Title: A Promise Kept

Chapter 1: A Call for Help

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Begin Transmission

"We are waiting." It had been four months since Prime had sent out the transmission-and they had not had a single reply yet, Ironhide thought as he drove aimlessly down the road.

Ratchet tried to reconnect the energon lines that lead to Jazz's main CPU unit; he muttered a curse as the line refused to reconnect.

Bee was parked outside of the High School waiting for Sam and Miles to come outside. He heard the bell ring, Bee watched as dozens of teens exited the building. He saw the pair near the head of the group-they were making a bee-line directly for him.

Prime was in his humanoid mode in the entrance hall of the former sector seven hover dam base.

"Well, what do you think?" questioned SECDEF Keller as he stood near the entrance of the room.

"It will do," Prime nodded as he scanned the rest of the underground base. "Thank you for your help."

"Not a problem," Keller stated as he lead the way out of the base. "Has anyone responded to your call?"

"Not yet," Prime replied as he gazed up toward the sky. "Time is irrelevant to my kind."

Meanwhile in space, three bots were currently on the edge of the Sol system when they received a transmission.

"What is it?" questioned the yellow mech as he glanced other to his red counterpart.

"Let me try to filter it," replied the red mech. "It's from Prime!"


"Sunny, he's on the third planet in this system," Sides frowned as he scanned the radio waves in the area. "A planet called Earth."

"Let's go," Sunny increased his speed-making sure the third member of their group was secured with the tether lines that were attached to both himself and his twin. "Hang on, we're almost there."

"Ma'am, there's an unidentified object heading toward earth," the tech called out as he returned his attention to the screen. "Make that two, three?"

Maggie walked over and looked over his shoulder, "What is that?"

Optimus picked up the incoming bots signatures as they come closer to the earth. "Ratchet!" he called out as he headed over to the computer, quickly pinpointing the bots locations as well as their projected landing area.

"What?" questioned the medic as he entered the room-his gaze going to the screen. "Autobots?"

"Unknown," Prime and Ratchet worked together in order to radio the incoming bots.

"This is Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots," he stated as he paused-waiting for a response.

"Primus...hear from you," a mech's voice replied. "We're about...hours...soon...need medic...tell Ironhide..."

"The transmission's broken," Ratchet frowned, "Their entering the atmosphere, so they'll be landing in around two hours."

"Where are they landing?"

"Forty miles from this location."

Optimus and Ironhide were waiting as they watched the three bots land in the field about a mile away from their current position.

"Did you manage to identify who they were?" questioned Hide as he watched the last bot hit the ground.

"No," Prime shook his head as he started to the center of the field.

"Wonder why they mentioned my name?" Hide mussed to himself as they watched a shadow emerged from the crater.

End Transmission