Disclaimer Notes: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/ The Pokemon Company

Disclaimer Notes: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/ The Pokemon Company. I do however own Beka Goldheart, Team Sky, several OCs, and my ideas for writing this fanfic. I welcome all back to the third installment of my fanfic series and I hope you all enjoy what is to come from this story. As stated before, and I will state it again: I will not be accepting anymore OCs for my story. With that said, let us continue on with the series with:

Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn III

Within a universe parallel to ours, is the world of Pokemon: a wondrous and adventurous universe where humans and amazing creatures called Pokemon live and thrive together on Earth. Here, humans and Pokemon have coexisted with one another ever since time began, living and experiencing the gift of life within the world. Some humans have even made it their life-long dream to become Pokemon trainers in order to better understand these amazing creatures as well as to build strong, ever-lasting bonds with them to better understand them, nature, and life itself. Those who become trainers thrive to become Pokemon Masters, while others become breeders, coordinators, gym leaders, train under one specialty of Pokemon element, or just wanting to make friends. However, as the saying goes, where there is light there is darkness. Some people have used Pokemon for their own selfish bidding in order to gain wealth, power, and control of what this world has to offer. Some people have even gone as far as to disturbing balances of nature to gain what they desire and there are still those out there who wish to make it so. As the legends have told of consequences and predictions of what the future lies ahead, there are still some legends that are still left to be unearthed by the eyes and ears of mankind, and one such legend is about to begin to unravel and change the Pokemon World as we know it: The Legend of the Chosen Ones.

Unearthing a New Legend

Within the heart of Hoenn, where the ancient peak of Mt. Pyre sits within the ocean and a thick layer of fog, there is evil a foot. Deep underground within the sacred burial grounds of this mountain rings the sound of picks, drills, jackhammers, and grunting labor. The tunnel ways, undetected from above the ground, are dimmed by lanterns as an illegal excavation under the scared mound has gone underway; for the past few months it has and it is getting closer to something. For those working in the dark and damp tunnel ways, it is a constant change of temperature, the threats of hitting pockets of poisonous gas embedded within the earth, and the flare of tempers are always present. Up head within a pocketed out area of the tunnel are two female miners as they dig away at the main excavation site, seeking out a so called "treasure" that their superior officers have told onto them. They wear thick brown and very dirty clothing consisting of mining suits that bear a strange green S symbol that looked like a dragon, indicating that they are in fact members of a notorious group that have for over a year seek out into controlling the sky and eventually the entire Pokemon world: Team Sky.

One of the female miners lets out a grunt and throws her weight with a pick into a heavy rock. The rock cracked upon impact and the miner left the embedded pick in the rock so she could wipe her sweaty yet dirty brow. She then pulled out a canteen and began drinking some water from it, replenishing herself and her thirst. The other miner stopped for a moment and glared at her as she pulls on her down jacket to keep warm and calm her shivering.

"Maria, how can you possibly be hot?!" snapped the miner, "It's like a freezer in here!" The miner then stabbed a shovel into the hard earth as the miner Maria turned to look at her.

"Well Laura," Maria spoke, "given that I have carried around a heavy pick and stabbing away at some thick rock will make me quite hot. Besides, I'm wearing long sleeves as well." Maria then went to pick up her pick once more and beat at the hard rock again. As she did so, she picked up a few mutters under Laura's breath; complaints being the main issue as Laura continued to dig. "What's that Laura? You want me to put gravel down your pants?" asked Maria with a smirk and she reached down to pick up a handful of dirt in her gloved hands.

"If you even try, I'll swat you with this thing," threatened Laura as she brandished the shovel she was holding like some sort of club. Maria merely laughed.

"You look like a Cubone with that shovel flailing around in your hands," said Maria. Laura groaned as she went back to digging at her spot in the tunnel.

"I hate this place," Laura groaned, "Whose brilliant idea was this, anyway?"

"I believe this is all Miss. Zoey's doing," replied Maria, "If I'm not mistaken."

"If it wasn't for the fact that she's got all those men up in the airbase wrapped around her finger, I'd-" spoke Laura, but then stopped mid sentence when she suddenly hit a large rock, "Oh curse it! Maria, mind if I borrow that pickaxe?"

"Sure, here you go," said Maria as she handed Laura her pickaxe and spoke out her opinion, "Well, she sends those buffoons out on those bizarre missions and most of them, if I'm not mistaken, come back with bruises or broken bones…quite humorous eh?"

"I just hope that nothing like that ever happens to me…" spoke Laura as she finished work on the pickaxe and began clearing away the earth around the rock. She then stopped suddenly when she noticed something about the rock. "Hey Maria, doesn't this rock look a bit too…I dunno, even?" She then picked up the strange rectangular shaped rock in her gloved hands, "It looks like a brick."

"Yeah, and…hey!" exclaimed Maria as she pointed to some strange markings on the side of the brick, "Look, writing!"

"Odd," said Laura as she bent down to begin clearing away some more dirt, revealing more bricks.

"Say," said Maria, "looks like we unearthed something more than just dirt."

"Yeah," nodded Laura, "Um, should we tell them about this or will the guy in charge of this expedition just steal all the credit for himself?"

"Well duh!" said Maria with a giggle in her voice, "We should take the credit silly!" Laura pressed on a mischievous smile.

"Let's clear everything so he can't take all the credit with good ol' fashioned elbow grease!" said Laura.

"But, what if there is more here?" asked Maria, looking around a bit and wondering how they would collect if everything was too much for them.

"All the more reason!" exclaimed Laura as her grin widened, "C'mon and see if you can convince one of those beefy Machoke wandering around to help us some. If we dig up something good…" As Laura proceeded to dig more into the bricks, something suddenly flashed for a moment and Laura felt the pick in her hands fly out of her hands. The force of whatever the pick had hit caused the tool flying back and protruded into the opposing wall of the tunnel. Laura fell backwards and clutched her chest, breathing heavily as her eyes widened in shock to what had happened. "Augh!" she yelled, "What just happened?!"

"Laura!" exclaimed Maria as she rushed to her partner's side, "Are you alright?!"

"The axe…" spoke Laura in a startled tone, "…It kinda…Flew?" After she spoke, the two suddenly saw what appeared to be a ring-like symbol glow from the rock wall and then the cavern began to rumble. "Aaaah!" screamed Laura as she rolled onto her stomach and held down her hard hat. Maria followed suit with Laura and the two braced themselves as large amounts of dirt and matter fell all around them. After what seemed like forever, the rumbling stopped and the heavy amounts of dirt settled down; causing them to look up and see the dig supervisor and a few other workers approaching them.

"S-S-Sir!" sat up Maria as she saw the others coming. Laura stood up shakily, having a very pale look to her face in which she could faint in any given moment. As the two girls looked behind them to see what was causing the others to gape in wonder, they too were surprised at what they saw. They saw they unearthed a giant door way with various ancient textural designs carved into it, with one interesting aspect being a Rayquaza symbol that seemed to be deformed and housed within a shield-like symbol that resembled the ring of Arceus. There was a brief silence as everyone tried to take in what had happened, but then the supervisor broke the silence.

"Um, um…someone call Miss. Zoey! Tell her that we think we found it!"

"Yes sir!" came a call from behind the group as a worker ran back the way they came. The supervisor then turned to the two workers.

"And you two girls, well…Congratulations!" he spoke, "You've found the 'treasure' that we've been searching for!"

"This is the 'treasure'?" asked Maria as she looked at the door as Laura looked over the arch a bit.

"Should we explore it some, or do we wait for Miss. Zoey?" asked Laura.

"Well," said the supervisor, "there is a certain 'key' that we need to access the door and Miss. Zoey has a sample of the key to access it."

"Oh," said Laura as she leaned against the door, rubbing against some sort of red dust that was accumulating over it and then examined it with her gloves, "Huh, what's this crud?"

"If I'm not mistaken, that's mercury oxide," spoke the supervisor, "It's good that you're wearing gloves right now, but…if that stuff touches your skin, you're dead."

"Wow," spoke Maria to Laura, although she was now keeping her distance away from her, "first we survive a rock slide and now the oxide Laura; you're quite lucky."

Laura looked at her thick gloves as if they were a lethal weapon, but then she suddenly collapsed and minor chaos ensued. As some of the members kept their distant away from the collapsed miner, several men in hazmat suits quickly took Laura onto a stretcher out of the cavern way as to make sure she wouldn't be obtained to mercury poison.

Several hours later, after the ordeal and clearing the area of any other danger, two more figures came into the tunnel and made their way to the doorway. The leader of Team Sky, Zoey, was a woman in her twenties with long black hair and deep set violet eyes as she wore the leader's attire of Team Sky: being a thick aviator's jacket with a golden S emblem sewn onto the chest, a long skirt, high heeled boots, and aviator hat with goggles. The second person following behind her was second-in-command Libra, a young man in his twenties as well with black hair protruding from an aviator hat, piercing green eyes, and wore as well a thick aviator jacket, pants, and thick boots to his attire. Along with the two leaders were the duo Team Sky Elite Spies of the group: Chris and Marcus. Chris had white hair with deep brown eyes as Marcus had maroon colored hair in wing-like projections and green eyes, but they both wore blazer-like uniforms that bared their team's symbol. As Zoey approached the door, Libra immediately grabbed her hand before she reached out to place her hand on the door.

"I got a report about a minute ago that one of the workers was nearly poisoned," Libra spoke, "You might want to put on a pair of gloves before opening the door."

"Of course," said Zoey as she slipped on a pair of thick black gloves over her hands, "and now, for us to enter into that door…" A dark smirk crept onto her red lips as she pulled out a microscopic sample dish with some strands of red colored hair; causing the members to wonder what she was doing and why was there hair in that dish. Zoey pulled out the hair and placed then in a shallow bowl that was sticking out of the door, causing the hair to suddenly erupt and be consumed in a flash of bright green flames. Once the embers died down, the ancient door began to creak open and fully expose its contents to the group before it. With the aid of flashlights, the group saw that the inside of the room is revealed to be an ancient burial chamber with nothing but an Egyptian-like coffin before them, showing that the same design of a disfigured Rayquaza emblem on the chest of the tomb as well as a warning written in an ancient text on the coffin; being more complicated to decipher than the easily recognizable Unown script. Zoey seemed thrilled into finding the sarcophagus, but Libra on the other hand didn't share the same enthusiasm as she is. Something in the air was making him feel tense inside, his heart racing in worry as he looked at the coffin before him. He seemed it was wrong to be here, it was not a place of good but of evil.

"Is there a translator here?" asked Zoey as she looked over the coffin with care as to not touch it so soon, "This language isn't Unown and I can't read it."

"It's Sevii ma'am," spoke Libra as he recognized the text, making Zoey smile with pleasure.

"Well now, care to tell me what it says?" she asked. Libra sighed.

"Well, some of this writing is very old, but…it appears to be a warning…saying: 'Beware of the one whose scales are darker than night…whose deadly light will burn the lands of this world…may the Dark One's child remain as stone for all eternity, until Time and Space freeze to the Original One's hand…' Ma'am, I don't feel we should mess around with this-"

"Come now Libra," spoke Zoey with a dark smile, "this is just a silly prophecy that is meant for those opposed to our cause. After all, he will be most happy that we found our secret tool into capturing Rayquaza and that Emerald brat. Now, see if we can get a team in here to remove this coffin back up to the airbase and make it quick!"

Libra slowly nodded. "Yes ma'am."

Zoey then turned to make her way out, but not before calling out in her powerful voice an order: "Everyone! Get inside that room and get that coffin out of there and into the base…NOW!!" Everyone present sprang to her words, fitting on some more protective clothing and readying to get the coffin ready to be shipped to the airbase. As most of the members did so, Zoey nodded for Libra, Chris, and Marcus to follow her back up. "Now…let us return to the base and celebrate."

"At two-thirty in the morning?" asked Libra, hiding how tired he was from Zoey's view. Zoey laughed at his response.

"That got you awake I see," she spoke as they continue on up toward the surface. Libra gave another nod; clearly he was not amused at her antics. "Good," Zoey continued, "I have several errands I need you to give out and attend to." Yes, Libra was not amused at all by his leader's words.

'Eh-gads woman!! I've been up for the past two days! I'm not awake enough for work right now!!' Libra's mind was screaming at the top of its lungs as if trying to mentally drill a penetrable psychic message into Zoey's brain.

"Now chop-chop Libra!" stated Zoey as she clapped her hands, "We got a huge mission to fulfill!"

Libra gave a small sigh and a nod to his leader. As he radio in for some Xatus to be brought into the grounds to begin a teleportation ring to the airbase, Zoey began to walk back up out of the tunnel ways and back to her ship with a dark smirk on her face. 'So Dark Rayquaza,' Zoey thought, 'Are you appeased?'

From within the deepest reaches of her mind, a dark hissing laughter of happiness filled. Yes. Yes I am, the voice spoke.

'Good,' she thought, I would be glad you would be…and I was lucky enough to grab some hair samples from the Emerald. If I hadn't the last time we met, I wouldn't have been able to bypass Arceus' shield.'

I will, spoke Dark Rayquaza, as you have considered by me, to regenerate and revive the one you have found. It will take approximately four of your months, and it would be wise not to disturb me.

'Very well,' thought Zoey with a soft nod of her head, 'I understand and do not worry, with SkyGOD fully at their capability and more new, yet interesting members to have joined Team Sky, I will have no use to use you unless the Legendary of the Sky were to show up itself.'

No! Dark Rayquaza growled, If I cannot fully concentrate on rebuilding the body, she will cease to be perfection! As for your pitiful machine-fliers, they will have to take on the responsibility of defeating my enemy for me.

'Understood Dark One,' thought Zoey, I will make sure that you will not be disturbed as you revive our greatest weapon against the little brat Emerald.' Zoey clenched her fists in anger as she heard a soft, mutual grunt pass through her mind, 'For nearly a year…she has caused me nothing but grief and she must pay for what she has done to not only hurt me, but to my sister Samantha as well.'

She soon reached her destination and successfully, and without detection, made her way back to the airship of Team Sky. After a few hours and the Xatus successfully in place to transport the coffin, Libra observed his surroundings to make sure everything was ready to go back to the airship. "Is everything ready to go?" he asked Maria, who was currently beside him looking over last minute preparations.

"Yes sir," said Maria, with a rather worn out look on her face. Libra nodded.

"Good," he spoke, "then prepare the Xatus for the teleport and then leave as soon as word that the coffin is onboard the ship." Maria gave Libra a salute, although it was exhaustedly, and then began to give the order to begin the teleportation. Libra sighed in a tired manner and began to exit out of the cavern as well, mumbling to himself as he treaded up toward the surface: "I need some rest…" As he emerged from the undetected entrance, which was actually a secret base made near the shoreline to Mt. Pyre, he began to tread up to a helicopter that was readying to depart and clambered up into the back to settle in. A Sky pilot looked behind him in surprise to see the second-in-command in the back of the helicopter, but after noting the extremely tired look on his face, he knew that he wanted nothing more than to go back to the airbase. Chris and Marcus, who were not far behind him, also clambered up into the helicopter and readied as well to go back to the base too. After everyone was on board, the helicopter gain power and lifted off from the ground to prepare the journey back to the airbase with Libra pressing his head against a window in helicopter's passenger side of the craft. Libra began to notice that the sun was beginning to rise off in the east; a sign which hours had flown by him. "Pretty sunrise, eh?" asked Libra drowsily.

Chris noticed his twin brother Marcus was happily dozing in dreamland and flopped on his shoulder. "Yeah I-ugh," muttered Chris as he shoved Marcus away to face fault onto the floor of the helicopter to sleep on, "I guess so."

"And just think," said Libra as he continued to look at the new day approaching, "This is a sign, for things to come anew…" However, instead of feeling happy of what had transpired, he couldn't help but think that this was a really, really bad mistake that they had all made.


Coming up next chapter, we reintroduce our heroine and how she is doing in her journeys, as well as meet up with two new friends and a new enemy who is one of the many new Team Sky enemies to come in this series…