Sharptooth tore a chunk of flesh off his kill. He tilted his head back and swallowed it all in one gulp before delving back for more. He had killed another longneck, it seemed to be all he killed anymore. The giant predator dug his talons in and ripped apart the carcass with a raw and violent hate. Bones snapped, blood soaked the ground.

Chomper stood over his own kill, a duckbill, and ate a little more gracefully. He watched the older sharptooth with a feeling of revulsion and little curiosity. Why did he do it? Why did he hate? Chomper had been told the story before, about how Doc killed his mate and destroyed the nest, but that was over a hundred years ago. Why did Sharptooth still hunt longnecks? Especially now that Doc was dead. What did he have left to gain from any of this?

The larger dinosaur caught the eye of his younger companion. He swallowed the hunk of meat in his mouth and faced the young one. "What is it?" Sharptooth asked.

"Why do you do this anymore?" Chomper asked. "All the killing, all the hate. Doc is dead, why do you still want to kill more longnecks?"

Sharptooth snarled. His lips pulled back, revealing his mouthful of serrated and deadly teeth. "You question me and my motives?" His voice was low, but tremendous and powerful. Chomper knew this was even worse than if he was roaring. "The death of my mate, and my hatchlings that never were-"

"Was over a hundred years ago." Chomper interjected. "As tragic and wrong as it was, why do you let it consume you?"

Sharptooth shook his head. "You are young. You don't understand. I left my home, gave up everything for Doc, for the sake of our friendship. One moment of weakness and that friendship was destroyed. I had moved on from there and was ready to raise a family when he came back and destroyed that too. I can never forgive him, and since all longneck worship him as their hero for what he did, they all will suffer in his punishment.

"And as for the runt, he tried to kill me as well and nearly succeeded. Besides that, I'm too old to change who I am now. Even if I wanted to. I am the Sharptooth, and nothing will change that." He tore another chunk of flesh from the longneck carcass and gulped it down.

Chomper sighed. So much for understanding Sharptooth any better. "You will succeed me." Sharptooth said. Chomper was caught by surprise. He faced the elder carnivore with bewilderment. "I won't live forever. And when I'm gone, I want you to avenge me. Swear a blood oath to me, that when I die in battle you will continue my legacy and avenge me."

After a brief moment of hesitation, Chomper gave a swift nod. He walked to a nearby jutting rock with a jagged edge. Chomper gentle placed his head against it and, with a swift jerk, slashed his face on the rock. His blood spilt across the ground in front of him. "I swear, on my own fallen blood, to avenge you, my master."

A twisted smile grew over Sharptooth's face. "Good."


Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike stood along the banks of a small pond. The water darkened in the center, leading down to a deep abyss below. On the western shore towered a rocky cliff. For the four of them, this place was very familiar. This was where they once stood together as a team and defeated Sharptooth.

"It seems like only yesterday, doesn't it?" Cera said. Her eyes fixed on the cliff which towered above them. "All of us up there, pushing the rock down."

"Me remember too well." Petrie shuttered. "Still no like swimming."

"I remember. I do, I do." Ducky said. Spike murmured in agreement. "I remember you guys using me as bait. Thanks a lot, the sleep stories about it were wonderful after that."

"Hey," Cera snapped, "I didn't send you to be bait. I wasn't here for that. That was all the boys idea. But I do recall being the one who actually pushed Sharptooth down."

"Yeah, 'cus we did nothing." Ducky said sarcastically.

"I didn't say you were useless. I was just pointing out I was more useful than the rest of you." Cera said with a smug grin across her face. Spike groaned with annoyance. Cera turned back to face the dark blue water. "I still wish I knew how." She said. "We shoved him off the cliff, dropped a bolder on him, we even stayed afterwards to make sure he didn't come back up. How in the blackest of nights did Sharptooth come back after that?"

Ducky dipped her foot in and out of the water. Ripples spread out over the surface. She looked over the calm deep blue pond, herself deep in thought. Ducky stepped out into the water. "I have one idea." She said, already knee deep in the pond.

"Ducky, where you going?" Petrie asked.

"To see what's down there." She took a deep breath and plunged under the water. Kicking her legs and swishing her tail, the duckbill descended. The lakebed fell away in a near vertical drop so deep Ducky couldn't see the bottom.

Ducky's tail moved back and forth in a powerful sweeping motion, propelling her down. She was soon consumed in the dark waters. As her eyes adjusted, she started to see what she suspected. This was not a simple hole underwater. There was another tunnel she could follow. She did just that, swam down this tunnel. Her lungs began to burn. She didn't usually hold her breath for this long, and she had no idea how far this cavern went before she could surface again.

Finally, it opened up and Ducky raced for air. Her head broke the surface and she gasped for breath. A few good coughs later and she could now figure out where she was. It was an underground cave. Large pillars of rock reached from the floor up to the ceiling, sometimes connecting, sometimes not. Blue points of light danced around the walls, casting dazzling shimmers all around. Ducky was taken back by the sight. It was beautiful, even awe inspiring. There was even a small patch of dry land just large enough for a dinosaur to rest on.

Or in this case, a belly-dragger.

Ducky gasped and held caught her breath. The large reptile rested, it's large body covered most of the sand bar. Its eyes were closed as it slept. For the moment. Ducky slowly sank back into the water. She inhaled as deeply as she could before submerging totally. As she looked about underwater cave floor now, she saw it was littered with bones. The belly-dragger must be using this place as its lair. As she was about to head back out the way she came, the water splashed above her. Ducky didn't need to turn around to know what it was. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the massive belly-dragger bearing down on her.

She swam as fast as she could. Her legs kicked, her tail swished. Ducky frantically clawed through the water. The belly-dragger right behind her. It opened its mouth and growled, a stream of bubbles released from those deadly jaws. Ducky made it back to the main shaft and rocketed up as fast as she could. She could see the Bright-Circle above shining down above her.

Bursting from the water, Ducky took a deep breath of air and raced for the shore. Cera, Spike, and Petrie all jumped when they saw her. "Ducky!" Petrie shouted. "What you find?" It was then that the belly-dragger surfaced right behind Ducky. It chased after her, snarling and snapping its jaws. The two halves of its mouth snapped together like the falling of trees. It might even be able to snap trees with those teeth.

Petrie wasted no time. He took to the air and flew out over the pond. He came down over the belly-dragger, clawing at its face with his feet. The Belly-dragger snapped at him, swings its jaws around trying to catch this flying annoyance. But Petrie stayed just out of reach. He flapped it powerful wings and pecked at the predator's head.

Annoyed by his attacker, the belly-dragger dove back underwater. Ducky was almost to the shore, but the carnivore wasn't done. It chased after her, bursting out of the water and crawling up the shoreline behind her. But before it could reach its prey, the belly-dragger was struck in the head by another dinosaur. Spike swung his tail with all his might, slamming his sister's attacker in the face. Cera stepped forward as well, waving her horns back and forth in a threatening manner. The belly-dragger hissed and slinked back into the water.

All four of them panted for breath. Ducky lay exhausted, her heart hammered in her chest. "I did not like that at all. Nope, nope, nope."

"Hello, down there!" A voice called down to them. It was Pterano. He flew down and landed on a rock near the water. "I have returned, children, with good news."

"Good news, good snooze! Where were you two minutes ago!?" Cera shouted. "Ducky was almost killed by a belly-dragger while you were flying around!"

Pterano tapped his fingers against his bill, his eyes narrowed. "I apologize, I was merely scouting out the terrain ahead. I can't be everywhere at once. And you children have a knack for getting into trouble. I was only gone for a few minutes and a predator tries to eat one of you. What were you doing, throwing rocks at it?" Pterano brushed the topic aside. "Anyways, if you are at all interested to hear, there is a longneck herd currently traveling in this direction. A rather large one, it might even be a combining of two herds. And the leader has a striking resemblance to the young Littlefoot. I thought you might like to know."

Cera's anger disappeared almost instantly. Was it really? Could it be Littlefoot? But then, why would he be leading a giant herd? "Come on, guys! We need to get going!" She nudged Spike to help Ducky up.

"You're welcome, by the way." Pterano scoffed.


A loud shriek woke Littlefoot from his sleep. He'd been napping under Longneck Rock. The crying and wailing was followed soon after by a loud roar. Another sharptooth attack. Littlefoot rose up, his shoulders straight and firm, his head held high. It was his duty as Doc's successor to prevent any and all sharptooth attacks. He hurried off in the direction the screams were coming from as fast as he could run. Admittedly, not as fast as when he was a kid.

He soon found it. A horned sharptooth(ceratosaurus) carrying an injured No-horn Runner(microceratus) in its jaws. The No-horn was still alive, struggling, kicking and screaming as loud as it could as it tried to escape. But the larger predator held it firmly with its teeth. Littlefoot saw the terror in the tiny dinosaur's eyes. He could not let this continue.

"Stop where you are, sharptooth!" Littlefoot shouted. The sharptooth halted in its tracks and turned to face him. Littlefoot towered over the carnivore, easily standing twice as tall. These horned sharpteeth were not nearly as large as Chomper's kind. "Now, you listen here, sharptooth!" Littlefoot said. "You let that little guy go, or I'll make you let him go."

The sharptooth took one look at Littlefoot, and then turned and ran the other way. She had no interest in a fight, especially not now. But she didn't get very far. Littlefoot swung his tail with masterful ease and knocked the predator's legs right out from under her. She crashed to the ground, her prey flying from her mouth.

Littlefoot came strolling over to the fallen carnivore. The No-horn crawled pathetically across the ground. One of its legs was broken and bleeding bad. The sharptooth had severally injured it, but not killed it. It was then that Littlefoot noticed the nest.

A small nest made of sticks and leaves with rocks encircling it. Three eggs rested inside. This must be why the prey was only injured and not killed. The sharptooth was bringing it back here.

Littlefoot stepped over to the nest and lifted his foot over the eggs. Sharpteeth were a nuisance. A threat to everyone. They'd already caused so much damage. How many families had been destroyed because of them? How many other dinosaurs like him have had their parents murdered by these heartless, despicable, worthless monsters? Well, not it would change. He would make sure to stop them. Never again would someone have to loose their mother or father to these blood thirsty savages. And Littlefoot would start by smashing these-

The first egg began to crack. Littlefoot was taken back by the tiny creature attempting to break itself free from its tiny encasing. It chirped and squeaked, calling out for its mother. The egg shells began to fall away and a tiny head poked out. Looking down, Littlefoot couldn't help but be reminded of when Chomper hatched. How small, how defenseless.

The mother sharptooth ran up to her nest, placing herself between Littlefoot and the hatchlings. She snarled and growled at him, but she also trembled. Littlefoot realized she was afraid of him. Terrified even. She stood no chance of beating him in a one-on-one fight, and she knew it. But she was still willing to try, willing to die to protect her offspring.

Just as his mother had done.

What was he doing? About to smash a nest of innocent eggs? That wasn't him. He would never do something like that. And Doc would never have approved of it, and neither would his mother. Littlefoot stepped back. He walked away from the sharptooth and her nest, leaving them in peace. He passed the body of the No-horn. It had died of blood loss while trying to escape. Littlefoot paid it little notice. He simply walked back to Longneck rock and wept. He looked up at the sky and screamed. "What am I doing out here?! Won't somebody tell me, please!?"