Title: A Promise Kept

Chapter: 7

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Begin Transmission


Ratchet placed the humans on the empty bed and turned toward Ironhide. "Owe," he winced as he took in the damage that Chromia had done to her mate.

"Hm," Ironhide responded as he kept his gaze on the two sitting in the corner. "How's Flare doing Bee?"

"She's ok, worried," the spy replied as he tighten his grip on the struggling sparkling.


"Sh, she'll be ok-she's just a little mad at Uncle Optimus at the moment," Bee responded as he tickled the femme's frame.


Bluestreak paced the length of the cell as he glared up at the security camera. One little joke, he thought to himself. Prowl had NO sense of humor-and neither did Ironhide. But, he realized; it had been worth it to see the reactions on Prime's and the others faces when they thought that Prowl was the Deceptacon Barricade!


"What was that?"



Ratchet didn't pause in his repair of Ironhide as he worked through the crashes and explosions that were coming from Prime's office.

"Ouch," Sam winched as he stood next to SECDEF Keller. "She sounds mad."

"Wouldn't want to be Prime at the moment," Lennox agreed as he made sure to keep a wide enough distance between himself and the former Sector Seven Agent.

"Dad?" Redline called as she entered the medbay quietly.

"What is it?" Ratchet questioned as he finished welding Ironhide's side close.

"What's going on with Prime?" she asked hesitantly.

"What makes you ask that?"

"Because I found this outside his office," she handed over a piece of Prime's armor.

"That's gotta hurt," Ironhide commented as he hopped off of the exam table and headed over to ensure the younglings that he was fine.

Ratchet merrily shook his head as he headed toward his office.

"Ratch, where you going?" questioned Prowl as he entered the room behind Redline.

"Hiding," was the CMO's reply as the sound of a charged cannon and heavy footfalls headed toward the medbay.