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Something was wrong with Draco Malfoy.

Frowning, Hermione's gaze raised towards the Slytherin table and her frown grew as she saw that once more he watched her. Normally that would be followed by a sneer or some offensive remark, but lately she'd just found him staring. And that in itself was even more disturbing than his insults.

"So, Mione, you up for tonight?" Ron wanted to know, speaking with his mouth full once more.

"Um, ya." Neither Harry nor Ron realized that she wasn't paying attention to them. Instead she was in a heated staring contest with Malfoy, yet instead of narrowing his eyes at her for the disrespectful expression she was giving him, his lips formed a blood-curdling smile.


Malfoy knew how to smile? Since when?

More disturbed than ever, she broke eye contact and drank some pumpkin juice. Something was wrong…well…wronger…with Malfoy.

Wronger isn't a word.

Yet she didn't care.

Which just proved how disturbed she was.

"Are you feeling well, Mione?" Harry asked, placing his hand around her shoulder.

She shook away her doubts and smiled up at him. While they weren't dating their relationship was fast moving from friends to—well—to something more. She only hoped that it'd be a better success then the two-week disastrous relationship she'd had with Ron.

"Yeah." She smiled up at him, allowing herself to get lost in those beautiful emerald eyes. "How can anything be wrong with the great Harry Potter here to protect me?" She asked saucily.

Usually Harry resented it whenever anyone idolized him, but Hermione watched his face break out in joy…and a little embarrassment, yet a good kind.

He kept his arm around her when he turned to answer whatever it was that Ron had muttered between the food in his mouth.

Giving him another longing look, Hermione sighed, an amused expression on her face before she turned to look at Malfoy once more. His eyes were narrowed.

He looked pissed.

Thank Merlin! He's back to normal!

Thus she decided to ignore him now that that was solved.

Still, something nagged her. Ever since Malfoy had been attacked in the Forbidden Forest he'd been odd. No one knew what attacked him, how he'd escaped, or why he'd been there in the first place, but the fact that Dumbledore made it a fact to keep it secret from even Harry meant that something horrible had happened.

Hermione remembered the days Malfoy had spent in the Infirmary. It'd been nigh two weeks before he returned to classes, and from the moment he walked into Transfiguration Hermione had sensed him, sensed the change.

What change? He's the same git as before.

Well, he was now. That was the comfort of knowing that he was fine.

Not that I care.

Over-hearing Lavender mentioning something to Pavarti, Hermione's eyes widened.

How could she have forgotten!

She needed to go and look up that potion in the library for tomorrow!

How could I have been so neglectful?

Getting up she turned to Harry. "I have some studying to do."

"I'll come help you afterwards." He promised.

"Sure. Take your time." Because when Harry was around, they hardly studied.

Leaving the Great Hall, Hermione chastised herself for being able to forget homework. She was so distracted that she didn't notice silver eyes following her every movement. She didn't know that, moments later, he left the table.

Sitting by herself in the Library, Hermione sighed. Even the librarian was gone. Go figure. The woman had a life outside the library.

Hermione scolded herself for such Malfoy-ish thoughts.

With a sigh she continued reading on the Protego potion, which was supposed to protect the drinker from any fatal hex sent his or her way. Snape probably was using this to prove to Dumbledore that he would be the best choice for the DADA teacher next year.

Sneaky old snake.

She frowned. Snape would probably consider that a compliment.

"You shouldn't frown," a voice muttered in the darkness behind her. "You look too cute and I might not be able to stop myself."

Twirling around in her seat when she felt his breath tickling her ear, Hermione gave a cry of fright when she found Draco Malfoy leaning on the back of her chair—face too close to hers for comfort.

"Malfoy!" She cried, hands going to her pocket only to flinch when she remembered that Ginny had asked to borrow her wand since hers had started to give her problems.

Hermione watched his lazy smirk, and she cleared her throat, leaning backwards, gaze stealing to the shadows around her. Had he come in numbers or had he actually been brave enough to face her on his own?

Well it doesn't matter anyhow. You still don't have your wand.

"What do you want?" She asked, getting up slowly, making sure never to give him her back.

"Are you really willing to hear it?" He sneered, walking towards her, backing her up against a bookshelf.

"What the bloody hell are you going on about?" She snapped, but from fear, not from anger. Her eyes widened in both horror and surprise when he raised his hand and pushed her hair behind her shoulder, his fingers trailing down the curve of her neck slowly. "Malfoy!" She nearly screamed in terror.

When he'd tried to frighten her, to insult her, she'd laughed in his face, unshaken. Yet with this one small gesture he'd managed to do the unthinkable, he'd terrified her.

"Your pulse is beating erratically." He commented as if he spoke of the weather. "All your blood has risen to your face. You're blushing."

"Hogwash!" She denied, yet didn't manage to quite the whimper of both fear and something else as he pinned her against the bookshelf, bringing his face to the curve of her neck, his breath on her tender skin causing the hair on her body to shiver.

"Why do you smell so good?" He growled, obviously very angered at this discovery.

She gulped, not sure how to react to this situation. On one hand she wanted to punch him, but in his odd state she didn't know how to react. And worst, she didn't even have her wand with her.

The feeling of his tongue on her rapidly beating pulse brought her out of her thoughts with a jolt.

"Malfoy!" She screamed, loudly this time, and placed her hands on his chest to push him away. Yet, while she'd oftentimes proven to be superior in strength than him, this time his chest seemed like steel, and no matter how much she pushed, he didn't budge, didn't even seem to register that she was trying to push him off.

He was sucking on the pulse in her neck, his tongue drawing patterns on her wet skin.

"Malfoy please!" She whimpered, feeling utterly helpless.

He pulled away only far enough for him to be able to look deep into her dark eyes, his silver orbs darkened into a molten color like liquefied metal. His gaze was entrancing, and Hermione felt herself relaxing against her explicit orders, against her own common sense.

"How do you taste?" He seemed to be speaking to himself as he lowered his face to hers, grasping her bottom lip between his blunt teeth, nibbling on it experimentally before letting out a tortured groan and releasing his hold on her lip before crashing his fiercely over hers, taking her over, consuming her.

Hermione's eyes were wide in surprise and horror as Draco's body pushed hers further against the bookshelf, his hands burying themselves into her wild curls, his mouth working wonders against her own.

"Heaven…" He whispered between kisses as one hand gripped her hair tightly and the other began to slowly untangle itself from her curls to move down the side of her face, down the curve of her neck, down to cup her breast over the material of her gown. "Hell…"

"Malfoy!" The feeling of his hand on her breast, cupping her, rubbing the pad of his thumb over the hardened nipple, brought her out of her trance and somehow Hermione found the strength to push him off of her.

He was surprised, and shocked, probably just as much as she was, Hermione could see that in his eyes as they began to clear until they were that nearly colorless Malfoy silver.

They looked at each other, both wide-eyed, shocked, and panting each breath. Both unable to believe what'd just happened, and Hermione had to admit, both visibly shaken at the surprising need their contact had caused to form.

"Don't you ever touch me like that again, do you hear me?" Her voice was shaky and she hated herself for it as she hurried to get her bag and throw her books inside of it. "You're obviously drunk or drugged or on some sort of potion, so I'll let it go this time."

She flung her bag over her shoulder and began to back away from him, frightened to give him her back when he was watching her hungrily, eyes beginning to darken to molten metal once more. "But you touch me again and I'll hex off your family jewels!"

When he took a step towards her, Hermione turned and ran out of the library. She didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do when she got there, but Hermione kept running, until she realized that her feet had taken her to the Prefects' Private Bathrooms.

Good, somehow despite how fuddled up my brain is I managed to think. Hermione congratulated herself as she said the password and entered, letting her bag fall to the ground and beginning to undo her buttons. If she arrived at the Gryffindor Commons like this Harry and Ron would immediately sniff out that something was wrong and in her muddled mental state she wouldn't be able to think of a good excuse.

And she would not be the cause of another 'war' between Gryffindor and Slytherin!

What she needed was a nice, relaxing soak before she could face her best friends. She needed time to get the encounter out of her mind, to stop thinking about how surprisingly good it'd felt to be that close to Malfoy, and convince herself that she wasn't disappointed that he'd let her go that easily.

With that in mind, Hermione's clothes dropped to the floor and she entered the pool-like bathtub, sighing in happiness at the warmth of the water.

Draco Malfoy was confused.

Sitting on the chair Hermione had been using before he hadn't been able to control himself any longer and had 'attacked' her, the blonde frowned at the wooden table as if it were it's fault that all of this had happened.

It'd been his fault that he'd been out in the Forbidden Forest so late into the night. If he hadn't told Snape that he wanted to help him against Voldemort he wouldn't have been out there looking for an ingredient in a potion the Potions Master was using for the Order, and if he hadn't been there he wouldn't have been attacked by that creature.

Making up his face in disgust, Draco groaned as he remembered being unable to think of a curse or a hex in time to stop the vampire from attacking and feeding from him, and if it hadn't been for Professor Snape he'd have been killed—not that anyone would have mourned his death, that was for certain.

But the deed had been done, and Draco was trying to get control over his vampiric tendencies.

It wasn't fair. He hadn't been sired, hadn't tasted the vampire's blood, and yet he was a dhampir now. Apparently the veela blood he had in his ancestry had acted up and had given him the vampiric attributes of strength, speed, night-vision, and ability to smell everything.

It'd also given him the thirst for blood, although he hadn't felt that thirst in the hospital wing. He hadn't even felt it the night he'd been allowed to return to the Slytherin Commons. No, but he'd damn well felt it during their first class with Gryffindork!

Not only had his throat suddenly gone dry, but Draco's sense of smell had been assaulted by the scent of scrolls and ink mixed with something else, and it'd been delicious. He'd followed that scent and hadn't known whether to laugh at the irony or curse when the aroma of heaven led him to none other than the bookworm.

She was the one whose scent was driving him crazy, she was the one whose blood called out invitingly to him.

He'd been watching her for a while, and knew that she'd known and it was bothering her, but he hadn't cared. He'd needed to know why he was reacting this way to her, why he could feel her presence, could sense her, why he gave a shit that it would seem Potter and her were finally getting together.

So he'd followed her out and things had gotten way out of hand. It was like a creature had taken over his body and attacked her, sucking on the taunting pulse in her neck, tasting the delicious taste of her skin, basking in the heavenly and hellish flavors of her mouth, melting away at how her breast fit perfectly in his hand--at how her nipples hardened under his touch.

And then she'd pushed him away and ran like the devil was on her trail.

And considering what he was, Draco guessed that wasn't too far from the truth.

What'd happened had been wrong.

He was Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune.

She was Bookworm Granger, a mudblood and best friend of both Potty and Weasel.

And yet his blood boiled to have her, his body protested not being on top of hers, inside of hers, and his fangs begged for a sip of her blood.


Banging his fist against the table, Draco stood up.

He was DRACO MALFOY, and he did not deprive himself of something he wanted. And for some fucked up reason he wanted Granger, and by Merlin he was going to get her out of his system!

Taking in a whiff of her scent, he smirked as he followed her hellish trail out of the library. If she thought that she was free of him she had another thing coming to her.

Draco paused as he watched Hermione sleeping peacefully in the large pool-like bathtub. When he'd come stalking into the Prefect's Bathroom he'd had everything coldly calculated, but upon stumbling upon her sleeping peacefully, submerged to her neck in water, well, it'd thrown him off a bit.

It was probably the first time he'd seen the Bookworm without a frown of anger, irritation or concentration on her face. The wrinkles disappeared immediately, and her face was smooth ivory.

She looked beautiful.

Gulping, Draco looked back towards the door and then at her sleeping form, not sure whether he should leave or stay or what? And he was also somewhat pissed at himself for reacting this way to her. Sure, she was gorgeous, and naked, but she was sleeping and she was a mudblood--he shouldn't be reacting this way to her!

He was arguing angrily with himself so hard that he hadn't realized what he was doing until the last of his clothes were lying on the floor and he'd entered the eternally warm water, ignoring the figure of mermaid watching him with curiosity and interest.

Freezing when he realized the position he'd just put himself in, Draco looked once more longingly at the door. All he had to do was get out, hurriedly put on his clothes and get the hell out of there and Granger would never know. No one would realize that they'd been naked, together.

Why was that idea so unappealing?

Taking in a deep breath, Draco nodded, mind made up.

He wanted to taste her again.

Waddling through the water, he knelt down in front of her sleeping, sitting position. Silver orbs roamed over her peaceful face as he cupped her jaw with the hand in which he wore the ring with the Malfoy insignia. Her skin was soft to the touch, tempting, and before he could think things over he'd leaned forwards and he'd pressed his lips to hers, groaning loudly as once more that taunting electricity and warmth filled him as it had the moment he'd first nibbled on her bottom lip.

He was drowning, and he didn't ever want to come up for air again.

She had to be dreaming.

That was the only conclusion Hermione could come up with as she opened her eyes to find Draco Malfoy a close blur as he leaned into her, kissing her hungrily, both naked and in the Prefect's Bathtub.

Guilt for dreaming of him like this was outweighed by her curiosity. Some little morbid part of her had wondered what it would be like to make out with the 'Slytherin Sex God', and even if it was a dream, she wanted to experiment and see if he was everything the rumors said he was.

That was probably why she gave into the dream and groaned in pleasure as his arms encircled her and pulled her tightly against his wet, naked chest, her nipples rock-hard and painful as she buried her hands in his silky hair and he took the kiss deeper.

"Granger…" He groaned into her mouth as one hand let go of her to hold her lower and move her so that she was straddling him in the water.

Shivering at the passion in his voice, Hermione pressed down against his erection, smirking into his mouth as he groaned and bucked up towards her almost instinctively.

She had Draco Malfoy rock hard--and even if this was only a dream, it did a helluva job for her ego.

Her smugness disappeared with a cry as he grabbed hold of her hips to keep them in place and began to thrust up against her, not trying to penetrate her yet, yet brushing his cock against the entrance, causing shocks of desire to race up and down her spine.

Hermione arched her back, eyes closed, head thrown back. She gave a little squeal in surprise when Draco quickly stood and lifted her with him out of the tub as if she weighed nothing, laying her on a map on the ground.

Before the Gryffindor could figure out what was happening she screamed and arched on the floor as she felt him lapping at her wet, glistening sex. "Malfoy!"

He chuckled against her, the vibrations sending her crazy and she gripped his hair, trying to anchor herself somehow to reality as his tongue penetrated her, curving as he pulled out, hitting her somewhere within that made her feel like fainting from shock and pleasure.

Malfoy spread her legs wider to be able to have easier access to her as he teased and tortured her sex, nibbling softly on her folds, lapping at her juices, sucking on her clit.

This was heaven and hell, and Hermione was going crazy as she groaned and moaned his name over and over again as if it were a chant and her only means of survival. She knew that the strength in which she griped his hair must be painful, but if the smug chuckles he kept letting out had anything to say about it, he didn't mind in the least bit.

Suddenly, as he unexpectedly thrusted in two of his fingers and curled them up, she came with a scream. Hermione closed her eyes and bit down hard on her mouth yet couldn't keep her scream silent, the pleasure was stronger than she knew she could experience.

In fact, the pleasure was so strong and overpowering that she didn't feel a pair of fangs slipping momentarily into the innermost part of her thigh, sipping a taste of her blood before retreating.

Malfoy chuckled smugly, obviously pleased with himself as he tasted her juices on his fingers, silver orbs finding and refusing to let her gaze free as he slid the glistening fingers into his mouth. "Hell…"

And he made that sound like a good thing.

His silver orbs, darkened to molten metal, were on her lips as he lowered himself slightly on top of her, fingers finding her womanhood and diving inside of the hot channel made slippery by the show of her pleasure as he captured her painfully erect nipple in his mouth.

Arching once more, Hermione whimpered as he continued to play her body like a fine-tuned instrument, tasting, touching, marking each and every inch of her as if she was his and he was making sure she knew this. He must have bitten her breast slightly by accident because she'd felt a prick of pain, yet the pleasure had covered up any discomfort.

By the time he'd finally covered her body with his, peppering her neck with kisses, throbbing erection pressing against her entrance, she was begging for him to fill her, pleading with him to enter her.

"Dammit Granger!" And it was obviously driving him crazy.

In a move that surprised her, Draco sunk his teeth into her neck as he slid quickly and deeply within her, breaking her maidenhood and making her a woman. The pain from the intrusion was a small price to pay for the pleasure as he began to move in and out of her urgently, teeth still on her neck, yet instead of bothering or at least freaking her out she didn't mind it.

For some reason this obvious show of dominance excited her further, and as Hermione met each of his thrusts, as she caressed his naked back, she turned her head slightly, offering him a better access to her throat, and he whimpered against her skin at the act of submission.

When she was beginning to feel dizzy he let go of her and began lapping at her neck, and although she was curious as to that action she liked it, and truthfully didn't have much time to contemplate it as she once more came, yet stronger this time, and she screamed in painful pleasure when he cursed and mashed his mouth to hers, and with a couple of strong thrusts was joining her in that mind-fogging pleasure, both crying into the other's mouths.

Their hands caressed each others naked bodies as they slowly came down from their shared climax, and Hermione smiled at Draco softly before closing her eyes and, head still clouded from her strong climax, she fainted.


Jumping, Hermione groaned when the muscles in her body pained, protesting her sudden movement. She wiped at her eyes and looked up into Harry and Ron's smiling faces.

Confused as to what they were doing there and why they were smiling, she quickly looked around her and realized that she was in the library, and apparently had fallen asleep there.

So it was only a dream.

Why was she so disappointed?

"Geez 'Mione." Ron announced as he plopped down on the seat next to hers. "It's not healthy for you to be studying so much you fall asleep in the library!"

Harry sat down on her other side. "When you didn't come to the Commons we got worried."

She smiled guiltily at him, feeling horrible for having dreamt such a thing about Draco Malfoy of all people. "Sorry guys." Getting up she gave a cry when her knees gave out on her, and she would have fallen if Harry hadn't used his Seeker reflexes to stand up and catch her.

"You okay, Hermione?" Harry's green eyes were filled with worry as he held her to him.

"Y-yeah." She smiled shakily, wondering why the muscles in her thighs were hurting her. "I—my muscles must be asleep."

Harry grinned down at her, obviously relieved. "Well, that only proves that you should be in bed." Swinging her into his arms, Harry smiled down into her face before turning to Ron. "Get her bag. Let's take the princess to her castle."

Hermione made a face at him, he knew she hated being called 'princess', and yet, she couldn't help but grin up at him at the same time. "Idiot."

Harry chuckled as they made their way out of the library.

"Bloody hell Mione," Ron complained as he shouldered her bag and hurried after them. "What do you have in this bag?"

"Must you always complain, Ronald?" Hermione asked as she rolled her eyes, beginning yet another good-natured argument between her and her redheaded friend.

They were so intent on the argument they never noticed the shadows shifting, betraying the presence of a blonde in black and green.

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