This story is part of the Immortal!Dean universe. that begins in Red Tape and Others Such as Me

Title: Since I found Serenity (1/8).

Fandom Firefly, Highlander, SPN & SV.

Characters: From FF: Mal, Zoe, Wash, River, Jayne, Simon, Inara, Kaylee. From I!D 'Verse: Dean Winchester, Duncan Macleod, Richie Ryan, Chloe Sullivan and Sam Winchester
Spoilers: The story begins in the middle of the Firefly Movie "Serenity". You will be spoiled if you haven't seen it.
Disclaimer The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators.

Summary The crew of Serenity is in the middle of helping River, exposing the Alliance and evading the Reavers when they encounter a survivor on Miranda.

A/N: This story takes place 6 years after chapter 5 of "5 Times Immortal!Dean met Meta!Chloe."

Chapter 1: Since I found Serenity

He'd lost track of how long he'd been alone. Well, not truly alone: the raiding parties of Demon-like creatures came every so often. But he was prepared; he had located some weapons. Once he realized the nature of the creatures, he'd stock piled holy water and salt and placed devil traps all around the strange city he'd awoken in. The creatures were exorcised easily enough but he also found he could kill them with bullets. Unusual for demons but then everything about this place was unusual.

There were dead bodies everywhere as if some plague had decimated the entire population; except for the demons, there were always more demons.

He knew instinctively he wasn't on earth. The technology was like nothing he'd ever seen. The guns were similar and he found them easy to use. With time he might even get one of the strange crafts working and travel beyond this ghost town but he wasn't the best at tinkering; that was his brother's talent. Then again, time seemed to be about the only thing he had an abundance of.

And then there was his new healing ability. He'd discovered it the first day and was never caught unprepared again. He'd even gotten used to the electrical discharge that had accompanied the closing of his wounds; found it almost comforting that he couldn't seem to die. Still, he figured if he wasn't on earth the he must be in hell. No possibility of death and constantly fighting demons for survival…Yep, it was hell.

He was patrolling the empty streets looking for supplies when he heard something he thought he'd never hear again; human conversation. The hope of that was what had kept him going and now he prayed that it wasn't a hallucination.

He turned the corner to peer down what he'd come to think of as the main promenade through the city. He saw them. Eight people and they looked human. He watched as they walked right through the devil's trap he'd painted on the ground in the square.

He breathed a sigh of relief; definitely human. A young dark haired girl knelt down and began tracing the trap with her hand. She had been visibly upset but touching the trap seemed to calm her. She stood and began looking widely around. "The Hunter is near," she cried out.

Somehow he knew she was looking for him. Was she psychic? Could she somehow "see" him? he wondered.

He risked getting closer to hear what they discussed as they tried to calm her. The moment he moved her eyes locked on him. The rest of her companions looked toward what had captured her attention.

Guns came up. He stepped from the shadows; hands raised in surrender. "Don't shoot," he said.

The tallest man spoke, "He don't look like no Reaver, Mal."

"That's cause he ain't, Jayne." Mal said and called to him. "How did you survive the PAX?"

"PAX?" he asked as he closed the distance between them. "The city was like this when I woke up here. I've been here, alone, for a long time. Not really sure how I got here."

"He carries the lightning," said the young girl. "He is a hunter."

"What's your meaning, River? Can we trust him?" Mal asked. "He need rescuing or do I shoot him now."

"River what do you see?" asked another dark haired man.

"It's okay, Simon. He's okay." She muttered and glided away from her companions toward him; every movement as graceful as a cat. She reached up to touch his cheek. He stood still waiting for the examination to be over.

"Earth, was it pretty?" River asked.

He smiled. "Mostly." He should have been more surprised by the question but he wasn't. This city had prepared him for the idea that he might not only be on another planet but maybe even in the future. Or it could just be a big illusion. Either way leaving was a better option than staying

She laughed. "I like you."

"River?" Mal called. "We taking him with us?"

"I don't like it, Cap'ain. He could be an Alliance spy." Jayne said.

"Then we shoot him," Mal replied.

River grabbed his hand and pulled him into their circle. "He can help. We can trust him"

Mal looked him up and down. "I reckon if River says you're okay then that's good enough for me. She ain't been wrong yet."

He nodded and looked at the eight standing in front of him as Mal rattled off their names. When his gaze reached the redheaded man, Wash, he paused. Something strange about him but those questions could wait until later.

"And you are?" Mal prompted.

"Sam Winchester."

"Well, Sam Winchester. You may be getting off this rock but our survival ain't guaranteed yet. We got a whole mess of Reavers to get through before this day is done."

"Reavers?" Sam asked. "You mean the demons?"

"Yes!" River nodded. "Sam Winchester you must fight the demons with us."

"We call 'em Reavers." Mal said and turned to hustle his crew onto the ship. "Everyone on board. Explanations can wait. We got work to do."