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Chapter 20: Pet Chinchilla

It was dark when Taiki finally opened her eyes. She rubbed them as they adjusted to the darkness. "…Aizen must have knocked me out…" She mumbled to herself. She attempted to stand up, but suddenly she hit her head against something hard. She hissed as she fell back onto her knees, holding her head, "Ouch—damn what the hell is—?" She blinked as she got a better look of where she was exactly. She was in a cage, about the size you would put a large dog in, and she had hit her head on the top of the cage. A…dog cage? She thought, Thank god I'm not claustrophobic or there'd be a huge problem here… She crawled forward, her hands gripping the cool bars on the door of the cage, as she peered out into the room. She could make out dark, shadowy, figures upon the black backdrop of the darkness. Suddenly, the lights in the room came on, sending her wheeling back into the cage; shielding her eyes from the sudden change in lighting.

"So, you're awake?" A voice echoed across the room.

Taiki raised her head to see Aizen sitting a few paces away from where she was being held. His legs were crossed and his arm held up his head, which was resting on the arm of the chair he was sitting in. There was something she didn't like about the way he was looking at the cage; he had a comical grin upon his face and it made her shiver.

The tiny surge of hope that had flooded into her when the lights flickered on had died down into despair. "…Aizen…" she replied, her voice wavering as she tried to hide her fear. She shifted uneasily behind the bars, making Aizen's grin widen. "I won't blame you if you're afraid, Taiki-chan," He stood, approaching the cage. He crouched down so that he could clearly see her within the cage. His long fingers curled around the bars, "So tell me…are you afraid Taiki-chan?"

"Of you?" She frowned, "Fuck no."

A low chuckled escaped his throat, "Well that can easily be changed."

Aizen stood, and as he straightened himself he snapped his fingers. Taiki blinked, What the hell is he up to now? Suddenly, Taiki could hear the large doors of the room opening beyond her cage. She could make out someone growling at another person, and the distinct clinks of metal chains colliding with one another. The continued to grow louder until the source of the noises were in front of her cage. Her eyes widened with horror when she looked at the two figures. Renji.

Before her was Gin holding a leash that was connected to a collar around Renji's neck. Gin was smirking, and she finally understood why. Renji was only wearing the collar, a blindfold, and a pair of hakama, showing off the patterns printed on his skin. I don't like where this is going, she frowned.

Aizen nodded to Gin, and the white haired man removed the blindfold from Renji's eyes. Taiki watched as Renji's eyes quickly shut with the presence of the bright lights and opened again as they adjusted. Then his eyes widened with the same amount of horror she had when she first saw him. "Taiki?!" He exclaimed, looking towards the fox faced man and the older brunette, "What the hell is going on?!"

"You'll understand in a moment, Abarai-kun." Aizen's smirk had returned as he approached the cage. He unlocked the door, grabbed Taiki by the collar, and pulled her out of the tiny holding cell. With his free hand he took a leash from Gin, attaching it to her collar. "Aizen, leave her out of this, it was my idea!" Renji growled, only to have Gin give a hard yank on his leash. Aizen laughed as he set Taiki on her feet, his hands gripping her own leash, "No, I believe it was her master plan," He lifted her chin, looking straight at her, "Wasn't it, Taiki-chan?"

Renji continued to yell at Aizen to let her go, but suddenly he was cut off. "It was my idea. I planned everything." Taiki replied, in an almost soulless manor. Renji's eyes were filled with shock, "T-Taiki…" Aizen let out a sigh, "See you only have to be truthful, now I think to make sure something like this doesn't happen again…" He paused then turned to Gin, "Kill him."

Gin smiled, "Of course, Aizen-taichou." He unsheathed Shinsō, and pulled back his arm as to strike Renji right through the stomach when… "Please! Let him go back to Soul Society!" Taiki cried out. Both Gin and Renji turned to look at her; both amazed at her outcry. Taiki bat back oncoming tears as she begged for Renji's life, "Please, I'll do anything just let him go back. Please Aizen-sama, please!" Aizen gently put his hand behind her head, pulling her into his embrace, "Of course, my queen, of course." He pressed his face into her hair, "Just tell me the one thing I want to hear, my queen, and I'll let him go."

Renji growled, "Aizen you bastard leave her—"

"I don't love him."

Renji's face turned pale when he heard those words coming from Taiki's mouth. He stared at her as she looked up into Aizen's gaze. "T-Taiki?" Her hands placed themselves on Aizen's chest, "I don't love him. My heart belongs to Aizen-sama alone, and no one else." The older brunette's smile turned into a warm one as he gently hugged her, "That's my good girl." He nodded to Gin, "Leave him in the World of the Living Gin, and this time make sure he doesn't come back."

Secretly, Taiki was crying, but she knew that the only way for Renji to make it out alive was if she complied with what Aizen wanted. Renji would be out of harm's way, and Aizen wouldn't be able to reach him in Soul Society.

"Taiki don't do this!" Renji screamed as Gin pulled him towards the door, "Taiki don't please! TAIKI! I LOVE YOU!" His screams were muted as the doors swung shut behind them.

Aizen smiled down at his blue eyed queen, lifting her head to catch her lips in a gentle kiss. "There's only one last thing to ensure Renji's safety on your part, Taiki-chan." She blinked as he pulled away, "What?" He smiled, "You'll see soon enough." Suddenly, she felt herself fall into unconsciousness.

What happened? Did I pass out again? Where am I this time? Taiki rubbed her eyes as she awoke to find herself on Aizen's bed. Better than that cage… She noticed that her hair was no longer in its ponytail; waves of brown and blue splashed around her. She went to pull it up when she felt something odd on the top of her head. She quickly jumped off the bed and hurried towards the mirror. She gaped at herself when she saw chinchilla-like ears sprouting from her head, as well as a long fluffy chinchilla-like tail sweeping behind her. Was this…his other condition? Me becoming even more pet-like?!

She froze when she heard the door behind her open; she could see Aizen's reflection in the mirror. She turned on her heel and stared at him, "What—what did you do to me?"

He smiled as he approached her, "I think it's a fitting punishment for going against me."

"Punishment?" She questioned.

"For the next month, you're being demoted…to pet."


"Yes, my personal pet."

He removed his jacket, leaving his undercoat on as well as his hakama, and stretched out on the bed. "Come here, pet." Taiki didn't like the feeling of being called 'pet', but if it were the only way to keep Renji safe, she'd have to do it. She moved towards the bed, crawling across it, and sat next to him.

"Come closer," He commanded. She leaned over so that she was lying on his chest, his hand coming up to play with a strand of her long hair. "You're so soft, pet, and beautiful." He sat up, bringing her up with him, and pulled her into a kiss. His arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer, his tongue tracing the outline of her lips; a sign that he wanted entrance. Taiki couldn't deny it and parted her lips, letting his tongue enter, thus beginning an open mouth excursion. After a few moments, he pulled away, grinning.

"Now strip, pet."

She blinked as she stared at him, he didn't just say… Aizen frowned when she didn't move; he yanked on her collar, pulling her into a hard kiss. "I said strip." His voice was much harder this time. He let go of the collar as she pulled back. She frowned slightly, but backed up slightly to rest on her knees. Her hands moved up to her obi, untying it and tossing it off the bed. Next, she hesitantly removed her top, getting a grin from Aizen when he got a good view of her breasts. She went to remove her hakama, but she was pulled back by Aizen. His free hand was already caressing her breast. "You take too long pet and your body is so tempting." He gently pushed her onto her back, climbing over her as he ripped off her hakama and tossed it aside.

His hands immediately gripped her breasts, teasing and toying with her hardening nipples. Once he felt one was hard, he quickly replaced his hand with his mouth as he sucked and nipped at the hardened bud. He gave the same treatment to the opposite breast as his free hand moved to take off her panties.

She moaned lightly as he tortured her body, but the part that still loved him had taken full control of her when lust bloomed. She could feel herself already becoming wet for him, even as his finger gently rubbed her sensitive area. She moaned louder as his finger moved inside of her. She was actually glad she'd already had sex once, at least this time it wouldn't hurt.

She could feel him add a second finger, moving and twisting them about inside of her. His lust filled gaze flickered up to see her face, "Moan louder pet," he then removed his fingers, and suddenly replaced them with his mouth. Her eyes widened as she squirmed when she could feel his tongue move about like crazy inside of her.

He wanted her to orgasm; he wanted to taste everything that was her. His hands kept her legs at bay when they tried to close on him, his tongue moving faster inside of her. Taiki gently gripped his head as she felt herself nearing her climax, "Ah! Oh-uh! Ai-Aizen-sama! Ah-I'm-I'm going to cum!"

He grinned, "Then release for me." He continued his torture, hitting spots he figured he hadn't touched yet, and finally he felt her walls tighten around his tongue. Her head fell back as her orgasm came, "Aizen-sama—ah!"

She breathed hard as Aizen lapped up her release, licking his lips, "You're sweet pet." He then removed his obi, as well as his undercoat, and finally he kicked off his hakama. He moved closer to her as he stripped off his boxers, revealing yet again his hardened member.

Her face was bright red from the pleasure. She panted as she tried to regain her breath. She looked up at him, "P-Please, Ai-Aizen-sama. Make love with me." Aizen smiled, even when she was made a pet, she was still the same girl he fell in love with, "Of course Taiki-chan." He moved between her legs, kissing her passionately as he aligned himself with her. He pulled away from the kiss, and looked into her eyes, "I love you."

Aizen gently thrust inside of her, causing her to moan. He groaned, she was still so tight, just like the first time they'd made love. But she'd last longer now that she wasn't a virgin anymore. He thrust into her slowly, as he began to kiss her again. Taiki wrapped her arms around his back; his mouth muffling her mewls and moans.

He began to thrust a bit faster, wanting to get as much pleasure out of her as he could. He nibbled lightly on her bottom lip as he felt her move her hips in odd directions, causing friction and even more pleasure.

Taiki could feel his thrusts becoming harder and deeper, making her moan even more for him. It felt even better than their first time together. In these moments they were different people, everything that was happening around them just seemed to melt away.

Aizen's mouth soon moved down her face to her neck, sucking and nipping on a sweet patch of skin. Her head fell back more, allowing him better access to her neck. She gasped as she could soon feel his member beginning to pulsate inside of her, he's going to climax soon…

She looked into his eyes as he peered up into hers, and she smiled, "Climax with me."

He smiled, "Gladly."

Their bodies moved against each other, moans and groans mixing into one sound of ecstasy. Taiki shuddered as she felt her inner walls beginning to tighten around Aizen's manhood, she gasped as she felt its head pushing against one of those sweet spots. "Ah—Sōsuke—uhh!"

Then it happened, she felt herself tighten, and she felt him release. In her eyes, it was beautiful. Aizen shuddered as a white haze veiled his gaze as he gently fell onto her. She smiled, her hand moved through his hair. "I love you," She said. He chuckled, kissing her gently.

"I'll always love you."

Gin did as Aizen asked; dropping Renji off in the World of the Living. Even after the fox face man left, Renji hadn't moved from where he was standing. All he could think about was Taiki. She was still left there with that man, and he hated knowing the things Aizen could make her do. He shuddered, "I have to save her," He told himself. Suddenly, he heard a voice coming from behind him, "Renji Abarai."

Renji blinked as he turned to see two familiar faces, Itazaro and Parallel.

Itazaro glared at Renji, "Where's my sister?"

To Be Continued…

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