Tiny flecks of pink light float from below, gently wafting higher and higher. They are attracted by the light permeating the darkness.

The false Kingdom Hearts that Xemnas had struggled so hard to build, was slowly growing larger and larger with every heart it ingested. Now, it was as large as when DiZ destroyed it, four months prior. But they would not stop there. Though it paled in comparison to the strength of the real Kingdom Hearts, great power could still be extracted from it.

Anarados watched the steady stream of hearts, their light reflecting off of his glass helmet. This was the last step in their preparations. Only a month remained before they would strike out, and they needed to be ready for every eventuality. He had Loxe gathering information, Xastuur raising troops from the Realm of Darkness, Craxcen out devastating worlds, creating Heartless and Nobodies. Meixing, Arxeis, and Cepssix were trying to forge relationships with potential allies, Cncrixapro and Quarixaus were trying to undermine the plans of their allies, and he was slaying as many Heartless as he could, to fee their project.

They would be ready. They would be strong. They would crush the Keyblade Wielders and be victorious.

Looming behind Anarados, was another figure, perched up on an large throne. It stood covered head to toe in elaborate black and silver armour, with an iron crown attached to the top of it's helmet. Spikes jut from it's pauldrons, gauntlets, greaves, and sabatons. Picked out in silver on it's breastplate is the image of a silver heart, wrapped in chains. The armoured figure sits still and silent, but it's presence was felt by all who came out to the altar.

With his left hand, Anarados ran a hand over his glass visor, while flexing his right. He would not wait much longer. Twenty-two years had separated them; for him, they were years of preparing and planning. For him, twenty-two years of running, hiding, and cowering.

No longer. Destiny would finally bring them together.

Crushing his right one last time, Anarados relished the idea of finally crushing him. Of exacting his revenge.


The armoured man paid no attention to Aqua's quiet pleading. He stripping himself of the layers of cloth and spiked metal that was laid over his true armour. He only wore that to hid his identity from Sora, Kairi, and Riku.

"So, that was some warm-up you had planned for them, Terra." The brunet regarded Ventus with cool eyes. He looked rather out of place compared to his adopted siblings, wearing his armour. It was mostly black, but several pieces were coloured various shades of gold, green, and blue. His pauldrons, gauntlets, and breastplate were all sky blue, trimmed and chased in gold. His gauntlets rose up and flared out as they approached his elbow, forming a curved metal fin on his arm. Blue and green bits covered his hips, with raised, spiked greaves starting at his knees. The helmet was a curved black glass visor, the jawline done in gold, the majority of it being sky blue, with two fins jutting out of the top of it.

"It will have to do." Terra quickly looked back Aqua. "They're going to have to learn on the fly, unfortunately." Aqua remained silent, looking down at her feet. Ventus was seemingly avoiding looking at her.

"If that's all there is then, I best be going." Ventus nodded at the two and turned around. Aqua acted, lighting-quick, grabbing one of his hands.

"Ven!" She pleaded loudly, using his nickname. "Please don't go again. We can all work together. Whatever it is you have plan." Ven made no movement, standing deathly still. His hand was shaking, armour rattling loudly. "Please Ven, don't leave me again..."

"Aqua..." Ven turned around, as the shaking spread across his body, his armour shaking louder. "I'm sorry... I really am." His hand slipped out of her grip. "Stay safe, for me." In a blur of green light, the armoured man vanished, leaving Aqua to shrink back into herself.

Terra placed a hand on her shoulder. "He'll come to his senses. He'll have to, or else avoid us for this entire ordeal." This did little to comfort her. "He's just afraid, and using that incident as an excuse."

She nodded fast. "I-I suppose..."

"C'mon, sis. We need to get going. It'll take time to undo the Oath, and then we need to train if we want to be strong enough for all this."

"I just wish we could help them more..."

"You're too nice for your own good, Aquarius..." He said with a soft smile. "But we can help them. We just need a little bit of time."

The two nodded, and then left on their separate paths, without another word.

Please come back to me, Ven... She thought. We need you. I need you...

I hope you're ready, Dias. He thought. For your sake, the sake of your family. I hope you're ready...

Sora found him sitting on a log overlooking the beach near their house.

He had no idea why his dad had wandered off before dinner, but it seemed like he was looking at something. Dias Alleris was wearing a sleeveless shirt, so his son could see the odd tattoo that was branded on his right bicep. The letters "MAhD" where the A was crossed out, the H was the only letter written in lower case, and the D was written in mirrored script. He never knew what that meant, never asked, and his dad never seemed to want to divulge.

"Hey, dad?" Sora sat next to him on the log. "It's dinnertime."

"Oh." There was a photo gripped in his hand. "Sorry. Tell your mom I'll be right there."

"'Kay..." Sora looked over his dad's shoulder. "What's the photo?" It was old, having been folded and creased and crumpled a thousand times, it seemed. It depicted three people; a young Dias Alleris, grinning widely, his spiked, honey-blond hair standing out. To his right, their arms intertwined, was a young girl around Sora's age, smiling like Dias, her black hair done in lazy ringlets. The third person looked at odds with the other two. He was another teenaged boy, but he was not right next to the other two, and he didn't smile. He looked rather distant, aloof, almost unhappy.

"Hey, who are these two?"

"Oh...uh..." Dias looked a little apprehensive to answer. "That's Hitomi." He pointed to the girl. "She was my first girlfriend."

"And the guy."

Dias shut his eyes for a moment, a bit longer than a standard blink. With one hand, he folded the photo back up. "His name is Anarados. He was my best friend."

To Be Continued

Genesis is the beginning. The beginning of what?

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