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Gideon's mind was racing a mile a minute as he looked up to the person walking into the room from the hallway. He couldn't speak, nor could he move from his place on the floor beside the body of his dead friend.

A huge smile greeted Gideon's eyes. Apparently it was very pleasing that he was the last one to survive. Still, the former agent couldn't believe what he was seeing. This couldn't possibly be happening.

"You have no idea how glad I am that you were the one left here in the end! I was a bit worried when Rossi was the one who found the only loaded gun I hid in the house, but somehow you got your hands on that – good move!"

Gideon's mouth was gaping as he listen to the words spoken by the person who had been behind this all along. Finally, he regained the ability to speak.

"But... But... Why!?"

A raised eyebrow in disbelief as a slender hand made its way through tousled curls.


Gideon watched as the now revealed UnSub slowly sauntered across the floor, passing him in the process.

"Why not?"

"Why not?" Gideon repeated. "For God's sake, they were your friends!"

The lanky form kept strolling around the room, a solid gaze remaining on Gideon.

"Friends... What is a friend, really? Someone who taunts you every day? Someone who mothers you until you're ready to puke? Someone who pisses all over you on the first and only date you've ever been on? I don't know if I consider that friendship. Would you, Gideon?"

"Jesus Christ..."

A Desert Eagle glimmered in the hand as the stroll continued.

"Make no mistake, Gideon; this one is loaded. And so is that one." Pointing over to the doorway.

Gideon turned, and the shock on his face increased.

My God... But how!

Another figure stood by the door, this one also terrifyingly familiar. A wave with the gun greeted the older man's stunned expression.

"Hi there, Gideon!" An all too chipper voice accompanied the smile.

Gideon felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around, only to come face to face with the features he knew all too well for this to be true. Big brown eyes stared straight into his.


The smile was one he'd seen so many times, but never like this. Never in this manner. The young man crouching beside him wasn't the same man he had once come to know and love. This was someone else.

"How..? I saw you, Reid. Both of you! You were dead!"

A shake of the head and raised eyebrows together with a tightly clenched smile told Gideon he was wrong.

"Ah-ah-ah. Did you check either of our pulses?"

Gideon realized he hadn't.

"But I saw..."

"You saw what we wanted you to see, Gideon", came the chipper voice from behind him, followed by footsteps approaching him. "Did you see me get killed? Did you really?"

Gideon was dumbfounded and couldn't move his gaze from the brown eyes boring into his. All this madness, all this death around him... Had it only been a deranged game to them?

"I had to slam poor Reid's head into the kitchen cabinet to make it look real. Poor thing, all groggy, but at least he got to me before anyone else did so he could 'check my pulse' and rip the bag off me." A sly smile graced the blonde woman's lips.

"Hotch should have checked my pulse. I wouldn't have been able to hide that. But I figured, a bullet in the head wouldn't really give him a reason, death would have been instantaneous. My eyes hurt like hell though!"

"What about the bullet wound?" Gideon pointed to Reid's bloodied temple.

"Oh this?" The young man let his fingers run across the blood smeared into his tousled curls. "Ever heard of paint ball? You know, you can have the pellets specially made with any filling you want."

"Good God..." He stared into the brown eyes before him, trying to find speck humanity remaining behind the insanity shooting at him.

All he got was the same satisfied smile.

"All this... Why did you do it?" Gideon tried to get some form of answer.

"Why does anyone do anything?" the female voice came from behind him. "Money."

"Money?!" Gideon nearly yelled, not believing his ears. "Money made you do this!? Kill everyone?! Garcia, for God's sake!"

"Not just money, Gideon! More money than you can ever imagine. Someone really wanted the team to go away, and – well... I have a wedding to pay for. Do you have any idea what my job pays? We're planning on starting a family; you can't do that on two technicians' paychecks."

Gideon shook his head in utter disbelief as he closed his eyes. He knew money could twist the minds of many people, but these two he would never have believed to be subjectable to that kind of bribery.

"I don't... I can't..." he began, but was interrupted.

"Really, Gideon, have you never wanted more? More than being the geek with the screens and the loud outfits, you know. This is gonna be a new start for me." Garcia smiled at Gideon's turned back.

Gideon tried to make sense of what Garcia was saying. Of all the people in the world, she was the one person he'd never even imagine being this focused on money. "Money, Garcia? What about your friends – the people you just killed?!"

"Oh, Gideon, I didn't kill all of them. Just Morgan. Well, basically just Morgan, we both wired the pantry for JJ. We knew she'd freak out and try to hide." Garcia gave a slight smile.

"And Rossi? Emily?"

"We gave Emily a little shot before everyone woke up that kind of messed up her digestive system. And Rossi, well – that wasn't me."

"No, that one was me. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw me under the bed!" A chuckle emerged and died out just as fast. "And Hotch... Well, that was you, Gideon! We had nothing to do with that one! Thanks for making it easier for us." Reid clapped the older man's shoulder encouragingly.

"What about the bodies disappearing?"

"The house has several passages that you'd have to know about to find. Bodies aren't that hard to drag around." Garcia brushed some lint of her pajamas with her free hand. "Except for JJ, she bled all over the place."

"It's amazing to see such great minds freak out..." Another smile from Reid.

"And Elle? Why isn't she here? You could find me but not her?" Gideon frowned at his former protégé.

"Oh, we found her. But see, she had this nasty reaction to the tranquilizer we used to sedate you, and unfortunately; she died before we could even get her in the game. We put her in the room behind the bathroom. You were never in that room – too bad! I would have loved to have seen your face. No fun playing with people when they're already dead, is there, Garcia?"

"Nope. And once we're done here, we'll walk out of this house with enough money to get us through life easily!"

Reid shook his bloodied curl. "Jesus, Garcia – are you really this stupid?"

The woman's head jerked up and met those of her ally. "W-what?"

The smile became a toothy one as the young doctor straightened his lanky figure rose to full length. "Did you really believe all that shit I fed you about the money?"

"What are you talking about?" The insecurity rose in her voice.

"There's no money Garcia! God, I can't believe you fell for that! I could feed you shit with a spoon and you'd eat it!"

"But... But you said..!"

The Desert Eagle was now pointed straight at her.

"But, but, but...!" Taunting her now. "Shut up, Garcia. Thanks for all your help, but I won't need you anymore."

"Jesus, what are you doing?!" Backing away now, Garcia raised her gun towards her ally.

"Oh, please. Do you really think I'd give you bullets?" A self-righteous smile was shot at the now frightened woman.

She clasped the trigger, and the gun went click. A look of terror came over her as she stared at the gun in Reid's hand.

"I'm the only one with a loaded weapon in this house."

One gunshot rang through the house, the bullet hitting Garcia square between the eyes. She unceremoniously fell to the floor with a thud.

Reid looked back at the now severely shocked man on the floor beside the dead superior. "I've been practicing."

"Spencer, Jesus Christ..." Gideon was shaking.

The young man sat down beside his former mentor, still pointing to gun at him from a position in his lap. "You know, this is pretty much your fault."

Gideon stared at his young protégé. "My... My fault?"

Casually, Reid ran a hand through his hair. "You started this."

"You can't be serious, Reid."

"I couldn't be more serious. Did you honestly think you left me undamaged when you took off?"


"Oh, wait! Wait! This is just too good. I've seen this in movies a million times. I know it's the worst idea ever, but since there is no SWAT-team or back-up heroes here, I can do it without worrying."

He rose to his feet and strode over to the bloodied couch, sitting down and crossed his legs.

"See, this is where the bad guy spills the guts on all the evil things he's done!" The smile resting on Reid's lips was a very comfortable one. He knew he had the upper hand.

"Where should I start...?" Stroking his jaw, the young man took on a mock-thoughtful look.

Gideon decided he wanted to find out what drove the young man to these extents. "How about starting from the point where you decided to go on a murderous rampage?" He knew he'd been blunt, but hoped for the best. At least it couldn't get worse.

Reid laughed. "Good one! Well, let's see... You left. That's the first thing."

"Reid, I'm sorry... If you just let me explain..."

"Oh, no – you don't get to talk now. You haven't talked to me for this long; you can shut up now as well. This is my time to talk."

Reid shifted position and looked his former mentor straight in the eyes.

"My mom died two months ago. I suppose that would qualify as my stressor."

Gideon shook his head. "Reid, I'm sorry. If I'd known..."

"Yeah, but you didn't know; did you? You didn't know, and you didn't care – 'cause you weren't there!"

Reid shook his head and calmed down. "No... Let's not go into details. Just know that this is your fault."

Gideon had no idea what to say. Reid had obviously had some form of major depressive episode, and had possibly slipped into a psychosis; probably brought on by his mother's death. It was impossible to comprehend that this cold blooded killer was the same person as the boy he had once known to be one of the gentlest souls alive. But a psychosis could change any man to the worse, Gideon knew that. But why all this death?

"I know what you're doing, Gideon. Go on and profile me. It's not gonna do you any good though." Reid shook his head.

"Why, Reid? Why did you kill them?"

"Why...? Yeah, that's a good question. Why? Why do you think, Gideon? You are the oracle when it comes to human behavior. I'm just the fact-spewer."

"Reid, you're not..." The cocking of the gun told him he was about to say something very wrong. "Okay. Why did you do it? Well, the psychosis you're probably going through sure is doing its part. You chose us because we're the closest people to you, which makes us easy targets. We trust you, making us easy to manipulate."

Gideon paused to watch the reaction from the young man, and as Reid nodded, he continued.

"You knew we wouldn't believe one of us being the killer, but calculated that the fewer we became, the less trust we'd have for each other. What I can't figure out is how you were able to do all this and not feel the least bit of guilt. I see it in your eyes, Spencer. There's nothing there."

Reid smiled. "You now, Gideon; once you start slipping, there's really no way to get back up. You can't expect a full explanation. Use that brilliant mind of yours and figure it out."

"What about those deranged children's rhymes? Whose voice was that?"

"Oh, it was me. We pre-recorded them last week. Garcia had the recordings slightly scrambled so it didn't completely resemble me, but still had a hint of my tone in it."

Gideon frowned. "But how did you know...?"

"How did we know when, where, who and how on all the deaths? Gideon, please. Do you really think we just walked in here and said 'hey, let's kill everyone!'? Please. This took planning. Besides, I know you all. I knew who'd freak, who'd be left behind and who'd survive. The only thing I didn't know was who was going to get the loaded gun. I hoped it would be you, so I could tell you all this."

"Why are you telling me all this then, Spencer?" Gideon tried to buy time, get the young man talking. Maybe he could catch some form of thought of empathy from the sadly disturbed man.

Reid walked over to the man sitting on his knees beside Hotch and crouched beside him, looking him square in the eyes. "Because I want you to know that this all happened because of you. I may be having an episode, or a psychosis or whatever it is called, but you brought this on, Gideon. You could have stopped this by not leaving like the coward you are. But you didn't. And now the blood's on your hands. Not mine."

"That's not going to work, Reid. You can't blame this on me."

"Yeah I can. And the second I leave this house, you will start to wonder if you really could have stopped this whole thing."

Reid rose, still pointing the gun at the older man. As he walked across the floor, he stepped over Garcia in one swift step.

"Where are you going?" Gideon tried to engage the young man in further conversation to prevent him from leaving. He hadn't gotten enough answers yet.

"Oh, I have an appointment, so I have to go now. I'll just leave you here to consider all the possibilities that could have been; and the consequences of you leaving." Reid pressed a few numbers on the time lock, and it snapped open. As he was about to pass through the door, he turned back to the rising man in the living room. "This is your punishment, Gideon. Knowing."

"Knowing what?!" Gideon began speeding towards the door. "Reid!"

But Reid had already exited the door and slammed the door shut and re-closed the time lock.

Gideon threw himself on the door, banging it with his fists. "Reid! Listen to me! Let me out! Spencer!"

The young man strolled down the path leading into the forest. The sun was rising, coloring the sky in beautiful shades of purple, pink and yellow. Reid stopped for a moment and listened to the birds chirping in the trees, drawing the brisk morning air deep into his lungs. It was chilly outside as he continued to saunter into the forest.

The silver SUV was parked a few hundred feet from the house, hidden behind a turn of the dirt road leading to the main one. Hopping into the driver's seat, he started it and began driving away from the house.

Looking in the rear view mirror, he saw the large wooden house stand in the huge clearing behind him. Frowning, he rummaged through the small compartment between the seats while musing to himself.

"One little agent left all alone, left in the house for his sins to atone..."

He gripped the little device and flicked it happily between his fingers. One red button and a small switch decorated its otherwise plain black surface.

"He sits on the floor in a river of blood, his life being spared by the click of a dud..."

Looking at the small switch, a smile came over his lips.

"The agent now cries for the innocence gone..."

Flicking the switch causing the device to beep rapidly.

"He burns for his deception..."

Pressing the red button, making the device let out an outdrawn beep.

"...and then there were none..."

The violent explosion about a mile behind him didn't make a sound, at least not that Reid could hear. He saw the funnel cloud rise in black, red and yellow, making a terrifying smoking foreground for the impressive rising sun coming over the trees.

Reid reached over to the dashboard, throwing the device as he grabbed his shades to spare his eyes.

Suddenly, a bright chirping sound came from the passenger seat. The name on the small screen was one Reid knew very well by now. With a sly smile, he flicked the cell phone open to answer.

"Hi, babes. Yeah, I'm done here. Everything went just fine. I'll be home in about an hour. Yeah, I'm hungry as a wolf, what are you making?"

A moment of silence.

"Chili? Sounds great!"



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