Agate Village and the Echoes of Time

Glass shattered upon the carpet as the dark purple wine slowly seeped into the carpet. Chris and Marcus jumped to the impacting champagne glass as the slivers of glass scattered on the ground. They knew that breaking the news to Zoey was not going to be easy; then again, something being broken to their leader spelled disaster or several dollars. A snarl escaped Zoey's lips as she stood up.

"So then the reports rung true," she growled softly, "Our very own Dour is a betrayer!"

"It wasn't so obvious back at the Frontier?" muttered Chris under his breath, which led to him ducking quickly to avoid a fast flying sphere that pelted closely to him. Chris turned to see a steel meditation ball was now cratered behind him and slowly turned in shock to see Zoey tossing the other one in the air. Zoey was not happy.

"So now you're mocking me on this, are you Chris?" growled Zoey as Chris and Marcus backed toward the doors.

"N-No ma'am!" said Chris as he waved his hands in defense, "I-I was just-"

"GET OUT!!!" screamed Zoey as she threw out the other meditation ball. The two Spies quickly hi-tailed it out of the throne room as the ball cratered into another spot onto the carpet. A frustrated sigh blew out of Zoey's pampered lips as Libra, who had been standing by her throne the whole time, cleared his throat.

"Ms. Zoey, was that really necessary?" Libra asked.

"No grunt shall talk down their master!" snapped Zoey and slumped back on her throne, holding her head, "I need another drink."

"Perhaps some water Ms. Zoey?" suggested Libra, "Dehydration is a leading cause to headaches and you've had quite a few glasses of that Bluk Berry wine."

"Nonsense," spat Zoey as she waved Libra off, "Fetch me another glass Libra." Libra let off a soft sigh but nodded to Zoey's orders. As he was about to leave, he stopped to see the double doors to the room open and see another Team Sky personal enter. It was Lee of the Team Sky Elite as he made a respective bow to Zoey on her throne as a smile cracked on her face. "Ah, Lee. I hope you brought me good news from the lab."

"Yes, I have," spoke Lee, "Dark Rayquaza has given us the final word and confirmed that she is ready for awakening. Her form has been fully regenerated and now all we need is Emerald present for the awakening."

"Perfect," spoke Zoey, her smile growing dark but then looked up, "Question now is how we capture her without Dour or any other interruptions occurring; especially Emerald herself appearing?" Lee and Libra were silent to Zoey's words, knowing not how to respond. Zoey stood up and waved to Libra again. "Get me another bottle of Bluk Berry wine Libra and report to my office once you do. I'll call up Keith from SkyGOD and see if we can plan out something. After all, he's quite good in the tactics department." Libra nodded softly as Zoey stumbled toward her office. Once she was gone, Lee approached Libra.

"Are you sure she needs more?" he asked. Libra shook his head.

"No, she doesn't, but I know what she doesn't know can't hurt her. I'll just find a rather bitter, non-alcoholic Bluk Berry juice for her in the pantry." Libra then turned to leave along with Lee. As the two walked down the hallways through the airship, a disturbing thought crossed through Libra's mind that made him freeze.

'Are we really suppose to be doing this? Tampering with the past when cultures everywhere have feared of this prophecy for generations?' Libra bit his lip as the ideal gave him deep kicks in the pit of his stomach. "I mustn't disobey Ms. Zoey's orders," muttered Libra to himself, covering his own fear of the situation, "I must have trust in our leader and I'm that our goal of all of Team Sky will be fulfilled."

"Uh sir?" questioned Lee as he turned to Libra when he heard the second in command muttering, "You feeling alright?"

"I'm fine. Go back to your team and stand by for orders," Libra instructed.

"Yes sir," spoke Lee and went on ahead down another corridor as Libra went down another; the kick in the pit of his stomach slowly returning.


"I see," said Prof. Krane as Michael had finished explaining to the professor what had happened at Dr. Kaminko's mansion, "So Cipher has once again begun returning in full it seems. This is quite troublesome indeed."

"Is there anything we can do about this?!" asked Brendan, standing from his seat at the table they were at, "We just can't let these bullies retake Orre again!"

"Brendan, calm down," said May, placing her hand on his arm. Brendan sat back down again after his outburst.

"Prof. Krane," asked Beka, "What about Wes?"

"Wes?" asked Prof. Krane, "I haven't heard that name in years. I heard he was still roaming Orre, but now he seems to be more of an urban legend since no one has seen him in such a long time."

"Then…what about the Luxray Fangs?" asked Beka, turning to Michael, "You said you've heard of them too right Michael?"

"Yeah, but," spoke Michael, rubbing the back of his head, "if what Dr. Kaminko is true, then maybe we should reconsider someone else except a bunch of drinkers and brawlers. Hey! I know! What about that shadow guy?!" Beka flinched back a bit to Michael's words; he was the other person to fully see Kiozi in action. Brendan and May looked at him confused.

"Shadow guy?" asked Brendan, "What are you talking about Michael?"

"Remember when Cipher attacked here and that Cipher leader got swallowed by shadows?! He was back and was about to finish off Dakim!" exclaimed Michael.

"I don't remember a shadow guy," said May, scratching her chin, "I remembered freeing Brendan and then seeing Beka kneeling on the ground, but no shadow guy."

"Same here," said Brendan, "I was too bound up to see this shadow person either."

"As I as well," agreed Prof. Krane. Michael turned to Beka.

"Beka! You know what I'm talking about right?!" he exclaimed as Beka sweat dropped a bit due to his sudden outburst.

"Oh, well I-" she was about to speak, but then someone's phone began ringing. The source came from a cell phone that sat beside Prof. Krane on the table and the professor picked up the phone.

"Excuse me for a moment," he spoke and went to answer it: "Hello? Oh Eagun, good to hear from you…yes…yes, as a matter of fact, I have the parcel for you ready for delivery, I'll have Michael bring it to you shortly…alright, will do, thank you Eagun…uh-Eagun…Eagun? You're phone hasn't been hung up…Eagun…?" Prof. Krane sighed and clicked his phone shut. "I hope he knows he didn't hang up…" He then turned to Michael and smiled, "Michael, I got another assignment for you; this time to Agate Village."

"Oh sure, what is it professor?" asked Michael. Prof. Krane stood up and walked over to his desk, picking up a rather old box with strange runic designs on the cover of the box and bringing it to Michael.

"I have a package that I had acquired recently from a research team exploring the forest's shrine in the Ilex Forest in Johto," said Prof. Krane and opened it up to show the group, "It's quite a rare and mysterious find." The group looked inside to see that there was a strange hourglass-shaped bell within the box that was made out of jade stone. Seeing this artifact sent a strange sensation to fill up within Beka.

The Jade Bell…another Bell of Johto… a voice rang through Beka's head, sounding like Arceus' voice and making Beka grip her head. The others turned to see her.

"Hey Beka, are you okay?" asked Brendan concerned.

"Yeah, I'm okay," spoke Beka, shaking her head, "Slight headache."

"I see," said Prof. Krane, handing Michael the box, "I'm sure you can handle this job right Michael?"

"Of course, professor," grinned Michael, taking the box, "I'll make sure to deliver it safely to Eagun."

"Can I go to Agate as well?" asked Beka, seeming a bit eager to wanting to see the purpose for the bell would be in Agate. Prof. Krane seemed surprised that Beka wanted to venture out again.

"Are you sure Beka?" asked Prof. Krane, "Maybe you ought to rest after your encounter with Dakim."

"Professor, I'm fine," reassured Beka with a smile, "I'll be okay." Brendan let off a soft chuckle.

"She sure still has her go-getter nature," mumbled Brendan to himself. Prof. Krane pressed a small smile.

"Very well then," he spoke, "You can accompany Michael to Agate Village then."


Later on in the day, toward evening, Michael and Beka made it to the village of Agate: a beautiful, lush village that was surrounded by large mountains covered in vegetation and waterfalls. What caught Beka's attention as they parked by the Pokemon Center was the village's giant tree within the Center of the village.

"Wow, it's so huge yet beautiful," spoke Beka with awe.

"Yup," said Michael as he walked up to her, "So you got the bell safe in hand?"

"Yup," smiled Beka as she gently held the box close to her. Michael smiled softly.

"You must really find that bell interesting huh?" he asked as the two of them began to trek toward the center of the village, "I've noticed you've been looking over that box ever since Prof. Krane showed it to us."

"Oh well," said Beka, holding a soft shy blush, "I'm j-just really interested in ancient things, y-you know?" She then switched to thought: 'Although, I can't tell him that it's all for finding and seeking out the other Chosen Ones…'

"It's all cool," shrugged Michael as they continued onward, "Let's just hope Eagun is still at home. He may have gone out to check on the Relic Stone." The two soon arrived at the base of the giant tree, which was actually housing a door and several windows; showing that the tree was holding a house within its wide, yet ancient trunk. "Well, this is where he lives," said Michael and went to knock on the door. "Hello? Mr. Eagun?" The door opened up and who Beka saw next shocked her.

"Oh hello there, how can I help you?" said a girl that looked like she was in her twenties with long red hair that was pulled into long pigtails, deep blue eyes, and wore a simple attire of a miniskirt, mid-drift shirt, heavy jacket, and rugged boots.

"No way," spoke Beka, "You're Rui…"

"Huh?" asked the girl, "Why, yes, I am Rui. Have we met before because I don't remember if we have?"

"Oh, uh…" spoke Beka, blushing again in embarrassment, "…I-I'm Beka Goldheart. I've just heard a lot about you."

"Wha-?" asked Rui, having a confused look on her face. Michael chuckled and decided to step in to save Beka to her own embarrassment.

"That's because I told her about you," said Michael, "Since I've heard a lot about the adventures you and Wes had in Orre years ago. By the way, my name is Michael; it's nice to meet you Ms. Rui."

A soft smile pressed on Rui's face. "Nice to meet the both of you as well. So from what I heard earlier, you're looking for my grandfather right?"

"Yes," said Michael, "We have a parcel from Prof. Krane to deliver to him."

"Alright, come on in," said Rui as she allowed the two trainers to go inside the home. It was quant and warm within the cozy home as Rui led the two to have a seat on the couch. After they had sat down, they realized that they were face-to-face with an elderly couple who were sitting across from them. The elderly gentleman, who had long white hair and a long white beard and dressed in purple robes, had a weak old smile pressed to his face at the presence to the two trainers.

"Well now," he spoke, "So you two must be the ones from Prof. Krane's laboratory to deliver the object now, are you?"

"Yes sir Mr. Eagun," spoke Michael as Beka placed the box on a coffee table between the four people. Eagun scooted to the edge of his seat and gently opened the box open to see the Jade Bell sitting in its place within.

"Amazing," Eagun spoke, mirth filling his olden eyes, "A truly beautiful piece."

"What is it Grandfather?" asked Rui, looking over his shoulder to see the hourglass-shaped bell. Eagun gently stroke his beard.

"Hmm…that I don't know Rui," spoke Eagun, "It's a bell of some kind from what I can see…" Beka gently held her head as Arceus' voice gently echoed in her head again about the Jade Bell. The others looked up to see her.

"Hey, are you sure you're okay Beka?" asked Michael, "You've done that before at the lab when looking at this bell."

"Yeah, I'm okay," said Beka as she gently rubbed her temples. Just then, a low rumbling boom broke the conversation of the group and caused them to look around their surroundings in confusion.

"What was that?!" asked Rui with a gasp. Just then, a loud knocking on the door caused Rui to rush to their door and open it; revealing a young man with a frantic look on his face appear at the doorway.

"Eagun!" exclaimed the young man, "There's been an attack at the Relic Stone! Some strange, green cladded men are there with a strange woman as well!"

"Green cladded men?" asked Eagun as he stood, "Who are those people?" Beka stood quickly.

"It has to been Team Sky!" spoke Beka.

"Team Sky?" asked Eagun again, "Who would they be I wonder?"

"They're a team from Hoenn that recently came up," explained Michael, "but enough talk, we have to get to the Relic Stone!"

"Yes," Eagun spoke, a spark of determination gleaming in his eyes, "They will not disturb the forest or the Relic Stone! I will not allow it!" Eagun then ran out of the house at a bolting speed that impressed Beka and Michael. Rui quickly followed behind.

"Grandfather, wait for me!" she exclaimed as she followed after him.

"Come on Beka," said Michael, "Let's go after them!" After a quick nod from the trainer, the two followed Eagun and Rui down into the forest that rested underneath the village. Through a tunnel way that allowed a stream of water to flow from the forest and into the village, Beka and Michael entered into Agate's forest; causing Beka to be overcome by the natural beauty around her. The forest was thick with ancient trees that arose toward the sun, the smell of thick pine and moss filled the air as the noise of running water surrounded them. A loud grunt filled the air as Beka's focus broke and she saw Eagun in a battle with a familiar, Egyptian cladded woman that Beka had meet before on Southern Island.

"Hathor!" exclaimed Beka as she saw Hathor's Drapion in pits with Eagun's Pikachu. The Team Sky agent glanced from her battle and growled softly.

"Emerald…so you're here as well…" she muttered as several Team Sky grunts were about to surround them. Hathor, however, held an arm out to stop their movements and smirked. "No, I have this settled boys…" The grunts stepped back as Hathor began to finger something from her belt, "Tell me Emerald, do you know what this is?" Beka saw Hathor pull out a green glass flute that had Roman numerals etched on the sides of the body of the instrument. Beka was confused at the instrument but the others gasped at its presence.

"Grandfather! It's a Time Flute!" exclaimed Rui.

"How did you get your hands on one of those?!" demanded Eagun.

"I have my ways old timer," spoke Hathor as she fingered the designs of the flute, "It's quite a beautiful instrument and I'm dying to hear this rare artifact's song."

"Don't you dare play that!" demanded Rui. Hathor merely laughed at Rui's threat.

"I'd like to see you stop me deary," spoke Hathor.

"Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" called out Eagun as his Pikachu charged at Hathor. Hathor called out to her Drapion.

"Drapion, use Cross Poison!" Drapion raised his massive claws at Pikachu and slashed out a powerful attack onto Pikachu; sending him back and crashing to Eagun's feet.

"Pikachu!" yelled out Eagun as he picked up his inquired Pokémon. Another chuckle echoed in Hathor's throat as she brought the flute to her lips.

"It's been fun kiddies, but play time is over," she spoke, "It's time to summon forth Celebi."

"Why do you want Celebi?!" demanded Beka, "Rayquaza should be your attempt of capture; shouldn't it?!"

"Deary Emerald, are you really that dense?" asked Hathor, "To have Celebi, the Legendary of Time Travel, is to have a passageway into the voids of space and time. A chance to go back and to change the course of history and to correct one's mistakes…" Hathor inhaled a fresh breath and pressed her lips to the flute, however, before she could blow into the instrument, something black and hard smacked hard across Hathor's hands and forced the flute to shatter onto the stone relic ground. Hathor gazed down to see a black scythe blade was now hovering near her neck and she let off a soft sigh. "I knew you'd be here Daniel. Zoey has already known of your truth…"

"It does not matter," Kiozi spoke as the blade came closer to her throat and he slowly materialized from her shadow, "Whether she knows of my truth or not, I will not be intimidated by her to keeping hold of my duties!"

"To protect the Emerald of Hoenn and make sure no one touches a strand of her red hair," mocked Hathor; causing the blade's sharp edge to touch her neck.

"Hey! He's back!" exclaimed Michael as he pointed at a now human form Kiozi, but he feel silent as Kiozi's grip on the scythe grew.

"Do not mock me Hathor," Kiozi spoke in a serious tone, "I will not hesitate to let you join the others who saw the crowsbane's blade as their last…" Several of the Sky grunts were growing nervous at Kiozi's tone, backing away a bit from their leader. Hathor let off a soft growl, seeing her minions cowardly backing away from her and not wishing to face death from Kiozi.

"You lowly cowards," muttered Hathor.

Having enough of the stand still, Beka wanted to put an end to this. "Kiozi," said Beka, as she slowly approached him, "Please let her go." Kiozi looked over to her.

"My lady," Kiozi spoke, "I can not show compassion to a woman who is threatening your life."

"You should listen to him Emerald," smirked Hathor, "Show compassion and you are just showing your own weakness." Hathor and the others saw a faint glow beginning to overcome Beka's body, causing Beka to show her gentle hazel eyes were now narrowed and glistening in a deep emerald green hue. Hathor and her other members gaped in shock at the sight of the Guardian of the Sky as Kiozi quickly released his grip from Hathor.

"Depends on who you're showing compassion towards…" spoke Emerald as she flicked her fingers and caused a massive gust of wind to kick up underneath Hathor and her teammates. The blast sent the Sky members out of the forest of Agate, surprising those around Emerald; everyone except Kiozi who just gave a soft nod to what just happened. Kiozi then notice Emerald's aura dying away and Beka beginning to collapse to the ground which caused him to quickly catch her before she fell to the ground.

"My lady, are you alright?" Kiozi asked as he brushed away spilt hair from her face. Rui and the others rushed up to them.

"Is she alright?!" exclaimed Rui, "What happened?!"

"She's fine," spoke Kiozi, still holding her. Eagun was in utter shock at what had happened.

"By Ho-oh's grace, why was she glowing like that?! Could it be-?!" Eagun's words were cut short when Beka began to stir and fluttered her eyes open; now having returned into their hazel hue.

"Kiozi?" Beka asked as she saw him, "What happened?"

"You collapsed my lady," he spoke as he helped her up, "Emerald has reverted back into your form."

"What?" asked Beka confused but then bit her lip, "I see."

"This is incredible," muttered Eagun to himself, "Is this child perhaps the fabled-?" His sentence was cut off again when he gazed over to the destroyed Time Flute. A soft sigh was heard as Eagun went to knelt down and pick up the pieces of the Time Flute in his wrinkled hands. His mind quickly slipped to other manners. "How was she able to find a Time Flute?" asked Eagun to himself, "What other artifacts does this Team Sky have that could change everything?"

"Grandfather," spoke Rui softly as she helped him up, "We must figure out how this Team Sky was able to get a hold of one." She then turned to Beka. "Do you by chance know how they could have gotten one Beka? You know of their group right?"

"I do," Beka spoke sheeply, "but I'm all for guesses on how they could have found a Time Flute."

"Team Sky has pretty honed bandits and thieves within the organization," Kiozi commented as he tugged at his tight scarf, "My guess is that they were able to find an archeological site and stole one from there, or even lower, from a museum."

"But Time Flutes can only be found in Orre right?" asked Michael. Eagun nodded.

"Correct, since people who lived here were able to contact with Celebi by the flutes and only Agate was to hold these instruments. There have always been restrictions that these flutes remain within the Orre region, except for the few that rest within regional museums."

"It's no doubt that Team Sky could have gotten a hold of a Time Flute from a museum," spoke Kiozi as he glanced over the Time Flute fragments in Eagun's hand, "Just be thankful she didn't play a single note on it less another Legendary became in danger to them."

"Indeed," spoke Eagun, "It is a shame that this Flute is destroyed, but I guess we can remelt and remold another Flute out of this one. It won't be the same, mind you, but I'm sure it'll be a welcoming site to behold for travelers interested in this artifact." Beka then notice Eagun had the mysterious hourglass bell on his belt.

"I didn't realize you had that bell on you Eagun," commented Beka as Eagun looked down.

"Huh?!" asked Eagun as he picked up the bell in his hands, "How on Earth did this get on my belt?! I don't remember putting it on there." Just then, another gasp escaped his lips as the Jade Bell began to glow in a mysterious green aura and lift up out of his hands. The group was flabbergasted, except Kiozi, as the Bell began to hover over the Relic Stone and began chiming a hallow noise from it. As it played, pulses of green light beat from the stone and pulsated throughout the forest. "What on Earth is going on?!" asked Eagun as the group seem to grow blinded by the heavy pulses of light. Beka covered her eyes as the lights grew brighter, but then a noise caused her to lower them.

"What is-?" asked Beka, as she was now standing within a barren landscape with wicked clouds covering the sky. A massive explosion from nearby caused Beka to turn and see a blast of golden light hit against a rock formation and crumble to the impact. A wicked laugh followed as a deranged looking dragon was fleeing from a feathery dragon that pursued it, but it soon revealed to be two women in dragon battling attire that was really before the trainer's eyes. "What's going on?" asked Beka to herself as she saw the two females fighting it out. One cladded in majestic green feathers and golden armor as the other worn ragged black scales and a rather revealing dark green outfit pitted their weapons in stalemates as they fought.

"Just give up this foolish battle my other!" the black cladded woman spoke as she swung out her eight pointed sword at the green warrior, "If you kill me, you'll only be killing yourself! We are connected for all eternity!"

"If that is the only way to finally stop you from consuming the world in darkness, then I shall give my life for all the eternities we are to be reborn and bonded!" the green warrior spoke as she blocked the swing with an emerald club and bo-staff and then went to grab something around her neck; glinting in a gold light.

"What is this?!" snarled the dark woman as the other warrior began to chant something in an ancient tongue that caused the illusion of an Arceus to appear by her side and consumed the both of them in a white light.

"Arceus!" yelled Beka as she reached out to the battle, but she too was overcome by the white light and it sent her tipping backwards, "AH!" Beka felt something catch her before she pelted once more in the ground. She looked up and with now focused eyes, saw it was Kiozi yet again coming to her aid.

"Two faints in one day, don't over do it Emerald," Kiozi spoke with a soft chuckle as he effortlessly lifted her up again, "Are you okay?"

"I'm…fine," said Beka, holding her head, "I just had a really weird vision just now." Kiozi gently patted her shoulder and whispered in her ear.

"I know he meant for you to see that vision from the ripples of time," Kiozi spoke, "but don't stress over it much until we get a move on." Beka was about to ask Kiozi what she meant until she notice the others shaking their heads to the flash of light.

"Are you all alright?" asked Beka.

"That was incredible!" exclaimed Eagun, "A vision of Agate's past! What a marvelous vision the Relic Stone and the bell has shown us!"

"It was amazing!" exclaimed Rui, a bit excited as Michael nodded in agreement. Beka stood a bit dumbfounded at their responses. They all saw a different vision than her own, showing an ancient Agate Village in a flourishing era while she witnessed a strange battle between two warriors in a dying world. Kiozi touched her shoulder again, causing her to turn and face him.

"My lady, it's time that our real journey has begun," Kiozi spoke and began to lead her out of the forest. Beka seem a bit resistant to follow him.

"But what about Michael? Brendan and May? Rui and Mr. Eagun? The Jade Bell?" she asked him.

"He will be alright getting back to the laboratory," Kiozi spoke, "You're companions will need to stay at the laboratory until Ruby and Sapphire are truly needed. The others will be safe here in Agate and keep watch over this forest and the Relic Stone and as for the Jade Bell, it is now in Arceus' hands." This was confirmed true as, while Beka and Kiozi were leaving, Eagun had let out another gasp to see the Jade Bell had vanished from its spot above the Relic Stone.

"Where are we going Kiozi?" asked Beka, turning away from the commotion.

"We must keep a move on," spoke Kiozi as they cleared out of the forest, "I suggest hiding out within Phaenc City so we may back up supplies and have a way to earning a bit of money, the tournaments there should be a good start on earning some much needed money."

"Alright," spoke Beka, "So then, you'll be following with me more often now?"

"Of course, I am your Guardian," spoke Kiozi, a faint smile seeming to forming under the scarf, "but to make sure I don't catch unwanted eyes, I'll be within your shadow mostly until I feel the time has come to stay out more often in my human form." Beka gave a soft nod as Kiozi led her out toward the exit of Agate, unaware that a boy, about fifteen years of age, was watching them closely as they left.

"That was insane what that girl did back there in that forest," spoke the boy, "but I gotta let the leader know about this weird team showing up here in Agate." With that, he kicked his study shoes to reveal a pair of roller blades hiding within the heels of the shoe and took off to some unknown destination. Hours and miles later, the boy frantically stumbled into a condemned building, where he was greeted by loud gruffs and mutters of older guys in ripped up clothing that fitted the group as a bunch of brawlers. Wiping his messy blond hair and sweaty bandana cap, the boy asked: "Is our leader here?"

"In da back," muttered a rather muscular guy as he widdled away on a piece of wood. The boy rushed into the back and entered into a dimly lit room; nearly tripping over a plank that stuck out like a thorn in a sore thumb. The boy caught himself on a ragged curtain and let off a soft yelp as a dark growl and a pair of glowing yellow eyes derived from the darkness.

"What is it this time Peio?" muttered a rough, feminine voice that sounded groggy from an afternoon nap in the darkened room. A faint scratching noise and soft purring derived from the darkened room as the boy named Peio spoke.

"I just witnessed something very interesting in Agate!" he spoke, "There was a glowing girl and some bandits in green lurking around that town and-"

"Bandits in green eh?" the voice asked as Peio saw a female silhouette arise from the darkness. A faint popping of stretched muscles could be heard as well as the shadowed figure appeared to put on something extremely large over her form, "Looks like some thugs are messing around on my Orre turf. Time to pay these clowns a visit."

"Are you really going to Agate?!" asked Peio excitedly, "Shall I get the others?!"

"No," the woman answered sternly, causing a crestfallen Peio, "You guys will only get in the way this time. Marik and I are going at this alone while you guys watch the hideout; got it?"

"Y-Yes 'um," Peio spoke timidly as his leader walked passed him. A pat on his head reassured him somewhat.

"Keep up the good work kid," the woman spoke before she and her beastly companion left the darkened room, "By the way, tell Cream Puff to get me some dinner done when I come back; m'kay?"


With the Jade Bell hovering in his hands, Arceus gazed at the ancient bell with a smile on his human face. "Another treasure for safe keeping until Jade awakens," he spoke as he allowed the hourglass bell to rest in a space-time void with the other Bells of Johto. He then opened his hand to allow a glass-like sphere to materialize in his palm and gazed in it to see a vision of Beka and Kiozi leaving Agate Village. "Now Beka and the Guardian are travelling to another city in this desert region of Orre; soon to be met with our Chosen of Lightning…" His voice then grew serious with a newly formed displeased frown, "…and soon, the awakening of the Dark One will occur. May I pray my holy shield will protect dearest Beka…"


Coming up, adventures in Phaenc City lead up a Pokemon tournament that will be the gateway into opening up the battles between Chosens and the awakening of the Dark One…