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Tip 55: Evil Teachers.

I, Emmett Cullen, the founder and only member of the League of Students Superheroes against Cruel Homework (still working on the title) have finally an evil villain to fight! This evil science teacher has not only disrespected my pet shark, SeƱor Shrimp, but has accused me of cheating in multiple occasions! How dare him?! I have never ever in my life have been caught cheating!

This is definitely a job for Captain Awesome!

The first thing is to realize that this is not How the Grinch stole Happiness from a Classroom, if it were, you would have the rewarding experience of changing a Mr. Meanie-pants into an awesome teacher. These teachers are not evil, just misguided but since this tip is about truly evil, corrupted, think-they-are-so-smart-but-really-are-not teachers then forget the making a heart bigger with songs and holding hands plan.

I must warm you: make sure your teacher is a truly evil one for this option has dire consequences. It should be used only when you are desperate enough to save yourself from the evil dictatorship of this corrupted educator. Here's your only option:

Drive them crazy!

If your answer to this is "well, that sounds cruel" then turn the page because you don't have an evil teacher.

In other words, the correct answer to this idea is "great idea master! Please teach me your ways oh great one!"

All you need is a plan; one great, epic, masterfully done prank that will send them running to their car in a desperate attempt to get away from your awesomeness.

Now, I know group work is tedious and hateful but trust me this prank is one of those rare moments when it is actually helpful. You need everybody who hates this teacher.

Let the teacher start class like every day. Wait ten minutes, then let the mayhem begin!

Get up from your seat and scream that you smell something burning. The teacher will tell you to calm down and sit down. Do it. After another five minutes start with the burn smell again, this time two more people join, they can smell it too. The teacher will send someone to investigate, while the person is out continue with the panic. The teacher will not find anything out of the ordinary but people are screaming, running, all hell is breaking loose!

Ask the teacher to do something! You are burning! It hurts! It hurts! He won't know what to do.

When the principal arrives act normal and every time he leaves start the panic again. Make sure that the principal is in a safe distance before resuming the attack.

If the bell rings just take your stuff and leave. Repeat everything the next day or as many times as necessary.

Captain Awesome has approved this message.