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It had been a few weeks after the night of sex, or what Retsu liked to think of as her drunken confession. That morning she'd immediately fled his room, since she was no longer under the influence of her tipsy mind. Her courage had left her and she'd been avoiding Kenpachi ever since. Every time he game into the fourth division, she sent Isane to heal him. But that was only physical. Every night her mind seemed to drag up the memory of him.

It hadn't been like she'd expected it to be, of course. He'd been a little clumsy and rough but it was still sweet and gentle. She had no regrets, and had expected for it to be a one night type of deal. Now that it was out of her system, she should have been fine…except she wasn't. It was like tasting forbidden fruit and she couldn't help but want another bite.

Then again, Kenpachi hadn't sought her out after she'd left his room either. Nor had he even tried to speak with her now that they were back in Soul Society. This furthered her idea that it was a one night stand…no matter how she wished it wasn't. She shook her head, dispelling the thoughts. There was no use obsessing over what couldn't be.

She had thought it odd that none of the others mentioned what had happened. She'd half expected for the rumors to be going around, but so far she hadn't heard one sound of their tryst. It was odd, but then it had to have been Kenpachi's doing. No one wanted to be on his bad side, especially since two of the witnesses were in his division. It was annoying though, every time she saw Shunsui he grinned and she couldn't help but blush. Renji had been messing with the fire works, so he had no clue that the two captains had been necking in public.

Ikkaku was another story – every time she say him he looked as if he was pained having to remember that night. She couldn't help but laugh, which just seemed to set him off more. Then Yumichika would drag him off, giving her a knowing smile. So it wasn't as if they didn't know it had happened -- the only possible explanation was that Kenpachi wanted this to be kept silent. She should be thankful for that, but oddly enough it only made her more depressed about the whole thing.

Getting back to work had helped put Kenpachi from her mind, but then night rolled around and he was once again in her thoughts. She half wished she could forget the way he felt moving under her, the way his muscles flexed and strained as she road atop him. Or the way his hands slid across her body, making her grow hot for him and his mouth, Lord, that man possessed a wicked mouth.

Retsu shivered, as her eyes closed, reliving that night over again. Opening her eyes, she stared at the ceiling. She'd been trying to go to sleep, but all that happened was she got hot and bothered again. Agitated, she kicked the covers off her futon and stood up, pulling slippers on her feet. She needed something nice and relaxing –tea wasn't going to cut it this time.

A bath, she thought smiling. That was just what she needed. A nice soothing bath in the hot springs and she'd be able to slip right to sleep. Grabbing a towel and some other essentials, she headed towards the hot springs. Once there, she placed her things within easy reach of the water and stripped out of the robe. Folding the material, she placed it a littler further so it wouldn't get wet, then hurried into the water. As soon as the hot water hit her body, she sighed in pleasured. Reaching down, she started untangling her braid letting her long black locks fall against her back, the tips of the hair touching the water.

That was how Kenpachi found Retsu, her back to him. He made no noise to disturb her or interrupt his view of her. He watched as she pulled her hair from her back, to rest over one shoulder revealing her bare back to his hungry eyes. His eyes traveled from her smooth shoulders, down the slender curve of Retsu's back and stopping at where the water met her waist, disrupting his view of her ass.

His hands itched to touch her, to feel the softness of her skin under his rough hands again, to place hot open-mouthed kisses on her shoulder and bite into her succulent flesh.

Kenpachi knew she had been avoiding him, but it didn't bother him until now. He figured she would retreat after having a night of unrestrained passion. Retsu had been trying to make things go back to normal, where she was complacent and smiling. He respected her for that, but then he'd gotten to see her other side. The side he knew how to bring out and it was such a beautiful thing – almost as beautiful as the exchanged blows between two worthy opponents. He'd gone into the bed room that night thinking he'd have to be careful with her.

Kenpachi grinned; she'd been magnificent and demanding. When she left that morning he'd allowed it. He knew she needed to come to terms with it, so the following days he'd said nothing about it. He'd even gone as far as to threaten bodily harm to those who had been witness to the beginnings of their intense night. Even though so far it had worked, Yumichika kept trying to give him advice and tips which just made the Spartan captain want to kill him. So no, not only was he dealing with forcing himself to stay away from Retsu till she came to terms with what happened but he had to fend off Yachiru's questions of what happened.

Even through all the mess, he'd watched Retsu – caught glimpses of her working, and patiently he'd been waiting, until now. He'd given her enough time to get come to an understanding –that she was an adult and allowed to have this type of relationship. And he'd just have to show her – now.

Kenpachi hadn't expected to be able to get his chance so early, but she'd presented an opening by being in the hot springs so late at night. Tonight, he wouldn't deny his desire for the healer. Shedding his robe, he slipped into the water behind her.

The sloshing sounds of water, alerted Retsu to his presence first, then she'd turned and saw Captain Zaraki standing opposite of her, He stopped moving when she turned to look at him. She eyed the edge of the hot spring, but decided to stop avoiding him. It was better if she just got all this out of the way so as not to hamper their work relation.

"Can I help you Captain Zaraki?" she asked, with a sigh. She hadn't wanted him to show up when she'd been thinking about him. "If it's about that night, it was a one time thing."

"Don't call me that!" he yelled, moving closer and grabbing her by the arms roughly. "You're running scared like a coward."

"I'm not running from anything," she said stubbornly, her hands placed on his chest to push him away from her.

"Liar," he said, cutting her from her movements. She stiffened. Her eyes slanted as she looked up at him, lips pressed firmly together. "You're scared of that night. Believing you're not allowed to have those desires – to be passionate. I've been giving you time, but tonight I'll not release you."

"What?" she asked not understanding the chaotic captain.

"You heard me," he growled, as he let her go, giving her a choice. "Stop running from me. Don't make me repeat myself, Retsu."

"Kenpachi…." She breathed and she did what she'd been waiting to do a week ago, she hurled herself at him.

Retsu's arms wrapped around the expansion of Kenpachi's shoulders and put her lips to his. He grunted as her body hit against his, not from pain but from pleasure, as her breasts were pushed flat against his chest. He let his hands lazily fall on her hips, pulling her closer to him. She wasn't going to run anymore, not when she was still burning from his touch from weeks ago.

Retsu shivered, as she felt his coarse hands slide over her ass, fingers digging into her muscles and lifting her pelvis to his. His arousal pressed against the juncture of her thighs. A moan tore through her lips – her head flung back, breaking the kiss. Kenpachi didn't mind, he pressed his lips against her throat. He nibbled along her throat to her collar bone. As his mouth started to dip lower to her breast Retsu slide her left leg up along Kenpachi's body, and hooked her knee around his hip. This allowed Kenpachi to loosen his hold on Retsu, her back leaning back slightly as his mouth took the puckered nipple into his mouth.

A whimper escaped her throat, her eyes closed as she got caught up in the moment. She was already ready for him; it hadn't taken much seduction for her body to be humming for him. Retsu moved one of her hands along his neck and yanked on his hair – hard. He seemed to get the message as his mouth let go of her breast and his grip on her ass tightened, almost painfully, before he thrust himself into her and all she felt was pleasure.

Kenpachi let out a rough breath against her cheek, before he started moving within her. She was just as tight and hot as the last time, they'd had sex. Retsu's head rested on his shoulder, as Kenpachi did all of the work. He controlled their movements and the pace. She felt his arms flexing, as he pressed her into him then away, and she let out another shiver of pleasure just thinking about it. The water seemed to make everything slicker and hotter, as it sloshed against her thighs and bare ass. The sensation pushed her over the edge, as her orgasm over came her. Retsu's mind seemed to go unconscious as all she could do was feel.

It wasn't much later, that she seemed to come down from her high and found herself once again straddling Kenpachi's lap as he sat in the hot spring. Only this time she wasn't drunk and he was nibbling on her breasts. She let out a loud sigh, and his head came up as he leaned back against back of the hot spring.

"No more running," she said, smiling. "I just hope this doesn't cause too much of an up roar."

"Who the hell cares," was all he said, before he started to continue his previous course of action. And the moment Kenpachi's lips enclosed her nipple, she didn't give a damn either.