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Chap 6

This went on for weeks.

Every night he was chained back onto the pallet and every day was a new torment.

So far he'd had the collar activated three more times and each time he was forced to do what he had refused or catapulted from the pain.

One time he even passed out, but judging from the soreness of his mouth that wasn't a problem for the Uchiha.

After nearly a month of this he was struck by inspiration.

Now he had a plan. All he had to do was put it in motion and hope to hell it worked.

He prepared Chef Takikawa's famous soup the best he could, thankfully out from under the Chef's hated eye and began step one of the plan.

After he prepared and set the food on the table he went back to his room and quickly changed. He dampened his hair so it wasn't so spikey and fell sexily into his eyes. He had noticed at the time when Sasuke had thrown him into the pond how his eyes flared and his kiss was more insistent and hotter than normal.

He then grabbed the longest shirt wrap he had (in pink of course, which looked great with his skin tone) clinched it loosely to his waist. Conveniently forgetting his undergarments and pants.

That will get the fuckers attention. He smiled grimly to himself and headed back to the dinning area.

He quickly sat in his position at the side of the table on his knees with his head bowed like a good little dorei and waited for his 'master's' arrival.

The Uchiha walked into the room and glanced at the table that was heaped with steaming food, cooked rice, and chilled sake. He didn't even glance at Naruto as he sat at the table and began to eat.

Sasuke finally glanced at Naruto from the corner of his eye and daintily held a piece of meat dangling from his chopsticks. "Eat."

Naruto smiled to himself as he slowly licked his lips and glanced up at the Uchiha from beneath his lashes as he allowed his tongue to run around the wood of the chopsticks and slowly suck the meat into his mouth.

He didn't miss the heat from the Uchiha's dark eyes as they lingered on his face as he swallowed the meat slice whole. Got you, you prick.

"You're being very quite tonight, dead last." Sasuke's eyes were hard and questioning as he raked in his appearance finally noticing the lack of undergarments.

Naruto licked his lips again and allowed his eyes to slip to the floor. "I can't beat you." His voice was barely above a whisper.

Fingers immediately gripped his chin and yanked his head up to meet those penetrating eyes.

"What did you say?" Those fingers dug deep into his skin and he wanted to wince.

"I can't beat you," He gazed directly into black eyes and plucked at the Uchiha's covered knee and let his fingers graze above the joint in slow circles. "Daimyoo."

The Uchiha's face remained a mask, ignoring the fingers dancing on his sheathed skin. Then the fingers gripping his chin started to caress his face and neck as Sasuke smiled.

"Come here."

Naruto rose to his feet and was abruptly pulled into Sasuke's lap, his legs spread wide over the Uchiha's thighs.

Naruto placed his hands on Sasuke's chest to keep from falling forward and forced himself to tilt his head and smile.

Sasuke's hands wove through the yellow strands of his hair, slowly caressing the back of his neck as he pulled his head forward until they were inches apart, face passive.

"Kiss me."

Naruto felt his stomach roll even as he kept his fake smile in place while he looked into those snake eyes and felt the heat of the man's rising member between his legs. He opened his mouth and tried not to be sick.

"Yes, Daimyoo."

He closed his eyes and lowered his lips the few inches needed to crush their mouths together.

He slanted his lips across Sasuke's warm lips and slowly sucked and lapped and bit his way into the Uchiha's mouth. His tongue dove into Sasuke's moist cavern and twined with the other's.

The kiss turned from sweet and slow to hot as soon as Sasuke took control, pressing into Naruto's mouth with teeth, claming and dominating until he felt his body react and he heard small gasping sounds creeping from his throat.

The Uchiha's hand was twisted in his hair and the other slipped under his barley held together shirt and caressed his waist as it slowly moved to the base of his spine.

Naruto squeezed his eyes closed tighter and pleaded to any gods who were listening that his plan would hurry up.

He tried to pull away gasping for air as Sasuke nipped at his throat.

Any moment now.

The Uchiha pressed him forward until they were chest to chest and he felt his flacid cock rub against Sasuke's stomach. And Sasuke's hardened member, still encased in pants, now slowly rubbed between the crack of his ass.

A little sound escaped his throat when Sasuke thrust upward and grinded them together and forced Naruto's head back down to receive him.

Come on. Come on! Hurry up.

He was forced to open his mouth wider at Sasuke's renewed invasion of his mouth and slipped his arms from the other's chest to his shoulders as he tried to focus on the lecherous hand.

Sasuke's fingers now grasped his ass and helped his dick rub between his crack in slow jerky movements.

Hurry up! He couldn't take much more of this.

Sasuke's fingers now slipped inbetween his dick and thrust into his anal passage.

Naruto shoved himself away from Sasuke and back into the table, sending dishes and food shattering to the ground, chest heaving.

Sasuke watched him with glazed eyes and a dead look on his face, saliva wetting his lips.

"I thought you said you couldn't beat me?" His voice was sarcastic as he watched Naruto pant infront of him, chest heaving as the table bit into his hips.

Naruto watched him with hate filled eyes as he rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand, trying to wipe away the pressure of Sasuke's kiss.

"I thought you were mine?" The mocking voice persisted as Sasuke smiled that cold smile of his. "And here I thought you finally understood, dead last, but I see I was wrong."

Naruto growled at him as he slowly stood from his chair. He didn't understand. His plan was perfect!

Sasuke watched him, cold calculation running through his mind as he kept his face bland. "You thought you could kill me, did you?"

Naruto growled. "Kill you? You were supposed to be asleep! I put enough of the fucking plant in there to knock over a horse!"

Sasuke's arms slammed against the table's edge as he trapped Naruto on the edge and looked down into those fiery blue eyes.

"You really are a total moron aren't you? That plant isn't for sleep it's for poison, idiot."

Naruto's eyes widened fractionally.

"Even if it wasn't don't you think since this is my house I wouldn't know it was there? Or be immune to it?"

Naruto inwardly cursed. Here he'd thought he'd found an advantage. The overrun garden with a little surprise. But then again Sakura had always been the plant person in the group.

Naruto ground his teeth together and spat in the Uchiha's face. "I hope you overdose, you fucking son of a bitch."

The Uchiha's face went dark as he carefully whipped the spit from his face. "Fine. Game time is over."

Naruto didn't even have time to blink as he screamed in pain from the collar, didn't even feel his body being flipped over and bound by chakara ropes until it receeded and he was gasping for breath, face pressed into the wood as he gazed at the china patterns on the plates that were left.

"I'll show you you're real purpose, anaboko." The voice was quiet, deadly.

Then something wet traveled down his bottom as his ass was spread wide.

He kicked out frantically, not comprehending what was happening, his mind blank. This couldn't be happening. No!

He jerked his body even though he was tied to the table, his arms hanging over the other side, hips scrapping against the wooden edge as the Uchiha's body pressed behind him.

"Breath. Or this will hurt."

Without any warning, even with his struggling, his legs were pushed wide and Sasuke shoved inside him.

He screamed. Tears gathered in his eyes as he bit his lip as the length within him kept pushing until balls slapped his ass and he gasped in pain.

God's it hurt more than anything he knew! He was on fire and raw and it wasn't supposed to be in him! He would take the collar any day instead of this.

"ohgods!" Naruto kept trying to breath but couldn't quite keep the air in his lungs.

He heard Sasuke moan behind him, fingers digging into his waist. "Tight."

Stop! His eyes burned.

The cock slipped easier inside him now as he felt the wetness drip between his thighs and just the size of it made him gasp as he tried to keep his voice from crying out.

Sasuke with drew and shoved back in, making his body rock.

His throat closed as he tried to breathe.

The dick slid leisurely between his ass creating a friction of fire as Sasuke continued to pump into him, the sounds of his pleasure creating background sounds of ecstacy to his gasps of pain.


The rythym of thrusts slowly changed as Sasuke bowed over his back, crushing him into the table as black spots danced in his vision.

His body scraped against the wood and soup smeared under his skin as hands touched and fondled and grasped his body as his heart pounded.

His legs pushed wider until one was forced ontop of the table so the dick could shove deeper inside him and he cried out again, head falling into his prone arms.


Sasuke's chest crushed his back and his shallow breath hissed against his cheek and neck and his lower body kept pistoning into his. The small sparks of pleasure weren't enough to mask the pain as he bit and bit and bit his lip again until he welcomed the taste of blood against his tongue.

Teeth bit into the side of his neck and licked at him as lips followed their trail as Sasuke's hips spead up, balls slapping and grinding against his entrance.


Sasuke groaned right into his ear and he cried out.

stopsasukestop! ohgodsplease…sasukestop!

With one last thrust Naruto felt Sasuke spurt into him and relax his body ontop of him, his hips still spasming against his thighs.

It was over.

Naruto's throat was raw as is he had been screaming.

He felt a kiss against the nape of his neck before Sasuke rose and pulled out of him. The cold rushed in and his body shivered.

He felt a hand caress his back as the chakara ropes popped and still didn't move, his eyes glued to the china patterns on the dishes.

"Clean yourself up. I'll meet you in your room."

The voice was far away and even the footsteps that quietly patted out of the room didn't rouse him.

He didn't move for a long, long time.


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