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Chapter 1: Prolouge

A person is composed of three parts: a heart, a body and a soul. When a person falls to darkness, whether within or without, the parts of the person take on new forms.

As discovered by Ansem and his apprentices, when a heart succumbs to the shadows they become a Heartless, doomed to wander the worlds looking for other hearts to plunge into the darkness. They operate on instinct not on a higher purpose or even true intelligence but are still a dangerous threat.

When a person of a strong will is turned into a Heartless sometimes their body and soul will begin to act in a manner of its own. The body becomes perverted from its original form, twisted by the powers of nothingness.

These are the Nobodies.

They fight on a higher purpose than their Heartless brethren; searching for the hearts they lost to become complete.

But, what if the fraction of the Nobody were to fracture even more?

The body cannot exist long without a heart and so it will eventually dissipate into nothingness leaving behind a soul with no purpose and no existence whatsoever.

These are Fell Souls. They have carved out their own dimension and so do not interact with others much often but when they leave their world they do it to search out for someone strong to give them purpose.

Another question rises though, what if the fraction were to be completed again under false means?

When a Nobody and Heartless fuse together under unnatural circumstance they create beings that are complete yet incomplete, they exist yet were never meant to exist. The first of these ever to be born called himself an Immortal.

Each group has plans, purposes and goals but Immortals are a mystery. Creatures that can seemingly live on forever, that look like, act like and think like us. What could they possibly be their goal?

There was a time when I had no purpose I just lived. Now I have a true purpose to follow.

There was a time when darkness ruled me. Now I rule darkness.

There was a time where I was always helpless, always needed saving. That time has passed for me.

This is the time where I prove what I truly am. To prove that I am no monster, that I can exist despite all the stigmas around me.

This is our time. Our story. It begins now.

Door to Nothingness (does it exist?)

Door to Darkness (cannot be opened)

Door to Twilight (not yours to open)

Door to Light (who shall open it?)

"Everything is my fault."

"Everywhere I go, people die."

"I will protect my friends. I will die for them."

"You cannot hope to win. You have lost."

"We can't fail."

"Everything begins now."

"Everything ends now."

"You may think that your journey has already begun. But that was nothing, in the coming years; you will all face trials like no other. Be ready. This is your story. The Door to Light awaits, I hope you will be ready when it comes."

Genesis is the first book of the Bible in Judaism and Christianity; it comes from the Greek word for "birth" or "origin".

Destiny is the idea of a person's purpose in life as set forth by some higher power.

Now we shall see the birth of the purpose of the Keyblade Masters and their friends. They will make new allies and encounter old ones. They will face foes both new and old.

Sora. Riku. Kairi.

These three will set forth on a journey to set the worlds to right once again. Whether they succeed or fail, that is for fate to decide.

I, the legendary Key Knight Terra, failed where they once began but I will see them through as much as I can. This story will now unfold…

To Be Continued

This fanfic will include several worlds already seen in Kingdom Hearts plus three new worlds, one Disney, two other sources and a few OCs

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