"Hey Kimmie wanna see something cool?" asked Shego looking to the teen beside her who's head was resting on her shoulder as the two sat in the dull silver light of the moon.

"Yeah" Kim said watching as Shego raised her hand from its place on the grass and engulfed it in green flames, Kim watched in amazement as she flames licked around her hand in a way she had never seen before and slowly became a shape. Twisting green flames flew into the night air as she shape became a floating green heart. Shego moved her hand closer to Kim.

"It's yours" Kim looked up into Shego's eyes that were soft and loving a rare emotion on Shego's face, Kim looked back at the heart and tenderly moved her hand to touch it. She found to her delight that the fire had no heat and it was just light, with more confidence she cupped her hands around the heart and slowly moved it from Shego's hand to rest in her own clutched tightly near her chest. She was looking at it in wonder before she looked up.

"You're giving me your heart?" she asked and Shego shook her head and leaned in closer so their noses were touching. Moving her hand to cup Kim's cheek Shego whispered.

"My heart was yours the moment we met…" she brought their lips together in a passionate kiss and Kim forgetting about the heart moved in closer to deepen it, not noticing that green light danced around them carried on the wind it swirled around the two lovers casting them in soft green light before it vanished.

Unknown to the two lovers a shadowed figure, one leg dangling over a ten story building, looked over the city of Middleton smirking. Unafraid of the drop before it the figure held out a black rose, catching the moons silver rays for a moment the figure threw it into the wind and watched as it danced along dropping slightly as the wind carried it. Faced shadowed with a hood a female voice recited into the dark night that very clearly matched her darkening mood.

Time ticks by

Slowly you die

Feelings unreturned

Of a new love learned

Bittersweet hate

Of a loveless fate

Forgotten and alone

Feelings torn and thrown

Pains unspoken

From promises broken

Bittersweet hate

Of a loveless fate

Time together

That's forgotten never

Last goodbye

Of a loveless lie

Bittersweet hate

For lies to late.

Letting go of her feelings in a poem like that was something her mother had taught her to do. Her mother had said that feelings bottled up would only cause pain unless released, but feelings were a weakness' if others came across them. Her mother had said that releasing them in a form of poetry made sure that people would not know they were your feelings and weakness'. A lesson she truly valued and one she used often. Because right now as the chilling night air whipped her body she needed to vent. She always felt better after doing so because as the poem was released so were her weakness'. Her thoughts lingered back to the poems lines and the memories and feelings connected to them, she sighed in anger and frustration.

"I hate what you did to me…" the girl stood up swiftly and with amazing balance never faltering on the small ledge she had decided to sit upon. She let her hands pull back the dark hood that covered her face dark violet eyes twinkled in hate.

"I hate how you made me feel…" clenching her fists she willed herself to clam down, breathing deeply. She needed her feelings under control. She needed them to stop blocking her and holding her back. Forgetting was something she had been trying to do for three years. She had gotten good at willing her mind to shut that part of her life shut. As she closed her eyes and sighed again willing her mind to close that blasted emotion filled door, it did. Knowing it was closed her eyes now opened violet eyes sparkled with arrogance and confidence.

"Midnight Rose is back Middleton! Did you miss me?" she laughed smirking as she flipped off the building and free fell down into the darkness below, three years had been too long, it was time to show the people once again why she was the rose of night. The best thief in the world. This town wouldn't know what hit it. Midnight would reign.

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