AN:) what you get when you mix two Twilight crazies and free time? well you get Emmett's Guide to Survive High School!

disclaimer:(we do not own Twilight!

Emmett's Guide to Survive High School

OME! (Emmett not Edward!) LUCKY YOU! You have just discover my ultimate super awesomest secretive survival guide to high school (well, not so secretive anymore.)

With these tips invented by yours truly you are guaranteed to survive the most agonizing, miserable and painful years of your life, otherwise known as high school.

You may ask how does the awosemest person in the world (a.k.a. me) would be able to help silly and ordinary mortals such as yourself. Well, these questions are stupid so I won't be answering them. Which brings me to my first tip.


You are prettier if you are not smart! Just look at me; I'm gorgeous! You only need to know the basics such as 2+2:5! If you more of the INCREDIBLE tips, turn the page….NOW!

NO WAIT! NOW! wait, wait, wait rightttttt now! No, no, no, no……nah I'm just kidding, you can turn the page whenever you want (cough-now-cough)