Disclaimer- I do not own any of these characters, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer

I felt my hair tighten against my scalp in fear.

My heart stopped and my ears clicked. My muscles froze and my eyes stuck wide.

I searched for him in the dark but could only hear his breathing. I felt his cold lips graze my earlobe and drop to my shoulder.

I felt his breath tickle my jaw and I trembled with fear.

I heard a gasp and realized it was coming from my mouth and not a second later I felt his teeth pierce my skin on my neck.

My knees buckled and I dropped to the grass.

I felt the cold overtake me and felt my blood being drained from my neck.

I heard a sound louder than thunder, a huge crash, and felt myself being dropped on the moist grass.

I closed my eyes and felt something spreading through me, there was cold liquid on my neck and it was being spread through me. It became colder and colder, or hotter.

I couldn't tell the difference but it hurt and was getting more painful.

I was too scared to move at first but then couldn't help screaming.

I had thought I was on my lawn but I was now staring up at a white ceiling, I thrashed around. "

Make it stop! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" I just kept screaming.

It hurt so much, it hurt so much. Why was this happening to me?

I wanted to rip and tear through my skin and muscle and rip my heart out it hurt so much. I want to die; I wanted to die and rid of this pain that was swallowing me alive.

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