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Sweet Consequences

Chapter 1


The Carrows had grabbed her after she and Neville caused another problem, taking her to their office. They then used the Floo network to take her to their master. "Master, here is what you requested."

"Ginevra Weasley, your family has caused me great difficulty. You will now pay for them." He hit her ,with the Cruciatus Curse. She fell to the ground withering in pain. It felt like every nerve in her body was on fire. She screamed in pain as Tom watched and laughed. Once the pain stopped he used Legillimens on her. "So you don't know where Potter is hiding."

In that moment she was glad she had learned how to block her thoughts. She picked it up really easy. Her mother was relieved, because the new headmaster would without a doubt try to get information from her mind. He would see she knew nothing. Ginny had agreed to have some memories removed. Not just to protect herself, but Harry and the others as well. Now she could not give any information about Harry or the Order. She panted in pain.

"I have a special plan for you. You will help me make one of my own pay for his failure. Lucius, you failed me. Your son could not do as he was ordered. So now you will make up for those failures and in doing so hurt Potter and the Order. Potter will seek revenge. He will then come to me. Lucius, you will take her. I want you to enjoy her." Ginny looked at Lucius No please tell me he does not mean what I think he means. She shuddered at the thought.

"My Lord, I don't rape children." Lucius spoke in a slow even tone.

"Lucius. May I remind you that your family are; in my charge. And think how, Arthur will feel, to know that you were his daughter's first." Voldemort smiled. "Take her to the third bedroom and remember I will know if you deceive me. The consequence would be regrettable at best."

Lucius walked over and grabbed the youngest Weasley. He pulled her out of the room and down a long hall. As they reached the staircase he finally spoke. "I do not wish to do this. But I cannot let anything happen to my family." She looked at him and again shuddered.

"I won't let you do this to me." She tried to pull away from him. But his hold was too strong. He pushed her down the hall a little farther. Then he opened the door to a bedroom. Once inside he grabbed both her arms, so he was looking right into her eyes, his fingers dug into her soft skin.

"I don't want this any more than you do. I have no desire to have anyone in my bed who does not want to be there. He will kill my son and wife if I don't. I know you're still a child. I'm sorry." He could see the tears forming in her eyes. "I will be gentle so it does not hurt as much. Tell me quickly; have you had sex before?"

She swallowed hard fighting the tears she would not cry in front of him."No."

He closed his eyes and muttered something she could not make out. He lessened his hold on her. "We do not have much time. I will try to be fast about it, but if you try to relax it will be easier on you. That being said, I need you to scream. I'm sure that someone has followed us and will be listening." He released her, opened the door again, looked out and closed it. "If I had a wand I would just change your memories... But I do not." She looked in to his eyes and could see he was telling the truth.

When it was finished he rose from the bed saying to her. "I can't let you wash up but go into the bathroom. Vomit if you need to, wash your face, cry if you need. And get your clothing back on." She nodded. "I must stress do not bathe, as much as you must want to. He will need my scent to still be on you. I have to go back. I hope no one will disturb you." He walked to the door, then looked back at her again. "I am sorry." He hated Voldemort now more than ever. She was younger than his son. Lucius did not think he would ever forget the look on her face as he took her virginity. He was relieved that she did seem to listen to him. She was very verbal about it but did not put up much of a physical fight. Before he reached the stairs Lucius put his fist though the wall. He had never been so mad.

She entered the bathroom as her whole body shook as she relived it in her mind. Why did she cooperate? She realized that she could tell even though that man hated her family that he did not want to do that to her. She could see tears in his eyes as he entered her. He kept whispering "I'm sorry". She did as he said: washing only her face, throwing up, and redressing. What am I going to do? They could be sending someone else any second. And they won't be as kind. Did I just use kind in regards to a Malfoy? She opened the door a little; the room was still clear. She ran to the door but it was locked. She tried to move the dresser in front of the door but it would not move. There was nothing else in the room big enough to block the door. She went back to the bathroom as there was a lock on the door there. She locked herself in.

Tomorrow morning Professor McGonagall will see I'm missing and let the Order know. But will they send anyone? Maybe they removed my memories to protect themselves. I was a sitting duck at Hogwarts. If they did not have to worry about anything I might tell, then why rescue me? She began to sob as she slid down the door to her knees.

A short time later she heard the outer door open. Her whole body stiffened. "Miss Weasley.? " It was Lucius again. She then heard a soft knock on the door. " Miss Weasley, I need to take you back. Please open the door."

She slowly stood up. What will they do to me now? She opened the door. Looking at the floor, she did not want to look into his eyes. "Come on now." As they walked, he continued, "I don't know what else he has planned for you. I'm no longer in his inner circle. If he uses the Cruciatus curse, the more you fight against it, the worse it is." He grabbed her arm again as they reached the bottom of the stairs, and led her into the room she arrived in earlier. She did not look at it before but now she saw how dark it was. However there was one exception; Snape was there. For half a second he looked surprised to see her.

Voldemort looked at her and then walked up to her, grabbing her chin in his cold gray hand "Did you have fun?" He laughed along with others in the room. Ginny fought the urge to spit in his face; her tongue however had a mind its own.

"Is this the only way you can feel? To make others hurt? Is that how you feel alive?" She was hit with the Cruciatus curse again, this time she did not fight it.

"Snape, you will take her back to Hogwarts. So she can cry to her blood traitor family."

Snape grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up and then entering the fireplace. The next second they were in the headmaster's office. She would not cry in front of him. Dumbledore sat in his portrait behind Snape's desk. He let out a gasp at the sight of her. "Ginevra, what are you doing here?" She looked over her shoulder at Snape.

Snape spoke "He was using her to hurt her family and the Order." Snape said. He still did not know what had happened. "What happened over there?" he asked.

"Like I'd tell you." She was mad; how dare he ask her.

"Miss Weasley, you will answer you headmaster." the portrait said.

"No he's a traitor and a murderer."

"Miss Weasley, you will find that things are not always as they seem. I know what Snape has done. I see no reason not to trust him." Ginny's eyes widened as her mind began to race. "What I'm about to tell you must promise never no matter what to reveal unless a favourable end comes and Harry's opinion of Professor Snape is still the same."

"I promise."

"I asked Snape to help me to the end of my life on this plain. I was dying already. It was not murder, it was a friend helping a friend."

"What are you doing?"

"Severus, if Voldemort thought she could be of any help to his cause he would have kept her there. And someone has to know the truth in the event things do not go as planned. Ginny, please tell us what happened."

She told them about the Carrows taking her and what all happened. Snape looked ready to kill commenting "That bastard."

"No, I could tell that Luc- did not want to. He was – quite kind about it. He did not want to. Voldemort threatened his family. He said it would be a blow to Harry and the others."

"Severus, go get Minerva." The portrait waited until the door closed behind Snape "Ginny, I know I can trust you not to tell anyone what you heard in this room tonight. Only the three of us know now. And Ginny you can trust Snape will do everything in his power as headmaster to see that the students are as unharmed as possible. Have you always noticed that he is not as hard on you as the other Gryffindors? That's because you remind him too much of her." They heard Snape with McGonagall on the stairs.

McGonagall entered the Headmasters office to see Ginny sitting in the chair. Later after the left the headmaster office, the woman looked ready to kill as Ginny told her story "I will inform your parents."

"NO." The older woman looked at her." I'm seventeen now. You can't without my say. And why? I mean it would only hurt them and then Voldemort gets what he wants. No."

"Ginny this is a terrible thing that happened to you. You will need help to get past this."

One month after the final battle, Ginny came down the stairs of the Burrow. Her mother was in the kitchen." Good morning Mum. Has- has everyone else left for the day?" she asked as she looked around the room.

"Morning dear. Yes Harry and Ron left a few minutes ago, why dear? You must be hungry."

Ginny's stomach did a flop." No Mum I'm not hungry." She paused. "Mum if I tell you something will you promise not to overreact?" Ginny decided to tell her mother first.

Molly felt something big coming. "Of course sweetheart." She sat at the table looking at her daughter.

Ginny sat across from her mother. "Mum, I'm pregnant." She felt starting with the news of a baby would soften the rest of the news.

Molly looked somewhat happy, "Oh Ginny, I'm sure that Harry will..."

"Harry's not the father. Something happened a few weeks before the final battle." Molly's face grew gray."Mum I was taken by the Carrows to where Voldemort was." Molly gasped, "No thank god it's not his. But he ordered someone else to. He would have killed their family. Mum I heard from Luna what happened to her, I was lucky. This man did not want to do it. He knew that someone would be listening at the door. He was gentle and as weird as it sounds, kind about it. I don't have any real bad feeling towards him. I could see it in his eyes that he did not want to do it. But Voldemort would have known if he did not." Molly was crying now. "Mum it gets worse; it was Lucius Malfoy."

Molly sat quite still trying to decide how to react as she played with the hand towel. Finally looking at her daughter, she spoke. "What would- do you want to do about the baby?"

"I want to keep it. I know I'm young but I spoke to Professor McGonagall. She said that I could do most of the year from home, only having to go to the school for tests and such. So I could finish."

Molly was hurt." You spoke to her before me?"

"Mum only she and Professor Snape knew and they could not tell you without me allowing them to. I made them promise, it would have only hurt you and dad, mostly dad, and that was what Tom wanted. I was not going to have anyone hurt or killed because of me. And with dad's feeling about Malfoy well you know. Mum how am I going to tell him? "

Molly laughed "I'll put him in a body bind curse before you tell him which we won't remove until he calms down."

Arthur remained in the Curse for twelve hours before he calmed down. As much as he hated Malfoy he believed his daughter would need her father for support. And he could not do that if he was in Azkaban for Lucius' murder.

Chapter 1

Ginny was leaving the joke shop where she took care of the business end of things for George, most of which she could do from home. Fred had told George that if anything happened to him that Ginny should have his share of the business. Both twins always had a soft spot for her. Maybe because she was the only girl, but she was their favourite sibling. She had her daughter with her. "Mummy I forgot my doll in the shop."

"Kyra, go get it. I'll wait for you." They were only a few feet from the shop. As her child disappeared into the shop. Ginny looked at the display in the window of the next shop.

"Miss Weasley?"

Ginny turned around to see Lucius standing behind her. He had spent five years in Azkaban for the crimes he did commit but because he did not fight in the final battle and gave a lot of evidence against others, his sentence was light. He was released a few weeks ago. "Mr. Malfoy, hello. I heard about your wife. I'm sorry." Ginny knew he had a right to know about Kyra. Kyra had more of a right.

"I thank you. I have spent the last few years wondering why you never pressed charges," he said.

She looked at him. "As I recall, neither of us had much say in the matter—"

"Mummy, mummy look at what Uncle George gave me!" she was holding a trick cauldron.

Ginny smile at her "Of course he did dear. I want you to me someone."

Lucius looked at the small child head. She had strawberry red hair Weasley did reproduce quickly. Than the child looked at him. Her eyes, were same he every day when he looked in the mirror. This was his daughter.

"Kyra Marina this is Mr. Lucius Malfoy. Lucius this is Kyra." Ginny never planned on hiding her from him.

The girl offered her hand as she looked the man up and down, trying to decide if she liked him. Final speaking "Hello." She turned her head a little if she was older one would say she was flirting.

Lucius looked at Ginny than at the child; he crouched down so that he did not look quite so intimidating to her. "Hello, Kyra. You're very pretty." She smiled at him. He rose again looking at her mother. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but we need to talk."

"Yes we do but right now is not the time or the place. I free most of the time let me know went and I will make sure that I'm available."

He looks at Kyra as Ginny spoke, "The sooner the better, tonight around seven." She gave him her address and left.

At six forty five Ginny returned to her small house after leaving Kyra at Shell cottage. Bill and Fleur were babysitting over night. She picked up the last of Kyra's toys and put a pot of tea on. And then tried to relax. She bought the cottage last year she received a good amount of money from the shop and with living with her parents she was able to save for the house, which she was quite proud.

At seven on the dot there was a knock on the door. Her stomach flipped a little. She took a deep breath. Then went to answer the door. She put a smile on her face. "Hello." She paused. "I'm not sure what to call you."

Lucius looked at her. She was older than when he last saw her, but still so young. "I guess Lucius would be appropriate."

"Lucius please come in." She welcomed him in to her home. He looked around his surroundings. Well it small it was in good repair, and clean. As he took his seat, she sat as well.

"I assume that Kyra is our daughter." He chose the word our carefully. He knew all to well of the Weasley temper. Much to his surprise he was please to find out he had another child. Even if she was part Weasley, At least she was still pure blood, even if her mother was from a family of blood traitors.

She looked him in the eye,"Yes, I never planned on not telling you. However I was informed that a trip to Azkaban would not be good for me or her when I pregnant and after I – well I didn't think there was any use telling you well you were there."

"Why did you keep her?"

"I could never kill my own child. Or give her away." She was not backing down, showing no sign of fear much like that night.

"I would think she would be a reminder of an event you would rather forget."

"Forget I've hear that more time than I can count over the past five years. Men have a different way of looking at things. Yes I would have preferred my first time to be different, but rather than focusing on that I made the choice to look at the fact that I saw you change that night. You could have been cruel that night but you were kind to me. And after I heard what some of the other Death eaters did to a few girls I know. I was lucky. I know everyone including you think I should hate you but I don't part of that is because you gave me Kyra. I love her how I could do that if I hated you. I would hate part of her."

"You surprise my Ginevra. I would like to be a part of her life. Is that a problem?"

"I'm – I have never lied about who her father was to anyone I care about." He pulled out some papers and handed then to her.

"I had these drawn up this afternoon. Is a trust fund for her."

She glanced at it not read the amount, then handed it back. "You didn't have to do that." She smiled. "What type of role do you want in her life?"

He looked at her trying to decide what he thought she would have done. "I'm her father; I want to be one to her."

"Lucius, I know little about you. I'm not saying no but would you mind giving me a couple of days."

The next day Ginny stormed throw the dungeons of Hogwarts looking for the man she share an odd friend ship with.


After the battle Ginny released something "stopper death" something Snape said at the beginning of her first year. Where did Harry go? She looked around, he was gone. Then she saw The Malfoy family, sitting together. Lucius was still a death eater maybe he'll know. She got up and walked over to the family, "Mr Malfoy do you know where Snape is?"

He looked at her not understanding, "You heard Potter he's dead."

"But where, where is he?"

Lucius continue to look at her," The last time I saw him he was going to the Shrieking Shack." She turned on her heel and bolt out of the great hall out the main door and the stairs towards the Whomping Willow. Her died brother told her about the passage. As her reached the Shack she slowed listening she heard nothing as she enter the room she saw Snape laying on the floor. He looked dead she ran up to him and fell to her knees. Placing her ear to his chest and listened his hart gave a faint thump.

"Severs, Please don't died. Come on I have to get you back to the school."

She barely heard him "Lily?"

She final realized, that it was Harry mother she reminded him of. Ginny levitated him and got him back to Hogwarts. Madame Pomfre was able to save him.


She walked in to his class room, which held no students. "Severus, were are you?"

He came out of the store room."Ginny, what are you doing here."

"I need answers that I know that you can give me." He waited as he walked to the front of his desk leaning against it."Lucius, he – I need to know besides the stuff that he was charged with what else did he did?" Ginny perched herself on the table directly in front him.

She was the same age as Lily when she was killed "Ginny Voldemort did not always, have all of us there I can only tell you what I know. Which is not much. Most of it you already know. But when one first becomes a Death eater there are thing that you have to do to prove your loyalty. Lucius would not have been any different. Why?"

"He wants to be a father to Kyra."

"Ginny, Death Eater are not nice people, we all did terrible things Lucius included, but you said yourself that he was as kind as was possible to you. There are many shades of gray. That being said Lucius was hard on Draco but he love Draco more than anything. I think he would never let anything happen to her. I would say relax. Aloud him."

She smiled at Snape, "Thanks I don't know what I would do with out you." She slide down. As put her hand on his cheek. "I'm very proud to call you a friend." She heard students coming down the hall "Don't take to many point from Gryffindor." She said as she left.

Ginny arrived back at her place. She floo'd Lucius and asked him to come by. He was at her door an hour later. "Thanks for coming." They were sitting at the table. "We need to lay down some ground rules. If you want to be a part of Kyra life. We you and I are from to have very different worlds, and our daughter is a product of both. To a four year old your world will seem like a fairy tail. I'm not saying that she has ever done with out but I know her. She will manipulate to get what she wants, I have tried to keep her down to earth. Life isn't always prefect we don't always get what we want. I will not let you walk in here and set her down a different path I need you to respect my wish and limits with her."

Lucius looked at her wonder in amazement. How could she be so calm I've done things that have made her life hell? "That would seem fair."

She eyed him. "Number one, if you're going to be a part of her live than it's not just for a day or a week is for life." He nodded, "I'm sure that at some point you will be in the same place as my father, you must be civil."

"I'm sure you father has never said anything against he in front of her." Lucius sneered.

"Dad and the rest of my family, respect the fact that she is a Malfoy, they have all kept their personal opinions to themselves. Because they knew at so point she would know who you were and she needed to form her own opinion of you." He looked surprised. "I don't want to here any of the stuff about pure bloods being better than others. Kyra has family who are not all pure blood and she does not need to be confused."

"I understand. Is there anything else?"

"I can add or change the rules at any time."

He laugh at this. "I assumed that, that went without saying. You are a woman."

She laugh, George said that all the time.

"It must have been hard for you."

"It was but there is the old saying what ever doesn't kill only makes you stronger. There's one more thing." She looked straight into his eyes. "Why did you give me Tom's dairy?"

He knew this would come up. "It was not about you or the matter of who your family was, at the time I truly believe Voldemort way was the only away. It was more getting the dairy into Hogwarts. It was a crime of opportunity."

"I can accept that."

"Tell me about Kyra?" He hoped she would be here but knew he would have to do thing at her speed.

She smiled at him, "She has wrap everyone around her finger. She know what she want and will stop at nothing to get it. I think she will end up in Slytherin. When the time comes. Most of the family agrees with me George says, it would not be that bad. The hat wanted to put both him and Fred there. George is her favourite uncle they think along the same lines. Would you mind if we let her get to know you a little before we tell her that you're her father."

"She has not asked about me?"

"No but I think that she does not realize everyone has a dad." He looked at her, not understanding. "She spend allot of time with Teddy Lupin, so I don't think she has realized that she missing anything, yet." He nodded. "This is very weird for both of us I know, but I think we need to be open and honest with each other. Kyra is smart and will pick up on any tension between us." He looked at her, he knew men twice as old as her who could hardly speak, because for their fear of him. Here she was laying things on the table. Like it was nothing.

"You were at the ministry with Potter weren't you?" He was not totally sure.


"You cast some very strong Cruses that night. I think that Kyra will become a powerful witch. I never would expected you to be at the time."

"I not sure if that was a complement. Oh one other thing, Please don't make the mistake of giving her something the first time you meet her. I don't what her to come to—" she looked for the right words." Let me rephrase that. If you give or by her something she will expect it all the time."

Lucius smiled. "That would be the Malfoy in her."

"I thought that kind of thing was a learn behavior. There's allot of Malfoy in her. You will soon see that. When do you want to see her?"

"If it alright with you the two of you could come to the manor tomorrow for lunch."

Ginny thought of what she had heard of the manor. And see knew her child, "If it okay with you I would rather not have her see the manor until after she has bonded with you."

He laughed at this. Ginny notice how nice he looked when he smiled. "She is a Malfoy and you think seeing the manor might cause her to," he now searched for the right word, "take more of a liking to me faster."

The next day Ginny and Kyra were playing outside, when Lucius arrived. He watched as Ginny and Kyra were played some type of tag. Ginny was playing at the child level. He watched as Ginny caught Kyra pulling her down to the ground and tickling her. Kyra laugh was high pitched. Narcissa never did that with Draco. "Mummy that mans here." His daughter voice broke his thoughts.

Ginny looked behind her Shit I must have lost track of time. She had planed on changing Kyra in to some of her better clothing. She could just imagine what he was thinking. Kyra was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and runners. "Lucius, um – Hi, would you like to come in?" She said as she got up off the ground. As they walked up the house, Ginny brushed her self off. Once they enter Ginny told Kyra to go and wash up for tea. The little girl obeyed her mother. Ginny explain she lost track of time.

While she made tea Lucius finally asked; "Ginevra, you don't seem to work, what are you doing for money?" She stared at him. "You have a nice home, I was just wondering."

She smiled releasing it was a fair question, "I work from home most of the time for George for the joke shop. I earn a fair amount. And I can stay home with Kyra. I didn't want someone else spending that much time with her. When is time I think I'm going to have a hard time sending her to Hogwarts. Where did that child get to? Pardon me." She left the room. Lucius could hear Ginny talking to the girl. "So this is what you're up to." A couple second later, the two reappeared the young had changed into a light blue dress. "Kyra you remember Lucius Malfoy."

Lucius watched as his daughter eyed him up and down. If she was older he would have thought she was calculating the total value of his clothing. "Hello sir."

He realized he had no idea how to deal with a little girl. "Hello again, Kyra." He looked up at Ginny. Hoping she could help him.

"Well teas ready. How about we all sit down?" Kyra lead them in to the living room. As Lucius took the tray for Ginny. He said "I don't have a clue what I'm doing."

Ginny gave him a warm reassuring smile," Just follow her lead and relax, after everything you've done don't tell me your scared of a four year old girl." Did I just tease him?

He spent three hours there, getting to know Kyra. Once Ginny felt he had relaxed she had gone in to her office, to give him time with her alone.Had someone told be a few years back I would leave Lucius alone with my child I would have had them locked up. But his being really easy going about this. Should I be worried .No I don't think so. Taking her away would hurt her as much as me. He aloud his child to be hurt. She's fine. She heard a tap on the open door looking up from the books to see him standing there. He was holding the sleeping child in his arms.

"She fell asleep, well listening to a story."

Ginny looked at the clock, it was a little early for bed, but she had a long day."Oh well lets get her to bed." She said as she got up leading him to Kyra room. The room done all in purple and blue with a few pink accents. The cupboard door was open reviling that the child was a clothing horse; the bed was a canopy bed. There was a toy chest at the foot of the bed.

Lucius laid her on the bed. Ginny used her wand to change her in to a night grown. Lucius pull the cover over her. Placing a kiss on her forehead. He and Ginny left the room. "So what do you think of your daughter?" She asked.

"I think you have done an amazing job with her. And I can see The Malfoy in her. "He looked into warm eyes. He shook his head.

"What?" Ginny asked. They were standing in the hall, face to face with only the light from the office.

"I have a daughter with a woman I've never even kissed. It's odd. And to think that Arthur Weasley is her grandfather makes it more unbelievable."

Ginny felt a little uncomfortable." Someone once told me that sometimes the darkest moment produce the brightest light. Do you now understand why I can't hate you?"

"Thank you for this gift, Ginevra. But I should be leaving." He had the great desire to kiss her. And he did not want to do anything to jeopardized things with Kyra, by scaring Ginny off. She nodded and walked him to the door. "I would like to help financially."

Ginny shook her head, "No were just fine. I don't need anything."

"There must be something I can do?"

"Please, Lucius just be a good father to her. I know your past, but I also know that you did what you had to protect Draco. Promise me that you will care for her the same way. And don't make me regret letting you into her life."

He looked her in the eyes, "I won't. I promise you that with out question."

"So how did it go?"

Ginny looked at her old potions Master." It was odd. After Kyra fell a sleep, I would almost use the word inmate. For a second I thought he was going to kiss me." Kyra was a sleep and Snape was over.

After she saved him they became incredible close. He enjoyed having a friend like this. She could pour her heart and soul to him. And he found it almost too easy to be around her. He aloud her to say thing no one else dare. She challenged him to be better. They both could tease the other. He knew that Lily would always be the only love of his life. But now five years later he knew he loved Ginny but differently. It was pure and honest. It was not romantic at all. He thought that maybe it was the fact that they share a similar experience. Hurting friends; he him causing Lily's death, her causing friends to be petrified, for Voldemort and almost dying at his hand.

"What would you have done if he had?"

She was sitting on the sofa her leg curled under her facing him. The room was lit only by the fire. "I don't know. I can't even begin to guess. I mean the whole world; present company exclude, thinks I crazy for not hating him. I don't know. Maybe I am, what do you think?"

He stared at her for a minute. "I think we both know how bad things could have been. I saw what happen," She aloud him to use Legmencey on her shortly before telling her family what happened. "that's why I don't think your crazy. I do think you have a great gift of empathy."

"Thank you."

"And if were both wrong about him I will personally Avada Kedavra. What kind of god father would I be if I let anyone hurt either one of my favourite girls? On that note I have to get back. I swear the kids become denser each year." She walked him to the door. "Thank you for supper. It was great as always. Good night Luv." He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Over the next few weeks Lucius spent allot of time with Kyra. Ginny was always near by, but always gave them the space they needed to work on the bond that need to form between them. Lucius was amazed by the Kyra daily. She was smart for her age, she was determined, she did not back down, even when she should. But she was sweet, had good scents of humor, and was charming. Lucius found him self pitting her future husband. Not that he wanted to think about her being old enough to marry. Final the day came when Ginny felt it was time to tell Kyra who Lucius real was. He had stay to put Kyra to bed that night, "Lucius I think its time we told her." as he was about to leave. He looked down at Ginny; she only came up to his chin.

"She will have questions, perhaps you and I could talk about this first."

"Sure, I'll see if Mum can watch her tomorrow. Say around seven you could come by."

He looked at her for a moment. "Get some one to watch her but, Why don't I take you to dinner. Some place where there's no children's menu."

"Lucius, you don't have to do that."

"You are correct I don't, but I want too." He could see her hesitation. "Ginny you have given me a child and I have never even taken you to dinner. Please alone me this."

She shook her head as she said "Fine."

He looked at her "What are you thinking?"

She looked up at him seeming a little nervous. "You really want to know?"


"Don't take this the wrong way. But do the other death eaters know that you're this nice?"

"If you tell only one I can't be held accountable for my actions" He laughed.

Lucius picked Ginny put at seven. He had made reservations at an upscale restaurant on daigon alley. When Ginny answered the door Lucius was pleased with how she looked in the non mummy wear. She wore a dress that was cream with a black over laid it had thin little straps over her shoulders. Her hair was done so that it felt in soft curls. And her makeup was flawless. If he had not known she was a woman he knew now.

By the time dinner came they had decided what to tell Kyra. Once she was older they would tell her the whole story. Once she goes to school some of the other children could have an idea what really happened. "Ginevra, may I ask you something very personal?" Lucius asked.

She looked unsure for a minute then realized that she might seem childish. "You can ask but I can say I will answer."

He smiled she was smart hear the question before you say you will answer. "Fair enough. Not take this the wrong way but I was surprised that you were still pure."

"Yes, well um." She realized she was being silly, "think back to when you were young. So you fifth teen or sixteen and your girl friend has six brothers. Now let look at those brothers Ones a curse breaker who was attacked by a werewolf. One works with dragons, Percy well he's Percy , then there's was the twins owners of a joke shop, with quite the reputation for getting even in a big way. And the last well he's Harry Potters best friend. And then Harry himself an honorary Weasley. Would you- no the average boy try anything more than kissing?"

He rose an eyebrow "You did not try dating any Slytreins did you."

She faked shock, "That would go against the Gryffindor code of behavior."

"This is any odd dinner conversation isn't it?" He realizes she was innocent.

"We don't exactly have a conventional relationship, do we?"

"I have not asked for weeks but please let be about how your father reacted to the news."

She looked up at him, "You are evil." She looked down the family could laugh about it now. "Okay but if you ever tell him I told you will wish for death. I told mum first I need a test run on what I was going to say. After I told her she helped with dad he was in a body bind for over twelve hour but I started telling him that I was Pregnant than that I let him to think that it was Voldemort, so in the end you didn't seem as bad as it could have been. In comparison who would you want as the father of your grandchild?"

"Why did you keep her?"

"I could not kill her. And I knew you weren't all bad. After that night and after the final battle, I hear what some other prisoner when throw. I know what could have been. And if I gave her away, well we both know they can tell who the parents are, I did not want so one to get revenge of something the Death Eaters did to some one else. Plus the fact that in real upset Ron did not hurt." She laughs at the end.

He gazed at her. She clearly had more brains than most girls of her age. He thought of some of the girls he had seen Draco with and was thankful. "You don't get along with Ron very well do you?"

She smile thoughtfully," Were closest in age, I guess he always saw me as the tag along. And I felt his resentment. I guess it normal."She paused. "It's my turn, do you still – "

He knew what she was going to ask."You want to know if I still share Voldemort believes." She nodded "Yea and no. What you have to understand is that pure blood must do everything possible to keep our number greater than the Muggle born. Meaning we should also not dilute our lines. That may seem harsh by if we don't there will come a time when Muggle born will be the only magical persons. If you look over the years the number of squibs rises at an alarming rate. And if you take a look back the high majority if you follow their family tree make there is a muggle or muggle born directly related. That having been said now think of the witch hunts. Innocent people were cruel killed because Muggles are scared of what they don't understand. So Muggle and non muggle were killed. Now some of the non muggle didn't not have to, and if they had been trained in magic they would have never been known. And souls would have been saved. So yes Pure Blood should try to remain pure and no I don't think we should go around killing someone because, of whom their parents were. Does that answer you question?"

"I never looked at it that way. But we both know the number of pure bloods is rapidly declining." She replied. "So how do we stop that?"

"That is the questions. But I would like to go back to you. Did you finish your seventh year?"

"Yes But I did it from home mostly only going to Hogwarts for tested and such. I work with George at the shop too. I wanted to be able to say that I took care of all of Kyra's needs."

"You truly lost your childhood that night. I'm sorry. "

"I understand why you say that but I'm not Look at her. My god before it happen I would thought some one was crazy if they told me that the greatest love of my life would be a Malfoy. But I would give anything for her."

"Draco said something about you having dated Harry Potter He would have thought that you would have married him."

Ginny played with a couple of green beans well her considered he answers. "He offered after I told ever one. But I – Well after the battle I found out that I reminded a few to many people of his mother. I found it a little too creepy. "

Lucius thought for a moment. Ginny could tell he was looking back in to the pasted. "I can see it now. But if you think about it, it's little wonder he has a mummy thing going." He paused, "Ginevra I want Kyra to have my name."

"I'm fine with that. I was wondering, have you told Draco about Kyra."

"Yes he wants to meet her. I was waiting until we told her."

They decided to meet the next afternoon to tell Kyra. Kyra had spent the night at the borrow. Ginny went over the next morning to pick her up. Ginny arrived at the borrow by Floo. The kitchen looked just as it did when Ginny was four. She breathed in the smell of home. A mixture of the fire, floo powder, her mothers cooking. She walked over to the cookie jar and grabbed a home made cookie. As she bit in to it she knew no matter where she goes in the world or how old she gets this place would always be home. In that second she also saw many memories things from her own child hood all the way to seeing Kyra take her first steps across this room.

Her mother came in from the yard "Hello dear."

"Morning Mum. How did it go last night?"Ginny asked.

"Oh, Good ,Harry and Teddy spent the night here and Fleur dropped Vicky off an hour a go. There all playing outside. What about you?"

Ginny sat down at the table, "Good it was nice to not have to cut some ones else meat."

Molly smiled in understanding, " He didn't try any thing than?"

"Mum, it wasn't a date. And Merlin he's old enough to be my father. And for the record my ironing board has tried more."

Molly laughed. "Do you want him to?"

Harry came in from the garden. "Lu Gin." Placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"Morning Harry."

"Ginny I swear if I hear Lucius this or Lucius that one more time."

"You won't after today. It will be daddy this and daddy that." Harry groaned. "Now you'll was be special to her."

"Gin com on, let just run away and get married."

"OH Harry I already told you I love you to much to complicate things with sex. Beside what would Luna say?"

"Mummy mummy Uncle Harry took me flying." Kyra ran to her mum and gave her a hugh hug.

"That's good dear by we have to get back home Lucius is coming for tea."

"I get my dolly." Harry rolled his eyes.

Lucius arrived on time. He seemed like a small child him self. As Ginny took his cloak he whispered to her "I got her a gift. I hope you don't mind."

Ginny smiled, he had obeyed the rules and as a father he showed real control. "I think that fitting. Let's tell her." He grabbed Ginny's hand and let her to the living room where Kyra was playing.

Kyra looked up and saw Lucius. As she got up and ran over to him she said "Lucius. I'm so glad you're here." she gave him a big hug.

"Kyra, Lucius and I have something to tell you."Ginny sat on one end of the sofa and Lucius on the other with the small girl on his lap.


Ginny begin, "Well honey, you know how Victiorie has a Mummy and a Daddy. And how Teddy's Mum and daddy are gone to heaven, well sweetheart Lucius is your daddy."

The child looked at Lucius than back at her mother, "No!"

Ginny's eyes grew big, "Sweet hart, that's not nice."

"He can't be my daddy." She was no off Lucius lap. "Cause Daddy's live with mummies like Uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur and Uncle Harry is just Teddy's pretend daddy and he lives with Teddy." Ginny look at Lucius with remorse in her eyes.

"Kyra, there are many different families. But I am your father and where I live has nothing to do with how I feel about you."

"So you can be a Daddy and have your own house?"

"Yes. Now I have a gift for you, for both of you." He reached in to his pocket and pulled out to matching black velvet boxes. He handed one to Kyra and the other to Ginny.

As Ginny took the box from him, and their eye meet hers saying 'you didn't have to.' His said 'Yes I did.'. Kyra opened hers with a squeal follow "Oh Luc- I mean Daddy is pretty, will you help me." She was jumping up and down, something she did quite often.

As Lucius took the silver locket out of the box he turned it over, "Kyra see here it says 'Love Daddy No matter what comes' Always remember that." Ginny watch the exchange as she pretended to look at her. Once she actually looked at hers it was the same as Kyra only in gold "Yours is inscribed too." She turn it over to read." There is no way to express my thanks."

Kyra said as she began to ran to her room" I want to see how it looks on me."

"I got you gold because it reminder me of your Gryffindor bravery. Another think I'm thank fully for. And well were on the topic of thanks I also wanted to thank you for not informing me well I was in Azkbane." She looked confused" Knowing what I was missing would have just made my time there that much harder. Here let me help you with yours too." Took it out of the box was she turned her back to him and lifted her hair. He dropped the locket over her head and as he fasten it found himself wanting to kiss her neck.

"Thank you Lucius."