The Rape of Horatio Caine - Chapter 1 of 10

Title: CSI Miami - The Rape of Horatio Caine
Author: Celtic Lady
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Pairing(s): Horatio Caine/Jade Reno
Characters: General cast plus an other character named Jade Reno
Rating: M-MA (Mature - age 16+) (Rape)

Summary: Miami has a serial killer in town – young people are being kidnapped, raped and then killed in the worst way with clues left at each scene to taunt the Police. Horatio feels each victim's pain as he works the case trying to catch the killer before he strikes again never realizing that the next victim will be from his own lab.

Author's Notes: This story is set after the end of Season 5 thus Ryan Wolfe is not working at the lab. This is the second of a three story arc that includes my other character – Jade Reno. The first story being "Eye On Crime," which introduced the character, and the last being "Jaded", which concludes the character.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters (except Jade) so please don't sue. If the real owners want to use anything from my story (yeah, wishful thinking), go ahead, you can have it for free. :-)

Alexx brushed a spider web aside as she entered the abandoned building. She saw the broken piece of plywood, that once covered the door, barely hanging by a couple of nails. It was dark and dusty inside as she walked toward the sound of voices in the back room. When she turned the corner, there was the crime scene and she couldn't believe her eyes. A young girl had been brutally murdered and hung from the ceiling by her neck.

"Oh my Lord," exclaimed Alexx as she looked at the horror in front of her.

Horatio walked over to Alexx and gently touched her elbow as he whispered, "I know this is hard to witness, but I need to know as much as I can about what happened to this young lady."

She nodded and walked closer to began her preliminary examination of the body being careful not to step in the pool of blood that had accumulated below.

"Rigor has come and gone." She looked at the marks on the girls body. "There is an awful lot of trauma here. I can't say for sure how she died until I get her back to the lab."

"Can you give me an estimated time of death Alexx?" Horatio asked.

"One . . . maybe two days ago. It's hard to say." Alexx motioned for the men to take down the body and bag it. "I'll let you know what I find."

"I found something!" Eric motioned for Horatio to come closer. On a wooden crate laid a VHS tape of Nightmare on Elm Street.

"Eric, I want everything – nothing is too small," Horatio demanded as he started outside.

Frank Tripp walked out with him and dryly commented, "we're on Elm Drive . . . looks like we have a Freddy Krueger copycat?" He shook his head in disgust at the sick joke. "All we need is some sick joker trying to make a name for himself."

"Let's hope not Frank." Horatio squinted in the bright sun. "Let's hope not." He put on his sunglasses and left.

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The crime lab was busy as Eric Delko started processing the VHS tape for prints. Everyone knew this would be a high profile case especially since it involved a child and such brutality. The tape was dusty and the chance of prints was minimal but he still had to try as he prepared the super glue and hung the outer casing so the fumes could engulf it.

Moments later, Calleigh Duquesne came walking in just in time to witness Delko's frustration as he slapped his palms down on the table hard.

"Not going so well?" she asked cautiously to an obvious observation. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Eric took a deep breath and pointed to the remaining evidence bags, filled with the victim's clothing. "You could give me a hand with these."

"Sure!" Calleigh smiled. She was hoping he'd be open to her assistance.

Meanwhile, Alexx was beginning her detailed examination of the body with Horatio standing by in the observatory watching her every move. She turned on her recorder and began describing what she found.

"Several broken ribs, broken collarbone, immense blunt force to the abdomen." Alexx stated. "I estimate she is around 12 years old . . . maybe 13." She moved down the body as she spoke. "Extreme signs of rape and sodomy. I'll collect samples for trace."

She continued her external examination and prepared the rape kit. She also scraped under the girls fingernails for any possible evidence that might be there. "Horatio, I've got two gray hairs that don't belong to this poor baby." She looked up to the glass observatory only to catch a glimpse of Horatio rushing out the door.

He was by her side immediately, "I'll get those to trace."

As he walked up to Natalia Boa Vista, he handed her the envelopes to be processed, "Can I get a rush on this?"

Natalia knew that if he brought the evidence himself, he really wasn't asking - he was expecting. "Sure. No problem." She took the envelopes and started processing them immediately. Noticing that Horatio wasn't leaving, she commented, "I'll call you when I have something."

Horatio caught the hint that she didn't like him watching over her shoulder and left.

As he continued down the hallway, Horatio entered the room where Eric Delko was processing the fingerprint he collected off the video tape. "Any luck?"

"Still searching." Delko looked at the screen, "I sent the tape to AV in case it's been recorded over."

"Good." Horatio wanted no stone unturned in this case. He paused to look at the screen hoping a match would suddenly appear. "What about the victim's prints, any ID yet?"

Delko shook his head, "No, nothing."

Horatio's cell phone rang. "Yes." He listened for a moment, "On my way Frank."

Frank had been going through the missing persons reports trying to find the identification of their victim. "Horatio, I have two missing children that match our vic."

Horatio quickly jumped on the information, "Let's go talk to these families, Frank, and see what they can give us."