The switch

The switch

Kim Possible and all other Characters are not mine, as much as I would like them to be….

Chapter one


"What's the sitch?" Kim Possible world renowned teen hero answered the call on her Kimunicator lightning fast, smiling at the familiar face of her web master Wade. Kim had been doing her annoyingly large amount of math's homework and was rather glad for the interruption.

"Hey Kim" was Wades small greeting before going all techo-wiz on her and typing up a storm on one of his many computers. Kim often found herself wondering if any of his computers crashed, or broke because he seamed to live on them and she had never once not been able to contact him via the Kimunicator which is connected to his computers. Wade always seamed to be there waiting for her call, she didn't even want to ask if he went to the toilet in his room so he could still sit their waiting for her. However her Wade educed thoughts were interrupted by his voice explaining why she had been called.

"I have reports of Drakken and Shego taking over an abandoned military facility, just on the outskirts of Go city. Im picking up large amounts of energy use. Nothing has been stolen but he is up to something, its best you and Ron check it out." Wade's serious face was briefly replaced by a map and coordinates, Kim frowned in thought.

"Go city" she mused thinking why they would have a base their, especially with Shego once being a member of team Go. 'I wouldn't of thought she would want to be any where near her brothers' Wades face appeared back on the small screen, he was all business.

"Ride's on the way and I've contacted Ron already" he stated still typing. Kim smiled and got up from her desk and started to walk over to her closet.

"You rock Wade!" she said before cutting the connection, she threw the device onto her bed and gave herself a quick stretch before grabbing her mission cloths, as they had been dubbed. She pulled off her top and pulled on the tight fitting purple t-shirt, stripping from her pants soon after and replacing the with tight black pants that had a purple stripe down each side. Once done she grabbed the Kimunicator and shoved it into her pocket, then bounded down the stairs and into the living room.

"Going somewhere Kimmy-cub?" her fathers voice came from the kitchen she rolled her eyes at the childish nick name that had stuck with her for so long.

"Yeah Dad mission, Ron and ride should be out the front see you later!" she hastily called back to her father as she walked out the door and onto the street. Now thanks to her life as a super Villain catching hero, Kim had seen some very strange things so she was not at all surprised when she saw the massive jet that was parked just out side her house.

"KP!" yelled the familiar voice of her best friend and current boyfriend Ron Stoppable. She smiled and turned to face the boy that was coming up beside her.

"Hey Ron!" she beamed he smiled back and gave her a peck on the lips but was interrupted by the sound of a gag coming from Ron's shoulder. Kim pulled back "And hey Rufus!" she said petting the little naked mole rat on the head. He smiled and chattered away wile they walked up to the jet.

"What do you think their up too this time KP?" Ron asked, but kim never got to answer as they were quickly ushered onto the plane by a pretty brunette she didn't recognize.

"Strap in and the captain will tell you when you are over your destination!" she smiled politely before heading off to where the cock pit would be. Kim decided to answer Ron's question now.

"Don't know Ron, but with Drakken you never can tell. Its just why Go city? Shego wouldn't want to be anywhere near her brothers." She told Ron her earlier thoughts about the situation.

"Your right she wouldn't, but if they haven't stolen anything then they wouldn't know that Shego is back in town right?" asked Ron, Kim just giggled because he had answered a question with a question, but Kim still thought that over and saw that he probably was right.

"Yeah your probably right Ron" she said leaning back in her seat as they took off, Ron doing the same but bracing himself more physically. Kim laughed. As she watched him try to answer after the G-force take off.

"Im always right Kim!" he boldly stated smiling at his girlfriend, she smiled back as they waited to reach Go city.

"SHEGO! Are you listening to me?!" Dr. Drakken's annoyed voice boomed threw out the small room filled with electronics.

"Sorry Dr. D I wasn't listening, what was that you said?" came the sarcastic reply of the black and green clad woman who was slouched back comfortably in a chair with her feet popped up on the table. She was filing her nails and didn't even look up at the annoyed Drakken.

"I pay you! It would be nice if you showed some respect and listened once in a wile!!" he whined stomping his feet a little she rolled her eyes and continued to file her nails to perfection.

"You wanna switch body's with my lummox of a brother Hego" she spat the name and continued "Then take control of team Go, blah blah blah. I stopped listening then." She was still filing her nails, looking extremely bored and uninterested. She then voiced a flaw in Drakken's plan. "But what if it's not team Go that comes threw that door, what if instead its Possible?" she asked rolling her eyes, and looking up for the first time since he started his little rant. He opened him mouth to speak but closed it again.

"I mean I haven't stolen anything, all that your going on is hope. Hope that Team Go will see the raised energy levels and come to check it out. And I doubt you didn't even think of Princess showing up" she concluded looking smug as his mouth flapped open like a fish out of water. He regained his composer and again started a rant.

"It doesn't matter either way Team Go will end up coming eventually, you will just have to keep Miss Possible busy wile they get here!" he concluded cackling at his own brilliance.

"Lame…" she muttered, but she looked up as a noise reached her ears, it was coming from the vents. Possible was in the building, she smirked.

"You say something Shego?" the doctor asked turning to look at the woman that was now getting up and stretching, she glanced over to him a look of pure innocence plastid on her face.

"Me? Why would I want to say anything at all?"

"Alright, well then lets get this baby ready!" he walked over to the massive thing in the middle of the room and watched as the man pressed some buttons and the machine hummed to life. Shego was still standing in the same spot and she moved her glance back to the vent that was running in the roof. They needed to get rid of all vents. She was startled to say the least when a red beam shot form the vent and almost took her nose off, she growled and looked up too see the buffoon. Drakken had also looked up when he saw the beam.

"Shego it's…its…?" he looked lost "Blast I can never remember his name!" he gave up on trying to remember his name wile Ron on the other had looked hurt.

"Its RON how hard is that too remember!" he yelled at Drakken.

"Almost as hard as it is for you too keep your pants on, buffoon" Shego sneered and had to resist the urge to giggle as she looked on in amusement. Ron was dangling above Shego, by his pants that were now around his ankles hanging from the vent he had no doubt split open with that lazer. Ron blushed and attempted to pull up his pants wile getting him self out of harm.

"I mean come on buffoon there are easier ways to get Kimmie into you pants!" she teased and smirked as Ron's face turned as bright as a tomato, then she saw Kim she flipped down from the vent and stood in front of Shego, scowl still obvious on her pretty face.

"Get down from there Ron and get Drakken!" she yelled at her sidekick Ron epped and fell flat on his face.

"Aw touch a nerve there did I cupcake?" Shego mocked as the sidekick got up and ran over to Drakken, she was left with Kimmie. Kim in return just took fighting stance.

"Aw what boyfriend troubles?" Shego veered at her.

"No, and anyway why would you care?" she shot back watching as Shego took up her fighting stance too, she smirked and replied.

"I don't"

Shego ignited her hands and ran towards Kim, throwing plasma blasts as she went. Kim dodged them all, and Shego came threw with a kick to the head which was blocked and returned with an uppercut, dodged. Shego faked a kick and came in with a punch, Kim somersaulted out of the way just in time to block a flying kick, Kim grabbed Shego's foot and flung her across the room. Shego landed in the middle of the brain switch machine, which was lost on both girls and Shego flipped herself up and blocked a punch from Kim and came threw with her own. Neither girl was getting a hit. Shego back flipped away from the girl to dodge a roundhouse to the head but was surprised when she rammed into the leg of the brain switcher, she landed with a thud on the ground and was promptly knocked out due to one of the ugly looking head devices. At this moment Ron and Drakken decided to roll back into the room, and rolled right up behind Kim knocking her forward. And in an act of pure luck that would have had anyone laughing at the irony of it, was also knocked partly unconscious as another head device landed on her head, identical to that of Shego's.

"Get off me buffoon!" yelled Drakken rolling over to try and slap at Ron who in turn held his arms fast.

"No way Drakken!" he grunted both boys trying to get the upped hand were oblivious to the two unconscious girls as Drakken managed to flip Ron off and into the controls of the Brain switcher. It hummed and sparked.

"Uh-oh" both boys looked to each other and got up just as the head devices started to glow.

"KP!!" Ron shouted as he saw where Kim was and what she had on her head, but it was too late. Drakken thinking that he would get a major beating for this just rushed out in a frenzy screaming like a little girl. The machine started to spark and little explosions could be seen. Ron went into action, grabbing Kim he placed her on his back so she wouldn't slip off and carried Shego's body bridal style and rushed out the door of the lair before the major explosion could happen.

'Augh, what happened? God my head his killing me'

Shego started to flutter her eyes open, she groaned in pain and slowly tried to get up, but the buffoon shoved his face right into hers and she jumped back in shock.

"KP!" he yelled happily throwing his arms around Shego's neck she blinked in confusion before she pushed him off. She glared at him.

"Im Shego you moron" she stated but caught sight of something that made her eyes widen in realization and horror. She was looking at her own body lying behind the sidekick forgotten, she looked down at her self and noticed she was a nice shade of pink. She gowned and smacked her forehead, wile Ron stupidly blinked in confusion.

"But…but…" he couldn't think of anything else to say but before he could think of anything else Shego's body started to grown and get up.

Kim slowly stated lift her body up and was surprised at the extra weight still on her hands and knees in the process of getting up she noticed that she wasn't her usual skin tone. She was extremely pale. Her eye's widened.

"What the?!" she yelled surprised

"Yeah that's what I thought too, princess" she herd her own voice say and she whipped around to see her self kneeling down on the ground with a scowl on her face.

"Oh great"