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Chapter 16

Olivia was sat opposite Roy in the interrogation room. Elliot was wandering about behind him. Roy kept smirking at Olivia every now and then glancing down at her breasts and licking his lips.

"Can I be honest with you?" Roy asked her. Olivia just nodded her head at him. "I didn't want to screw that Dr after I'd screwed you because I was frightened I might forget what it felt to be in you after being in another woman. That's why I used your gun." He said smiling smugly.

"Are you gonna answer my questions or just talk shit?" Olivia asked him, trying to ignore his words that made her feel sick to the pit of her stomach.

Roy just laughed and then licked his lips at her again.

Pressing on with interview, she asked "Why did you rape those women?"

"Why not?" He answered shrugging his shoulders.

"You sick fuck, you got bored so you decided to take up rape as a hobby?" She asked his disgusted, knowing it showed on her face and was evident in her voice.

"What do you do when you get bored?" Roy asked her.

"I don't rape people!" She yelled clearly at him.

"And that's were you and I are different." He said before he leaned across the table getting as close to her as he could. "But we're just alike in other ways…" He said.

"…and how's that?" She asked, cutting him off.

"My father and your father both didn't know how to keep it in their trousers. They liked to control other people, like me and you. We have their genes Olivia and we take after them." He said.

"I don't force people to have sex me with. "She clarified for him.

"No but you control people in here, and when you arrest them." He said.

"I arrest people like you. They deserved to be controlled." She said.

Roy instantly began to smile. "See you like to be in control, just like me and my dad. Just like your father was in control when he fucked your mommy." Roy said mocking her.

She couldn't help the build up of tears that welled up in her eyes and she didn't want to 'control' them. She stood up and turned to face the wall as his words spun around her head.

She didn't control people she wasn't like that, not like Roy, or his father and definitely not like her father.

She suddenly heard a loud crack and spun round from where she was facing the wall.

She watched as Elliot held onto the scruff of Roy's shirt whilst he punched him over and over. She watched for a minute, before realizing she couldn't let him beat him to death. "El stop it." She said.

Elliot just continued hitting Roy with a sickening crunch each time. She just hoped it was Roy's face and not Elliot's hand that was going crunch. "Elliot quit it!" She said putting her arm on his, but he carried on.

"Fucker, till want to rape women, you won't be able to move after I've broke every bone in your body." Elliot yelled at him.

"Elliot stop it!!" Olivia screamed at the top of her lungs.

Elliot stopped dead and looked at her. Her eyes were filled with tears that had began falling down her cheeks. He looked at the door where Fin and Lake were standing ready to stop Elliot if he laid into Roy again.

But he didn't, he let go off him and let him fall to the floor whimpering. Fin and Lake went over and reluctantly helped him up. Elliot walked over to Olivia and put his arm around the back of her neck and pulled her into him.

She rested the side of her face on his chest and wrapped her arm around his back, She raised his hand up so she could see the damage he had done to his knuckles. "Come on lets get you cleaned up." She said to him as she led him out of the room.

Fin pushed Roy down onto the chair and passed him a tissue from his pocket. "Here get ya'self cleaned up boy, you got a one way bus ticket to Rikers waiting for ya." He said smiling 'cause he knew all to well what lay ahead for a rapist in prison.

- - - - - - - - -

Olivia and Elliot were sat in Elliot's apartment. She hadn't felt much like going home so he had offered her a place to stay for the night. They were both sat on the couch in front of the TV, sharing a tub on Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream.

Olivia had played nurse, cleaning up Elliot's hand and had even put a bandage on it which looked pretty good for an amateur she thought. Olivia was holding the tub in one hand and scooping up the ice-cream with a spoon using the other.

She could see Elliot was having trouble having to use his only good hand. She felt sorry for him and a little guilty, after all he had hit Roy for the things he was saying to her and she guessed because of what he had done to her as well as all the others.

She scraped her spoon along the top of the ice-cream making a swirl of it on her spoon. Then she put it up to his mouth. "Let me give ya a hand." She said, smiling at the pun.

He just opened his mouth and took the ice-cream. She did the same thing again and put it up to his mouth again. "More?" She asked him.

He took the spoon from her and turned it and put it next to her mouth. "It's your turn." He said smiling at her.

She took the ice-cream from off the spoon and pulled it out of his hands to fill it up again. It was his turn this time so he was waiting ready. She put the spoon by his mouth and smiled as she watched him take the ice-cream from off it.

She waited for him to swallow it then she leaned forward and lightly kissed his lips that were a little icy from the Ben and Jerry's. She pulled back and smiled. "My turn." She said passing him the spoon.

Elliot took it from her, but instead of supplying her with ice-cream he leaned forward and kissed her back, just lightly like she had, until she kissed him back. He disposed of the spoon and rested his hand on her leg, pivoting his body round so he could return the kiss more as her mouth became a little more demanding from his.

It had been months since her attack and had this been anyone other than Elliot there isn't a chance in hell she would have kissed them and hell would have froze over before she let them kiss or touch her.

"Liv are you sure about his?" He asked her as he pulled back.

She just smiled at him, "Yes." She said.

They both moved in for a new kiss, straight away more passionate than the others had been. Slowly she began to back away but pulling Elliot with her, he realized what she was doing, standing up.

He quickly joined her on her feet having never broken the kiss. She pulled back again and looked at him suggestively with her eyes, he got what she was saying. She nodded her head in the direction of his bedroom. "You err…wanna show me bedroom?" She said, with a sly smile.

"Are you sure you want to do this Olivia?" He checked, he didn't want her to feel pressured.

She wanted her body to be loved by someone, held and made love to. She knew Elliot would be the one to do that for her. "Yea." She said nodding. She smiled at him before she held his face in her hands as she kissed him again.

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