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Chapter 89:

"Hey!" Ellen came barging in the police station. "I heard about the incident." Her sister, Nellie, came in after her. The police station was chaotic. One of the officers almost collided into Ellen and didn't even stop to apologize. Sitting in the precinct, lined up in a row on the bench, were the original group of trainers who traveled on the S.S. Anne – Kina, Alex, and Chaison. None of them looked happy and seemed bored out of their mind.

"Is everybody okay?"

"Pretty much," Alex said, shrugging his shoulders. "I just got finished with part 'one' of my interrogation. They really love to repeat their questions over and over again…"

"There is some sort of emergency so we're just waiting to be interrogated," Kina said, pointing to herself and Chaison. The guy looked grumpy. He wanted to hang out with that pretty Ana girl but the stupid police officers dragged him away again, claiming they needed a more formal interview and now they're putting him on hold.

Nellie looked around, realizing that they were short of one person.

"Where is TK? Is he being interrogated now?"


"Gone? What do you mean 'gone'?"

"He disappeared," Alex explained. "Vanished after that incident. Oh and by the way, the TK I'm talking about is the real one though the fake TK escaped as well."

"Wait, WHAT?!"

"You don't know?" Chaison looked up surprised at Ellen's gaping jaw. "I thought it would be all over the news by now."

"Know what? All I heard is that Team Rocket attacked you guys. I didn't hear anything about them pretending to be TK."

"I don't think the police would want to share that information to the media anyways," Alex mentioned wisely.

"Oh, well actually, Team Rocket had also infiltrated our ship and that was when one of them disguised as TK."

"WHAT?!" Ellen exclaimed again. "They infiltrated on our SHIP?!" Nellie looked too shock for words. Kina decided to elaborate of the entire situation – about Jean figuring out about the fake TK, the culprit (Petrel) and Lt. Surge almost destroying the entire ship – and by the time Kina was finished, Ellen seemed to be too shock for words as well.

"I-I don't get it. First off, ewww. It's gross that this thirty something year old man would dress up TK, but more importantly… why?"

That was the million dollar question on everybody's mind. Team Rocket got exposed as a result of the incident and there were one or two grunts that were successfully captured. Why go through all that risk to disguise as some random trainer? Unless, TK was not just some random trainer.

"Don't know," Alex shrugged his shoulders. "I just know that he bolted after that incident." There was a stony silence, wondering what could have happened.

"Well who cares about him," Ellen finally said. "I'm here for my contest. I don't need to be concern about a kid like him." She sounded nonchalant, but Nellie could tell that her sister was worried and was trying to hide the fact.

"You said Jean is here as well?" Nellie asked, feeling the need for some answers to other questions.

"Yeah…" Chaison nodded before he realized they forgot to mention something, "Oh, and Crystal and Jimmy are here as well."

"R-really?!" Nellie turned red at the sound of Jimmy's name. "Where?"

"Well, Jimmy was sent to the hospital along with Lt. Surge. You should've heard the screaming. That gym leader's voice is ten times louder than those sirens. Oh, but Crystal left earlier. Said she had something to do."

"Such a shame Nellie," Ellen sighed dramatically, "Looks like you still have to deal with your love rival."

"Stop teasing me sis!" Nellie's face was incredibly red right now.

"Hey kids." Everybody jumped from the sudden voice and turned to see one of the random officers. "Officer Jenny would like to ask if you have seen this kid before." He held up a photo from the angle of what appeared to be the security camera. On it showed a kid with straight and shoulder length hair though the black and white photo made it impossible to know the color. Though the background was lacking in detail, he seemed to be in a clinic judging by the scrubs he was wearing. However, it was clearly obvious that he wasn't supposed to be there from the way he was sneaking around.

"Why? Is he important to the investigation?" Chaison asked, puzzled. The officer sighed, clearly impatient.

"Just answer the question." Ellen flashed an angry look but didn't say anything. Chaison frowned but remained silent as he took another glance at the photo.

"No, I don't think I ever saw him. Have you guys?"

Kina shook her head and Ellen and Nellie shrug their shoulders. Alex, on the other hand, leaned in closer to the photo and furrowed his eyebrows.


"Huh?" The guy jerked up his head at the sound of his name.

"Do you recognize him?"

"Oh, no," Alex shook his head and didn't elaborate. The officer gave a sigh but didn't seem to be surprised by the lack of recognition.

"All right, thanks anyways." And just like that he disappeared.

"What was that about?" Ellen said, muttering to herself.

"No clue," Kina shrugged. "But if they are asking us about him, then he probably has something to do with Team Rocket."

Unconscious on the ground, Silver woke up with a start and flung wildly upward to a sitting position. He gasped for air as he tried to gather his bearing.

"Oh good you're awake." Silver turned to the sound of the voice and saw the familiar face. Crystal looked the same as the last time Silver saw her. Her jacket was grimy and her sneakers were covered in mud. She looked tired but relieved as well after seeing Silver was up. Silver's heart rate slowed down as he realized that he was not in danger.

"Remember me? I'm Crystal. We met back at Burnt Tower with that incident." Crystal was sitting with her back against one of the tree trunks. Her blue hair seemed out of place in the green and dark forest. Next to her was a giant red mushroom that was making weird clicking sounds. Upon closer look, Silver realized that it was actually a Parasect. Puffs of spores were released from the poke-a-dots on the top of the mushroom as it heavily breathed in and out.

"Drink this," Crystal handed a water canteen to the dazed guy. "Your body needs to replenish the fluid it lost." Realizing now how thirsty he was, Silver drained down all of the contents in heavy gulps. He didn't care about etiquette at the moment. There was a sudden cawing sound from above and when Silver looked up, he saw his Pokémon's worried face.

"Your Murkrow was really concerned about you," Crystal said, nodding her head to the bird Pokémon as it circled around Silver like some strange halo. "It took quite a bit of convincing to come near you."

Slowly, everything was coming back to Silver – last night's fiasco, the injuries. Silver touched his forehead to feel the cut and was surprised to find the lack of a wound and of dried blood. He then looked down realized his shirt was removed and the freshly new bandages were wrapped around his injuries, even the ones around his waist. Silver realized that the pain associated with the wounds had lessened.

"You were badly injured," Crystal explained to Silver's puzzled look. "I was afraid that you had an infection so I had to take off your shirt and apply some of my Parasect's spore medication." Crystal's matter-of-fact tone made things even more awkward in her explanation. Blushing red now after realizing that a girl tended to his wounds, Silver tried to hide his embarrassment as he attempted to get back onto his feet. He needed to get out of here. Having Team Rocket escape was not part of the plan and now that they know about him, Silver didn't have the freedom he once had.

"Whoa! Don't do that!" Silver's legs immediately buckled from the weight and if it wasn't for the nearby tree, Silver would've crashed to the ground again. Instead, his body managed to crash heavily against the tree.

"See. I told you." Crystal came over to help Silver, but the guy roughly shoved away Crystal's hand. Crystal's worried face was replaced with bewilderment and then with annoyance.

"Don't," Silver spoke finally as he gritted his teeth in pain, "I can take care of myself." Murkrow looked hesitant now. Silver needed Crystal's help but the guy's stubbornness was making it difficult. Crystal's Parasect was in the background, waiting patiently for the situation to unfold though still on alert.

"I can see that," Crystal said coolly and slightly sarcastically, "But as of now, you are in no shape of traveling, much less falling out of trees again." Silver looked away, not wanting to discuss this. His breaths became heavier as he tried to take a couple of small steps. Crystal watched as the guy continued to struggle to keep his balance.

"Okay, then. Can I ask what are you doing here?" Crystal questioned. "You don't seem like the kind who would be here on vacation. Did you get into some kind of fight?" Her tone was stubborn as though she wasn't going to leave without an answer.

"It's none of your business," the trainer snapped immediately. Crystal realized that she had touched a nerve. Knees shaking now, Silver finally gave up and slid back down to the ground; Crystal remained standing, however and looked down at the exhausted trainer.

"You really should go to the hospital. I don't want your wounds to open again."

"I appreciate your concern," Silver said, sounding anything but appreciative, "But I'm not asking for your help."

"I wasn't waiting for the invitation," Crystal said coldly. "Why is it so hard for you to accept my help? I could get a doctor here if you want."

"No! You are not to tell anybody about my location," Silver snapped. "If you do I'll…" Silver faltered when he saw Crystal's reaction. She saw the hatred in his eyes and backed away. Immediately, Silver regretted his choice of words. He should not have expressed his anger like that on Crystal, but unable to say sorry, he awkwardly just remained silent. Finally, it was Crystal who broke the silence.

"You should be better in a couple of days as long as you keep changing your bandages." Crystal took out a small plastic bag of what appeared to be small yellow puffballs. Before Silver could object, Crystal placed the bag into the guy's gloved hands. "These are some of Parasect's spores. Apply that to your wound before you go to sleep."

There was an immediate awkward silence. Silver didn't what to say, but Crystal's tone suggested that she was done with trying to nice.

"I'll get you something to eat and then I promise I won't help anymore okay?" Silver didn't say anything but his growling stomach did.

"I'll take that as a yes?" More silence before Crystal finally gave up. "Okay, I'll see you later Red."

"Red?" Silver looked up, confused. Did he just hear Crystal clearly?

"I never got your name back at Burnt Tower. The only thing I really know about you is that you have red hair," Crystal shrugged her shoulders. For a moment, her eyes looked sad. "You're a pretty mysterious guy, but I still cannot really call you a complete stranger… or a bad person." She turned away and walked down the path that led out of the forest and back into the festival. Not once did she look back.

Silver realized that Crystal was right. She didn't know anything about him... yet, she saved his life. What kind of person was he to just disregard her kindness? No, he can't get let his emotions get the best of him. His mission is more important… The bag of spores hung limply at his side as Silver continued to battle opposite thoughts in his mind.


"Huh?" Crystal turned in surprise, not expecting any comments from the guy. In fact, she wasn't even sure he had spoken.

"Don't call me Red. My name is Silver," the trainer repeated. For a brief moment, it felt like Silver had finally opened up about himself and Crystal's eyes widened with surprise before she smiled calmly.

"Okay then," Crystal said. "I'll see you later Silver."

Jimmy gingerly rubbed his shoulders and immediately felt sharp spikes of pain running through his arm. The doctor said that he should be fine as long as he rested up, but Jimmy wasn't going to follow that guy's orders just yet until he caught up with Crystal. Ana had said that Crystal was signing up for the Pokémon Contest. That shouldn't take too long so what was the holdup? He tried calling her Pokegear but no answer which just irritated him more.

But something else was gnawing on his mind. Team Rocket… They came back. Jimmy thought for sure after so long that they were no longer a problem after that incident back at Illex Forest, but everything that has been happening so far said otherwise. More importantly, were they still after Crystal? Of all the questions he had, that one bugged him the most.

"Hey, you stupid idiot with the Pokegear!" Jimmy looked up, wondering who was hollering so loudly. In the mist of the crowd, he immediately recognized that blond hair girl that almost knocked him out. Her goggles were up so her eyes were magnified ten times like last time.

"Yeah," the girl continued, glaring at Jimmy, "I'm talking to you!"

"You…" Jimmy growled, still remembering the punch in the face. "What do you want?"

"Aura!" Someone from behind gave a playful but firm punch on the head. "Be polite. You caused bodily harm on an innocent person. I suggest you start by being nice and apologize."

"Sure Logan," Aura grumbled, staring up at the tall red hair trainer.

"Sorry about that," Logan said to Jimmy. "She is an idiot."


"Well, you are."

"Umm," Jimmy turned his attention away from the two bickering trainers and noticed that the other girl had an Eevee clutched in her arms. "H-hi. I'm Bri."

"Yeah… you're that girl with the kidnapped Eevee." Jimmy noticed how unhappy the little baby Pokémon was as it struggled out of its trainer's grasp.

"Yes… umm… thank you for saving my Eevee," Bri exclaimed, bowing low. The little Evee tried to escape since it was closer to the ground. "You're a really great person."

"Ah no, it's okay," Jimmy felt uneasy at the praise. Normally, he would've been puffing out his chest and such but he lost his enthusiasm today. He was extremely distracted after realizing the entire attack at the harbor was Team Rocket's doing.

"Aura, it's your turn now. Remember what we promised," Logan snapped at the stubborn blond hair girl.

"Fine. I'm sorry." Aura rolled her eyes, clearly not looking sorry as she said she was.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Jimmy rolled his eyes, clearly anxious to leave so he can try and find Crystal.

"Hey, I apologize. You could act a bit nicer!"

"That wasn't even a heartfelt apology," Logan retorted back on Jimmy's behalf. He looked like he wanted to get this over with but Aura was not making this any easier. Bri looked slightly terrified and was trying to decide if she wanted to jump in or not, but…

"Look, I don't care," Jimmy said, looking irritated now, "I don't have time to waste to deal with something petty as this."

"Ha, you think you're all that pretty boy?" Aura grinned and lowered her goggles to her face. "Then I challenge you to a Pokémon battle."

"Huh?" Everybody looked slightly baffled at the sudden challenge – except Logan. He knew Aura well enough that she handled arguments with Pokémon battles. Her recklessness was what got her into more trouble that necessary.

"We each use one Pokémon. First one to have their Pokémon faint is the loser. If you lose, you have to admit you can't win against a girl."

"Auraaaaaa," Logan looked like he was going to smack the girl for her rudeness. "I want to get back to training. If you're going to battle then I won't stay and watch."

"Fine then," Jimmy said, taking out his Poke ball. "If I win you have to stop bugging me!"

"Ha, fine then," Aura said as well. She immediately put on her goggles and threw her Poke ball into the air. "Let's go Skarmory!"

The festival was still going despite the incident at the harbor earlier. Kids were running around while shop keepers were trying to advertise their goods to passersby. However, there was a sense of urgency in the shadows.

"I wonder how much he eats," Crystal muttered to herself as she lifted the heavy bag of food. The only guy she really knew was Jimmy and their entire journey together made Crystal learned that it was possible to throw up after only watching someone else eat. But Silver did look thin so maybe extra food wouldn't hurt…

Now that Crystal thought about it, Silver was really different from the other guys she had met – definitely quiet and not friendly. He was nothing like Jimmy who was more rash, loud, and annoying. If anything, the two were complete opposite. But even though Silver seemed a loner, his eyes suggested that he wanted to be anything but lonely. He seemed to be holding a lot inside of him.

"Crystal!" Flinching at the sound of her name, Crystal looked around and noticed a ten year old young girl with short black hair waving and coming toward to her. She had on a sleeveless yellow dress with sandals and her face had a look of annoyance.

"Geez, I'm been screaming your name for good minute. I've been trying to call you the entire time. Jasmine got worried." The little girl held out her Pokegear hung around her neck. "What is going on?"

"Janina?" Crystal blinked in recognition at the familiar face, "What are you doing here?"

The girl put her hands on her hips and frowned. "Crystal, are you joking? Did you already forget your promise with Jasmine? I came here to pick up the medicine."

Crystal immediately turned red with embarrassment. She did forget. She had been so caught up with all the other stuff that the promise for the medicine was completely forgotten.

"I'm so sorry," Crystal admitted. She reached into her bag and handed the brown package she had obtained from Cinawood and handed it over to Janina. "I completely forgot. There were… a lot of things going on. The thing at the harbor…"

"Wait, what?" Janina's eyes widened. "You were there? The thing is all over the news right now though why everybody on the island is so relaxed is beyond my understanding."

Crystal shrugged her shoulders. She felt guilty for making up excuses, but she was telling the truth about the situation. "And not to mention that terrible storm as well. It totally messed up my schedule."

The girl sighed, looking exhausted for the first time.

"Well, I guess I can understand that. Jasmine had called me just a minute ago, warning me that Team Rocket might still be out at sea. Speaking of which, she wants me to give you her thanks for helping out."

"No problem. I'm just glad to be of service."

"Say, what's that you have there?" Before Crystal could explain, Janine snatched the bag and took a quick look inside.

"Nachos, corn on the cob, hotdog, juice boxes, turkey legs, cotton candy… I didn't know you like all this food." Last time Janina remembered, Crystal wasn't really into junk food or food with high amount of sugar.

"Ah well, it's not for me."

"Who? Your boyfriend?"

"What? No. I don't have a boyfriend!" Crystal turned red in embarrassment.

"Uh huhhhh." Janina didn't look like she believed a word Crystal had said.

"I'm serious," Crystal exclaimed and then looked around to make sure no one was watching, "Anyways, I need to go somewhere so don't worry about me."

"Wait!" But Crystal took the bag of food back, left, and disappeared in the crowd.

Geez, what is going on?

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