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Retsu sat comfortably enough in the sand. Her eyes slightly blurred but she could make out Kenpachi's outline perfectly. The large man had sat far off from the rest of the Soul Society members who'd wanted to enjoy a vacation, since they desperately needed it. She thought he was sulking since he'd been forced to take vacation time instead of fighting with his division members every morning.

He wouldn't even wear a swim suit – he'd just shed his captain's jacket, leaving his chest bare to her lingering gaze, and sat with his back against the small beach house they had been staying in.

It was the last night of their vacation and Shunsui Kyoraku had suggested they have a bonfire with fire works to celebrate the ending of their small vacation. Of course Ikkaku, Renji and Yumichika agreed and seeing the four excited, Retsu had agreed to go along with them. Only Kenpachi had said the whole thing was stupid and didn't want anything to do with them. It had left Retsu a little down hearted and wishing she had the courage to speak up to the Spartan captain and tell him what she thought of him.

That she wanted him – had wanted him for the longest time now.

But then, the bonfire wasn't the only thing Shunsui suggested. He'd brought many bottles of sake and even gifted a bottle to herself. Retsu of course couldn't decline the gift, but then she hadn't expected Shunsui to open it and start pouring drinks.

Retsu hardly ever drank sake – in fact she'd only drank sake twice before and both times she hadn't found it enjoyable. So instead of being rude, she drank what he handed her….and kept drinking. Eventually she'd stopped, even Ikkaku thought it a good idea to stop giving the healer the alcohol since she looked like she was about to fall over asleep.

Sleep was the furthest thing from her mind. Her thoughts focused on the secluded sulking captain. He'd been on her thoughts a lot recently. It must be the muscles so easily on display, she thought, her eyes blinking slowly. Her face felt red, she was sure her cheeks were at least flushed.

It could be how big he is, she continued in her thoughts. And tall, he's very, very tall. Or maybe…She shook her head, which made her sway a little. She wasn't sure if she should be thinking those thoughts about the other captain – but then maybe she should. Why shouldn't she be able to tell Captain Zaraki that she desired him? She decided she would once the world stopped swaying; she looked around at the others. The four drinkers had moved away from the fire and were trying to set up fireworks. She'd meant to tell them it was a bad idea to play with fire while intoxicated, but her thoughts just kept returning to Kenpachi. It was the prefect chance and she would not waste the opportunity.

As her thoughts changed, her eyes trailed languidly over to Kenpachi. Taking a deep breath, she got up to her feet. It took her a minute to make sure she wouldn't fall over before she started walking towards the brooding captain. She tripped a few times, not used to wearing a skirt which restricted her movements. She'd wanted to dress up for their 'party' and picked the outfit Isane had convinced her to buy.

It looked like a traditional Chinese dress, but was in fact a skirt and shirt with no sleeves revealing her bare arms. Isane had said she looked hot in the outfit. Retsu had thought she'd looked completely ridiculous in the outfit, where the sides of the skirt were slit open to mid-thigh.

Now with a little alcohol in her system, she felt completely sexy – desirable even. A large part of her just hoped Kenpachi would think the same. She felt the sway of her long braid brush against her back as she came closer to Captain Zaraki. His head turned, watching her approach, but he didn't say anything to her -- just watched. She felt a shiver through her spine but kept walking until she was standing in front of him. His head leaned against the wall as his eyes –eye since he was wearing the ugly eye patch– were focused on her.

Retsu licked her dry lips and moved closer, before letting herself fall to her knees, positioning herself so that she was straddling his lap. He blinked at her bold move; her hands reached out and grasped his shoulders to steady herself, feeling the toned muscles underneath her small delicate hands. It made her breath hitch.

"You're drunk," he stated. She smiled, moving closer… pressing her body closer to his, feeling him shudder at the contact. Her small hands slid from his shoulders up to his neck, tilting his face up towards her own.

"Not overly," she whispered, letting his chin rest against her breast. She saw his lips twitch, before she felt his hands slid from her bare knees up to her ass, pulling her hips closer to him. She let out a whispered moan, her eyes closing. Retsu moved her head closer to his. "You keep invading my thoughts, Captain. And I want you."

His lips twitched again, but didn't fully smile. She felt one of his hands leave her ass and slide up her back. He pulled the red ribbon, freeing her hair. His hand fisted her hair, making her head pull back a little. "You seem to invade my dreams," he said hoarsely. "…I've always wanted to see what you would look like with your hair free." He paused, looking her over before he grinned. "I was right."

"Right about what?" she asked in a husky voice. His grin was her undoing as her eyes focused solely on his lips.

"You look like a woman who's enjoyed a long night of hard love-making," he said, a meaning hiding behind his words and eyes.

Retsu's smile grew as he grinned, her mouth descending on his. She felt his hand tighten on her ass, as he forced her mouth open for a hot sensual kiss. In the background the fireworks were going off, but neither captains noticed.

Ikkaku couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the normally quiet and not-so-bold Captain Unohana, who was putting the moves on Captain Zaraki. It had to be an illusion brought on by the sake he'd drunk. It was the only reason he could think of as to why the two opposite captains would be necking in public.

Yumichika, standing beside his friend, was grinning and fisted his hands to his chin. "Go Captain!" he whispered, drunkenly, completely unfazed by the scene.

Shunsui watched with a lecherous grin across his face as he stood behind the two. "I knew giving sake to Retsu would have great desired effects," he said amused. "I just didn't know how great the effects would be." But the two captains were completely oblivious to the group watching their frenzied kisses and groping hands. And when Kenpachi lifted Retsu in his arms, turning and walked into the house, Ikkaku gasped. Yumichika giggled and Shunsui just pouted that they'd left.