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Summary: Takua, we're not in freaking Kansas anymore, and my hut totally just landed on top of somebody. We're screwed.

Characters: Gali (Dorothy), Takua (Toto), Pohatu (Glinda the Good Witch of the North), Roodaka (the Wicked Witch of the West), Sidorak (the Wicked Witch of the East), the Matoran (the Munchkins).

The Wizard of...Mata Nui?

By: Saya Moonshadow

Requested (read: forced) by: Kristine-sama

X x X x X

Gali blinked slowly, fidgeting as the smiling man in the dress in front of her explained just what was going on here. She couldn't figure out WHY he was wearing a dress, but wearing it he was. And it was brown. But it had that subtle look to it that suggested it had been dyed rather cheaply and in a hurry. She rolled her eyes. Go figure.

"--and that's why the shrimps over there hit me up and wanted me to come and check you out, cuz if you were another bad witch I'd totally have to kill you, you see!" the dress-wearing man chattered. "By the way, I'm Pohatu, the Good Witch of the North."

Gali raised an eyebrow. "Um...being a guy...aren't you supposed to be a WIZARD, not a witch? And what's with the dress?"

Pohatu, the Good Witch of the North, looked a tad bit offended at this. "It's a parody, not like I can choose which character I am! And anyway, I like this dress. I think I'm gonna keep it!"

The girl shook her head, but let him continue.

"And now that you've killed Sidorak, who, by the way, was the Wicked Witch of the East, you're like totally a hero and stuff! ALL HAIL GALI AND HER MAGIC HUT THING!"

"ALL HAIL GALI!" the Matoran repeated behind him.

Gali looked down at her feet, noticing her dog had chosen to hide behind her legs from all the scary cheering people. "Takua, c'mon, lighten up! Whatever happens, at least we don't have to worry about popularity!"

"Bark." Takua deadpanned, giving her a LOOK.

"But now I have to disappear, being the Good Witch and all, so I'll just send you on your merry way!" Pohatu concluded. He pointed his wand at a bright yellow (more like goldenrod) brick road which led out of the village of Po-Koro. "That's the yellow brick road. It'll get you to the Wizard of Mata Nui so he can send you home and stuff."

"But...Ga-Koro's just right over there...I could walk there easily..." Gali protested, but the look on Pohatu's face prevented anymore of this logical thinking. "Or I could just take the shiny brick road and go see the Wizard of Mata Nui," she finished meekly, and he smiled.

Just then, there was a loud burst from behind them, which caused the Matoran to scream and drop to the floor (because fainting is really going to save you from a witch). The person behind the smoke coughed violently, and continued to do so once it had cleared.

At least two minutes passed before the tall woman in the black robe and big pointy black hat straightened up and stared down her nose at them. "Who killed my fiancé? Was it YOU?" She pointed rather dramatically with her Rhotuka launcher at Gali, who cowered behind Pohatu. She would have totally kicked her butt for this, but hey, she was wearing a blue and white checked dress right now, and it's hard to kick butt in a blue and white checked dress! Takua didn't even attempt to defend her. He just hid behind her. Again.

"Uh...who's that?" she whispered to Pohatu, who was looking strangely amused about something. "That's Roodaka, the Wicked Witch of the West!" he replied. "She's worse than her fiancé, who, truth be told, was kind of a pansy. Heh."

Roodaka rolled her eyes. "WHO KILLED SIDORAK?" she bellowed, causing the Matoran to give veiled whimpers of fear.

Gali grabbed her long hair to keep it from blowing backwards in the force of the wind caused by Roodaka's voice, and frowned as one of the bells on Pohatu's hat smacked her in the face. "Um, I didn't mean to," she said, stepping slightly out of Pohatu's shadow. "It was kind of an accident, I mean, how was I supposed to know that stupid tornado would pick up my hut and take me all the way over here?!"

"SILENCE." Roodaka snapped, and Gali eeped and shut up immediately. "I don't care who did it, but I'll have my revenge." she said, eyes flashing. "And now, for the sake of the plot, I'm going to threaten you. Be frightened."

"What about the ruby slippers?" Pohatu asked, and Roodaka snorted steam out of her nostrils. "Ah yes. But wait!" She stomped over to her (late) fiancé's corpse to go get said slippers. Unfortunately, as soon as she came within ten feet of them, they disappeared, to reappear on a stunned Gali's feet, completely replacing her other shoes.

The Wicked Witch rolled her eyes again. "How original," she mumbled, but she drew herself up as tall as she could and stated imperiously, "Those things WILL be mine--"

"But they won't even fit you! Your feet are like eight times bigger than mine!" Gali interjected, and Roodaka twitched.

"That does not matter. And now I shall threaten you again and leave before a hut gets dropped on me as well. Watch your back." And with a puff of smoke and a hacking cough, she was gone.

An awkward silence followed as the Matoran shakily got up and looked to the Good Witch of the North for advice. Pohatu shrugged. "Hey, don't ask me!" he said defensively. "Well, Gali, if you'll kindly be on your way, I'll get going too. I'm late for a meeting. Just follow the yellow brick road, yeah?"

And with a flash of brown light, he too vanished.

Gali sighed and began to walk, tugging Takua along with her and trying to ignore the sparkling shoes on her feet.

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