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Chapter 92:

Just outside the Pokémon Contest building…

"Now, let us introduce Brianna!"

The large television screen hanging from the top of the contest building broadcasted a girl with messy black hair. She was wearing a stylish gray and purple T-shirt with a matching gray skirt. On the way to the stage, she almost tripped over her high tops but managed to recover at the last minute. She gave an embarrassing grin before taking out her Poke ball.

"Come on out Raichu!" A large orange mouse Pokémon hopped out and onto the stage. "Start things off with a Thunderbolt!"

"RAIIIII!" The entire stage was showered with thick bolts of lightning."

"Oh my, the entire area is raining thunderbolts! What a powerful attack!" The entire water field was crackling with electricity and glowed yellow from its depth.

In the midst of the crowd that was watching, red-haired Silver stared at the screen. He didn't know what compelled him, but he suddenly found himself staring at the large screen in front of the Contest building.

But he needed to leave. Silver couldn't just stand here. The trip to Olivine City was a long one and it would be more difficult to travel once nightfall came. Truthfully, he didn't see much of the appeal of the contests. And why were there so many people competing? At this rate, they'll never finish by nightfall. Of course, Silver kept telling himself that he didn't stay here in hopes of watching Crystal. He was just curious about the contest… that's all. Yet, Silver couldn't stop watching despite growing more and more bored by the minute.

But everybody here seems to enjoy it. Everybody's faces were glued to the screen. There were looks of excitement, and there were a few kids clapping with joy.

"Oh and now Raichu is using a Quick Attack and is streaking across the stage but avoiding the lightning at the same time." The judges were giving comments as well, but the crowd was making too much noise to hear now. The Bri girl smiled and was walking off stage by the time the people quieted down.

"Hey that girl was good," a man near Silver commented.

"Yeah, it looks like the competition is going to be really good," the man's friend said, "I'm glad we got to host it here even after that fiasco with some remnants of Team Rocket a couple of days ago."

Wait, what? Despite the blazing sun burning down on his neck, the air seemed to have turned chillier around Silver.

"Good thing, the battle didn't reach the mainland," the man said and then added, "You know some of those contestants were involved with the fighting."

"Really! Hah! That'll show those losers that the new generation is not backing down."

Team Rocket… here?! Was that why the boss was calling everybody back so unexpectedly? But, the phone call… there was no mention… Or was the boss purposely hiding that information for a reason? These thoughts continued to swirl around Silver's mind as he forced himself to remain calm.

"Word on the street is that one of those Team Rocket people even disguised as the gym leader or something and held him hostage," the man continued the conversation.

"Really, I heard he disguised as a trainer. Or at least that's what my buddy who is friend with a cop told me."

"But that's impossible, the guy is at least thirty years old. Weren't all the trainers there like in their teens?" The two guys were laughing at the notion, failing to notice the implication of their conversation on the horrified Silver.

If what these men were saying was true then that means that Team Rocket wasn't done yet. And the as for the mysterious man who disguised himself, Silver knew him quite well. But what was Team Rocket doing on this island when the leader of Team Aqua was hospitalized on another island? He immediately pushed his way out of the crowd, who were now cheering for the next contestant coming up on stage. He winced in agony as he searched for a deserted area in the forest. The wound he had received had not fully healed yet and the stress he was putting on it now was opening it up again. Ignoring the pain, Silver took out his Pokegear and hit the redialed button.

"Silver?" the man's irritated voice finally answered the phone. "What is it now?"

"Why didn't you tell me that Team Rocket was on Blue Isle?" There was a long silence on the other line.

"Young man, I don't like that tone you're-."

"So you did know," Silver said accusingly. "Care to explain why you didn't tell me?"

"That was information that needed to be discussed during the meeting," the man said angrily. "Are you still on the island? I told you to get off and back to the mainland."

"If you told me, I could've gathered some information!" I could've taken revenge.

"While being on every wanted poster on the island? Not a chance. Besides, we figured out their true objective and wh-." The man paused, realizing that in his anger and haste, he had revealed too much.

"What?! Tell me!" Silver knew that the boss was fuming on the other line but continued to yell. "I've been searching my whole life for Team Rocket ever since that day five years ago. You cannot just keep things from me."

"Silver," the man said in a strangely calm voice. "You have some nerve to order me around. Know your place first before you start demanding things." Silver realized that he went too far and needed to make amends fast if he wanted to stay on the man's good side.

"Boss, I-!"

"I am no longer your boss," the voice said coldly. "Our contract has been terminated." Silver felt as though he had been slapped in the face.

"N-no, you can't… You can't do this!"

"I believe I've already have." Before Silver could make a retort, the man hung up. For several long minutes, Silver just stared at his Pokegear. Out of sheer desperation, he tried dialing the number again, but all he got back was a voice recording, saying that the phone number was no longer in service. Everything was falling out of place. The one source for all of his Team Rocket information was gone. And for the first time in a long time, Silver didn't have a plan.

Meanwhile, inside the Pokémon Contest…

"Please welcome our next coordinator – Crystal!"

"Go Crystal!" Nellie yelled as best as she could and then realized she yelled a little bit louder than she intended. She immediately turned red and sank into her seat when she saw the stares she was getting.

Unlike Nellie, Crystal didn't mind getting into the spotlight and nodded pleasantly. She still felt nervous, but she wasn't going to let that affect her performance. "Let's go! Misdreavus!" Crystal threw the Poke ball into the air. In a flash of darkness, the ghost Pokémon floated right next to its trainer. The Pokémon gave a mysterious snicker and its glowing red eyes gave off a mischievous look.

"Shadow Ball!" Many dark spherical auras slammed into the water and upon impact a small tidal wave spread across the area. "Now Psybeam!" While the Pokémon was spinning around in a graceful spiral, Misdreavus' eyes glowed and shot out multi-color beams. The waves were immediately infused with the colors of the rainbow.

"Oh wow, how beautiful! Misdreavus has used a powerful Psybeam that managed to spread through the water with such gracefulness," the announcer, Laura, admired at the sight, "It looked as though the Northern Lights had been captured and infused into the water." There was a lot of 'ahhing' from the audience at the gorgeous sight.

"It's beautiful," Nellie gushed at the sight. "Crystal's skills are amazing!"

"Hmm, not bad," Alex said, unable to say anything else. Chaison nodded as well though he kept glancing at the board and hoping for Ana's name to show up soon.

"Beautiful and remarkable!" Mr. Sukizo said.

"A very nice performance," Mr. Contesta said, giving his input as a judge.

"It takes great effort to use the Psybeam to penetrate through the water but not destroy them. That takes great skills." Although she was not a professional contest judge, the sea priestess, Maya, seemed rather knowledgeable about the skills these coordinators were showing.

"The judges seem pleased. Let's see if Crystal has what it takes to get to the next round!" Laura said. Crystal smiled and bowed respectively before heading off stage. "Now, let's bring out our next contestant! Cassandra!"

Waiting room…

Instead of feeling happy of the praise from the judges, the dejected Crystal sat down on the bench and sighed. The smile she had on before disappeared immediately. "I can't believe I messed up."

Misdreavus looked rather sad and dejected as it floated next to her. Crystal immediately rubbed its gray wavy hair. "It is not your fault. You worked so hard for this but I wasn't doing my part of the performance. I'm sorry."

"Crystal. There you are." Ana came into the room. Getting ready for her performance, she was halfway done giving Walerin a final clean up before the big performance. There was a gleam in Walerin's coat, and his tusks seemed to shine under the light.

"Great performance," Ana said, waving to the television before her where Cassandra was showing off her Buizel's Aqua Jet.

"Really? Be honest." Ana fell silent when she noticed how serious Crystal looked.

"My honest opinion?... Not one of your best performances. Passable, but not great. Your Shadow Ball attack was sloppy and inconsistent in hitting the water, so the waves were not of the same height. You started the Psybeam attack a little bit too late as well."

"I see," Crystal sighed but she did not seem surprise with the critique. She had immediately suspected it when she saw the results. She should've practiced on the timing more.

"Seriously, what is wrong?" Ana asked and then sat down next to her friend. "You've been like this since the start… no, even before the contest." Crystal shrugged her shoulders, unable to find the right words to say.

"I feel like I've hit a rut."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Not really," Crystal said. She paused for a moment before adding, "But I promise I'll tell you about it later. After this contest."

"Okay," Ana said, realizing how considerate Crystal was. The coordinator didn't want to hinder anybody with her own personal problem. But unfortunately, Ana thought sadly, it was that kind of mentality that cause her to crash and burn in the end. Ana tried her best to cover the awkward situation and started to scrub her Walerin's back.

"YOHOO!" The two coordinators turned to see Ellen and Kina coming over. Above Ellen's head was her floating Jumpluff. "Hey guys! And Crystal; that was a nice performance!"

"Thanks," Crystal said, smiling. "Your Jumpluff was amazing. I think your performance was one of the most colorful ones."

"Aww, thanks," Ellen grinned. "I worked really hard on that move. I'm so glad the judges were praising so much. Oh hey, did you hear about Jean? Kina just told me."

"Jean? That coordinator on the ship with the Blastoise?"

"Yeah, her. The one who destroyed a dome when she was battling against me," Ellen grinned, remembering the memory quite well.

"She was kind of arrested here on the island," Kina explained, "and the people from the cruise heard about it. They still want her to pay for the damage, so they're coming over from Cianwood."

"More importantly, I get to give those penny pinchers that delayed sweet revenge I promised them," Ellen added, relishing on the thought.

"Oh! That means we're going to see Rav and Liv again," Crystal said.

"Who?" Kina said, not recalling the names.

"The two musicians who were on the boat," Crystal explained. "I saw them when I was there at Cianwood yesterday."

"Oh those two lovebirds!" Ellen exclaimed. "They were pretty nice. Well, I didn't really talk to them much though, but I can totally tell that the girl was soooo into that guy."

"Wait; hold on," Ana interrupted, "Is Jean going to be okay?" Ana was completely confused with what everybody was saying, but she was starting to wonder if Jean had mentioned her at all through the interrogation. What if the police found out that she covered for Jean?

"Don't know," Ellen admitted, shrugging her shoulders, and then pointed to her friend. "Kina went to visit her this morning, and she looked fine."

"She was bothering the people there a lot though, asking whether or not they found TK."


"The guy Petrel disguised as. Which I must say is probably the most nastiest thing ever," Ellen shuddered and gagged.

"They still haven't found him?"


"Where did that guy go? And who in the world was that Team Rocket guy who disguised him? There are way too many questions…" Ellen frowned and scratched her head.

"Thinking about it now isn't going to help," Ana pointed out. "Besides, we still got a Contest to finish. Let the police handle it. And besides, I'm assuming TK can take care of himself."

"Speaking of the Contest," Ellen grinned and pointed to the screen just as a coordinator was getting off stage, "You and Kina both need to get ready. Don't expect that you can just waltz up there and expect the ribbon that easily as long as I'm here."

"Of course," Ana said. Kina grinned in anticipation. "We're not planning let you win that easily."

One hour later…

"OOOO! It's Ana! Oh my gosh! I can't believe that's Ana! Ana is next!" Nellie said, shocked to see the girl's picture on the screen.

"Wait, you know Ana too?" Chaison looked surprised.

"Me and my sister knew her from Sinnoh. Wait, how do you know about her?" Nellie said, realizing that both of her friends recognized Ana's photo as well.

"She was at the battle with us against Team Rocket," Alex explained lazily and then remembered something, "Kina mentioned her when she told you guys."

"Oh! That was her?" Nellie's eyes grew wide with shock. "I didn't make the connection and it seemed like you just met her."

"Well, we sort of did. It looked like she knew Kina more than we did."

"Well, we definitely need to get together after this. And speaking of Kina, I still can't believe how amazing her Bayleef was."

"I guess," Alex said, shrugging his shoulders. Personally, he thought the Solar Beam was a little bit too blinding. There was a girl with the red hair who made better use with the Solar Beam with her Vileplume. But, he was too tired to say anything. The long lines of coordinators performing made him sleepy and slightly bored.

"Oh come on," Nellie said, reading Alex's mood, "That finish move was amazing! It was a dazzling effect on the water. And the pink petals from Bayleef's Petal Dance skimmed across the water so beautifully. Right Chaison?"

"Huh? Oh yeah," Chaison said, not listening to a word what the two trainers were saying. He was gazing back at the stage.

"Um, is it just me, or is Chaison acting funnier than usual," Nellie whispered, sounding concerned. Alex, feeling too exhausted now to even say a single word, merely shrugged his shoulders. He had an inkling of the feeling of what was going on but he decided to keep it to himself. There was no point

On the other hand, Chaison's excited face gave him the look of a giddy child. His heart seemed to beat faster when he saw the next coordinator come out. The brown hair girl stepped onto the stage with confidence. The water seemed to amplify her beauty.

"Come on out! Walreine!" Ana said, revealing a large blue walrus onto the field. "Let's start things off with a giant splash!" The large walrus, with surprising skill, jumped high into the air from crashing downward into the water. "Sheer Cold! Go!" Upon impact with the sparkling water, the whole arena froze into pillars of ice.

"Oh wow! What a powerful and yet beautiful attack! Ana has mastered to freezing the entire water stadium, something that only a few coordinators managed to do."

"Wowwwww," Chaison gushed. Nellie's eyes were wide with amazement and even Alex got up from his sleeping position to stare at the sight.

"But we're not here to just show power. We also have beauty. Walrein, use Aurora Beam!" The entire floor was now glittering with the colors of the rainbow.

"Amazing! The use of Walrein's attacks gave the locals here a taste of what winter is truly like. You can feel the chill in the air, relieving us from the hot sun." There was uproar from the crowd at the powerful appeal. Ana gave a pleased grin and waved to the crowd in appreciation for their support.

"Way to go ANA!" Chaison yelled. Nellie was jumping up and down from her seat. Alex even took the effort to get up and applaud as well.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially done with the appeal portions of the contest. The judges will have the scores ready! And everybody, let's give a round of applause to all of our coordinators who had participated in this contest!"

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