Unhappily Ever After!
Title: Slaughter The Floppy

(Fade In: Dark Screen)
Ryan Voiceover:
"It was a day like every other day,
wait... Actually it was kind of stormy that
day. Actually, I think it was night... Oh
well, It was night, and it was raining.
Anyway, That night, something terrible
"Tiffany and I were sitting up
stairs when we heard a crash."

(Fade In: Living Room)
Details: Ryan and Tiffany stare at the TV.
Suddenly a crash from down stairs makes
Ross come downstairs. Ryan and Tiffany
make no movement.

Ross: Hey, is it just me, or do you two
not care what happens in this house?

Details: Ryan falls forward off the
couch. Tiffany looks over at Ross, a
blank stare on her face. Ryan pops
up, looking around.

Tiffany: Why? What happened?

Ross: What happened? There was a crash,
or didn't you two hear it?

(Freeze Frame)
Ryan Voiceover:
"I wasn't sure what Ross was
talking about at the moment, and I
wasn't sure where I was... Now that I
think about it... Where are we now?"

(Unfreeze Frame)
Details: Jack burst through the front
door, smiling. Tiffany, Ryan and Ross
turn to look at him.

Jack: You'll never guess what happened
today! Someone bought a car from me!

Details: Ross shrugs and run back up-
stairs, while Ryan stares blankly off
to space. Tiffany stands up.
(Crowd Cheers and Shouts)
Tiffany walks over to Jack and holds
her hand out. Jack stares at her hand
for a minute and then looks up. Jack

Jack: Uhh, Well... Uhm, Oh! I just
remembered. The boss decided that I
couldn't sell it so, I uhm...

Details: Jack quickly runs over to the
basement door, throwing it open and
running quickly down. The door slams.

(Freeze Frame)
Ryan Voiceover: Uhhh... Oh, Yeah. At
that moment, Jack had no Idea that
floppy was gone.

Jack's Shouting Voiceover: Floppy!?
FLOPPY!? Where is Floppy!?

Ryan Voiceover: ... Oh! I guess he
found out.

(Commercial Break)