Title: Of lies and betrayals

Title: Of lies and betrayals

By: Owule

Disclaimer: I don't own 'Naruto', duh.

Warnings: Angst, tortureā€¦and anything else beyond those lines. Rape?

Pairings: SauNaru

Tsunade clenched her fists on top of her desk, long nails digging into her palms. The storm outside slashing against the window was not helping her mood. She growled inwardly. How could he ask this of me? How?

But she knew perfectly well how and why. Uchia's had never been circumspect in obtaining what they wanted. Especially this one.

"Say that again." She ground out between clenched teeth, amber eyes slits as she glared at the silhouette in front of her desk.

The saringan eyes glowed as the lightning crashed behind them, through the glass. An eerie smile curled his lips as if he took sadistic joy in saying this over and over and knowing she would have to comply. Those fucking elders would do whatever they could for the last bastard Uchia. Even this.

"For destroying Orochimaru and Itachi. For saving this village," The smooth sarcastic tone wrapped around the words as if laughing, "Give me Uzamaki Naruto."

Thunder roared through the silent office of Hokage as neither figure moved.

Before she could speak he took out a scroll from beneath his opened shirt and placed it on her desk. The seal of the elders glinting in the fading light.

"You have no choice, Tsunade." His voice was smug, "It's already done. He's mine now, all that's left is for you to send the ANBU to retrieve my senryou."

Tsunade felt everything drain from her as the next thunderclap shook the entire building as she unrolled the scroll and unwillingly signed her name to the parchment, eyes frozen on the drying ink.

She could feel his smile in the air as he collected the scroll and made it disappear back into its original hiding place. The next second he was gone.

Her hands began to shake as she violently shoved all the parchments and ink onto the floor, arms cradling her head as she began to cry.

She couldn't believe she had just signed away Naruto's life to Sasuke Uchia as a dorei.

Her fists slammed into the desk, a huge crash resounded, drowned out by the storm's furry and the voice of the last Uchia's laughter.

Okay, everyone, this is my first try at a Naruto fic. Yes, I will be bastardizing Sasuke and no, Naruto will not be some weak, sniveling coward. He will be kicking and screaming the whole way through.

I got tired of reading a lot of Naruto fics, which were way too sappy, or Naruto was a huge crybaby. So I decided to try one of my own.

I'm sorry to all those out there that are waiting me to update some of my other stories, I promise I will in at least two weeks, 'k? I just have some essays to write first and this one just hit me. smiles sheepishly I'm thinking of doing a Tsubasa one too. Please don't hit me!

Love ya all and please review-Owule