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Gaara stared at his boyfriend as he ate. It was actually a very entrancing sight. Most of the ice cream never actually made its way into that warm mouth. The sticky substance could be found dribbling down his chin and neck, coursing in rivulets down the boy's arms from the pools in his hands, dabbled across his lover's face.

If this were anyone but Naruto, Gaara would think he was being teased. The blond was too innocent and oblivious to the consequences of his actions for this to be intentional. And yes, he would be facing consequences for this display. Were they not in such a public place, the pair was walking through the streets of Konohagakure, the red-head would have ravished the blond the moment he started to lap up the ice cream from the cone.

When the frozen treat was gone the cone was made short work of, disappearing in a few quick bites. Naruto glanced around fervently for a way to clean his hands that wouldn't leave them sticky all day. To his surprise, the Kazekage raised the tanned arm to his pink lips.

The kitsune would say Gaara's mouth left everything cool and tingling in its wake. That's exactly the sensation the tongue working up his arm caused, melted ice cream disappearing as the muscle moved. Each finger was drawn individually into that space, sucked and tasted by the pale boy. When he bit down lightly on the sensitive skin between thumb and finger, Naruto couldn't hold back the moans any longer.

He followed without hesitation when the red-head grasped his now-clean hand and guided them toward his apartment. Had the older boy glanced back at his blue-eyed lover he'd have seen the satisfied grin and look of accomplishment adorned on the ice cream covered face.