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Chapter Five


"Old. Man." Sarutobi paused in his paper shuffling, "C-rank." Naruto's tone left no room for argument, and Sarutobi could be seen shuffling his papers a little too much.

"Why Naruto, you've just become genin, why so soon?"

Naruto's eyes went cold and everyone present could feel the air temperature drop, "We both know we're not even close to genin status Old man, don't fuck around with me."

Iruka, privately was shocked that the tall genin would speak to the Hokage with such a voice, but refrained from speaking and instead opted for glaring at the Hatake man, somehow convinced it was his entire fault.

Sarutobi looked to Kakashi, a question evident. The masked jounin nodded behind his book and Sandaime gave a sigh. Not defeated or worried, but content and happy, as if this was what he anted all along. To Kakashi, he thought that the old man probably did.

"alright then, C-rank, you must escort a bridge builder to the land of Waves," something caught the old mans eye by the door, and even as Team 10 started to turn to supposedly find the person they were escorting the old man finished, "but only if you have team 7 with you." Team ten froze, including Kakashi.

Team 8, consisting of Asuma, Sasuke, Shino and Hinata also froze, Hinata immediately staring petrified at both the Hokage and the mercs while Shino and Sasuke stiffened.

Naruto slowly turned on his heel to face Sarutobi, his face a deceiving mask of calm. Shikamaru and Ino were behind him, both glowering viciously, fingers twitching towards their weapons and their weapons seal respectively.

"Old man, are we not good enough? Do you think us weak?" Naruto's gravelly voice was strained, tightly controlled. Sarutobi knew he was on dangerous ground and answered evenly, not giving any lee-way. Despite being a small bit insane, he was still the Hokage.

"No, I simply wish to see you three interact and learn to be friendly towards other shinobi. You will have complete control over the mission and I wish for both the mission to be completely and all team members to return alive and well." The three considered this, Naruto stone-faced, Shikamaru slowly relaxing into boredness and Ino in thoughtfulness.

"Only if you change it to b-rank. Extra money for extra service. We could always….train with these children. Introduce them to….reality." Ino grinned wickedly, sadistic glee emerging in her pale eyes.

Hinata down right fainted at that point, Shino catching her and trying to stop the shaking in his hands. Sasuke was staring straight ahead, though by the rigidity of his body everyone knew what he was thinking. Asuma, worriedly puffing on a cig, regarded his facer with guarded eyes, "Is that wise father?"

The elder Sarutobi waved his hand, and smiled pleasantly at Kakashi's team, "Of course, no issue with that, now, be at the North gate in 20 minutes with a month and a half worth of supplies. Dismissed. Kakashi and Asuma, please stay."

The genin's exited, team seven quailing under the looks of team ten and timidly following after.

Kakashi and Asuma stood before the Sandaime, tense as boards. They both knew this was a bad idea, and both knew the other knew but also knew that Sarutobi didn't think so. (AN: that is a really odd sentence.)

"Father?" Asuma broke the silence that had descended and broke Sandaime out of his daze. "Oh yes, ok, then Kakashi, I hope you will keep them under control, and don't leave them alone for too long. Encourage teamwork within the six and also, allow Naruto Shikamaru and Ino to educate the others. It will serve to get them a little bit more…grown up for the coming years. Dismissed."

After leaving the office, both jounin let out an explosive breath and leaned back against the wall. "This is bad Kakashi. What are we going to do?" Asuma pleaded the silver haired jounin, for once no cigarette in his mouth. It had dropped out in shock in the Hokage's office.

"There's nothing we can do Asuma, might as well listen to those three and try to keep your team from getting killed. Especially Sasuke, we all know what he'll eventually do. What I've learned about them is that if you stay on their side of things, you are accepted. See you there Asuma. Don't be late."

And then the man disappeared in a poof of smoke, leaving the young Sarutobi to sigh, "Hope your right Kakashi."

"I hope your right."


Tazuna nervously glanced to the blonde leaning against the village gate. From under his blonde bangs, Naruto was staring with cold eyes at the bridge-builder, and it was getting slightly uncomfortable. Okay scratch that, terrifying for the poor old fool.

"Can…can I…help you?" Tazuna stuttered out, wiping off his forehead and bringing out some sake.

Naruto didn't answer and just smirked and with deliberate steps, pushed off the gate and slowly made his way over to the man. Standing over him, being a good two inches taller, Naruto plucked the sake bottle out of the petrified man's hand and smiled viciously, walking away to enjoy the alcohol on his own.

Ino walked up not a moment after, looking over after the retreating form of Naruto, who was headed straight into the side forest directly out of Konoha's gate. Fingers tapping elegantly on the side of her sickle, Ino hummed happily, eyes dancing in an odd happy mood. Glancing at Tazuna she smirked in amusement at the man's disposition.

Wandering off to sit under a tree, she lovingly took out her sickle and wet stone, proceeding to sharpen the weapon into deadly precision. A small amount of time passed, until Sasuke turned up, giving barely a look towards either of the two at the entrance, he leaned against the gate. Ironically, in the exact same position Naruto had been, albeit a pack on the ground by his feet.

Maybe ten minutes after, Shino and Hinata showed up together, small packs hanging from their shoulders. They joined Sasuke, keeping their eyes to themselves.

So far, Ino seemed to be the only member of team ten present, and Sasuke bit his lip to stop a snide remark. Even to him, the silence surrounding the group was deafening, all except the small


Ino's stone made.

A poof brought the genin's attention to Tazuna, where now beside him stood both Asuma and Kakashi. Clapping his gloved hands together, Kakashi eye-smiled and chirped, "Well, now that everyone's here, shall we get going?"

Asuma spoke up, brows creased, "What about the rest of your team?" Kakashi looked at him, surprised for some reason that escaped the smoker.

"Do you mean you can't sense them?" Asuma just got more confused, "Ahh! I see. Alright boys, show yourselves for everyone else's sake." Silence answered him and Asuma was about to question his sanity when several things happened.

In the shadow of the tree Ino was sitting under, a dark mound seemed to bubble out of the ground, climbing out of no-where until it fell, revealing Shikamaru standing with his arms crossed. He leant one shoulder against the tree and crossed his legs, smirking a smug smile.

Getting over his shock quickly, Sasuke glowered, "Yeah? What about that idiot blonde?" his voice filled with distaste. Stumbling back just in time, the Uchiha nearly missed being sliced in half when Zansetsu suddenly plummeted from the sky. Not even a centimeter away from the Uchiha's face was his reflection in the large blade, Naruto poised in a squat on the tip of the handle.

"What did you call me?" Naruto smiled maliciously, his eyes flashing red and his voice conveying several meanings, grinning down onto the Uchiha for several feet off the ground. Sasuke backed away and looked to the ground biting out, "Nothing."

"Alright, since we're all here, shall we move on again?" Kakashi chirped again, whipping out his book and starting ahead. The procession moved out of the gate, Asuma and Hinata taking point, Shino walking silently behind after them, then Tazuna, with Sasuke straight beside him, Kakashi and Shikamaru walking behind the client and the Uchiha, and finally Ino and Naruto on both sides.

Naruto had sealed away Zansetsu and now strolled with his hands in his pockets and leaning back. His way of moving, gliding movements, motionless arms, soundless footfalls, he looked like a predator, all fierce silence. Ino fiddled with her whip, running her hands along the rough leather with loving motions. Shikamaru slunk at the front, walking as if nothing and nobody around him existed, eyes completely fixed forwards.

All three ignored the skittish movements of the other team, and also ignored the looks and fearful twitches their client made, especially towards Naruto.

It had been maybe an hour since they left the gate, the sun was shining, the birds singing, and team 8 had slowly adjusted to the three mercenary's presence, and now plodded along slowly. Up ahead, a small puddle was in the center of the road, and the group split in half to go around it. Kakashi hung back, a confident smirk lost behind his mask and book.

Suddenly, when the group had all but passed the puddle, it exploded in a shower of droplets and two large nin wielding a battle chain rose form the ground. The chain surrounded the 'surprised' Kakashi and ripped him into pieces, "one down" they chorused above Hinata's small gasp. They had already started to head towards Tazuna and Hinata, who stood in front of him solely for the drilled battle instincts within her.

They didn't reach her.

One was already down before he took five steps; whip rapped around his neck, snapping it to the side with a loud, quick SNAP, coupled with Ino's sickle digging deep into his heart. The Blonde girl laughed as the heavy body tumbled into the ground motionless, dead within an instant.

The second had only two seconds to turn and gape at his dead brother before his face met an interesting end with Shikamaru's scythe, a sickening crunch later, and the man was down, twitching his last gurgled breath and then tensing still, body stuck in an expression of utmost pain. It was over in surprisingly short order, Naruto, having done nothing but watch, pouted oddly enough, and kicked one of the dead nin, just for good measure.

Kakashi walked out of the forest, a Smile in his eye, "Good job my team." Asuma raised an eyebrow, a little bit shocked at the other jounin's genin, but also a little worried at his own genin's reactions.

Sasuke was staring at the bodies with a slightly angry, jealous and awed expression, a little bit bitter but he held the other team in a little bit more respect now. Hinata was frozen, eyes riveted by the blood pooling on the ground. Shino relaxed his stance, and was unreadable behind his clothing, though the tenseness of his body belied with nervousness.

"So, old man, what's this about?" Naruto leaned over the older man, using his height to an intimidating advantage. Looking as though he was crapping himself, Tazuna stared fearfully into the other's chiseled blue eyes, "Uhh…Uh…I…I'm…wh..."

"Naru-kun, give the poor man some space, let him catch his breath." Ino wheedled lovingly, wiping the blood off her scythe on the dead man's clothes, although her eyes were terrifying to Tazuna, who was the only one in position to see them.

"My team does have a point Tazuna….why are there ninja after you?" Kakashi fixed the man with a stare, his book forgotten for the moment. Tazuna stuttered, trying to speak under the pressure from the mercs and also most of the team of Asuma's.

"Fine…it's Gatou…" he continued, telling a tale about an evil man out to get everyone, stealing, killing and raping to his hearts content.

"Okay, bitching sob story out of the way thanks! Let's fucking get going now please? Thank you." Growled Naruto and he started walking, not caring if anyone else followed. Ino and Shikamaru followed immediately, not saying anything. Kakashi exchanged glances with Asuma before shrugging, pulling gout his book and following after his team. Asuma sighed frustrated, looking at both his genins and Tazuna.

"Alright! Let's get going" he mumbled angrily, glaring holes into Kakashi's back, and sticking another comforting cancer stick into his mouth

'This isn't going anywhere good.'

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