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Best of Friends

Part one

Everyone has had that friend that you completely trust with your life. That one person you think would help you no matter what and would never betray you, no matter what people say or do.

My best friend was Emily Cronwell. We had known each other since our first year of Hogwarts and se became inseparable the very first day. To bad that all ended our seventh year.

I thought everything was going to be perfect that first week. Everything was just like we had always dreamed. Emily had finally got Sirius Black to notice her, like she had been wishing for since second year. And I had started to talk to Remus Lupin, the guy I had liked from second year. Finally, we would be with the person we wanted and everything would work out…

Or that's what I thought would happen. Instead I'm stuck in a freakin love triangle…square type thing. Now really, where is the fun in that?

Maybe I should start from the second week of school…

"Yes!" Emily said, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder and smiling at me. "First week of seventh year is over! We're almost out of here!"

I frowned. "Yeah, and then we don't come back here ever again…"

Emily rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on Nichole! I know, your sad, blah, blah, blah! It'll all be great! No more teachers, no more idiot first years-"

"No more detention, no more homework." Sirius Black finished, coming up behind us and throwing his arm over Emily's shoulder. She sent a little smirk up at him.

"Yeah, and then we have to get jobs, and pay bills, and find a place to live." Remus pointed out, falling in step beside me.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Oh, Remus! You sound like Nichole!"

I rolled my eyes back at her. "And I wonder which of us will make it out there."

Emily shrugged and smiled up at Sirius. "Whatever Nikki. If I cant do it, I'll just call you and you can help out."

I frowned and Sirius laughed. "That's what I tell Remus."

I glanced over at Remus and saw him frowning, just like I was moments before. He flicked a piece of his shaggy light brown hair out of his eyes, but it just fell right back in place. He looked at me and smiled softly. "We'll just let them find out the hard way."

I smiled back. "That's the only way they'll learn." I agreed. He chuckled and Sirius and Emily continued on ahead of us, flirting.

"They seem to be getting along well." Remus said, gazing at our friends.

I shrugged. "Hopefully. Neither of them are really good at….lasting relationships."

Remus chuckled once again and grabbed the heavy books I had been carrying. "Yes, but Sirius has actually liked Emily for awhile. He just was reluctant to do anything about it."

I frowned at him and looked at Sirius who was now running his hand through Em's hair. "Him?"

Remus laughed again. "Yeah, I know. Hard to believe and all."

"Yeah it is." I agreed, my eyes still on Emily. I looked back at Remus and smiled brightly. "Well, Emily's had a thing for Sirius too. It's about time they did something about it."

Remus's eyes met mine and I felt a shock run up my spine. "Yeah, it is." We stared at each other a moment longer. Then-

"Nikki!" Emily cried. Remus's head and mine quickly snapped around to look back at out two friends. "Come on! What are you two waiting for?"

"We're coming." Remus told her, smiling wryly. We caught up to our friends and Sirius grinned at us.

"What were you two talking about?" He asked, giving Remus a pointed look.

"Nothing." Remus muttered.

Sirius lost his grin. "Oh." He turned back to Emily. "Why don't we go get something to eat?"

Emily giggled, but shook her head. "Sorry. I haven't finished my Defense homework yet. And Nikki's going to help me with it." She sounded disappointed.

I also felt disappointed. There goes some time with Remus. "Right." I muttered. "I guess we'll see you guys later." I said as Emily pulled me down the corridor.

"Well that didn't go as planned." Sirius said, glancing at Remus.

Remus shook his head. "Every time I try to talk to her, Emily gets in the way." He winced and looked at Sirius guiltily.

Sirius just shook his head. "Don't worry about it mate. I likes Emily when I didn't know her. But now that I'm talking to her and getting to know her better, she's just like every other girl that likes me. I mean, she's kind of…annoying."

Remus frowned. "So what are you going to do about that/"

Sirius shrugged. "I'm just trying to get you enough time to talk to Nichole. After you finally do, then I'll tell Emily that I don't think anything could happen between us."

Remus just followed his friend into the Great hall, silently wondering how that would play out.