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Chapter One

Stepping inside the classroom, Naruto viewed all the students sitting and socializing in the desks. The sound dimmed a bit when he entered, and the kids whispered more then talked, trying to not make any noise that would attract his attention. Some of the students met his blue slitted eyes and then immediately glanced away. Others dodged his gaze and looked down, afraid to even look up.

Naruto smirked, satisfied with the reactions. He walked around and up the climbing steps in the center, his black khakis jingled with the hidden kunai and shuriken, and his bare chest proudly displaying his surprising large muscles. Passing by the lone Uchiha, Naruto went up in his face and glared into his eyes, noticing a slight flinch from the avenger. The blonde still fondly remembers the first time they had met.

Flashback- Start of the Academy

Naruto had been silently passing by, toying with one of his home-made kunai (it had a curved end and a serrated side.) when the smirking Uchiha, who sat in the isle seat called out to him.

"Oi! Dobe, you trying to look tough?" Naruto looked at him out of the corner of his eye, noticing the obvious reference to his bare chest.

His answer to The Ass ™ was to reach behind the boys head, and quick as a snake, slam the guys face into the desk with so much force that the wood cracked. The blonde moved on, smirking and ignoring the silence that immediately descended.

The fangirls were stilled out of fear, and the other students immediately crossed the blonde off their 'People to Annoy list'.

Flashback End- Present Time

'Broke his nose that day' Naruto thought almost caringly, he sent a feral grin at the boy before continuing up to his seat beside Shikamaru. Sitting on the other side of the shirker, was Ino, who sat leaned back in her chair picking at some dirt under her nails with a kunai.

Since the start of the academy, the three had never been anywhere without another. They had become known around the academy as the three you never look in the eye for too long. They just might kill you. (Or paralyze you, or eat your brains, you know how rumors spread.)

"Naruto," the boy glanced over at the spiky haired one beside him, as did Ino, "today is the graduation exams…don't screw up. I figured out the team placements and there's a high chance we'll be together, so you better graduate." Naruto waved his hand at him, and leaned back, peering over the room with a deep scowl that frightened some of the girls.

Ino seemed curious, "Shikamaru, how do you figure we'll be together?" said boy gave a half-hearted smile, and replied; "Think about it. The teams have to be evenly matched up with the person's skills, one near the top, one near the middle, and one near the bottom. Naruto has the best physical, you have the best practical and I have the brains, that's mainly what the teachers are going to look at. There's also that they know that we'll kill them without a second thought if they attempt to put us on any other team."

Here, Shikamaru grinned horribly, his eyes glinting at Iruka, who sat at the front sweating, either from the heat, or the three grinning nightmares at the back, know one ever knew.

"Alright class! Settle and we'll get started!" Iruka's voice calmed the 12 year olds, and for once in a lifetime, they were quiet while a teacher talked.

"Your graduation exam is split into three parts, The Written, Physical and Ninjutsu. You only need to pass two of these to become a genin, any less than that and I'll see you again next year!" Iruka picked up a large pile of papers from his desk, and started handing them out.

On it read:

Graduation Exam Part One

1. Recite the foremost code of the shinobi.

2. Who were the Hokages?

3. If you were to throw a 15 Melonium material kunai at a target 16 paces away, with the wind trajectory at 67.5 degrees, what would you consider in throwing it so that you hit your target at the precise location of the gizzard on a human being?

And so the questions continued. Naruto sat through this tapping his fingers on the desk repeatedly, succeeding in annoying both teachers and classmates. He didn't even pick up the pencil.

After about 45 minutes, the instructors halted the scratching pencils and told every one to go outside and stretch for 10 minutes before returning to training field 2.

Our three friends gathered underneath an old tree that shadowed half the playground. Shikamaru stood before the other two, speaking.

"Once we get our teams and sensei, we have to be extra careful to keep our abilities focused, because if they get out of hand…" he left it hanging, staring hard at the two blondes in front of him. Naruto snarled and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair, growling, "Shika, we don't even need a fucking sensei, we're doing fine on our own."

Shikamaru sighed, crossing his arms, "Face it Naruto, we need guidance. I don't have the experience to train us to our fullest potential, and we can't just keep punching a log to gain strength. This is exactly why we need a sensei, with them we are able to exit the village on missions, and get the experience we need." A dark look overcame Shikamaru's brown eyes after that, and the look was mirrored in the grins the other two gave him.

As the instructors called them back, Ino said in passing, "By the way Shika, we need to visit that darling little weapons store again, I saw the cutest little thing the other day and I just have to have it!"

"The physical test is split in two parts, the weapons skills, and a small tournament between classmates. We will call you alphabetically to come up and present your skills to the class, first, Aburame Shino."

Naruto zoned out as the students went up, he ignored the cheers and applause, finding more interest in sharpening his pointy objects.

"Nara Shikamaru" the boy lazily stepped forward and equally as lazy tossed his hand at the target. The metal flew from his hand with surprising swiftness from such a careless throw; they thunked into the wood with loud noises, creating a small circle around the outside of the bull's eye.

He smirked at the surprised faces, looking to the teachers for his grade, "Err, 9 out of 10. You didn't get them in the circle shikamaru." Iruka answered the boys look.

"Pity." The boy murmured and swiped his hand up near his ear. Nobody had noticed the ninja wire connected to the weapons, and was taken by surprise when Shikamaru's ninja tools returned to him.

"Uzumaki Naruto." The blonde beast glanced up and walked to the front of the group to stand before the already beaten up target. "5 kunai, 5 shuriken hitting the target please Uzumaki." The assistant teacher Mizuki said, barely concealing the evident distaste in his voice from speaking to the demon.

Naruto smirked and whipped his hand out, the asked objects flying at break-neck speed towards the target. Dead on hit. The weapons were buried deep in the wood, in some cases the handles were the only thing outside it.

Iruka and Mizuki gaped, the target was built for jounin practice, and it was demolished in a second by an academy student!

"Uhh, 10 out of 10." Iruka stuttered, his shaking hand writing scratchily on the clip board in his arms. Naruto ripped his kunai out of the wood, leaving behind deep crevices that threatened to connect and tear the target apart.

"Yamanaka Ino" (AN: yeah I'm missing a lot of people but I want to get on with it!) the girl lightly stepped to the center, put one hand in her belt pouch, withdrew a small scroll and with a poof, threw it up in the air. Curious eyes followed it and widened when several too-fast-to-see objects shot out, and landing with a clear 'Thunk' in the target.

Several people got whip lash trying to catch sight of the metal, but could only catch the ending result. Instead of hitting chest center, Ino had aimed her kunai at the 8 vital points around a human body, one of which made all the men in the area wince and hold their precious jewels.

Flipping her hair back, she smiled at the instructors, earning her a solid 9.5 out of ten.

"Alrighty kids, move to the center of the field for the tournament, this is not going to decide who graduates. It's for me and Mizuki to watch how you conduct yourself in a fight so we can grade you in Taijutsu. First up…are Chouji and Sasuke!"

The last (sane) Uchiha scowled at getting such a weak opponent, and glared at the boy from the starting point. Naruto yawned as the battle passed by quickly, ending with Sasuke beating the living crap out of the big-boned Akimichi.

As the boy limped off the field, Sasuke sent a hooded look at Naruto, challenging him. The bare-chested boy eyes glinted and his hand traveled to his pocket, where he kept his more…creative weapons. Shikamaru was quick to hold his arm, growling low, "Leave it for later."

"Sakura and Ino!"

Ino smirked devilishly; she had had a grudge against the pinkie since they had met. Sakura gave Kunoichi a bad name. Sakura across from her looked lightly unsure, as if she was afraid.

"You're sure you can fight here Sakura? I mean, you could always forfeit." Ino's pale blue eyes flickered with an unknown emotion, and Sakura became emboldened. She straightened and called, "No way I'm gonna forfeit! I'm gonna beat you, you boar!" She took out a kunai and readied it in front of her, waiting for Iruka to start the match.

Ino laughed, almost sadistically, "I was hoping you'd say that." Her smile sent a shiver down the pinkie's spine.

"Hajime!" (Begin?)

Ino immediately launched herself at the girl, falling to the ground to sweep the pinkie's feet out from under her. The Haruno fell to the ground, landing incorrectly on her hip, and cried out in pain. Ino lifted the leg that had snuck under Sakura in a heaving kick upwards, succeeding in launching the pinkie straight up into the air with a scream.

Ino smirked evilly, crouching low on the ground, her legs coiled under her. Once Sakura was at a halfway fall to the ground, Ino let loose and shot up like a bullet towards the mid-air Haruno. Several students gasped when they collided, Ino had brought her shoulder and elbow up into Sakura's midsection and jerked it in, making the pinkie gasp and choke on her own air.

Ino spun around in the air, and delivered an axe kick to Sakura's mid-air stomach, sending her crashing to the ground. The watchers cringed once Sakura hit the ground, eliciting a gasp and cough of blood.

Ino landing nimbly on the ground some few yards away, and watched with a type of detached amusement as the instructors hurried over to the pinkie and tried to help the bloodied up girl. Apparently her kick had ruptured something as Sakura was hacking up gobs of bubbly blood and retching all over the training ground.

The blonde haired girl lightly stepped her way to where Naruto sat on the grass and where Shikamaru who stood with his arms crossed. Airily she smile and asked how she did. The answers were satisfactory at the least not her taste.

"Nice hits, but not enough blood." Naruto.

"Good fight." Shikamaru.

The students around them that heard what they had to say carefully edged back a bit, eyes showing fear and slight disgust. Ino grinned, promising 'her boys' she would do better in the future.

Once the pinkie was carried to the hospital, and her insides cleaned up from the field, Mizuki announced the next combatants.

"Inuzuka Kiba and Uzumaki Naruto" two shouts of exultation echoed, as the two fighters leaped to the middle of the field. Kiba stood with Akamaru, claws spread out before him, and feet shifting nervously, his eyes darting around, following every move of his opponent, anticipating the fight to come. He had once challenged Naruto to a fight once, when he felt that his position as alpha dog was being threatened by the boy, and had lost horribly.

When his mother had asked him how he had gotten his arms broken and face bruised beyond recognition, he had said, "Just a small fight at school." Since that day, he had been carrying a grudge with him, wanting to beat the blonde enough so that he could feel confident in his ability again.

Naruto of course, only thought of it as a fight, and that excited him more than a fat boy is excited by a chocolate cake. (No offense :D )


They both charged forward, Naruto dishing out a vicious right hook and Kiba dodging under it. Kiba propped himself on his hands and swept himself under Naruto's legs, sending him falling. Naruto pushed himself away, dancing away to begin circling.

Kiba followed across from him, Akamaru following slightly behind, watching. Naruto bared his fangs, his tussled yellow hair wild and untamed, and his eyes contained a ferocious, beast-like spark that made many of the watchers uncomfortable, the boy looked like a wild animal.

Naruto charged with no warning, extending his left arm to scratch at Kiba's face, and his left leg darting up to dig into the dog-boy's ribs, hearing a satisfying crack, Naruto smiled and continued his assault. He punched Kiba's gut and brought his knee up to Kiba's face, probably breaking his nose. Almost as an after-thought, he crushed his foot into Akamaru's side, sending the little dog to the other side of the field.

The blonde followed after the yowling dog-boy, and smiled as he whipped out a home-made kunai. He used most of his strength and sliced into the Inuzuka's stomach using the clean, curved side, and then roughly ripping it back out with the serrated and jagged side, tearing a long hole across the boy's abdomen.

Several students got worried expressions as Naruto continued beating on the boy, some asking the instructors to halt the fight, saying it was to barbarous. They simply shook their heads sadly, flinching at each new scream of pain.

Naruto laughed harshly as he planted a sandaled foot into the dog-boys face, absently smashing away a barking Akamaru with another fist. Kiba stumbled back, one arm hanging down useless, his face bloodied and bruised.

Naruto felt like he should end the fight, and launched forwards with a warcry, bringing his fist up to smash with an unhealthy 'crack!' into the Inuzuka's cheek, sending him backwards off his feet, and a spray of red liquid to soak the ground.

Naruto stood by as Kiba fell motionless onto the ground, smiling largely, and cracking his fist. A trickle of blood ran down the left side of his face, entering and exiting one corner of his mouth, it gave him a bestial look.

Silence followed after his cruel match, a fearful, disgusted silence that he enjoyed, and unabashed, he practically pranced over to his friends. He stood in front of them, awaiting their praise and felt pleased when he heard it.

"Good fight, lotsa pain and blood." Shikamaru nodded, approving.

"That was great Naruto-kun! What darling screams he made." Ino clapped her hands delightedly.

Naruto chuckled roughly, and brushed back several straying strands of hair that landed in his face. And again, the instructors had to carry a student to the hospital, and mop up whatever blood that had not been absorbed by the already red dirt.

Iruka stood and stuttering, said the next fight.

"Nara Shikamaru and Hyuuga Hinata."

Shikamaru grumbled at having to fight a girl, and also having to fight at all, but when he slouched to the field and took up his position across from her, he seemed to become someone else.

His back straightened, and a strange gleam in his eyes had Hinata shivering.


Shikamaru jumped back, and stealthily snuck a hand into his weapons pouch. Hinata settle into her family's stance and activated her bloodline with a soft, "B-Byakugan!"

Shikamaru made the first move, sending a barrage of kunai at the blue-haired girl, who dodged to the side, and ran forwards. The dark-haired boy caught the incoming arm, moving out of the way of her chakra-loaded poking finger and slipped his foot between her two. He used her arm as a lever, and swung her smaller body up and over himself, sending her slamming into the ground. All of this done with only one hand.

Once Hinata had picked herself off of the ground, she turned and suddenly charged, hands poised in her family's jutsu. Shikamaru bided his time, waiting for the exact moment. When Hinata was about two meters away from him, he whipped his hand out and about 20 senbon needles shot through the air to penetrate deeply into Hinata's chest, stomach, arms and face.

The blue haired girl halted in her stride, and her arms dropped to her sides, limp. Trembling, her body swayed before it hit the ground. She coughed and blood made a puddle in the dirt, so it was easy to say there was poison on the senbon.

"Give up, or you will be barren, unable to continue as a shinobi, and paralyzed the waist down in the next 5 minutes if you are not given the antidote." Shikamaru stated it as if he had stated the weather. His face had no feeling to it, only simple observation as Hinata shook on the ground, covered in sweat and hacking up blood.

"I-I…Gi-i-ve. P-pl-eas-e-e…h-h-el-p-p." Hinata small groan of pain was the only noise along with her coughing. Shikamaru let a small smile play on his face, his dark eyes twinkled I amusement and contempt.

"There is no antidote." A sharp intake of breath was heard as each person watching silently wondered if the boy would leave the Hyuuga Clan heiress in such a pitiful state of living. No babies, no shinobi skills, and no freedom was what lied in wait for the girl if Shikamaru so chose.

The tense atmosphere boiled until Shikamaru finally started to laugh. It wasn't a jolly, mirth filled laugh, no, it was a cold and hard laugh. One that sent chills down everyone's spines.

"Heheh, fine, here it is. Inject two drops every hour for the next ten days." He dropped a small vial of green liquid beside the girl's head and stalked out of the field slowly, leaving the instructors to rush the girl to the hospital.

The other students gave the three even more space after their little demonstrations.

"Please return to the classroom, we'll join you in a few minutes." Iruka's tired voice interrupted their hushed whispers, and they all moved to do as he asked.

It was about a half hour before Iruka and Mizuki came back in the room, surprisingly it became deathly quiet and one brave student asked.

"Are they going to be okay?" he didn't say their names but everyone immediately knew whom he was talking about. Iruka heaved a sigh, and shot a glanced at the three in the back.

"They'll be fine, and they automatically pass because e they can't…participate anymore." Several students turned to look at the three, but quickly looked back at the teacher when Naruto scowled at them.

"Now is the Ninjutsu part of the test, you will be called up alphabetically to enter this side room. You will be required to demonstrate Henge, Kawarimi, and Bunshin to pass. Understood? Good, now Aburame Shino."

Once they were gone, the students began to whisper to each other. The Ass™ was immediately ambushed by more than half the girls in the class, who each squealed and giggled in his ear.

Shikamaru whispered something to Naruto and Ino and both suddenly burst out laughing. Sasuke glared at them before going back to his emo-self.

Naruto smirked and subtly set an eraser down on his desk. He aimed and then flicked it.

Sasuke always wondered what had hit him in the head hard enough to move his head forward enough to smack against the fangirl in front of him. Sadly for him, his lips landed on hers. Naruto snickered to himself as the fangirls all squealed loudly, and the fangirl the Uchiha had 'kissed' had a seizure and fainted.

"Akimichi Chouji."

Time went by incredibly slow. Plodding on, the only notice of the time was the small clock above the chalkboard. Naruto was seriously beginning to wonder if it was moving at all until he heard "Uzumaki Naruto."

Shikamaru nodded to him, absently fiddling with the headband tied on his arm. Ino lazily yawned, patting Naruto's bare arm as he passed.

Once inside the room, Naruto took two seconds to look it over. It was empty save for a desk and his two instructors behind it, before them lay multiple Konoha headbands.

"Alright Naruto, please start with Henge." Iruka spoke conversationally, and nodded when Naruto suddenly poofed into an exact image of him. Writing something down on his clipboard, he then asked, "Kawarimi?" Naruto also did this without trouble.

"Now please Bunshin." Naruto concentrated and forced his chakra to allow some small tendrils out, and spoon those tendrils poofed into three bunshins. The blonde smirked as Iruka threw him a headband.

"No! I cannot allow you to pass! Demon-scum!" Mizuki cried, leaping over the desk kunai in hand. The silver haired sensei ignored the yell from Iruka and zeroed in on Naruto, who had not moved.

Once Mizuki reached him, Naruto dodged the kunai and grabbed the man's arm. He put his left forearm on the backside of the chuunin's arm and pressed forward with his other. Soon enough, the arm broke under the pressure and Mizuki screamed in pain.

Naruto swept his left fist up and nailed the sensei in his chin, pushing him backwards. Mizuki held his jaw and faltered back with Naruto fallowing behind. The blonde, smiling, dug his elbow into the man's gut, sweeping out his feet simultaneously. On his back, Mizuki felt a foot step on his chest and he opened his eyes.

Naruto was standing over him with a kunai balanced between two fingers, pointed down, at his face. The boy smiled at him, and Mizuki swore he saw his eyes flash from blue to red then back to blue.

"Mizuki-teme, do you know how gravity works?" Naruto's tone was playful, "What goes up must come down." Iruka yelled out just as Naruto released the kunai. Laughing, Naruto stepped off the prone form of his (former) sensei. He calmly walked to the pale faced Iruka, silently holding his hand out.

When the dolphin-named teacher searched his face, Naruto simply offered a shrug saying, "He attacked me first."

Walking out, Naruto smirked at the silent kids. Apparently they had heard his and Mizuki's scuffle. A headband adorned his head, half hidden under blonde bangs.

When he reached his seat, Ino asked a question through her curious eyes. Naruto gave a coarse grin, "One less teacher." His vague reply gave much to the imagination.

"Y-Yamanaka Ino." Iruka's voice was shaky, and his face pale.

"So, two weeks….what'll we do in the mean time?" Ino asked the air, not really expecting an answer from either of her companions. The three sat in a booth of the Teriyaki Place, their usual food stop. Naruto was intently watching a cooking piece of meat and Shikamaru was reading a sort of scroll.

"Hey, Shika, we got time to get some metals?" Naruto's gravely voice was interrupted by the meat in his mouth.

"Really Naruto, you could cook the meat before you eat it, you know." Ino scrunched her nose in disgust. Naruto looked offended.

"I do!"

"Warming up does not mean cooking!"

"So I like my meat still bleeding and twitching…what's wrong with that?"

"Ugh! You animal!"

"Enough you two. We got things to do." Shikamaru's sharp voice interrupted their quarrel. They both backed down immediately, silently respecting Shikamaru's words.

"Yes, we should get some knew weapons…we've got enough cash still from Naruto's last allowance. Seems the old codger is still good for one thing." Naruto smirked; he had been getting a good deal of money every month since he started living alone. Obviously he would take advantage of that.

"Alright, lets go."

The door chimed as they walked in, and it was that chime that notified the cashier of their arrival. She looked up and smiled at them, recognizing her annual customers.

"Hello Shikamaru-san, Naruto-san, Ino-san…would you like the usual?" the cashier asked, silently adding up the usual cost of the three's weapons.

"That and something else, for each of us." The dark haired boy nodded to the blondes, and they ran off, like children in a candy shop. Naruto immediately went to the Sword section, browsing the selves.

Ino went to the Assorted Weapons section, peering into the crates that held the her toys. Shikamaru slowly walked among the many shelves, inspecting different weapons as he went.

"Hey! Shika-kun! I found something I want!" Ino's voice echoed in the small shop, grabbing the attention of the occupants. She was holding up a leather whip, the end was spiked with what seemed to be pointed metal spikes. Shikamaru considered it and finally said, "You'll need something to go with it. A whip cannot be your sole weapon."

Ino nodded and continued searching until Naruto's voice got her attention, "Lookie here! Now this is my type of sword." The boy was holding up what you could call the 'Monstrosity of Swords'. It looked to be about as long as Naruto, (5'8" to 6') it had a darker blade, and a black handle. (AN: Try to think Zabuza's blade only without the little circle spots…and shorter by like, a foot.)

The boy looked intimidating in the least. The sword propped on his shoulder, his muscles visibly bulging from the strain of holding the metal, and the over-all BAD-ASS look of the boy himself. Scary. (AN: anyone else find his look familiar?)

"Nice Naruto, perfect for you." Shikamaru gave his consent and Naruto's grin was purely barbaric. Shikamaru pulled a two bladed scythe out of a pile of weapons. The blades were black, and the handle was wrapped in a red bandage around the shaft. He tested the height and found the blades to be a little higher than his head.

Nodding he took it to the cashier, setting it down beside Naruto's sword. Hearing a loud, triumphant yell, the two boys and cashier turned to Ino who held up a sickle, exulting to herself. The sickle itself was made of steel, and turned in a little hook at the top. Shikamaru nodded after looking it over, and turned to the cashier who had green money signs in her eyes.


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