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Touching Her


Bold Narrator

Regular Dialogue

Italic Picture

Troy Bolton loved Gabriella Montez

Show picture of Troy winking at Gabriella

Gabriella Montez loved Troy Bolton

Show picture of them kissing at Zekes party

But Gabriella wouldn't let on…

"I said NO Troy…"

And flinched every time someone touched her

Show her flinching when Sharpay takes her hands

Troy broke down that barrier

Show them holding hands

And shared his secret

Show Gabriella staring at paper

"It's me"

But Gabriella couldn't share hers

"Gab's whatever's wrong is killing you!"

"I just can't tell you Troy

Will Troy be able to find out the problem?

Show Troy outside Gabriella's house staring up at it

Or will he be too late?

Show Gabriella lying in a hospital bed

Starring Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

Show Troy

And Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez

Show Gabriella

The question is…will love conquer all?

Show Troyella kissing

Find out in --Touching her.

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