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This is my second story that I've made. This is sort of like a side story for my Rewritten: Pokemon and Temple of the Sea. One of my friends adore Crystal so I wrote this story for my friend. It is mostly about Crystal's Johto adventures and she meets Jimmy later. Both of them get into trouble with Team Rocket later (not Jessie and James from the anime; I hate those two characters!).

Crystal is a coordinator and pokemon reasearcher. Jimmy is a trainer. (just to let you know)

I wanted to use the name "Gold" for the male progantist, but what kind of parent would name their child "Gold"? Sounds too weird. I hope this story would be as good as my other story, and I would really love reviews. (I only have 3 reviewers for my other story TT).

I am not going into big details on the characters outfit or looks. I did it in my last story and lets just say my fingers were killing me. (My characters are suppose to look like and have some personalities like Marina and Jimmy from the anime and Gold and Crystal from the manga.)

Anways... on to the chapter!

Chapter 1:

The sky was light blue. There were no clouds, no disturbing noises or pollution- just a couple of Pidgeys chirping as they streaked across the sky. Ahh, paradise, Crystal thought as she continued to lie on her back, watching the clouds. She was traveling across Johto for a while now when she decided to take a break by taking a nap while lying down in the flowery field she came across. After so much stress during the pass few days, Crystal was really glad to have this special break.

As a Pokemon catching expert, Professor Elm gave her a job to capture every Pokemon for him to research. This wouldn't have been a problem... if the types of Pokemon stop increasing so fast. Crystal frowned, remembering that she captured only some of the Pokemon in Johto before Professor Oak and Professor Birch made her go to Kanto and Hoenn to continue capturing Pokemon that they specifically requested. It was just a pain in the butt to work with such ambivalent guys. She had to keep going back and forth through the different regions, and showing off her passport was becoming a daily accessory. Good thing she was getting paid for doing this.

It cost so much money to capture all of those Pokemon (All the shopkeepers were shock when Crystal bought 99 Pokeballs and then return the next day to buy another 99.), and it took so much time to get all the Pokemons she caught out of her PC and give it to Professor Elm, Oak, and Birch.

Crystal sighed as she got up. She checked her Pokegear that she hung around her neck. It read 12:07 pm. Alright, time to get back to work. Crystal got up and stretched her long legs and shook her cerulean blue pigtails that were sticking out of her small gray swimming cap. Crystal jumped down from the small hill she was on, and landed on the dusty road.

"Arcanine, come on out!" Crystal shouted as she threw her Pokeball in the air. Her large fire dog Pokemon came out, howling loud enough to cause some Rattatas and Sandshrews to scamper off. Crystal jumped onto her Pokemon's back, feeling the soft fur of her Pokemon through her fingers.

"Come on Arcanine; let's get into the next town! There's some Pokemons there to catch!" Crystal yelled, pointing towards the small town in the distance. Arcanine nodded for a moment, and then ran towards the direction that Crystal pointed.


"So... we're at Cherrygrove City again," Jimmy murmured as he observed the small town. Still not much of a city, he thought, checking his Pokegear. The place was just a small town. There was hardly any civilization from the looks of things. Most of the houses were one story, with vines and flowers as their only decoration. There were hardly any civilians outside, as if they were afraid to come out... as if something dangerous was outside. Jimmy sighed as he continued to pedal his bike down the road. After stopping in front of the Pokemon Center, Jimmy took off of his bike goggles and placed them over his hat that he wore backwards. He locked his bike in one of the bike racks that the center provides.

Then he opened the glass doors and went directly to the counter where Nurse Joy was, who was frantically making important phone calls. It seemed to be a lot noisier than in a most typical Pokemon Centers.

"Hi Nurse Joy, I'm here to heal my Pokemon," Jimmy said casually as he passed his Pokeballs across the counter. Nurse Joy immediately put down the phone for a moment and gave the Pokeballs to a Chansey next to her. The Chansey went through the door behind Nurse Joy where the machine was that could automatically heal Pokemon.

"Where were your Pokemon injured?" Nurse Joy asked urgently. Jimmy, who was starting to walk to the back of the room to wait, looked up, startled.

"Excuse me?" Jimmy asked puzzlingly.

"Where were they injured?" Nurse Joy asked again, "We've been having problems with that wild Pokemon. It's been really hectic here, since more and more trainers are appearing with injured Pokemon that fought this wild Pokemon. I need to know where you saw it." Jimmy, now even more confused, shook his head.

"I'm sorry; I just got here. I have no idea what you're talking about," Jimmy replied. He raised one of his eyebrows as if waiting for an explanation.

"Oh... Alright then, just be careful and leave town as soon as possible. Until our responder to our email comes, we will be unable to ensure safety to your Pokemons. Excuse me for right now, I'm really busy," Nurse Joy said, returning to her phone calls which seemed to have increased in just a couple of minutes.

Looks like I won't get an explanation... Jimmy sighed as he walked over to the waiting room and sat in one of the empty couches. He suddenly noticed that there were indeed more Pokemon trainers than usual in this Pokemon Center. Most of the trainers' faces were filled with horror and concerned as they paced around in the room, waiting for news of their injured Pokemon. Some of the others were huddled around in the room, gossiping their story.

"It just jumped up from behind and started to attack me," a girl with red pigtails said, "My Clefairy was immediately knocked down in one attack. Luckily I used my Abra's Teleport and managed to get to this Pokemon Center."

"Yeah, I thought I was done for," a boy with a blue cap said quietly, "My Rattata was almost finished off. I managed to lose it with my Magby's Smoke Screen. I thought I was a goner." The kid shook his head as he remembered the horrible event. Jimmy listened to these stories with amazement.

What kind of strong Pokemon could cause so much damage in such a short amount of time? Seems like a worthy Pokemon to battle, Jimmy thought, grinning slightly. Although he doesn't look like it, at the age of 11, his Pokemon were almost unbeatable. He already got four badges from the first four Johto gym leaders.

The only reason why he was here in Cherrygrove City, one of the first cities that Jimmy passed through here when he just became a trainer, was because he was running low on cash and needed to withdraw some from his mom, who lived in New Bark Town. Jimmy was glad that his mom was holding his cash even though she did sometimes bought random things for his room with his money. The last time Jimmy came home, he saw that his mom decorated the room with hundreds of Pokemon plush toys that she saw on sale. It soon led to a huge teenager fight about personal space and privacy.

In the end, however, Jimmy had to leave the toys where they were when his mom threatened to not cook dinner for him. Cursed the power of his mom's cooking... He had decided to stay home for a two weeks to make up for his attitude before he started to get back on his journey.

Jimmy lied down on the couch and sighed. As soon as his Pokemon was healed, he'll go and settle this problem. Hey, maybe they'll even give me a medal. Before he knew it, Jimmy fell fast asleep on the couch, dreaming of victories and adventures. If he had stayed up a bit longer, he would have realized that the Cherrygrove's problem would soon be fixed.

But then again if he did, he wouldn't be able to start on a new adventure.


Nurse Joy was talking to Officer Jenny on the phone when another trainer came through the door.

Another one? Nurse Joy thought, wishing this day was over. She still had Pokemons that needed to be healed, papers to write, and phone calls to make. She sincerely hoped that the responder to her email will come soon.

"Jenny, I'll call you back later; I have another trainer whose Pokemons need to be healed," Joy said wearily on the phone. The trainer stood behind the counter, waiting patiently.

"Alright Joy; thank you for your information. Get some rest as soon as possible," Jenny said on the other line. Joy put down the phone and turned straight ahead towards the trainer.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center. I suppose you would also want your Pokemon healed. Do you know where the wild Pokemon attacked?" Nurse Joy asked reaching her hands over to take the Pokeballs. The trainer merely stood there, reading off of a piece of paper, as if confirming something.

"You're the one who sent out the help needed list right?" The trainer asked holding up the paper for Nurse Joy to see. On the paper was a small picture of the wild Pokemon, badly drawn, and information about the problem in Cherrygrove.

"Yes, I did," Nurse Joy said puzzlingly. The trainer smiled, gave the paper to Nurse Joy.

"Alright then, I'll start on the job immediately. Like I said on the email, all I want in return is the wild Pokemon," the trainer smiled and walked out of the door, leaving a shocked Nurse Joy behind the counter.

"Hold on a minute!" Nurse Joy yelled. The trainer stopped at the door and turned around to face Nurse Joy.

"You're the one that responded to our email?" The trainer nodded.

"You're the one who is an expert in these kinds of situations?" The trainer nodded again, a little bit more impatiently than before.

"But... but... you're a kid!" Nurse Joy sputtered, with her eyes wide with shock. The trainer grinned as if receiving comments like these were normal.

"Don't worry. I guarantee you that I will be able to capture this wild Pokemon. It's my job," the trainer responded calmly.

The trainer opened the door and stepped out into the sunlight. A strong breeze came up, causing her blue pigtails to dance in the wind.

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