He had been watching the boy for some time

He'd always been watching the boy. He'd been there for the boy's first word. He'd seen his first step. He watched him step onto the bus for the first time. He'd smiled as the boy got what he wanted for Christmas and felt anger when he got into a fight. He'd be there for everything these past 16 years. From a distance.

The boy had no knowledge of his protector, for the man had never come towards the boy. Never revealed who he was or what his purpose was. The boy didn't even know the man existed. The man himself had made sure the boy didn't know of him, but he was always there, to protect the boy. The day the man would reveal himself to the boy was coming soon.

He smiled to himself. Today would be boy's 17th birthday. The day that he would reveal himself to the boy was upon him. Tonight, he would meet the boy, face to face, and everything would be revealed.