Hi! This is just something for laughs, and to make my presence known.

Disclaimer: I don't own Invader Zim, 'tis a pity

How to irk an Irken

1: When you meet him, scream; "MY GOSH YOU'RE SHORT !"

2: Act like a certain , big headed paranormal investigator we all know.(Dib: HEY! My head's not big!)

3: Barge into his base, and eat all his snacks.

4: Refuse to leave said base.

5: Act like Gir.

6: When he gets home from Skool (Or where ever.) say; "Hey Zim! Your planet called! They don't want their idiot back."

7: Invite Dib over to take pictures.

8: When Zim orders you to get the pictures from Dib, do so. And then sell them on e-Bay.

9: Start calling him 'Zimwit', or 'Zim the Dim'.

10: Join Gir in singing a glorious rendition, of the DOOM SONG.

11: Coat Gir in glue, and tell him to give his master a big hug!

12: Attempt to spray him with a hose wile going; "WEEWOO!WEEWOO!"

13: Rap him on the head, then put your ear against, and say; "WHOA! Nice echo!"

14: Steal all his clothes, and leave nothing for him to wear but a speedo

15: Load a water gun with meat juicethe rest isobvious. (Just don't kill the poor guy.)

Well that's it for now! If you think of any more ways to 'irk an Irken', feel free to PM me.

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