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For centuries, we watched the vampire's and werewolves quarrel. We were not a part of their endless fight. We were neutral, hidden from existence of these mythical creatures. We were in between. We were neither hot nor cold; we were the closest to human temperature. The numbers of our species existed very few around the world. I was one of the first to come into existence. We were called Soul Eaters.

I lived off of power, instead of food. You could also call it energy. It was the kind of energy that keeps every living being alive. Killing was not an option, although others chose it. They could not resist sucking the life force out of a human. Humans were considered on the lowest ranking of the human pyramid due to their lack of abilities and strength. They were fragile and easily breakable, therefore effortless targets for those stronger than them. Others chose the traditional way, animals, just like those vampires with the honey colored eyes. It was the wisest choice since we were to remain unseen and unknown.

I am considered today the moderator of my kind. To keep my species concealed, I have to make sure that all follow the rules. There was only one major rule, to never tell anyone of our existence and to act so you do not draw attention to our species. All respected me and I respected them back. Due to my power, I knew everyone of our kind, the new members and the old. I knew where everyone lived, even if they were traveling. That is why I was chosen to be the leader.

Two hundred years had passed since then and I was free to settle down. The hard times were over and all was content. I had found the love of my life. She was the most beautiful and elegant woman I had ever seen. She had long, wavy brown hair, green eyes, and was very petite and slim. Her name was Elizabeth, Liz for short.

I had first met her dieing on the street side of England. I pitied her and brought her to my house, unconscious. I had to find a way to change her into a soul eater. I injected some of my blood into her tiny vain. It gave her a fever and aches all over her body. I was frantic that I was going to kill her even faster. After a week, her fever and aches started lessening and I knew that I had succeeded.

Of course, I explained everything about soul eaters to her when she awoke. She didn't deny it, and accepted it politely. Soon, I started to have these feelings. I wondered why I was feeling this way and later I found out that it was love. I asked her to marry me a few years after her transformation. She had accepted.

I had lived with her for no more than fifty years when she died, straddling our daughter for the first time in her arms. I regretted the fact that I was going to let my newborn daughter grow up without a mother. I could not fall in love again. I tried so many times, but I felt myself resisting love. I decided to give up and focus on raising my human daughter until she turned 18, when she would transform into one of our kind.

Thats the end of the prologue...sorry it's so short. Please tell me what you think. )