to bad I'm not like most girls. At first, I didn't give Remus a second thought, I was to hung up on the famous Sirius Black. Then, one day in my forth year, I tripped in the hallway, my books skid across the floor, and I landed on all four. Hard.

Everyone laughed. I looked up and saw a group of Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, and two Ravenclaws. All laughing. Then I saw the Marauders. James, Sirius, and Peter were howling. But not Remus. He just bend down and helped me retrieve my books, then handed them to me with a small smile.

That was the day I said goodbye to Sirius, hello Remus.

To bad that was the last time he ever noticed me.

Our house, Gryffindor, is split into two groups. Those groups are the Marauders, and then everyone that hung around Lily Evans. Then there was me. I don't talk to anyone. Truthfully, I don't think anyone knew my name. I was just…there.

And now its seventh year. And, as always, I'm sitting in compartment by myself, on the train. I was always by myself. I inhaled as the train started moving, pulling out of the station. That's it. The last time leaving the station.

I jumped as the compartment door slid open. I looked up into the hazel eyes of James Potter. "Do you mind if we sit here?" He questioned. "Everywhere else is full."

"Go ahead." I said, sounding completely calm. Inside, I was grinning like mad.

"Found one!" James yelled behind him, pulling his trunk fully inside.

A minute later, Sirius came barging in, his grey eyes quickly scanning my over. Then he grabbed his trunk and stored in overhead. Peter was next, looking at me and blushing. Then Remus walked in. My eyes drank in his sandy brown hair, his lightly scarred face, and his fit body. Then I turned my head away quickly. I didn't want him to think I was watching him or something…

James and Sirius sat across form each other by the door and Peter sat across from me. Remus ended up sitting between me and James. Oh, be still my heart….

We all sat in awkward silence for awhile. I was desperately trying to think of something to say. I came up with nothing.

Finally, Sirius broke the silence. "Prongs, aren't you head boy?"

James looked confused. "Yeah…?"

"Shouldn't you be at the meeting?"

Silence. Then, "Oh hell!" And James went flying into the hall.

The remaining Marauders chuckled, then Sirius turned his gaze on me. "So, what's your name."

Inwardly, I cringed. "Alexa, Alex."

"What house are you in, Alex?" Sirius continued his questioning.

"The same as you."

Silence. All three of the Marauders exchanged a look. "What year?" Remus asked finally.

I sighed and he winced. "Ours huh?"

I nodded. "Sorry." He muttered.

I shrugged. "Why haven't we seen you before?" Peter asked.

Remus rolled his eyes. "Way to go Pete."

Peter blushed and looked down at his lap. I answered him anyway. "Nobody notices me. Most of the girls don't even know my name and share a room with them."

Awkward silence then- "Well, we'll be your friends!" Sirius said, bouncing up and down like a four year old.

I raised my eyebrows. "I'm serious!" he said, then winced. "Bad joke."

I rolled my eyes, then noticed Remus doing the same thing. Sirius frowned at both of us. "Oh, come on! We're good friends!" he whined.

"I bet you are." I said, rolling my eyes again. I really need to work on that…. "But you are-" I broke off.

"Are what?" Sirius questioned.

I shook my head, then glanced quickly at Remus. Sirius caught the look. He smirked at me knowingly and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. "Moony, tell Alex we'd be good friends."

"I'm not going to force her to talk to us Padfoot." Remus countered, then turned to me. "Though we would be good friends and you're more than welcome to hang out with us whenever you wish."

I swallowed hard, then nodded. Sirius had the knowing grin on his face again and I scowled at him. The grin just got bigger.

Remus smiled at me. "Good then." He glanced down at his watch. "We better change." He grabbed his robes and headed out the door, Peter following him.

Sirius stood and sat next to me, throwing his arm around my shoulder. "So how long have you liked Remus?"

I looked away. "I don't know what your talking about."

Sirius let our a bark like laugh. "Oh, don't try to hide it love. When it comes to this, I'm always right."

I swallowed hard. "Sirius-"

"I wont say a thing." He grinned. "And trust me, Remus wont notice. He's a little oblivious to this type of thing." He looked out the window and stood. "Better change." And he was gone.