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EPOV-post Twilight, pre NM, never happend in my book Eclipse...haha

"Edward?" I heard an exquisite whisper at my door. Surprised, I jumped up and ran to the door. When I opened the oak barrier I was face to face with my love. Within seconds I was holding her fragile figure in my arms, she sighed in contentment. I wondered why she was at my house; Most of all how did she get here with out my knowledge. Either way, it was a wonderful surprise.

"Bella, what brings you here at this hour? I was going to leave for your house soon." I said releasing her. She looked at me with kind of an airy glazed expression. At first I figured that I had dazzled her.

"Oh, no reason, I just thought that…I might—might, drop…in" She swayed on her feet and looked at me with a vacant horror. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell to the ground stiff as a board, but I managed to catch her before she made contact with the floor.

"Bella? Bella?!" I cried as I held her not limp body. She wasn't breathing, her heart wasn't beating, and she was deathly cold. "Bella, please wake up, please, please, wake up!" I looked desperately around wondering where the rest of my family was; surely Alice saw this. I called out to them with no avail. Then suddenly Bella's eyes opened, but she continued not to breathe, her heart still had no pulse. When I looked into her eyes I still could not be relieved, her eyes were now a honey gold, and she had the familiar purple bruises under her butterscotch eyes. She smiled widely revealing her glistening teeth. Then a terrible pain shot through me, I began to take huge mouthfuls of necessary air, I saw color starting to rise in my skin and felt warmth radiate through me. I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror and my eyes were green and there were no traces of any purple bruises, then putting a hand over my heart I felt it, my heartbeat.

I was human.

"Edward? What's wrong" Bella asked in a confused manner. Her voice was so sweet and she was, if possible, even more beautiful, I was temporarily dumbstruck. This must have been what it was like to be dazzled. "Edward" Bella called waving her hand in front of my face. I was drawn out of my reverie.

"Bella! Something is wrong! What happened?" she appeared puzzled.

"What do you mean Edward? Everything is fine, you must have been dreaming." She laughed. Something definitely was not right.

"No Bella, you don't understand. Look at me! I'm human!" She glanced cautiously around.

"And…" I stared at her incredulously.

"And? And?! What do you mean and? I should be the vampire, not you!" I stared frantically around the room. "I've got to get out of here….now" I took off for the door, slowness startled me, but I didn't stop, I was fast, for a human that is, but I still wasn't fast enough. I smacked into a cold marble wall.

"Edward! Calm down! Its okay, you must have had a bad dream!" Bella restrained me almost effortlessly. I stared at her in fear. I vehemently shook my head. I was out of breath, a first, and I was light-headed. "Edward, you should be happy today of all days. Remember? It's your birthday!" She hugged me. Time seemed to freeze, my insides knotted up sickeningly.

"Bella, How old am I?" I whispered. Her forehead creased.

"Your 30 today! Are you okay?" My heart beat faster; I ran to the mirror, my face looked aged, tired. Older. Bella didn't look a day over than seventeen. Then something written, more like tattooed, on my neck caught my eye. It was three numbers. 09-01-2074. What did they mean? It almost looked like a date.

"Bella? What's this?" I asked pointing to the numbers.

"Edward what is wrong with you? Don't you remember? That's your expiration date" She said, the misunderstanding in her voice almost masking a strange sorrow. I gulped. It was a date.

"Be—Bella? Where is yours?" She laughed a dry and humorlessly. She yanked down her collar and just above her clavicle was, 00-00-0000. She smiled sadly, but it didn't even touch her eyes, which burned with anguish.

"I don't," She whispered as she gingerly touched the mark. Fear filled me. I had an idea of how Bella must have felt.

"Bella," my voice broke, a thousand different emotions hit me at once. I felt moisture fall down from my eyes, I realized that for the first time in almost a century, I was crying. Suddenly everything went black. I had been thrust into oblivion. I could hear nothing. I could feel nothing, and no light found my eyes, there was only emptiness.

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